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16 Oct 2019 14:13:46
Question: Do you think we really do, do a good job in the transfer market IE, getting the best of the rest (offering the going rate) , or as the cynic in me niggles, we get what Clubs don't want anyway and pay over the odds for the 'priveledge'.

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16 Oct 2019 18:17:06
bit of both.

16 Oct 2019 19:06:38
We can't attract the top players BCT so unfortunately we have to buy the players who can't get a game with the top sides.
We need players with a certain temperament and look who's players go missing when the going gets tough.
Keane, schneiderlin, pickford and Siggy are the worst offenders.

15 Oct 2019 14:50:00
I might be alone on this but hear me out. I missed the first game against Bulgaria at Wembley so I only read about the monkey chants etc and didn't see it happen. Since then, our press has been stirring up the pot, to the point that it was top of the agenda and the game was pushed to the background.

The Bulgarian manager, their FA etc had to address the subject and threw a few shots back at Southgate and our FA. So the Bulgarian population would have got wind of what was being said, giving time for extremists to purchase tickets and have a presence at the return game.

Make no mistake, these people were more organised than the first game, they stood on the terraces in their black attire and balaclavas and held their arms out as if Hitler was on the pitch. Disgraceful behaviour? Without doubt. But I suspect that this group played a part because they knew it would get them five minutes of fame, to get their group named on tv and in the papers. They probably don't go to many games as we haven't really seen much of this from that country in other qualifying games. At least not to that extent. For me, the press gave them a platform and these idiots took it with both hands.

I understand the rules set out by UEFA to help combat this when the game is in play but I hope this is rolled out for every game, in every league, by the powers that be.
The press have a duty to report things but they have to be sensible with it to. For me, this entire thing could have been handled a lot better rather than stoking the fires of a group of neanderthals, giving them the idea to ruin a game.

I had family that lived in Bulgaria for over 15 years and that country is one of the nicest places you could visit, the people maybe poor but they would give you their last Lev if you could put it to better use. These fools do not represent the common man or women from that country. It's a sad affair indeed.

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15 Oct 2019 16:41:09
Blue potato, Agree with all you said, except neanderthals would be embarrassed to be grouped in with that lot, there's no words to describe them, and it is a mistake for the media to give them the oxygen of publicity.

15 Oct 2019 22:05:37
Very true, blue lagoon.

14 Oct 2019 13:32:57
General question about the Everton project? When we hired Koeman there was a fare few posters said that Everton was a project and any new manager would need between 2-3 seasons to get it right, the same was said for Silva. Both managers were/ are under similar pressure to be sacked after about 14 months or so when results and performances do go the way we like. So for all the posters that were saying Everton is a project that the manager will require 2-3 seasons to get right do you still think that is the case? If so then what manager would you be prepared to give the time too to get it right, ever if results didn't go their way? I am really looking forward to Silva getting the boot and the Hiring of a temporary manager in the mold SA and all the exciting stuff that goes with it!

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15 Oct 2019 01:46:20
We need to give every manager at least 2 seasons Sa.

16 Oct 2019 14:26:23
Would have been acceptable for Koeman to stay to termination, if and a big if, Koeman was up for it in the first place, sadly he never was. Martinez on reflection (who I admit I didn't want) , did get the Club. Martinez a very good coach in need of an over Manager, would have been interesting to see his matchup with Brands.

14 Oct 2019 10:22:48
just had a dip on the Liverpool page, Harvey Elliot getting some stick over Harry Kane insult, But called a K. Head by Ed0025 surly this deserves a yellow card.

{Ed025's Note - i may have phrased it wrong BL... i meant dick head mate.. :)

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14 Oct 2019 10:52:26
If there was a swear box I would be paying for everybody's hols. atm 😬.

{Ed025's Note - im the same 247, i am spending more time in confession than on here lately mate.. :)

14 Oct 2019 13:20:33
Nice one Ed025 great answer.

{Ed025's Note - cheers mate..

