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23 Jan 2022 19:03:31
Rumours pereira has moved into strong position for managers role.

Don't know much about him but he won trophies pretty much everywhere he's been.


1.) 23 Jan 2022 19:33:30
Would prefer him to Lamps or Wayne myself!

2.) 23 Jan 2022 19:40:40
Me to. The only reason being he has been around the block, albeit in micky mouse leagues. Lampard could work, he brought the young us through at Chelsea.

3.) 23 Jan 2022 19:51:06
They say he has won 9 trophies and brought on a host of players. Worth a punt.

4.) 23 Jan 2022 20:43:08
Still marsch, pereira, dunc, lampard, rooney for me in that order

Marsch looks like he's replacing kovac at monaco though.

5.) 23 Jan 2022 21:18:23
Lo and behold guess who Vitor Pereira's agent is?



12 Jan 2022 06:57:51
If we looking at neres and el ghazi, do you reckon richarlison is off? We surely don't need another winger.


1.) 12 Jan 2022 08:00:54
Wouldn't surprise me. Should get a load of money for him. 70 Million at least under the current climate . I know he gets hammered in games but he's too theatrical and falls over as if he has been shot. We don't need wingers we need a creative midfielder and a centre half!

2.) 12 Jan 2022 09:26:08
Not only a very good player but probably if not the hardest, one of the hardest working players we have.

3.) 12 Jan 2022 09:59:58
Richarleson has been one of, if not our best performing player over the last three seasons. As for falling over theatrically then he is no worse than Vardy, Salla, Kane and Zaha all players that I would personally love to see at Everton. As for a 70m price tag I don't think many clubs would offer anywhere near that under the current climate.

4.) 12 Jan 2022 10:03:30
Spot on DFS.

5.) 12 Jan 2022 11:22:19
I'd be gutted if we sell Richie this next 12 months, doesn't stop running or sulking, he looks like he's won the lottery but lost his ticket, but he's one of our top players. And El ghazi. Opinions anyone?

6.) 12 Jan 2022 11:28:34
Seems inevitable that he’ll move on sooner or later, but I hope it’s later.

7.) 12 Jan 2022 11:41:02
So now we have fans turning on Richarlison…really? Wow!
Go support anther club.

{Ed025's Note - hes one one i would keep BA, has heart and gives his all every game, if the others had his attitude we would not be in the mess we are mate..

8.) 12 Jan 2022 12:20:29
He’s our best player! Ahead of gray Dom and Gordon! Brazil’s number 9! Why would you want him to go because he sulks, cristiano has sulked his whole careers didn’t most games richy gets kicked none stop.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely big dunc, he can sulk all he wants for me mate so long as he is doing the business on the park..

9.) 12 Jan 2022 12:23:23
Could not have put it better myself Ed. ??.

10.) 12 Jan 2022 13:46:22
Brett, that's my line ??

I can see both sides but definitely think he should stay. Marmite player but scores goals and has worked pretty hard on defensive duties.

{Ed025's Note - not marmite for me geoff, one of our best 3 players imo mate..

11.) 12 Jan 2022 14:55:19
Richy "sulking" is pretty much the grown-up version of what I'm usually doing at the same time, whether it's because of a terrible pass to him or a foul refs don't see. right now he is probably too good for us to manage to hold on to based on our position though.

{Ed025's Note - lets hope not bob, he is pivotal to us staying up mate..

12.) 12 Jan 2022 15:01:23
Not very hard that Ed, when you look at some of the duff we have.

I like him but I think he got another few levels he could go up. He can be so much better than he is.

{Ed025's Note - for him to get to higher levels geoff he would need better players around him mate, im just happy to have him as i think hes got a major role if we are to climb to safety mate..

13.) 12 Jan 2022 15:16:22
No way Everton would allow Richarlison to leave in this window.

14.) 12 Jan 2022 17:20:56
If he was solely playing on the wing, I'd say that you're worry about leaving this window is valid. As he plays as a striker for us, I'd say he won't go anywhere this window. He's definitely going to be the big story stay or go in the summer 100%
I love him, never got his detractors. He is so Underrated and I hate that word. His tracking back and defensive work is criminally ignored by fans and pundits alike. He is a complete player. And yes he has 2 or 3 more levels but as Ed says, those will not be accessed until he has much better players on his team. He will earn us a fortune and we will miss him when he's gone. Even the moaning Minnie's will start to call his praises once he's gone.

15.) 12 Jan 2022 17:57:35
He is quite easily the best footballer we have.

