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10 Aug 2023 18:33:45
I know he's never won any popularity contests and some of the spurs fans I know always want more. Buy what a beast that Daniel Levy is. I know he's not the owner and only the general manager of the spurs business but wow. He does not fuche about. Remarkable that before FM arrived we were the club looming over their shoulder putting pressure on their top 6 aspirations. It's a measure of how far we've fallen. If Kane goes or not, that's how you run a club. Iron fist and giants balls of steel. Respect is due because for years I thought he was a lunatic.

Formerly Brown shoes

1.) 10 Aug 2023 20:51:29
And yet not a Trophy in sight.

2.) 10 Aug 2023 21:39:08
I have no respect for him. He’s a horrid chairman who doesn’t show much respect to other clubs. Rips other clubs off and holds players to ransom…

I’d still take him over Bill and Moshiri though.

3.) 10 Aug 2023 21:59:22
No cups but neither a series of relegation battles. I know which regime I'd rather have.



16 Apr 2023 17:59:37
It's pretty common place that players current deals are slashed 50% wage wise if relegated. I guess the championship level ones like Tom Davis will hang about but everyone will be off even if it means somewhere less fashionable like Turkey, so long as it's top flight or even European cup football level they'll go. Only the English guys will be bothered about going abroad as per culture unless the young ones go as they're more adventurous than older guys. The club will also take every penny offered so it'll be a mass fire sale. Will truly hobble us financially with loss TV money loss premier league position money if we also survived next season. Loss transfer fees for the few big hitters. Forget 60m for Pickford. He'd be off for about 20 if we sink. There is no positive to relegation. We'd be better off finishing 17th on the last day every season for the next decade than going down once. We'd not come back up as champions as that league is far stronger than you think (maybe lucky to get back via play offs but doubt it) . We'd have kids as we'd not only face an exodus, we'd face the wrath of these ffp charges and may end up with transfer ban if lucky or worse a ban and a points deduction. Even a paltry 10 point deduction would doom us to being out of the promotion race. We may very well do a Wigan and be forced to play our u23s and sink to L1. Anyone trying to kidology themselves with talk of relegations positives are seriously deluded. We need to stay in this league by any means necessary. Bigger clubs who go down every decade like Wham and Newcastle have a yo yo reputation. We don't have that and that's why the neutral is smirking and wanting to see the car crash. Remember Coventry? I'm sure the delusional fans who spent about 25 years of battling relegation every year also said it'll be a blessing in disguise. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't say that now. The saving our top flight status is vital. If we do there really needs to be a serious question over who takes us forward and deals with the squad this summer. I don't see SD being trusted to do it. This mess is going to define the club the for a long long time. We are not going to be seeing good times for a generation.

Formerly Brown shoes

1.) 16 Apr 2023 18:32:28
Why don't you trust Dyche? as someone recently posted you can't polish a turd.

2.) 16 Apr 2023 18:37:53
A fair analogy.

3.) 16 Apr 2023 19:56:14
What makes you think stone cold has the skills to turn us around? Did you guys not say the exact same thing about frank in November when a few of us wanted him out. This will be the same with Sean yous want him now and want to give him time then in a couple of months the same guys who are singing his praises will want him out. It’s a bit embarrassing really I do not see the point in it. If he isn’t good enough get him out now why wait like we did with Frank. Guys on here wanted frank out before World Cup started in November and everyone on here said that’s ridiculous including the Ed give frank time a few seasons you said, now the same people are saying keep Dyche and we should have brought Dyche in before the World Cup started. If our boardroom is like this site which I think it is then we are doomed. Keep lamps then 2 months later we should have got rid of lamps seriously what’s happening here?

4.) 16 Apr 2023 20:35:57
“Yous” l’is this an old poster back with a different name this time?
Similar theme to that previous posters posts in negativity majority of the time.

5.) 16 Apr 2023 21:12:02
Interesting Joe the Goal when you weren't registered back in November.
Well not under this guise.

6.) 16 Apr 2023 21:13:59
So hire a manager then a couple of months later sack him. Yea that makes sense?

7.) 17 Apr 2023 06:39:04
Joe the goal, of course some wanted Lampard to have a chance, you do realize that EFC, since Moshiri arrived have been getting rid of managers like a bad Saturday night pint on a Sunday morning.
This sacking at the drop of a hat is not all it's cracked up to be, it kind of buggers up the works i. e. a manager has only just found out where he parks his car then to be told to clear his desk and then you have a very poor squad collectively, getting their heads around a new regime what seems like every 5 minutes to them maybe?
Oh, and you expect these guys to get an esprit de corps from all that?
I just want stability because what we have had these last few years is just madness.

8.) 17 Apr 2023 10:55:51
I want the manager to have a fair chance too but if the manager isn’t good enough what is the point of delaying the inevitable. Lampard should have been replaced in the summer. It was clear for anyone to see last season that lamps was a tube but we didn’t see it then in November it was slapping us in the face that lamps is an appalling manager did we change it no we didn’t we gave him 3 more horrible months before we acted. Now we are doing the same thing Dyche is a bad bad manager he only knows one way to play and it isn’t working but do we do anything about it no we haven’t got a clue the whole club fans included. It’s a very sad time to support Everton and if we go down then that could be the end of us. We are on our way to being the next Sunderland.

