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27 Nov 2023 21:52:59
If stories starting to come out are true this debacle is down to Mr Moshri and his lack of football nounce. Instead of Baxendale and Engles refusing to appear before the commission, they actually offered but Moshri turned them down opting to represent alone. I must add it is stuff I have read, I don't know. However, it would sound accurate when you hear of some of the stuff he apparently put forward. Can the Eds shed any light on this or is it media stirring.

{Ed002's Note - They were never called to give evidence. It is just another huge amount of misinformation being shared on the Everton page by DFS and others who know nothing whatsoever about the situation.}

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27 Nov 2023 22:16:06

28 Nov 2023 06:11:13
Well said ed.

28 Nov 2023 09:41:12
Too much twaddle on here sometimes by some who pretend they know what is happening, they are no more informed than us, listen to the Ed’s.

26 Nov 2023 19:51:38
We need goal scores, DCL is not the answer I'm not a fan of him, should have sold him and got some fresh legs in, we are shocking in front of goal and it's been going on for years now and we still haven't sorted it out.

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27 Nov 2023 06:22:50
Note to Thelwell: when looking at your list of positions to fill / replace, please put the word "prolific" in front of"striker"

27 Nov 2023 08:29:38
We just need goals in all positions. Only douc doing his job this year. McNeil and Harrison both need to do more. It should be expected that a lone striker doesn't score every game.

Dom should have finished today but McNeil had the easiest chance of the game and didn't score.

The fact we let to many goals in does not help in the slightest.

27 Nov 2023 09:31:22
McNeil was poor today, would like to have seen young Dobbin at least given a go. As for Harrison, well I wouldn't be going blowing 30m on him. Yes DCL missed a couple of chances yesterday, but the guy is playing on his own up there. At home we should be playing two strikers, we need to put the opposition defence under pressure not give them a free pass to stroll around the pitch doing whatever they want.

26 Nov 2023 18:15:04
Ffs my blind cousin knew young should have been subbed just like the Liverpool game I don't care what anyone on here says SD is useless. and our players couldn't hit tarmac if they fell off a bus.

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27 Nov 2023 06:14:29
In life you get what you pay for, and we have certainly been scraping the bottom end of the market for some years now B&T. Love the tarmac comment lol.

27 Nov 2023 08:45:03
Young has been a very good player, but his time is up, you pick an outfield player coming up 39, you don't have to be a master tactiction to forecast the outcome.

23 Nov 2023 10:10:02
I have tried to get my head around our point deductions for 6 days now, and I am no less angry or upset.
Let's make Goodison as loud and as intimidating as it has ever been, make teams fear coming to Goodison again.
I am not going to bombard the Eds with questions. I am pretty sure through the hundreds of messages they have explained things as best they can.
But I do want to thank all the Eds for taking the time to answer all our questions and deal with the anger. you all do an amazing job!

{Ed025's Note - cheers Duaney..

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23 Nov 2023 16:34:59
Hear hear totally agree with ed shout without there feedback or knowledge we be sitting ducks ed 025 just a quick question in you're opinion can you see us getting more points deducted and also what's you're thoughts on the compensation claim with teams looking sue us be greatfull for any information thank you.

{Ed025's Note - some do think we will be liable andy (the people who issued the 10 point deduction for 1),myself i dont think they have much of a case mate because the Premier league decided on that time frame and surely we wont get stitched up again, mind you we do seem to be the whipping boys..

24 Nov 2023 12:58:19
Ed025. Are the names of the independent commission members known to the public. Also one rumor is that the head was a lawyer who has represented Leeds in the past. If so it is a conflict of interest especially if the same board is responsible for determining the damages to teams like Leeds.

{Ed025's Note - it was led by David Phillips KC, Judge Alan Greenwood and ex-finance director Nick Igoe mike, there have been claims that the other 2 on the panel had dealings with Burnley and Leeds but i cant substantiate that at this time mate..

