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09 Aug 2019 01:17:55
Not a 100% perfect transfer window but still a very good one where we

Signed a goalkeeper which improves our cover for Pickford and which allows Virginia to go out on loan and gain valuable experience

Signed a right back on loan for a year who will really challenge Seamus for his place. After a year we have the option to sign him if he is a success, bring back Kenny if he has improved out on loan or look at the situation again but we're now in a much better situation

Centre back is why I am saying not 100 % but let's not forget Gbamin can play as centre half so we have provided some cover and I think Mina will prove himself this season

In midfield, unfortunately Gueye has left us but he goes with all our best wishes and we have Delph and Gbamin as strong signings, Don't forget we also got one of our prime targets Gomes on a permanent for really good price

In attack MOISE KEAN! What a signing and again what a bargain he will turn out to be. He's young but is our new Lukaku and him and Calvert Lewin will push each other. Iwoebi came in very late and he is an big improvement to the squad

All in all a good transfer window and my thanks to Brands and all his team, the owner for his support and Marco for selling the project


bw2412 v2.0

1.) 09 Aug 2019 07:46:36
Really good window mate.

2.) 09 Aug 2019 09:21:32
On top of this they have also managed to move out a lot of the squad that weren't getting a game with more to come until the European window closes

Others have also strengthened but we knew that would happen.
I think we have a chance of catching Chelsea and Wolves, I'm not sure Arsenals attack can offset its lack of defence and I also think Man Utd are there for the taking, even with Maguire so BRING IT ON


3.) 09 Aug 2019 17:44:28
Only problem for Virginia is my mates who are Reading fans said he had a bit of a mare for his first game and reading picked up some Brazilian keeper during the window
Hope he does get some game time though as I heard he looks a great prospect.



15 Aug 2018 10:01:52
Anyone know why Mina wasn't at training yesterday?

bw2412 v2.0

1.) 15 Aug 2018 13:33:46
He is still on Dilbar apparently.

2.) 15 Aug 2018 15:04:18
What’s Dilbar?

{Ed002's Note - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dilbert_(character).png

3.) 15 Aug 2018 18:04:50
😂😂😂 That made me chuckle Ed so did the cute buns comment, you are on form today.

4.) 15 Aug 2018 18:34:24
Ed002 is a Rodeo Clown in one of his many other lives ST.




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20 Feb 2021 19:37:30
What anamazing match. they surorise us every time

We have improved. Just enjoy that.

bw2412 v2.0



11 Feb 2021 01:15:09
Not a game for the faint hearted but well done to the whole team
There were some mistakes but everyone, and I mean everyone kept their heads up and some of the goals we scored were class, especially Bernards at the end

bw2412 v2.0

1.) 11 Feb 2021 08:54:10
Bernards goal was pure magic from Siggy, as Osman said, that Siggy is the one we bought.



03 Feb 2021 21:34:44
Well - they like to make us suffer don't they?
Good, well fought out win but had me worried second half. thought defense was immense especially Godfrey. I'm a Pickford fan but Olsen deserves to kkep his place after tonight.
Everyone fought - what a difference that makes.

bw2412 v2.0



02 Feb 2021 00:29:50
I;m happy with thew window. It might leave the squad a liyyle bit leaner than I would have hoped for but sometimes a small squad can lead to a stronger team spirit.

Before anyone comes on moaning at the board let's remember the massive backing Moshiri has given the club and the current and previous managers in the past

Good luck to all the loanees and exiteers. Some of you won't coming back so thanks for what you have given us. To the ones that will be back enjoy the adventure and come back stronger.

bw2412 v2.0

1.) 02 Feb 2021 06:59:30
I agree that we shouldn't criticise the board and certainly not moshiri. I would think moshiri is pretty disappointed right now - the priority for this window was outgoings, but don't think we actually sold anyone? Bernard still here on huge wages despite not being wanted. Tosun and Kenny will be back in a few months.

2.) 02 Feb 2021 07:22:13
I get what you're saying but I wouldn't say it leaves us leaner. These players never got a game so the squad was already that lean in the first place.

3.) 02 Feb 2021 07:39:02
It hasn't been a secret that Brands job has been to offload and thin the squad. To me this bodes well for the summer as the last ones we don't need will be gone and Carlo will attract more players he wants.

Just gutted we can't be there to get behind them for the push to the end of the season.

4.) 02 Feb 2021 08:13:41
The only way the likes of Bernard are leaving the Club is at a loss to our initial outlay but with a saving on wages. We were like kids in a sweet shop and now suffering the consequences. I hope Brands stays because the job is far from finished.

5.) 02 Feb 2021 09:04:44
Bernard was a free signing.

6.) 02 Feb 2021 09:16:07
I wouldn't be too concerned that Tosun and Kenny have gone out on loan. I think that the financial confusion caused by C.V. means a lot of clubs are in the position of preferring a loan signing and reviewing their financial situation when we get back to what passes for normal. Bit worried about Gordon and whether he has started down the path pioneered by Kieran Dowell.

7.) 02 Feb 2021 09:22:43
Bernard seems to be a hefty burden for a little guy, it's hard to imagine him being much vaunted and inquired about in the PL that's for sure, because the'proof of the pudding has been tasted' by us.

8.) 02 Feb 2021 10:33:41
Bernard may still go. The window is still open for some and even the club he was linked with has another 2 days I think to get a deal done. So let's see on him.

9.) 02 Feb 2021 11:11:42
Well I'll keep my fingers crossed on that John.



