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12 Aug 2022 07:33:05
Morning Eds. With all these incomings, do you know if any enquiries have been made to loan or buy any of our players?


{Ed002's Note - West Ham have enquired after Keane. Juve may take Kean this summer. There has been interest in Gordon and Gomes.}

1.) 12 Aug 2022 10:11:55
Interest in Gomes! Unbelievable.

2.) 12 Aug 2022 11:03:13
Davie Moyes thinking how can I buy a player without him sacking us off for Everton I know I will just buy their worst defender ??.

3.) 12 Aug 2022 11:05:49
Was a good player till the Spurs guy took him out.

4.) 12 Aug 2022 11:35:45
Looks to be lacking confidence. The fans don’t trust Keane not to make mistakes. Needs to move on.

5.) 12 Aug 2022 12:58:20
For all of Keanes annoying moments, and there are a fair few, He’s the one that started the comeback against Palace. And it was an excellent goal. Forever thankful for that.

6.) 12 Aug 2022 13:25:16
I actually like Keane but he has regressed. He makes too many mistakes and we cannot afford to have that in he squad. On his ay he can be a great defender but he can also be absolutely diabolical.

7.) 12 Aug 2022 14:23:41
As all agreed Keane had a nightmare playing last season. In previous seasons when called up by England as far as I remember he never failed, but back in the Everton shirt prone to errors.
Is there not some agreement that if Keane was playing with the likes of Tarkowski and Coady alongside him every week he would be the player he used to be.
Last season it was a case of mix and match with CB pairings due to injuries etc.

8.) 12 Aug 2022 20:27:10
Not sure what anyone I seeing with Keane. He's been rubbish since day 1 and got gradually worst season on season. Should have signed his mate mee at the time and left Keane with burnley.




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14 Aug 2022 07:18:45
What is it with our injury record?

How do we seem to have so many injuries all of the time?

Is there something in the water at Finch Farm that causes our players to turn to glass?


1.) 14 Aug 2022 08:29:24
I’m guessing the Manager and coach turn around with the different approaches to training, playing etc will not do the muscles any favours mate for starters!
Although I guess we are not the only team to have suffered from this but it certainly has a detrimental effect.

2.) 14 Aug 2022 11:55:05
Mina is made from glass 100% it doesn't matter where he is or how he's coached. He's a big lad an awkward looking man when he moves and has a strange stooping posture and Paulo Wanchope coordination that can't be helping him.
DCL has had a big injury and then it's pretty common after so long out to pick up niggles and strains etc. We don't know what the last one was but a slightly secretive "common training incident" so? a hard tackle? Resulting in torn Ligaments? Badly bruised bone? Perhaps a broken bone in a foot?
Godfrey was a freak accident and broke a bone so that's nothing to do with coaching (though Pickford did him no favours playing a ball that was out)
Dacoure hopefully if FL is to be believed was taken off as precaution as he "felt his hamstring" so hopefully its a couple of weeks to rest it and won't be too long (especially if we can cover him and not rush him as he probably was everytime last season he could have done with an extra game or 2 to recover properly) also playing him as a combative DM position when he's an attacking midfielder all his career is possibly putting more strain in him? The heat the last 2 weeks, a short pre season for a 2nd season. The fact it seems to happen only to our 4 better players is just cruel luck I hope. If it was a club training issue then we'd have all kinds of players out at all levels from 1st team to u18s. This is just the footballing gods, murphys law, sods law or this is Everton whatever. It seems far worse when you have a very small core of true first 11 quality players and no depth or cover.



08 Aug 2022 23:03:42
Heard there was a number 9 heading to Goodison but it turned out to be the regular Arriva and it went to Huyton.

Maybe tomorrow….




07 Aug 2022 19:40:46
Not wanting to sound negative but should we not be slightly concerned with wages, FFP and all these players coming in without many outgoings?


1.) 07 Aug 2022 20:07:22
Read the article in the Echo mate really good article on how we are managing our finances whilst we can’t afford Champions league players we can certainly afford our signings excellent stuff BR.

2.) 07 Aug 2022 20:27:41
No, that’s our accountant’s job. Ours is to watch football.

3.) 07 Aug 2022 21:22:59
As none of us are fully aware of financial situation it’s quite difficult to be concerned.

We’re aware that we have been in problems with profits and sustainablity we’ve had to work with the premier league to be able to sign players.

I’m sure that is still the same now - I cannot imagine the club would be spending if they would risk breaking the rules, particularly with all the scrutiny we are now under.

It’s also a fallacy to say little outgoings.

We’ve had quite a lot of outgoings but most only focussing on the fact we sold Richarlison.

However we’ve let sigurdsson, Delph, Tosun and Kenny go also which is a considerable saving in wages, considering both sigurdsson and Delph were rumoured to have been on £100k+ per week and Tosun £80k per week.

I can’t imagine McNeil, Onana, Vinagre and Tarkowski wages will be as much as players that have left the club.

I also imagine there’ll be atleast 1 or 2 others that leave before window closes.

4.) 07 Aug 2022 22:37:41
I think the big issue is that while ffp is a huge problem for us, if we don't invest at all we will likely go down and that would be significantly worse for us. We are therefor likely sailing as close to the wind as we can, with the belief that if needed we will just have to sell at the end of the season again, if we have anything worth buying at that point.

5.) 08 Aug 2022 04:06:09
I don't disagree with much of what you're saying GB

"We’re aware that we have been in problems with profits and sustainablity we’ve had to work with the premier league to be able to sign players"

I also agree that none of us are fully aware of the financial situation as there is little transparency in the information given to us by the club. The review of the running of the club hasn't revealed what it found and little, if anything, has changed

The question I would ask is

If we are in such mess that we have been 'forced' to work with the premier league to be able to sign players how did we get into this mess, who ( and I think there are many) are responsible and why are they still with us when they are clearly not good/ effective enough?