24 Nov 2023 15:45:13
Source Lyndon Lloyd 'Toffee Web'

''Furthermore, he represented Leeds United, “at every stage of the matter”, in their battle against a 15-point penalty, also in 2005-06, for failing to exit administration in a proper manner. And in May this year, in a separate ruling ahead of the Independent Commission into Everton’s alleged wrongdoing, Mr Phillips decided that, were the club found guilty, the Commission could award Burnley, Leicester City, Southampton, Nottingham Forest and his former client, Leeds United, compensation. Or that, at the very least, those clubs could be entitled to seek such damages. ''

23 Nov 2023 13:00:12
So if, IF man city are stripped of titles due to sporting advantage, how does that work for cup games when they knocked us out in the semis? I don't think it can be as simple as stripping titles from them as the can of worms that would open will be impossible to sort out. Seriously I think the whole issue with us and other clubs is going to effectively end our football league as we know it.
There is a saying "if it isn't broken then don't try and fix it. " Football before the Premier league was enjoyable and exciting. Now it's like dragging a dead horse through the streets. I predicted this along time ago. Our game will implode eventually due to the vast amounts of money involved and inflated prices.

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24 Nov 2023 16:08:54
Prem league v old l1 hmmm there was a good and valid point / opinion in there but when it's ended with a glib bah bah bah "in the good olde days" (which were never better in any metric) I really discount the entire ramble as just that.
Maybe you'd have enjoyed it more if we were still one of the big 5 and had added a pot or 3 and a title or 4 in the last 31 years? From accepting mediocrity of the Moyes era as "success" us fans are also complicit. The same who accept and champion the SD appointment. Whatever happened to us? Do you remember old sweets?

26 Nov 2023 12:02:37
I don't see many, if any, actually championing SD but most accept that he will be here for a while yet, FBS.

23 Nov 2023 10:22:49
Bit of a strange one gutted to be missing sunday as on honeymoon in torremelinos does anyine know anywhere tgat will be showing the game out there on sunday?

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25 Nov 2023 20:02:52
Sure you want to see the game James? Hoping to see us hitting the back of the net? Should you not be looking to hit the back of another net lol. Enjoy your honeymoon.

23 Nov 2023 09:31:52
I know Goodison is going to be ‘ a bear pit’ on Sunday and the players should be fired up to get us 3 points, and yes Man Utd are going through a tricky spell, but I’m more anxious than normal because of all that! we must win just for sheer pride and the proverbial finger to the EFL, but I’m still worried . Everything crossed lucky pants ready.

{Ed002's Note - What has it got to do with the EFL?}

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23 Nov 2023 10:09:29
Flipin eck Big C I hope that wasn't a portent of doom mate lol.

23 Nov 2023 11:02:24
Sorry ed2 fat fingers and failure to proof read my post I meant EPL, you’re forgiveness is begged.

{Ed002's Note - I suffer from fat fingers as well so I understand.}

22 Nov 2023 13:45:33
I have heard this before but now from Aldridge. 'The likes of Chelsea, City etc! have the resources (mega bucks) if not to scare the Prem then delay them and make them wary of getting into a fight'. I believe he (Aldridge) is near the truth. Now Everton on the other hand are skint, vulnerable and need help from others. They of course transgressed but by how much! 19 mill over! The imposed points deduction is a warning alright but not what the Prem intended. It is saying look, 'we can drive your Club to the wall'. As I commented earlier this affects the very people the Prem say their rule is there to protect. Transfer embargo (incoming) more likely ensures prudence, this points deduction does not achieve what the Prem intended, it does the opposite. Got this *news* night before home from Hols, what a fup'd up night that was!

{Ed002's Note - It is absolute rubbish.}

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22 Nov 2023 16:31:34
Think they are some grounds of concern with the way Man City have/ are been dealt with ed, over 5 years since the premier League started a investigation.

No coincidence City have the best Lawyers working for them, from the outside looking in looks like delaying tactics and a bit iffy with the levels of money City have and the global power within football.

Time will tell and the benchmark have now been set with us rightly or wrongly.

{Ed002's Note - No there is no concern. They are dealing with the club and have made charges - obviously a lot are simply noise and will go nowhere. There is nothing to stop Everton employing “the best lawyers” - as you have determined them to be. It has nothing to do with Everton.}

22 Nov 2023 17:19:59
All fans and people want is clarity and fairness ed wether its VAR or FFP.

Alot within football are rightly questioning the speed at which the City charges are moving and what the outcome will be, not just Everton fans.

But the silence from the EPL and City on the matter only adds weight to people's suspicions and quite frankly a lot ain't naive to believe that something isn't right in all this.

The Premier League are inept and from reports circulating have turned many a blind eye to quite a few matters with this Defoe transfer debacle another added to the list.