14 Oct 2019 10:09:12
Rumours coming out this morning are saying Marco will be given another 3 games to save his job, the report is saying that this is a long term project and Marco did not manage to get all of the signings he wanted in the summer window, the board recognise this so hence therefore he will not be leaving, make of it what you will.

{Ed002's Note - So it is long term, will not be leaving, but only has three more games? Sounds like the board are just as confused as the coach is.}

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14 Oct 2019 10:49:02
Lol maybe 3 games has become the new 'long term' and 'short term ' is sign the contract and down the road before the inks dry, and no press conference 🤦‍♂️.

14 Oct 2019 11:14:52
Thus of course means after the 4 games we have already lost so it would be 7 if my maths are right.

12 Oct 2019 20:53:12
I admit I was all for the appointments of Ronald Koeman and Marco Silva. I was not surprised when Koeman went but do wonder just what he might have achieved had he stayed. Now we are in a similar position with Silva. Various sources are saying Morishi has no intention of relieving him of his position but wants to see an improvement. Just how long do you think he is going to be given before Morishi wields the axe. From my point of view Silva seems to have lost the dressing room, lost the plot, and lost the fans. We are now so predictable apposing teams must relish the thought of playing against us.

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12 Oct 2019 21:13:27
It won’t be for much longer Nick mate we loose the West Ham game and I reckon that will be it.

14 Oct 2019 09:15:19
Could be right there GB, looking at say our next 6 matches I have to say they look harrowing under the 'present ' circumstances imo,
and this is the almighty thing, at the end of last season I would have said, they perhaps would be bread and butter stuff that as 'pro's' 'Marco's ' team should be beating, and this begs the question why?

12 Oct 2019 10:26:36
As a fan of Everton for many years, explains the grey hair, I never felt happy appointing Silva, not a good traction in this league at all. I'd rather listen to a Brexit debate than this clueless, uninspiring, monotone drip.
We need our midfield at full strength in order to protect the back four as we are so poor in that area. Time to shuffle the pack . Drop Keane and Coleman, give Pickford a wake up call and drop him. Drop Signs and bring in Bernard, DCL and try playing Kean for a run of games. New captain needed but who . And for god sake play two up front. Any rhoughts.

{Ed025's Note - 2 up front for me as well chef, imo our midfield is the biggest problem, not only do they create very little but defensively give very little at all, siggy has been bloody awful for a while now and even though he has the talent lacks the heart and work ethic to ever be top class, to be perfectly honest i dont rate a lot of our team and think its a total rebuilding job mate..

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12 Oct 2019 11:41:17
Thanks for the reply but haven't we been rebuilding for years now. We all got fairly excited by the majority of the summer signings but now we don't rate them. Good players don't become bad ones unless there is issues with coaching etc. Let the players we have play on the positions that made us buy them. But Siggy should be dropped, . Do you think Kean and tosun could work with Bernard behind with Homes as the holding midfield and give some of the upcoming under 23s a go.
As for my thoughts on a new manager, I conclude we need a new one but not the time of the season for good ones to leave their clubs. The wolves manager would be my choice but maybe we wouldn't be his lol.

12 Oct 2019 12:15:10
If true 025 then it calls into question what is Brandts doing?

{Ed025's Note - it really does DC, he is not blameless in all this mate..

14 Oct 2019 09:36:39
Sorry but for me the best midfield pairing is Delph and Gomes okay they only played one game together but they looked pretty good to me.

11 Oct 2019 21:09:56
Mr Moshri, On the football front, best you could do for this club is get hold of Glenn Hoddle offer him what ever money he wants for any hours he wants and listen to his advice.

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12 Oct 2019 10:09:51
Not for me mate listen to him quite a bit on the tele and for every good thing he says he waffles some crap too. Best staying as a pundit really there's reasons why he's not working for a club and hasn't been for many a year.

12 Oct 2019 15:57:29
Not a bad pundit as 'pundits' go that is, does a lot of 'summary Overkill' like Johny alludes to plus he hasn't been keenly sought after for years .
Same here BCT, not for me mate.


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