16.) 12 Jan 2022 20:02:39
I agree Woburn, I think he is our best player and our most ‘sellable’ asset with DCL just behind him. I do feel however that the lad deserved CL or the very least European football should he graciously ask for it. He is a starter for a decent Brazil team.
I don’t want to lost him but if he (for example) became Mbappe PSG replacement and we got say 80mil for him and the Club bought x2 decent 40mil players I would accept that. For example Diaz we could have easily got at the beginning of this season for 35mil (not now ) . It’s all ifs and butts but I think Rafa wouldn’t be adverse to Richy leaving if he got those types of funds I really do.

17.) 13 Jan 2022 10:45:07
Do you really trust this club to know how to spend big money in the transfer market?



13 Jul 2021 19:16:21
Rumours around that dumfries is nearly done deal. Hope so.


1.) 13 Jul 2021 19:32:13
I’d be amazed if a Champions League team didn’t come in for him. We may have to pay over the odds for him, but he’d be a blinding addition.

{Ed002's Note - Denzel Dumfries (RWB/CB) The defender as his heart set on a move to England or Germany but has made it clear of the interested sides it is Inter who he would prefer. Manchester United and Arsenal have enquired after him previously but it was made clear he did not simply want to provide cover. I am told by someone associated with the player that he would be perfect for the English game and any side that uses a back three and wing backs. Newcastle have an interest if they are forced to look for a RB, and Everton do with Brands at the club. Inter would like to take him as a Hakimi replacement and that seems an achievable solution but they would need to sell to buy having already spent the Hakimi money. Bayern Munich will give him his desired move at the right price but nothing is on the table. Mino may offer him to Chelsea. He was offered to PSG as an alternative to Hakimi.}

2.) 13 Jul 2021 20:53:09
Cheers Ed. Fingers crossed. Sound like we have a chance, albeit a small one.

3.) 14 Jul 2021 11:21:35
Any truth to the rumours he has a very low release clause in his contract?

{Ed002's Note - Don't worry about release clauses.}

4.) 14 Jul 2021 12:24:03
I mean for buying him, not selling on :)
I read that Bayern didn't want to match an €18m release clause and that Inter were eyeing his €15m one, both reports usually questionable but suggests less than 20m?
Not my money but would sound like a bargain.



23 Nov 2019 23:36:15
I've kept quiet over the last few weeks just to give Silva one last chance to show signs of a turnaround. I have been one of those asking for patience and allowing time to turn around but after today's result, I feel we need fresh ideas and new blood on managers hot seat.
I have no idea who we bring in but I am surprised Silva hasn't already gone straight after the whistle.


1.) 24 Nov 2019 08:17:12
Me too Geoff although in true Everton style we always drag our heels.

2.) 24 Nov 2019 12:16:21
Let’s hope we do our business like spurs did. Not sack him then wait for interviews. Let’s be one step ahead and get the replacement in.



21 Sep 2019 18:58:57
believe I've spent the last week defending Silva and the team and they pop up with that performance. Say what ya want. Slag them off to your hearts content. They should be ashamed of that today. Can understand a loss even at home against a team we should beat. What I Can't take is no fight, no passion and no clue. If this continued then Silva will be gone by Christmas.


1.) 21 Sep 2019 19:05:42
He will mate no excuses after a display like that dreadful, Sheffield United totally outplayed us.

2.) 21 Sep 2019 19:08:09
Gone by tomorrow would be nice 🙏🙏.

3.) 21 Sep 2019 19:58:13
I don't believe he will go, YET. The problem we have is who would we replace him with? Can't see many (any) top managers wanting to take this project on at present. What we don't want is another Big Sam type of knee jerk reaction. Silva has to change his approach and strategy otherwise Moshiri will have no option.

4.) 21 Sep 2019 20:10:56
Mourinho is still jobless 🤔🤔.

{Ed002's Note - But not moving to Everton.}

5.) 21 Sep 2019 21:29:41
Jose nailed on for real Madrid.

6.) 21 Sep 2019 21:46:16
Will always support anyone associated with Everton (unless there's an extreme) but never rated Silva. Always seen him as Brown Shoes in disguise. Can not see the board doing anything with him though just yet, considering how badly they wanted him. Weren't we willing to pay Watford 15m at one stage for him (so say rumours and press) . However, at present I can't see where we favour. Undoubtedly we have better players than we have had for years, but what are we better at. Defending? Attacking? Creating chances? I'm not so sure. But he is still in charge of Everton, and while he is, he doesn't need another obstacle against him, ie us!

7.) 21 Sep 2019 22:08:19
Gallardo from River Plate please.

8.) 21 Sep 2019 23:01:17
Wouldn't want Jose anyway. Not sure who's out there. Benitez Maybe? Gallardo? I don't know.

9.) 21 Sep 2019 21:45:14
Any recommendations Ed002 for a manager to replace Silva?

