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22 Jul 2022 15:51:35
Hammers close to doing a deal for a striker. Surely this gives us a clear run at Broja now?


{Ed002's Note - Not at all.}

1.) 22 Jul 2022 16:06:57
probably is broja haha.

2.) 22 Jul 2022 17:41:47
Really don't get why everyones so obsessed with Broja, scored 1 goal more than DCL (who had an absolute shocker of a season) despite playing more than double the minutes.

3.) 22 Jul 2022 19:24:17
Think he has the potential to improve “No Problem” but as you say didn’t do that great last season.
Think £30m is quite steep for him.
Could go on to be really good or may not improve that much.

Personally if we were willing to spend that on him would rather we used it on a decent midfielder.

4.) 22 Jul 2022 23:04:41
Broja is going to be a massive talent, and would work really well with DCL. Stop getting obsessed by the cost .

5.) 23 Jul 2022 08:06:40
Woburnblue Cost is surely the thing. Thought we had to sell before we buy? If true then surely negotiators are hamstrung from the start.

6.) 23 Jul 2022 09:34:40
Dfs they have room for one good purchase or a couple of smart deals like pay a percentage now with a slightly bigger balance later. The big issue is salaries. Can’t afford to be offering 100k a week contracts or we stay in the mess we’ve been in. Another reason to be going for younger players I think.

7.) 23 Jul 2022 10:13:35
Woburn, Not sure after one season when he scored 6 goals in the league - 39 other players scored more - you can categorically say he will be a massive talent.

He has potential but no guarantee he’ll live up to that.

£30m is too much of a risk with our current finances.

8.) 23 Jul 2022 13:04:18
Nobody knows who's going to be a good purchase, it's always a risk whether they're brilliant where they are or struggling, I remember Liverpool buying Salah for a fair amount of money, I laughed, thinking what a waste of time because he hadn't done it for Chelsea, now he's one of the best players in the world! Words eaten!



21 Feb 2022 17:58:41
Rumoured that Frank might go after Billy Gilmour, Conor Gallagher and Armando Broja. All out on loan from Chelsea at the moment and all good young players.
Would definitely like Gallagher and Broja.


1.) 21 Feb 2022 18:32:54
Yep they would all be good for us.

2.) 21 Feb 2022 21:24:03
Those are the 2 I’d want the most. Broja is a freak, only player I’ve ever seen outpace Raphael Varane.

3.) 21 Feb 2022 22:30:19
Did it say whether they would be loans or perm? Doubt we'd get them perm.

4.) 21 Feb 2022 22:57:17
Probably loans but maybe Gallagher on a permanent? Problem with Chelsea is they often let good talent go when they shouldn’t and they have so many midfield and attacking options that it’s hard to imagine them keeping them all long term.

5.) 22 Feb 2022 09:17:47
No chance of Chelsea selling Gallagher to anyone - he’ll be in there squad next season. Gilmour looks far more likely. Broja maybe, but others will be interested, including Southampton.

6.) 22 Feb 2022 12:09:03
Don’t want Gilmore he can’t even get in the Norwich team and when he does he is poor. It’s ok playing well for Chelsea when surrounded by world class players but if he came to Everton he would be surrounded by poor players much like at Norwich so would fail miserably!

7.) 23 Feb 2022 01:33:13
Don’t see us getting any of them tbh especially not Gallagher, lazy links imo.

8.) 24 Feb 2022 11:07:35
No chance of Gallagher, he will be in the Chelsea squad next season without a doubt. Gilmour? Surely we have players in the U23's that are just as capable as he is? Can't even get a game at Norwich right now. Borja is doing well on loan but, again, do we need him? Simms and Dobbins should get a go before we look at youth from another prem team. In all honesty, I think these are just 'journalists' putting two and two together to get five, only linking us with them because of FL"s links to Chelsea.

9.) 24 Feb 2022 12:42:51
But would Gallagher be happy sitting on the bench every week? Never say never.

