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16 May 2024 18:06:19
Evening Ed's,

I imagine we are going to face a further charge next season for breaches. Will we be charged under the current set of rules or will it be under the updated ones?

If so, what is a rough estimate on the amount of points we will be deducted. Will it be closer to the 1st charge of 10 points or the 2nd charge?


{Ed002's Note - It would be under the rules active at the time of a breach. I have no feeling for what the punishment would be but if you get caught repeating the same offence, the punishment will get worse. A transfer ban is not out of the question.}

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16 May 2024 23:17:11
Cheers Ed. I think you have mentioned in the past that it operates on a 3 year basis. Are we in a situation where we are just refreshing the 3 years, as each year passes so to speak, due to the fact that our wages are absolutely obscene and remain to be?

A transfer ban would really cripple us as then we wouldn't even be able to bring in frees and loans, which is all we can settle for atm.

Diabolical times indeed.

{Ed002's Note - I don’t see any potential transfer ban for this summer - put perhaps later.}

17 May 2024 06:51:45
Bring on more point deductions we're Everton. We don't care, every time they give us a deduction we go on a winning streak. 4 straight wins 1st time, 5 and counting second.

17 May 2024 08:34:49
Let's have the transfer ban, we can't afford to by anyone anyway.

16 May 2024 20:03:43
I think we should recognise quality wherever we see it including for the best click-bait headline.

Saw this headline today in Goodison News:
"Everton takeover update emerges as Alan Myers issues Tim Cahill verdict"

On clicking the article it says:

Myers wrote: “Tim is a good friend of Everton and the owner, so I’m sure he would do anything he could to help but I’m not aware of anything definite. ”

Brilliant generation of a headline from absolutely nothing.

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17 May 2024 08:37:27
Their is an awful lot of this going on at the moment. One headline I read said, Saudi's looking to hijack 777 deal. It then went on to say their has been no approach made by the Saudi's to date.

17 May 2024 18:11:42
Just all clickbait nonsense on News Now that people fall into. I mean yesterday it was Man U and goodison.

Look forward to us being linked to so so @ £40million plus or some young exciting south American kid, it's almost silly season.

16 May 2024 13:41:59
Kevin Malone former LA Dodgers manager leading a consortium to buy Everton, this story is gathering pace.

{Ed002's Note - This was dealt with a couple of weeks ago.}

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16 May 2024 14:03:19
Yeah Ed I posted it mate, dunno if it’s getting any closer or not, whoever was reporting it sounded very hopeful.

16 May 2024 16:18:35
So are the Qatari's out the picture now then GB?

16 May 2024 16:47:45
Not sure mate don’t think anybody really knows who’s interested and who’s not.

{Ed002's Note - so I was wasting my time explaining.}

16 May 2024 17:55:05
Hey Ed in you we trust mate.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks. Timing is becoming critically important now. MSP are not going to force the club towards administration but they could look to take control of the new ground.}

16 May 2024 18:25:56
Thanks Ed really appreciate your discussions mate.

16 May 2024 20:19:31
Ed how can Everton even hope to survive if they don’t own their ground.? Surely the whole point of the new ground was to generate much needed revenue?

{Ed025's Note - Villa dont own their own ground Swinners...and they are not doing too shabby mate, its all about distribution of funds mate..

16 May 2024 19:22:05
If MSP took control of the stadium, would they then be responsible for the funding the completion of it? Also would it mean EFC were effectively tenants and MSP the landlord able to dictate lease terms etc?

{Ed002's Note - No, but they would do it as it would be in there interest and then rent it back.}

17 May 2024 13:09:32
West Ham also appear to be doing quite well out of the Olympic Stadium and City out of the Commonwealth Games stadium. New World. We’d still benefit from the finances raised through a new modern stadium as income.

16 May 2024 12:19:00
Would not have thought a couple of months ago that we would be 15th in the league and a whopping 14 points above the drop zone before our last game this weekend, a massive thanks to Sean and the lads for how they turned our season around, looking forward to the window and the season coming up, COYB.

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16 May 2024 13:19:25
Yano something Guernsey i honestly fought hand on heart we would get relegated mate with the style of play the late subs and players not putting shifts in yes its nice be 5 undefeated but the set up is absolutely shocking in our current circumstances with ffp-psr i would keep dyche the question is if we do loose pickford onana braithwaite dcl do we trust dyche an thelwell to get sensible replacements for the players i mentioned am not so sure but hey ho just my opinion.