{Ed002's Note - Not at this time Mike.}

10.) 22 Sep 2019 07:28:26
The man doesn't learn! His record speaks for itself. He was poor at Hull and Watford. He likes to play pretty football going forward but doesn't defend. Pretty obvious that zonal marking doesn't work. Players have no fight in them. There not arsed as long as they get their dough. Why isn't Davies being played. i'd have him anyday ahead of Sneiderlan ( who never passes the ball forward )
The man is clueless. His answer to a crisis is put on more forwards and take off the midfield!
Lukaku was never replaced. well he was by Tosun who isn't good enough. We are short of a centre half and we need a creative midfielder. Board should have gone for Rogers or Benitez in my opinion. Very sad state of affairs at the moment.

11.) 22 Sep 2019 12:29:09
So after 6 games silly season arrived early this year . I'll be back in 5 mins, just going to Google the names of a few obscure managers to let people think I have a vast knowledge of the world game . Back soon 🧐.

12.) 22 Sep 2019 13:28:05
It didn't take long for the "David Moyes back" speculation to start.

13.) 22 Sep 2019 17:35:58
Quite a few of us have defended the team and the manager, few games in the season now, so with the fixture run we had it is fair to say we should have turned in some better performances than that.

If you go a goal down we seem to throw on attacking players and leave the rest of the team lobsided, panic sets in.

That performance yesterday was shear panic by the manager, and a team with no fight in them.

We saw it with the past managers here, different managers, same mentality by the players.

People have said we have not replaced Lukaku, to be honest we have never replaced David Moyes, not for one minute am I saying Moyes back, what I am saying is we have not found a manager who can give the same fight Moyes teams gave.

Replacing Silva who to be fair has no plan b is going to be a merry go round, manager in, manager out.

Somewhere within Finch Farm, there is something wrong and needs to be fixed.

We cannot have anymore games like last Saturday, so The cup game in midweek is massive, one we cannot afford to lose.

14.) 22 Sep 2019 22:08:20
Bluemike so what's the problem with Moyes. Utd sacked him, even though his stats were third to Fergies. Consistently had us top 7 and that with zilch dinero. Him or Benitez would be a fit.

{Ed025's Note - come on BCT...moyes really????, do you not remember the dour stuff we used to play under him...or taking a knife to a gunfight?, the guy was a nightmare mate and i think i would rather have allardyce back before him, he had zilch dinero because he could not be trusted and was happy to wallow in mediocrity..

15.) 23 Sep 2019 11:34:10
Hasn't been much of a success since he left us either Bill. Has to be better candidates out there, but it's not our job to identify them. Unfortunately, whoever the silent advisor to Moshiri is, doesn't seem to have much of a clue either.




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14 Aug 2022 17:09:10
Chelsea want Gordon. 50 mil apparently. Sounds like paper talk but surely you'd drive him there for that price?

He's good but that would be huge money to get replacements in.


1.) 14 Aug 2022 17:18:07
Wow that’s massive I think for that sort of money Frank could get two decent strikers in.

2.) 14 Aug 2022 17:21:20
If he is happy to sit on the Chelsea bench like Richarlison is for Spurs.

3.) 14 Aug 2022 18:02:01
Sell sell sell.

4.) 14 Aug 2022 18:46:31
Wouldn’t want to lose him, however if there was a deal to be done involving Gallagher then I’d take it.

5.) 14 Aug 2022 18:58:42
Sell. No way he is worth 50 million snap there hand off, ask them if they would like holgate as well, both crap.

{Ed025's Note - I do admire your forthright views skylark.. ?

6.) 14 Aug 2022 19:19:11
Nah Holgate has improved. Another 50 mil can prize him away though lol.

7.) 14 Aug 2022 20:19:01
Who are these strikers?

8.) 14 Aug 2022 20:56:52
Think Brownshoes is a trader!

9.) 14 Aug 2022 21:35:18
I've gone all Gordon Geko ducks. Crazy rumour and crazier money. Gift horse.

10.) 14 Aug 2022 21:44:46
Says online Chelsea would be happy to do a swap deal for bats and Borja. I’d rather Gallagher and Borja. Bite their arm off for that.



13 Aug 2022 19:21:42
Could be worse. We could support united.


1.) 13 Aug 2022 19:31:57
Yeah mate just seen the score, hey Big Reg mate we are not even in the bottom 3 mate loads to look forward mate the only way is UP COYB.



09 Aug 2022 02:11:06
With coady and vinagre both having buy options, we do have a little flexibility.

If we find a striker we want but can only get on loan then surely we can make one of them permanent quite easily.




31 Jul 2022 08:34:29
I believe we can have 1 loan player from each club, 2 from each league and 4 in total.

So, if we buy barkley for small fee, it may help grease the wheels for a loan for gilmour, bats or broja.

Bring gueye on loan too and just stump up the money for cornet.

This wouldn't be a bad window in top of mcneil, vinagre amd tarks.