30 Jan 2021 14:29:25
We got what we deserved tonight - nothing
But please - none of it was Pickfords fault.

bw2412 v2.0




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03 May 2020 01:15:36
BlueDanny -You are right about fans from abroad travelling to home games and I'm totally unclear on the numbers but that is totally different to travelling to away games. The location of home games are the same every match so airlines can put extra flights into their scheduling and fans can also regularise their accomodation, For away games it is a different city every week. Flights won't be as plentiful so more expensive, accommodation will have to be arranged, possibly at a premium. Sure, a good travel agent can do most of this for you but how many of our away support drive or coach to matches, don't stay overnight and lose a day of their weekend, not all weekend.

I believe regular away supporters will decrease without any increase in fans going to home games from abroad - unless of course the new leagues are unsuccessful and there are therefore more seats available but, if they are unsuccessful, why would they want to go?

One thing we do agree upon is that the game is becoming unaffordable to the English working class. Long term that might be it's death-knell.

bw2412 v2.0



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02 May 2020 18:09:59
There's one other point I'd like to make. I think the days of mega money TV deals are beginning to come to an end. In Thailand I have an Android TV box, readily available from Amazon or any other internet selling site and here in Thailand, it is not illegal to stream live sporting events so I can get SKY, BT, BEIN Sports, NBCSN and a myriad of foreign sites showing the matches live without me paying any fees except standard internet access. I could also get these on any Android phone with the right APP. It's the same throughout Asia and the TV companies have tried but failed to stop this growing trend.

It's not legal to do this in the UK but it is done. I learnt how to do it whilst in the UK. There's been attempts to stop people doing it in the UK but it's being done more and more and, as I said it's common place in Thailand and all through Asia

TV companies are going to see revenues dropping because of this and the corona virus will compound it. Will pub landlords continue to pay £100's, £1000's to show football if they are half full due to social distancing. Will fans continue to pay high subscriptions that only widen the gap between themselves and the clubs/ players or will they move more and more onto streaming sites, legally or illegally

There will still be advertising revenues but will they be able to sustain their fees

I'd be very surprised if the revenue from games can be maintained long term

Also, has anyone thought about the travelling fans who go to away matches? How are they going to afford the increased costs or find the additional time away from family/ work, never mind the new restrictions to travel caused by Covid 19.

bw2412 v2.0



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02 May 2020 05:10:39
I'm living in Thailand now. I'm only mentioning that as the 6-7 hour time difference between the UK and Thailand has affected my viewing patterns

I still watch all the Everton games. Everton is my team and I would want to watch them whatever league they are in, whether it be Premier, the Championship or even lower
Where my viewing has changed though is when I was in the UK I would watch any Premier game that was on the box but now, when it is being shown late evening or even early morning if it is a UK night match most times (even a top of the table clash) I can't be bothered to stay up. I think any cross time zone league would struggle for the same reason. Is there any other sport that has shown that such an arrangement works? How many supporters say they support their team but are not as bothered about their national side playing in the world cup or similar international tournaments

I'm also not interested in watching different leagues in different countries. I don't watch Barcelona even though Messi plays for them. I don't watch Juventus just to see Ronaldo. I want to watch Everton and the teams they play

I have 3 grown up sons in the UK - all of them deserters who don't support Everton. If I was a broadcaster the thing that would worry me is that they are all less interested in football than I am. It's a very, very small sample but I believe interest in football is on the wane. The gap between players and normal people is widening

I think the TV channels and the top sides can see this and so they are looking to develop new viewers but the new viewers they want are in the developing markets such as China, the US, India, Asia Pacific etc. Personally, I believe the new viewers they will attract will not be as big as they think due to time differences and will not compensate for the the viewers they will lose such as myself, other Evertonians, Newcastle, Wolves, Napoli, Schalke, other team supporters who want to support their team, not some team 100's. 1000's of miles away with no 'connection' to them.

bw2412 v2.0

{Ed025's Note - i agree with all of that bw, i too have 2 sons who are deserters so i what you mean and i would not watch the breakaway league either mate if everton were not involved..



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10 Dec 2019 01:56:25
I think I agree with you gibbo. He's had a nightmare at Arsenal but before Arsenal Emery had a very good CV and was highly regarded.

I've only read Pereira's CV on the Echo and it's not that exciting - some successes but lower leagues and he's not stayed anywhere too long

Out of the 2 I'd say Emery if he has recovered enough from Arsenal but hopefully there are others in the hat that appeal more.

bw2412 v2.0



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06 Dec 2019 01:31:40
Funny isn't it

Dark Clouds calling for unity.

bw2412 v2.0




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21 Feb 2021 05:37:35
Leave it out lads. Let's not spoil the weekend with petty squabbles. The vast majority of footballers go down far too easily. We have a few in our team that have taken lessons at RADA

Just enjoy a great win. a deserved win.

bw2412 v2.0

{Ed0666's Note - there’s a difference between cheating and going down easily. Like you say fair play to you guys you came to Anfield and came away with the points. No complaints from me. Good luck to you boys for the rest of the season.



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20 Feb 2021 18:30:53
Great one Cookie.

bw2412 v2.0



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20 Feb 2021 17:04:14
The extra player might help us Birkenhead Dreamer 4 4 3.

bw2412 v2.0



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08 Feb 2021 10:12:35
U can understand the tart comment when I see him rolling around following a tackle but to say he is lazy is riduculous. He puts a shift in evey game.

bw2412 v2.0



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08 Feb 2021 10:09:02
I'd be very very happy to be proved wrong re Tom but one good game doesn't change my mind about the many games that he's given the ball away or made bad tackles.
Taking up BJU's point. If he was playing for another side would we all be shouting for Everton to sign him instead of other targets - I know I wouldn't
I was backing DCL when others were on his back because I saw something in him
I'm not convinced re Tom but please please let me be proved wrong.

bw2412 v2.0