10.) 24 Feb 2022 18:08:37
Broja is miles better than Simms. Simms will be sold in the summer most likely anyway.

Broja can also play anywhere on the front 3 pretty much. Should never turn down good players.

Dobbin should be around the first team more next season, that leaves us with Richarlison because DCL will most likely be leaving. Potentially Rondon still but hopefully not.

So yes I’d say we need Broja.

11.) 24 Feb 2022 18:16:08
I like the look of Broja. A young DCL with muscle.

12.) 28 Feb 2022 22:24:27
Love to sign Broja on a perm deal, but could just be lazy journos as frank gave him his debut if I read right
3 cracking prospects but alas only one could be on loan.



29 Jan 2022 20:35:22
Ed how many loans can we actually make?


{Ed025's Note - 2 i believe mate..

1.) 29 Jan 2022 20:38:54
Sorry but I take it that doesn’t include El Kazi?

{Ed025's Note - yes it does im afraid mate..

2.) 29 Jan 2022 20:54:59
Ed025 to me we need 2 centre mids before the deadline, a ball player and a destroyer. Say we get VDB or Loftus cheek on loan that's the ball player sorted, but do you think well have the time and wiggle room with FFP to get a decent 6 as were cany loan in anyone else can we?

{Ed025's Note - i think it can be done fanatic, but time is not on our side mate..

3.) 29 Jan 2022 21:05:57
I think the rules are two loans from premier league clubs but can’t be from the same club
Think you can loan from outside prem as well.

4.) 29 Jan 2022 22:47:20
Can we send El Ghazi back in this window, if the manager does not want him Ed?

{Ed025's Note - i wouldn,t think so baz a contract will have been signed, you never know though mate he could be an asset and score a few goals for us..

5.) 29 Jan 2022 23:14:15
I hope the whole of that word comes true.

6.) 30 Jan 2022 09:39:15
I personally would put some faith in Onayango and just try and get 1 midfielder in then reassess in the summer.



28 Jan 2022 21:19:07
Lampard offered the job. Now let's all pull together.


1.) 28 Jan 2022 21:31:14
Spot on mate?.

{Ed0666's Note - clearly the Grafitti worked. Pandering to the fans I see trouble ahead…

2.) 28 Jan 2022 21:39:52
Don’t know about that. Worked for Liverpool when the wanted the yanks out.

3.) 28 Jan 2022 21:44:01
Of course there'll be trouble ahead ed0666 this is Everton.

However as ed002 thinks it'll be a decent option and not sure it's pandering to the fans but more so they've thought the options through and he was the best candidate who was available to us.

4.) 28 Jan 2022 21:56:38
Trust Ed 666 to pour cold water on it.

{Ed025's Note - hes a red JB, ...what do you expect?..

5.) 28 Jan 2022 22:01:41
As long as he takes it, let’s see what he can bring to the table…

Good luck to him and let’s hope he gets a tube out of this lot.

6.) 29 Jan 2022 00:15:46
Already looking forward to Lamps v Klopp.

7.) 29 Jan 2022 08:58:44
666 just having a pop, wanted us to double down on Kia's choice and guarantee relegation. No doubt about it though, Lampard, if he takes it, has his work cut out. Brentford a good opportunity for him to look at the new FB's and the young lads.



10 Jan 2022 11:09:04
Now looking at a centre half from Bournemouth?
Benitez getting us ready for Championship.


1.) 10 Jan 2022 12:22:57
Apparently quite highly rated and has played well for them.

Surely a championship player is an improvement on Holgate and Keane though?

2.) 10 Jan 2022 13:10:10
Bringing 40yr old Peter Clarke home from Tranmere would be an improvement on those 2 Dan.

3.) 10 Jan 2022 13:21:05
Didn’t Tim Cahill come from Milwall? And Arteta from rangers, wasn’t Jamie Vardy playing in the conference or something, doesn’t matter where they’re from as long as they’re good enough.
Klopp out.