9.) 17 Apr 2023 11:50:25
I agree Lampard should have gone earlier however not in the summer and to be fair Joe only a crystal ball or Nostradamus could have predicted that FL was going to be that bad, as he ended the season on a high with the horizon looking bright as it were.
Getting rid of Frank Lampard then and replacing him with someone more worthy would have been a tough call for the best of PL boards IMO.
Personally I think given time SD will get it right with ''time'' being the keyword.

10.) 17 Apr 2023 18:07:09
He shouldn't have gone in the summer? He shouldn't have been anywhere near a Premier league club, and certainly not one the size of Everton
"Getting rid of Frank Lampard then and replacing him with someone more worthy would have been a tough call for the best of PL boards IMO" Are you serious? No other club bar the shambles that is Chelsea would have touched him
Why would any top club appoint someone with no Managerial experience? He failed at Derby. He failed at Chelsea. He had no right being in charge of your club. It was a recipe for disaster from day one
I think you will stay up and i hope you do. You couldn't have got anyone better in Dean Dyche. It's just a shame your board couldn't get him in sooner. Anyway, good luck. I hope it works out for you.

11.) 18 Apr 2023 07:49:43
Your post is unqualified tosh, and you obviously know nothing of the circumstances of Lampard while he was with Everton Football club.

12.) 17 Apr 2023 18:48:46
Yes deadly serious. . . There were no shouts for him to go in the summer only now do we get the 'get Lampard out before the season starts' from all the hindsight heroes, pathetic.
I am as pro Sean Dyche as they come on here so if that last bit was meant for me well you must be drunk matey.



14 Apr 2023 15:13:49
Someone with no name cleared today. He would be 33 now and probably at another club but he would have probably scored a few free-kicks and pens and set up some goals from set pieces. No refunds no discounts no compensation.

Formerly Brown shoes

1.) 14 Apr 2023 15:31:30
I wonder who he is ???.

2.) 14 Apr 2023 16:18:22
I am with FBS on this, a players reputation and career ruined.

3.) 14 Apr 2023 16:24:54
I said at the time he would not be charged and had it on good authority as so. Investigations have to happen but 2 years!

4.) 14 Apr 2023 16:55:31
He was very good at pointing.

5.) 14 Apr 2023 17:50:36
He never scored a free kick for us.

6.) 14 Apr 2023 19:18:21
Although didn't point in the right direction of exonerating evidence quick enough, it seems.

7.) 14 Apr 2023 19:39:26
Wonder if claim gone in to direct line? Totally wrong if as said he's proven innocent.

8.) 14 Apr 2023 19:59:28
The time taken to resolve this is utterly outrageous. None of the parties, however peripheral, have been well served by this.

9.) 14 Apr 2023 21:22:56
Try reading the post again Smudge.

10.) 15 Apr 2023 03:53:13
I really hope he now receives all the love and support to try to get his life back.
His professional career is ruined but will anybody face consequences over it. of course not.

11.) 15 Apr 2023 08:58:31
Not been cleared though has he?

There’s just not enough evidence to lead to a prosecution which is different to cleared.

All a mess and the length of time taken to get to this point is crazy.

{Ed001's Note - the issue was not if he did it. He admitted an offence. The whole question was whether he knew her age or not and that is the bit that can't really be proven.}

12.) 15 Apr 2023 12:57:13
Not sure if the lack of evidence for the cps to move forward doesn't mean he's innocent, whether he is or not we'll never know. But he's gone, and for me he didn't really hit the heights we hoped for. Not a real loss in my opinion.

13.) 15 Apr 2023 13:36:53
Presumed innocent unless proved otherwise. Ed he did not admit an offence, he admitted the contact but did not know her true age.

{Ed001's Note - sorry but you are incorrect, apart from your first sentence. He did admit to having sexual contact with an underage girl, that is still an offence and he could easily have ended up on the offenders register. Ignorance is not always an accepted defence.}

14.) 15 Apr 2023 17:05:45
Not what I was told. I said months ago he would not be charged.



10 Apr 2023 21:59:41
That's Leicester throwing in the towel. Just need to be better than 1 more side. Bank hol weekend turned out not so bad.

Formerly Brown shoes

1.) 11 Apr 2023 12:36:09
Not sure how they’re throwing the towel in?

Lost 7 and drawn 1 out of their last 8 league games and knocked out of FA cup by a lower league team.

Clearly something not right there so have sacked their manager and appointed a new one - not sure that’s throwing the towel in but more like a last throw if the dice for the season.

If they get the new manager bounce they’ve got some very good players in the squad and could get a few points on the board particularly as they have 4 games against teams around them still to come.

2.) 12 Apr 2023 00:12:50
I'd have expected a better appointment considering the ownership and financial muscle. They are going forward with a mediocre championship management team. Sorry I had to spell it out for you.

3.) 12 Apr 2023 07:36:19
FBS, you are quite touchy.