Would still leave 2 loan spaces for a couple of surprises, maybe from abroad in the last 4 weeks of the window.


1.) 31 Jul 2022 08:37:13
Sorry, 1 loan space because vinagre is a loan too.

2.) 31 Jul 2022 09:04:05
From what I understand and I’m sure Ed002 posted this info also.

You can only have 2 loans registered at any one time.

4 throughout the season.

Therefore we only have 1 loan space available currently.

3.) 31 Jul 2022 09:06:07
Isn't it 2 per window?



25 Jul 2022 20:23:21
OK, so based on what we currently have, I've had a think and wonder if a diamond formation would work.



Allan (cdm)

Doucoure iwobi

Gordon (number 10)

Alli (false 9)

Dcl (target man)

When we attack, Allan can sit amd make 3 at back, width provided by full backs.

Iwobi amd doucoure energy can be box to box, they don't need creativity but give to front 3.

Dcl not to move outside the width of 6 yard box. Gordon and alli almost like 2 x cam feeding dcl and shooting themselves.

Obviously this will change if we bring players in but in theory it could work.


1.) 25 Jul 2022 20:28:26
Is that diamond formation all the players standing on top of each other in the goal mouth?

Would guarantee 38pts and possible safety - Geoff you’re a genius ?.

2.) 25 Jul 2022 21:01:37
Considering our main goal threat is Dom and he scores from crosses I'd say your team has a severe lack of width.

3.) 25 Jul 2022 21:09:05
Dom is decent enough with his feet. Plus judging by the first goal against Blackpool the full back love to get wide and cross the ball.

Just playing devil's advocate because 2 in midfield doesn't work for us. With Allan, iwobi and doucoure with Gordon helping may jist be bit more solid.

Dan, arriva are on strike. Maybe we can Loan a couple buses in front of the goal. 38 points will do me. ?.




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11 Aug 2022 20:38:10
Ed2, just ine further question.

'there are restrictions on how many players Premier League clubs can loan from other Premier League/ English clubs'

The rules you quote come under this section and this clearly states between English clubs. The section after states international loans have different rules.

I obviously bow to your greater knowledge but in my eyes this inplies we can only Loan 2 players from English clubs but possibly more from abroad.

I think we are all just praying we can get another midfielder and a striker or 2 in, either on loan to buy or just buy depending on finances.


{Ed002's Note - I have explained the FIFA proposals.}



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09 Aug 2022 21:46:39
It's what we want. Young players from lower leagues to develop our squad and bring through.

I can see another striker coming too, one who's a bit older with more experience.

Then rondon and I can see even dcl going, maybe not til next summer but definitely cash in with his recent injury record.




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08 Aug 2022 21:08:53
Can't argue with most posts.

He is in danger of becoming the next cadamarteri but given time amd coaching I feel he could improve immensely.

He just needs to improve him decision making and have a but more care with the ball and he'll fly.

I actually think he's more suited to number 10 than wide. He played there for England u21 during the summer and was really good.




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25 Jul 2022 01:08:48
These protesters need to give their head a wobble.

Like it or not, moshiri has put his money in to the club. Him, managers, dof and board have made mistakes in buying some tosh players. But, it is his money. he can spend it how he wants. He ain't leaving without getting a huge chunk, if not all his money back.

If your neighbours painted their house, green with yellow spots, you can't really protest because it's their money, con do what they want with it.

Write letters, vent to the papers or social media but don't make a prat of yourselves on a wet, miserable Saturday when there is no game and no senior people at the stadium.

We should all be getting behind the team to drag them through the next few tough months.




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17 Jul 2022 21:52:05
Maybe terms with the player and agent but nothing between clubs yet.





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14 Aug 2022 19:19:11
Nah Holgate has improved. Another 50 mil can prize him away though lol.




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14 Aug 2022 08:58:05
Chris, that could be the first thing I've ever agreed with you on.

533 with gueye, onana and iwobi and sharp/ heath style combo up top. this could be rondon with alli or gordon ntil we get new players.




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14 Aug 2022 08:52:35
You having a laff? Defensively been so much better than last season, especially set. pieces.

Midfield been a lot. better too and with onana, who's going to be a star, we should be fine.

We do need to add a striker or two and we will be comfortably mid table.

Only 2 games gone, another 36 to go. Stop worrying.


{Ed025's Note - I am firmly in your camp Geoff..



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13 Aug 2022 19:10:43
Birkenhead, I'd rather you went and watched your local team, tranmere rather than spending all your posts moaning and baitching.

We need optimism not pessimism. From what I've seen so far there are many reasons to be optimistic once we get a striker in.

Patterson, Holgate, uwobi and the top man onana.




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13 Aug 2022 19:07:04
I agree. Davies did well today considering he's returning from inury.