4.) 10 Jan 2022 13:32:00
This is the sort of player we need, young, hungry already his club's captain. Lead them to the most clean sheets.
We keep screaming out to make signings like this then moan when we do.

5.) 10 Jan 2022 14:34:01
Let's just buy all the lower league club captains then. Sorted.

6.) 10 Jan 2022 14:15:38
Centre half from Bournemouth will put us in the Championship c'mon Woburn mate you been on the sauce again, Coleman, Cahill, Arteta and many many more come from lower divisions, nothing wrong with them I can think of.

7.) 10 Jan 2022 15:49:45
That’s three from about thirty thousand?.

8.) 10 Jan 2022 16:30:02
Can’t count mate I added many many more??.

9.) 10 Jan 2022 18:30:12
Someone needs to watch his Xmas Jimmy Tarbuck dvd and cheer up.

10.) 10 Jan 2022 19:27:42
Now that is showing your age brown shoes.
If you disagree with my opinion just say so. Don’t need to try being a smart arse all the time.
Won’t hurt my feelings mate. And I will cheer up when people realise that this guy is not a good manager, and should not be in charge of this club.

11.) 10 Jan 2022 20:05:15
Many many more was a great player ?
But on a serious note, I think there’s some great talent in the championship and what a lot of these players will bring us hunger and desire
As long as we don’t overpay keep the wages reasonable it should give us a better base of players then those who think they can stroll round the pitch at 60-70%.

12.) 10 Jan 2022 22:28:33
They would be the ones we were all getting excited about us signing then?




Woburnblue's banter posts with other poster's replies to Woburnblue's banter posts


26 Dec 2022 17:14:53
Iwobi offered new contract, back to his running around a lot but producing nothing. Gordon offered new contract, missed two great chances and created nothing. Neither have earned the right for improved contracts.
We have a decent defence, what we don't have is a midfield or attack. And this is our biggest failing.
None of the managers we have brought in have addressed this issue. Instead we bring players like Rondon, Maupay, McNeil etc. Who are clearly no where near good enough.
This club is falling apart and it's kinda ironic how it's happening at a time in its history where changes off the field should have seen it moving forward.
We are becoming the next Sunderland, and it really depresses me to say that. But you only have to look at todays game to see that.
Sad sad times indeed.




15 Dec 2022 17:05:24
We haven't even signed Broja but the mere mention that we might has now seen him injured for the rest of the season.


1.) 15 Dec 2022 17:24:35
When we play Man City Woburn me, and you will spread rumours that we are interested in buying half of their squad ?.

2.) 15 Dec 2022 18:09:52
Good idea bbtgd, can we put a bid in for Salah too?.

3.) 15 Dec 2022 19:27:42
I heard his motor has been spotted at FF several times recently ( yep that might do it ) ?.



11 Dec 2022 17:42:12
On a lighter note the new stadium is looking fantastic. Drone footage is great, but it's not until you stand by those gates that you can really appreciate the scale of the thing.


1.) 11 Dec 2022 19:11:19
It's coming on leaps and bounds Woburn mate, and I have to admit to the anticipation of the first match giving me goosebumps.



06 Dec 2022 18:56:32
U21s playing tonight on you tube. Worth a look if you want to see what the future may hold.


1.) 06 Dec 2022 19:51:25
4-0 half time. Cannon, Kouyate 2 and Hunt.

2.) 06 Dec 2022 19:59:34
When you say what the future may hold are you referring to the centrebacks from Colchester we’ll probably buy in a years time whilst letting Cannon leave on a free?

3.) 06 Dec 2022 20:53:32
FT 7-2.
Kouyate 3, Cannon 2, Hunt and Price.

4.) 06 Dec 2022 21:03:41
Now now Dan ??.

5.) 07 Dec 2022 23:33:44
Rught though.

6.) 08 Dec 2022 12:09:12
No he’s not. You have to understand that young players mature at different rates. Some who look awesome now may well have reached their peak, Barkley for instance. While some just carry on improving, Rooney springs to mind.
Others tend to be slow burners and develop later, Ian Wright is a good example of this.
So who knows the two Colchester centre backs might turn out to be great players yet.