I hope they’ve thrown the towel in as that would aid our survival bid, but until we see how they perform under their new management team we have no idea.

You may be right in saying that the appointment is a mediocre championship management team, however it’s an interim appointment and stranger things have happened with new managers and the bounce factor.

I feel the timing of the appointment is a little strange from them - would have left the caretaker in charge for the next game which is City and then brought the new team in after this game.

Let’s all hope they’ve given up, but can’t really say for definite they have based on their managerial appointment.



08 Apr 2023 13:15:15
So far this is incredibly naive. Could be 5 or 6 down.

Formerly Brown shoes




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15 Nov 2023 17:16:58
Sh9t for cret9ns. I've long stopped using any of these online sites. I find it frustrating when 90% of it ends up being discussed on here. The very definition of wasted time.

Formerly Brown shoes



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18 Oct 2023 15:28:40
Supporters including myself are desperate for a new regime but considering how few warnings we had with FM and let's be brutally honest, he did spend spend spend very poor decisions but he did put his ( er? ) money in by the bucket load. Some are vocally happy for anything new regardless of warning after warning. It'd be so Everton to go with this 777 and ignore numerous warnings and end up the biggest joke yet again with a firm who've already said they won't be putting any money in and their plan is for the club to be "self sufficient" anyone expecting a winter war chest are deluded if this mob get us. Need the fit and proper checks to take the decision for us as we can't be trusted to make it ourselves.

Formerly Brown shoes



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18 Oct 2023 09:18:36
Let's hope we have no idea what is actually happening and that something far more stable and a lot less controversial is coming our way from a new bidder. can't really believe anything is set in stone until the hearing in the next couple of weeks is over. If it's a favourable outcome then I'd expect a lot more interest all of a sudden. Fingers and toes crossed as this 7x mob sound like a disaster.

Formerly Brown shoes



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03 Sep 2023 14:48:12
All kinds of stuff to unpack with this one. Apparently he was denied a move to a London club after he'd passed a medical. Now Gerrard wants him but the fee is cheaper than what a Premier league club was bidding? SD blanks him for weeks and then last night says he's going to be back in the fold and will be an important player. Now player blasts SD (and seems fair) for dic9ing him around. No coming back from that post and more inept level management that now leaves us short a winger a position we seemed desperate for. Man management class definitely skipped by the sweaty nose picking one. What is it with these guys who take charge of us and get their egos in the way of doing best for the club?

Formerly Brown shoes



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01 Sep 2023 23:57:48
Considering we didn't get any of the wingers linked, I'm actually happy if Gray sticks around. However Saudi window is open for another week. Though I did read he wasn't keen as his family don't plan on going there. Guess we will see what comes. Wonder if we will also release Gomes?

Formerly Brown shoes




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26 Nov 2023 23:14:54
Luckily we have dramatically improved away because we were terrible both home and away. Obviously we'd all love a home win and a winning streak to remind teams that Goodison is a nightmare host. On a great day we'd have been 5-1 up at half time. They were begging for a good seeing to but we didn't smash em when they were on a plate. 2nd half was a little lackluster by comparison to that 30mins in 1st half yet we still could have got a couple and then we got punished as per our luck. Ref was terrible but they all are in all games so no conspiracy theories apply. We will be fine with a month to go. I'd like to think we will get a home win soon. UTD were and are in good form so not that unexpected. Scoreline was harsh though.

Formerly Brown shoes



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17 Nov 2023 14:21:24
Stuff utd next weekend and all is gravy. I've actually not been this optimistic for 3 years and I'm not a fanboy of Dyche! It's a great day!
Absolutely ed25. I expect a Rangers style full EFL reset but they'll get a massive fine and even if it was a 65 point deduction, they'll not go down. Not that I am calling for them to be relegated.

Formerly Brown shoes



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17 Nov 2023 13:09:02
Think we got lucky. I'd take that punishment all day long this season. Last 2 and we would be in Championship. This year we will still be 10 to 15 minimum points clear of bottom 3. As we were 8 clear, we are only 2 PTS from getting out of bottom 3. The only way to determine if this is truly a "oh they hate Everton and only Everton" is when Man City and inevitably Chelsea get dragged into their respective hearings. A precedent has been set. I'm very happy that it's now over and don't think we should even embarrass ourselves and appeal. We are back off life support woo!

Formerly Brown shoes

{Ed025's Note - we got that for 1 offence FBS, city have got 115 breaches...lets see what they get mate..



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12 Nov 2023 13:22:02
I'd be surprised if a team needs more than 26 points to stay safe this season. I think if we can get above the mid 40s would be a great season for us and I believe we can do that.

Formerly Brown shoes



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11 Nov 2023 22:37:33
Yeah I stopped one line after the headline.
Something like " I was crying and didn't want to go there" then the first line read he'd spent 6 years at the club. I bet he was crying when he left. 6 years? I'm sure he signed 2 extensions. If the writers angle is to be correct (and not trash Google translate sh9t stirring) then Bill must have kidnapped his family and held a gun to his head and threw him a box of cleanex to wipe his sniffles.

I liked him and thought he was a good player on his day. We were definitely the high water mark for his career.

Formerly Brown shoes



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