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15 Jun 2019 09:54:48
Whats happening with the striker situation if west ham want maxi Gomez why aren't we after him Calvert lewin is awful.

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15 Jun 2019 12:28:36
Oh dear just wait until Johny reads this. you will get told off. and probably an insult about your intelligence too.

15 Jun 2019 23:37:39
calvert lewin iz the future.

16 Jun 2019 09:24:39
I agree with maxi gomez but disagree with saying calvert lewin being awful. Far from it. Is he the player to bang 20 a season. Probably not but as for working channels, holding the ball up, winning headers and basically working his socks off, he'll do for me as a squad player.

16 Jun 2019 17:16:08
Are you talking about me blue lagoon? Yea I think calvert lewin will become a top top player, doesn't mean I dnt want more options upfront, just if wer bringing someone in to replace him I dnt like the idea of rondon or someone like that who in reality isn't any better and lewin has age on his side. He was a major factor in our late season form he held up play and created chances and space for siggy and richarlison
If he's our starting striker this year I won't be disappointed at all, but to say am gunna start having a go at someone for disagreeing with me is pathetic and shows your level.

07 Jun 2019 18:36:53
Been a while since I posted. Any of the Ed’s or users got any info on the younger players on the fringe i.e dowell, Pennington the goalie we signed from arsenal. Also does it look like any of the youngsters will be put forward into the first team choice. Will they be shipped out either on loan or sold. See they where flying the season passed the U23s. What’s your thoughts on Dowell, is he good enough, can he make a break for the first team?


{Ed025's Note - i dont know that much about our youngsters to be honest jimbo, but im a big dowell fan myself and hope we give him a shot next season mate..

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08 Jun 2019 17:29:41
Our U23 team have been quality once again and it's great to see that we have a very good set-up at that level, all credit to Rhino and his staff.
I've only seen them in action once last year so it's hard to form a solid opinion on each player. I've stated on here before that the reserve league isn't a patch on what it used to be, by that I mean the standard isn't as strong. It was better when players on the fringe of breaking into the first team and when those coming back from injury werre trying to prove their fitness. That said, we had 3 that stood out to me, Gibson, Feeney and Bowler. The latter, considering we are light on the right wing, looked ready to step up in my opinion. A direct, tricky winger who looked to create as well as cutting in to get a shot or two away. I'd be disappointed if he isn't in the squad for pre-season. Gibson was solid at the back, despite giving away a pen in the game I watched. I think he can play left back as well so he's versatile too. Feeney was also solid and dependable at the back, always vocal and showing his quality of being a natural leader, something we lack at the moment. I'm not too sure if he will be strong enough to do battle with the stronger number 9's in the premier league, maybe he needs to fill out a bit more before he is truly ready to make the step up. Dowell I've never seen play live to be honest, only caught a few snippets of him in some of his loan teams. For me, I think it's best if he's playing week in, week out so I'd look to see if Sheff Utd would be interested in taking him back for another season. At least we can see what he's like in a Premier league team, he's already shown he can cut it in the championship.

06 Jun 2019 19:26:48
I'd love us to try a very audacious bid for Nicolas Pepe. Although very unlikely with the other teams who are rumoured to be after him he is worth every penny of the 60mill being bandied about. He's on the brink of world class imo!

Especially if we can offload Bolasie, mirallas, Walcott, vlasic and maybe Lookman?

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29 May 2019 10:17:33
RIP the 39 victims of Heysel, 34 years ago today.

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28 May 2019 10:39:17
Hi Everton fans. Utd dan here in peace.

Wanted your thoughts on two ex-managers who are being linked with the potential Barcelona job. Both Martinez and Koeman mentioned. What went wrong with these two at the club, especially Koeman who I always thought was going to be a top coach?