7.) 08 Dec 2022 18:40:50
Lots of 21 year olds in europe are internationals with 75 league games under their belt. Most British academy 21 year olds get sent to play in the lower leagues as they are consider not ready. I think this is mainly due to managers being under pressure to get results and would rather buy the finished product instead. Also why would they pick 3 or 4 youngsters and get sacked 6 months later while the next manager gets the benefit if any turn out to be good.

8.) 08 Dec 2022 18:58:38
What two Colchester CB's Woburnblue? Gingerdan was referring to this current Everton way of doing things and he is spot on. We are in a mess not in particular because of one person but the way of thinking that elicits such stupid comments as the 'famous Club looking to Everton when wanting to get things right' one.

9.) 08 Dec 2022 20:44:19
DFS he was clearly referring to the two Colchester centre backs from the game. But like a lot of posts recently you seem to only have your view on things, and continually seek to put the club down.
Woburn was right young players do develop at different rates, but you chose to ignore this and just bad mouth the club again. Why bother.

10.) 08 Dec 2022 22:58:35
My comment was a tongue in cheek in relation to Everton’s previous recruitment policy.

Cannon looked good for us and the Colchester centrebacks looked poor and that’s why I made the comment.

11.) 09 Dec 2022 09:58:19
That's fine Dan, just getting a little bored with this constant negativity on this site. It's almost like people want us to fail just so they can say I told you so.

12.) 09 Dec 2022 10:18:16
In the words of Meat Loaf, BrassingtonBlue 'You took the words right out of my mouth'. Couldn't agree more with both posts above.

13.) 08 Dec 2022 22:58:35
My comment was a tongue in cheek in relation to Everton’s previous recruitment policy.

Cannon looked good for us and the Colchester centrebacks looked poor and that’s why I made the comment.



02 Dec 2022 21:40:33
That Embolo reminds me of a young Lukaku. Would love to have seen him leading the front line.


1.) 03 Dec 2022 14:00:08
Agree, but would you leave Monaco for Merseyside?

2.) 03 Dec 2022 14:00:08
Agree, but would you leave Monaco for Merseyside?




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06 Jan 2023 23:22:41
I was being a little tongue in cheeky. Everyone is so prickly these days.




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06 Dec 2022 14:36:11
Agree JB, think the lad would definitely have been an upgrade on what we have.




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06 Dec 2022 14:34:06
Don’t hold your breath GB doubt we would get much for either player. Teams would just as well wait till the summer and get them for nothing.
Have to say I am really disappointed with Dacoure though, really thought we had a player there.
Still I suppose you could say that about quite a few of the players who have come and gone over the last few years.




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08 Oct 2022 17:56:27
Gordon’s pace against Dalot would benefit us.




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04 Oct 2022 16:41:53
Use Moise money.





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06 Jan 2023 23:51:03
Brighton are a better team than Utd. Had we had anything about us we could have got a positive result tonight.
We simply are not good enough. Players and staff.




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06 Jan 2023 23:48:43
Sadly Evo I think people are getting used to us losing. I very much doubt many thought we would win tonight. We have been programmed to praise mediocrity, when in reality what we are watching does not deserve any praise. Far from it.




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06 Jan 2023 23:26:14
Did you here the supporter’s tonight. Feck if we had that passion on the pitch we would win the league.
Players and manager have to show they want it as much as we do. Sadly I don’t think they are up to it.


{Ed025's Note - the supporters were amazing woburn..as per usual..



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06 Jan 2023 23:17:35




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03 Jan 2023 23:46:14
Let’s not bother with youngsters eh. Unless of course it’s just to loan them out.
If our first team were performing well then maybe I would agree there not ready. However, I am sure you would get a greater effort from them than the dross playing now. And I may be mistaken, but wasn’t Price player of the tournament out in Australia?
BB is right get them on and let them play.




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