6.) 08 Aug 2022 07:41:21
Spot on BW. Whoever: 'ooh I have messed up' - Big Boss: 'Ok let's have a review, you head it'.

7.) 08 Aug 2022 15:26:02
I couldn't give a monkeys about finances, I don't go to cheer the accountants I go to cheer on the team.

8.) 08 Aug 2022 22:50:26
You sure Wolf? I swear I heard some people chanting about the board being full of bankers….



29 Jul 2022 23:57:19
Ed25 - do you know if Kellogg’s vouchers get you anything in the transfer window these days? Used to get some pretty good deals from Kellogg’s in the 90s - maybe if we all save some up we might be able to cash in for a DM or CF….


{Ed025's Note - I don’t know BR. It was green shield stamps in my day mate. We will sign a couple more mate I’m sure..

1.) 30 Jul 2022 10:52:12
I’ve still got a few kelloggs reflectors that are shaped like the rooster and stick in between the spokes of a wheel on a bike. I’ll trade them for a decent no.6 or ACM ?.



26 Jul 2022 00:29:42
The feeling I get is we can only get in two loan signings between now and the end of the window. Two positions to strengthen. Which two?

For me, we need goals so a proper back up CF must be a definite. CM must be the other one though I do feel we lack creativity on the RW.

What is the general consensus on where two loans should cover/ improve? Its a whole new can of worms if you bring in who those loans would be and whether they would be interested!


1.) 26 Jul 2022 07:14:56
I think it's 4 loans bud 2 from the UK and 2 from Europe.

2.) 26 Jul 2022 07:28:23
Think a lot depends on who we can shift, and what formation we go with.

A better option than Rondon would be great, but only if we can move out Rondon.
Likewise a better holding mid and creative mid would be desirable, but need to shift at least one of gomes/ davies/ gbamin to facilitate that.
For now I would go 5 at the back and use WBs for width, as we need crosses, and our current wide players don't cross well enoigh/ often enough. If Lamps goes back 4 then we need a RB and a LW but again this would require us to ship out a CM or 2 to accommodate.

3.) 26 Jul 2022 13:11:00
I think if Frank's thinking of utilising the youth he was playing pre season, then I think Mills would be a stead back up for RW. Can play wing back too. Didn't look out of place in 1st team. If they ready, play em.

4.) 26 Jul 2022 13:11:08
Priority has to be in central midfield, we desperately need more strength there. I would be happy if we signed two players in that position and nothing else to be honest.

However, a left footed, right winger, to balance the team we be good. I don’t understand this idea that we need to replace Richarlison. We’ve got Gordon and Gray who are both right footed, left wingers, why do we want another (and there’s Iwobi) .

5.) 26 Jul 2022 14:50:03
Still think money will be made available myself.

6.) 26 Jul 2022 19:31:36
Like it's been said it all depends on the formation. 5 at the back works. Patterson and myko better at crossing for Dom than gray Gordon etc. I hope Frank doesn't play with wing backs and wingers. I know that may be an unpopular opinion. We need 3 in midfield which leaves space for 2 up top. Dom and one of either Dele, Gordon or gray in a completely free role dropping deep or coming wide or making runs into the box.

As for the OPs question. I'd say a proper DM is what we need most now. Someone who will sit and not get dragged out or dibble forward (like and Allan and doucoure do) need to be cool on the ball turn around and make a forward pass. Delph did it a few games towards the end of last season and we looked miles better.

7.) 26 Jul 2022 22:25:35
Central midfield is the most important imo.




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15 Aug 2022 14:54:09
Everyone has their price I suppose.




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14 Aug 2022 17:15:44
I heard it through the grapevine that no longer will he be mine….




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11 Aug 2022 07:12:30
Sounds like they don’t know what they are reporting…

Not the first time!




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08 Aug 2022 22:46:44
Needs to look up more often and be aware of who else is around him.

I’d keep for another few seasons. If he continues to show promise, keep developing him; if he is another Cads/ Ross/ Jeffers, get a decent price for him and invest in the squad.




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07 Aug 2022 08:48:12
Where did you hear that from Guernsey?





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15 Aug 2022 19:45:57
If we sign Bats, you can be sure we will try and sign a Robin of some sorts - we already have a commissioner Gordon…

Would make for an interesting transfer policy!




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14 Aug 2022 09:55:04
Shame the sales couldn’t be Mina, Gomes, Gbamin, Keane or DCL…

I’m only putting in DCL as, like Mina, he seems to be made of glass.

If we have to sell Gordon then we need to make sure whoever we get in now can build a solid and consistent first 11.




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14 Aug 2022 09:38:54
Proven premier league striker who will willingly play for us and hopefully not cost the Earth… is Big Dunc coming out of retirement?




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13 Aug 2022 09:27:02
Is his job becoming redundant Brownshoes? If he didn’t move to us, he would be doing what a large amount of our squad have been doing of late: staying, not playing but the club keep paying…

If he has chosen to move to get more game time then it is his decision and surely it would be down to Everton to pay off the remainder of his contract or pay him the same.

It feels like a strange situation.




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11 Aug 2022 16:41:11
‘Outlets clueless’ gets my vote. There is always a clear bias from the rags in the need to make money - unless an Ed reports it, I find it hard to take most tumours seriously. How many times have we signed someone we have considered out of the blue as the rags had no idea?

2 loans at a time, 4 over a season. Allows for short loans / emergencies but need to cancel one of the first two.