16 May 2024 14:11:02
I really though we could stay up mate it was close at the time but they turned it around, the caviet for me was beating our neighbours not only the win but we outplayed them, a lot of our present Team will be gone next season, with younger players we will see better footy and no threats of points deduction or going down we will be fine, am looking forward to the window and next season buddy.

{Ed025's Note - you do brighten my day GB..

16 May 2024 17:08:13
Yeah if there was an award for this page you deserve it GB always optimistic mate fair play.

16 May 2024 14:55:39
Ah Ed we are in a tunnel at the mo, but there’s light at the end mate, we stayed up and by some margin, somebody other than 777 will buy us and we will be fine, Everton will again be a force to be reckoned with, have faith buddy.

{Ed025's Note - i just hope your right GB...and that im around to see it mate..

16 May 2024 18:48:40
I just don’t see the need to be downhearted mate there’s so much good that has happened to Everton this season we could have been relegated but we weren’t, Sean was brought in to keep us up which he did, we beat the points deduction by a country mile in the end and we are 14 points above the bottom three and that’s no mean feat, we are in the Premiership next season and we have a new stadium that looks amazing, hopefully 777 will disappear and we will get someone to take our great club back to the glory days.

16 May 2024 21:43:41
And a manager capable of doing it.

17 May 2024 07:25:55
We already have one mate.

14 May 2024 22:31:38
Spurs boss 'where you finish in the league is a fair reflexion of where you were at'. In our case absolutely not a fair reflexion.

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15 May 2024 06:02:56
The 8 points deducted will also cost us millions in prize money due to our league position. The knock on effect of that means we are under more pressure to avoid further sanctions next year, which doesn’t seem really fair to me.

15 May 2024 09:38:35
Should be sanctions against the owners in fines, not points against the team.

15 May 2024 12:00:53
But it is the Clubs (by default owners) that voted for points deductions. Not from their pockets.

15 May 2024 12:55:36
The loss in prize money could be seen as a double penalty.

15 May 2024 17:11:27
It's is absolutely a double whammy as said, the extra league positions increases the revenue and obviously arguably it's definitely an extra penalty. However the rule and threat of a points deduction is like a nuclear capability. It's not meant to ever be used as it should scare the sh9t out of clubs to abide by the effing rules. So I don't buy into this point as a double bolloqin. We got what we deserved though the process and timing is arguably not well structured.

14 May 2024 19:53:41
It seems fairly obvious Moshiri is purely a front man for Osmanov, who apparently has been spoon feeding the funding the required cash injections, through 777, obviously to protect his investment in our club under cover of his puppet Moshiri.
It appears he still has designs to run EFC albeit at arms length through extending the exclusive agreement to. 31May.
Its time a thorough investigation takes place to establish the traceable links behind all this financial subterfuge.
If Moshiri is a skilled accountant he would never allowed this total financial debacle to have taken place.
All shareholders, committees and poweful political figures, and indeed the EFL, should band together asap to bring an end to this absolute fiasco.

{Ed025's Note - they are too clever for that Fancy..

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15 May 2024 09:40:08
Don’t you just love conspiracy theories.

15 May 2024 11:27:42
Have a feeling you may be right mate.

15 May 2024 19:44:58
Harlex so it maybe but one thing is certain these people are more powerful than some Countries. Sanctions don't hurt them but people/ things around them. Banks are not going to refuse their money and others be it Country or individuals always step in to profit/ influence/ gain power/ influence from the supposed vacuum created by sanctioning Countries. In short those Sanctioned have not gone away.

16 May 2024 06:18:06
But isn’t that how the rich get richer DFS?

14 May 2024 17:16:31
It has been reported now on SkySports that Moshiri has given 777 until the 31st of May to complete the takeover or he will seek an alternative buyer.

Might aswell give them until July pal, or maybe August if they don't meet that deadline. Or even an unlimited deadline, it's not like it will impact on our summer business or those guys who buy season tickets every year to watch the club gradually crumble because of your total incompetence you absolute prxck. Get the f out of our club now.

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14 May 2024 17:56:33
And don’t forget another 8 months before it gets the go ahead.

14 May 2024 19:23:07
Exactly SC. never ending circus. 777 have removed Wander and the other bloke from sports division, so Moshiri probs thinks they doing things better. It is the same business at the end of the day. Corrupt company. Want them nowhere near our club.

14 May 2024 13:04:18
Worrying if administration comes in b4 weekend, we could be docked 9 points unless I'm mistaken!

{Ed002's Note - It is not going to happen before the weekend.}

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14 May 2024 13:43:07
How so Tomtom?