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps you don’t understand what has been happening and what do you mean by “fairness” - each case is dealt with on the merits of that case - it is the fundamental basis of any legal system. There is nothing untoward going on.}

22 Nov 2023 18:35:58
Source Sky Sports. . .

''Manchester City have been charged with breaking financial fair play rules around 100 times over a nine-year period, which starts in 2009 and goes on until 2018. You have to bear in mind that, during the period, Man City won the Premier League three times.
The Premier League's financial fair play rules are designed to ensure clubs pretty much spend what they earn. You can get around that potentially by inflating how much you're earning or hiding how much you are spending.
According to the Premier League, Man City allegedly broke the rules over nine seasons. They allegedly didn't provide accurate financial information.

Allegedly, they did not fully disclose the financial remunerations that were made to one of their managers over a four-year period. The suggestion is that there was a secret contract so one of the managers was getting paid much more than officially stated.

The Premier League also allege Man City didn't comply with UEFA's financial fair play rules over a five-year period. They also allege that Man City have not fully co-operated with the Premier League's investigation. This is a very serious matter for Man City. ''

An interesting point as far as time is concerned is that the PL does not have a statute of limitations.


22 Nov 2023 18:16:22
I hold my hands up ed, I don't know the full ins and outs of our legal system and sadly I don't trust it, a full 5 years so far on the City case &nowhere near a outcome and more worryingly no update on the matter even moreso with the spotlight upon it now

The fairness shout is based on now the line has been drawn in the sand that all other cases follow suit if found guilty, again rightly or wrongly I have little faith they will.

{Ed002's Note - You need to be clear that everything is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. A huge number of the charges against Manchester City are trivial and can be written off. Sat in the charges us one very significant issue, and if found guilty, will attract a punishment commensurate with the charge. It is nonsense to discuss 115 times the Everton penalty- it is completely unrelated.

22 Nov 2023 19:06:11
Yes I do appreciate that Ed and your time trying to explain on these sites, must be tiring.

But just try see things through the common man's eyes, 1 of the most richest clubs and powerful clubs in world football now, all this media malarky on 115 charges and the timescale involved it doesn't look good to 99% of the population with limited legal knowledge.

I just hope for the sake of football in this country City and any others found guilty of breaches are dealt with in the same manner as us, only time will tell.

Thanks again for your insight, replays and time Ed ?.

{Ed002's Note - I don't understand what you mean in respect of "dealt with in the same manner". The cases are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and Everton and other clubs would never want anything different.}

21 Nov 2023 17:22:02
13 premier league eams voted for a temporary ban on signing Saudi league players, apparently one short of it being implemented.
Very democratic, so the "big six" can do what they like. Probably overspend their budgets and no repercussions.

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21 Nov 2023 19:05:58
They won’t need to overspend if they can loan back players for peanuts.

21 Nov 2023 23:23:11
Evidently we were one of the clubs who voted against the ban. Presumably a result of the potential 777 take-over.

{Ed001's Note - so did Wolves. It is nothing to do with 'big 6' or any of that tripe. It is more about teams worried about the AFCON.}

22 Nov 2023 12:07:20
I had assumed it was a benefit to clubs who are part of umbrella investor groups - like we would be if 777 take over.

22 Nov 2023 13:41:14
Yes I thought the same JB.

21 Nov 2023 16:14:35
After few days of thinking first and foremost thanks to all the eds on here for are questions being asked much appreciated for the feedback now i still think the 10 points is harsh but obviously we broke a rule whether it can get reduced or suspended who knows but thing that annoys me and this is me included we are moaning about the premier league when its moshiri and the rest of the board have ducked up this up they knew this was coming yet not once he or anyone else has came out since these rumours and address us fans which i feel we should have a right to know cause a club with no fanbase is nothing just shocking how he has ran our beloved club into these current circumstances what happens next i have absolutely no idea will we get charged more will 777 not buy club am confused.com but hopefully if we do appeal and the 10 points stay i have no doubt we will turn are fortunes around and pick up where we left off UTFT.

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21 Nov 2023 16:35:58
Andy the majority of this is laid at the chairman’s feet.

The role of a chairperson is to oversee the running of the club and ensure that it is run efficiently and managed appropriately. They will lead club in meetings and provide leadership in all areas.

Unfortunately we won’t hear anything as it was Bill Kenwright who was in this position during the time our transgression took place.

We also won’t hear anything from anyone else from the club as they cannot comment on it until it is all sorted and the appeal delays this.

Hopefully we learn from this experience and whomever takes over puts a strong and sensible person in charge who knows what they’re doing as that’s something we haven’t had for a long time l.

21 Nov 2023 13:04:13
David Dein spot on.

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