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28 May 2019 11:44:16
Hi Eric,

Martinez was always one we thought would manage to turn his form around, but it didn't happen. That first season was down to the fact we had his attacking mindset with the stalwarts from Moyes last few seasons in defence (Distin, Jags, Baines etc)

After that Roberto got control of things and unfortunately he isn't the best at coaching the defensive side of things (we never trained on defending free kicks for one) However, with better players I feel like he suits Barcelona to a tee as he encourages his teams to go all out on attacking

Koeman on the other hand is the polar opposite, and for me doesn't suit Barcelona at all. It seems he is in the running purely for his name. He plays longball football, and is very defensive, and Barcelona fans already didn't like that way of playing over the last few years. Koeman is very stubborn and isn't very supportive of players when things go wrong (take Barkley and Niasse as examples)

I think Martinez is better placed to take the job.

28 May 2019 12:10:54
Great summary Blu much appreciated.

28 May 2019 12:12:51
Martinez was never or ever will be a good manager but a great talker, could sell sand to arabs.
He did worse at Wigan than Tteve Bruce a very average manager.
Winning the cup was a fluke but they got relegated.
In charge of Belgium he did ok but what players he had at his disposal
At Everton he did well with Moyes's team but made 14 errors in his first season and knew he would fail, a worse managwer than Silva even.
I cannot remember the 14 point list I made at the time though.
As for Koaman tends to do well for a short time but no long term success. However in his defence, I think the purchasing policy employed by Walsh and the stupid contracts that Moshiri allowed means the whole club was being badly run from top to bottom exept for Unsworth's under 23's, a grea5t man at that job but sadly not getting the recognition by Silva.
As for Barcelona, well Martinez will talk his way in there very likely but will hopefully get found out and made a fool of, I do really dislike him, he is a conman to me.

28 May 2019 12:36:01
DC I don't rate either of them highly, think it would be a stupid decision to appoint either of them

Walsh would've only signed those players had Koeman sanctioned the deals, so he has a lot of the blame to take in my opinion

Barca are in a bad spot if they are even considering either of these candidates.

28 May 2019 17:42:59
Martinez has done well with Belgium with their wealth of good players so there's no reason to think he couldn't do the same with Barca.
Koeman was sacked too early from Everton but that said I don't think his style would suit as has been mentioned.

29 May 2019 14:09:36
Koeman was sacked to late in my eyes, 1 arrogant man with no b plan.

31 May 2019 19:42:28
Always rely on DC to come up with some pointless way to have a go at Silva.

Blu99 gave a good summary.

01 Jun 2019 23:18:45
BJU was thinking the same. Its a post about martinez and koeman. Why bring Silva into it.

05 Jun 2019 11:46:50
Surprised he didn’t tip Fat Sam for the Barcelona role over the other candidates.

26 May 2019 16:17:29
Not Everton related but can any Ed’s tell me whether there’s any Premier league interest in Andrea Belotti? Seems crazy that he hasn’t moved on from Torino yet considering how talented and talior made to the Premier league he is.

{Ed001's Note - more of a question for the European site mate.}

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25 May 2019 13:31:00
I would take Ramos just for the fact it would piss that lot off.

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24 May 2019 20:03:38
Danny welbeck? Thoughts?

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07 Jun 2019 02:45:50
nah. injuries.

14 May 2019 22:25:48
Does anybody know what happens to Arsenal's Europa League place if they qualify for Champions League by winning Europa League, would it go to us or a team in another country.

{Ed002's Note - Everton will not be gaining entry to competitions without qualifying.}

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15 May 2019 10:07:45
Would Arsenal winning the Europa mean Spurs would forfeit their place as we can only have 4 teams in the UCL, but if spurs win Champions League and Arsenal win Europa League then Chelsea would lose their UCL spot and instead be placed in Europa League. Is this correct Ed002?

{Ed002's Note - No, it makes no difference to Spurs or Chelsea. England will have five sides if Arsenal win.}

15 May 2019 11:19:52
I see, I get it now, we are allowed 7 European places from league and cups so arsenal will get UCL place meaning 5 places in UCL and only 2 places in Europa League.

{Ed002's Note - Right.}

14 May 2019 21:27:41
Has anyone heard anything about Mina and this gambling infraction?

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