Even if we were docked 9 points, which Ed has already advised won't be the case, we still would not be able to be caught by Luton and would therefore finish out of the rallies.

14 May 2024 15:39:45
I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago Ed said it didn’t work like that, it’s not up to us to say when any points deduction would be taken mate.

14 May 2024 16:43:47
OK as I said, I may have been mistaken. Not really understanding all this, thanks all ?.

14 May 2024 17:57:17
Nor me mate it’s definitely rocket sense.

12 May 2024 19:29:37
Any truth in the rumours Usmanov is behind the 777 proposed takeover.

{Ed002's Note - No, someone is teasing you.}

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12 May 2024 20:26:57
Thought so cheers Ed.

12 May 2024 20:55:09
That’s brilliant! ?.

13 May 2024 08:36:25
? oh dear.

14 May 2024 06:20:04
Any thought on the idea he isn't out of the picture completely would be my theory GB. Of course it is only a guess.

14 May 2024 08:45:53
That was my thinking too DFS.

14 May 2024 10:29:14
So you think Usmanov is behind 777 taking us over GB?

14 May 2024 15:40:51
No? read the posts.

14 May 2024 17:10:28
I have GB, hence why I asked mate. Made no sense. DFS thinks Usmanov is still in picture and could be behind it and you agreed. ?.

14 May 2024 17:58:25
I think Usmanov is not totally out of it, only my opinion buddy.

15 May 2024 09:45:17
Usmanov has become an American citizen, lost 10st and changed his name to Josh Wander. He wears the hat as a disguise.

15 May 2024 11:28:25
Love it Harlex.

11 May 2024 12:11:30
A Premier League club, one of only 20, long underperforming, with a new stadium and a soon to be lower salary budget, with large broadcast revenues, and an owner desperate to sell……. Everton will be purchased by someone more responsible than 777.

{Ed002's Note - When is this happening? How long will it take? The situation is not perhaps as simple as you think.}

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11 May 2024 14:58:17
Everton would be an attractive option if it wasn’t for the many creditors waiting to be paid, and the costs of finishing the stadium. Won’t even go into players wages.

11 May 2024 21:31:01
We’ll be on sale with an owner happy to escape with the shirt on his back and most of the buttons.

12 May 2024 09:31:31
I can’t see an easy way out of this. Administration is a very real threat, which would be a disaster.

12 May 2024 11:47:47
Weirdly enough it could be the worst thing to happen for 777 given the amount they have already invested. So it's really in their best interest to make sure the club don't go into administration, even if they don't end up owning it.

12 May 2024 14:29:15
We are not going into administration.

12 May 2024 20:05:55
Did I say we were?

11 May 2024 09:10:52
Wander and Pasko removed from 777.

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11 May 2024 13:35:16
Hopefully Dyche will join them as unemployed soon to GB ???.

11 May 2024 14:08:41
They wouldn’t get rid of their Ace in the Pack mate, they will be listening to the majority of fans that want him, I hear he’s just signed a new contract to stay at Everton indefinitely.

11 May 2024 14:37:23
As janitor?

11 May 2024 14:59:27
GB a couple of weeks ago you were all for him going mate. What’s changed?

11 May 2024 16:02:57
He’s our best option mate he’s kept us up and that was the b all and end all of it, I reckon he deserves it see what he does when we are rid of some players.

11 May 2024 16:11:39
GB jumps the fence better than a race horse lol. Because his mate SD has supposedly saved us, he thinks we should put up with the same dross next season. Then it will be in out in out in out again lol.

11 May 2024 16:51:39
When the footy was so poor Harlex I didn’t think Sean would stay but so pleased he turned it around mate with a very good end to the season so yeah give the guy a chance to show what he can do.

11 May 2024 17:48:04
Fair enough GB. I’m not convinced but I hope you are right mate.

11 May 2024 18:11:02
100 percent agree with gb. Yes football has been poor but he kept us up and by some margin, that was the mandate and he's passed with flying colours while contending with points deductions and had to galvanise the squad. He has got a squad of poor players giving a lot of percent therefore I'd like some continuity.

11 May 2024 21:36:43
Can’t argue mate he kept us up end of.

12 May 2024 11:48:46
He hasn't got a squad of poor players .

{Ed025's Note - that is subjective Brass..

12 May 2024 14:19:43
He will if we sell all our decent players though.

14 May 2024 06:22:22
Pastor removed? That's him stuffed then.


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