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25 Aug 2023 09:32:00
Reports that Holgate is heading for a medical at Southampton today.


1.) 25 Aug 2023 09:57:43
Only on loan though. Still it’s a start.

2.) 25 Aug 2023 10:57:09
Option to buy and £70 odd grand a week apparently.

3.) 25 Aug 2023 11:14:28
I don’t get why we aren’t pushing them to some obligation to buy at the end or a permanent transfer
And if we are really in for Adam’s then build into that agreement ??‍♂️.

4.) 25 Aug 2023 11:37:01
How come Holgate is Southampton bound for a medical, but we still can't agree terms for Che Adams.

Obviously our offer of £10 up front then a pound a week was not acceptable.

5.) 25 Aug 2023 11:40:34
We want his wages off the books, not sure we’re in a position to make demands.

6.) 25 Aug 2023 11:51:20
Reckon we will end up paying part of his £72g a week.

7.) 25 Aug 2023 12:46:43
Probably. Not many £70k a week defenders in the Championship.

8.) 25 Aug 2023 12:46:43
Probably. Not many £70k a week defenders in the Championship.

9.) 25 Aug 2023 13:15:17
And who replaces Holgate in the squad?

McGuire? I bloody hope not

At this rate Dyche will have 4 keepers and 3 outfield players on his bench.

10.) 25 Aug 2023 13:36:09
I still think Adams is not who he really wants so waiting to see if there is a better option first.

11.) 25 Aug 2023 14:16:17
Could be right bobslad.

12.) 25 Aug 2023 14:50:11
From what’s being reported regarding Holgate - loan for the season, no option/ obligation to buy and wages being split between the two clubs.

Whilst he’s out of the club, hardly a deal to be celebrated.

13.) 25 Aug 2023 14:55:41
I hope not bobslad.

14.) 25 Aug 2023 16:05:12
Saving a couple of million quid in wages on a player who never plays still helps us. The fact that he’s on £75k at all is criminal.

15.) 25 Aug 2023 18:14:24
Unless he is replaced by a u23/ u18 then we won't be saving anything as we will have to pay to replace him, it just false economy which I find strange if we are as skint as we are reported to be. Sell him or loan with an obligation should be the only options the club should consider in my opinion.

{Ed025's Note - i agree sa, or swap for Adams if we really want him..

16.) 25 Aug 2023 18:32:01
Not a fan of agents but hats off to Holgate getting him that sort of wage. Speaks volumes about our negotiation skills or lack of them.

17.) 25 Aug 2023 19:47:56
He had a good season full of promise and rumours were rife that everyone including City were sniffing about. We were hoping/ fearful he'd be on a similar trajectory to Stones. A big pay rise and a massive FM style 5 year contract to keep him out of the clutches. The rest is history.

18.) 26 Aug 2023 01:52:32
When you hear that Mason Holgate is on 70k a Week the penny finally drops for every fan that the club is ran by absolute lunatics and buffoons. Just when you think things can't get any worse this mobb managed to pull yet another rabbit out of the hat. I'm just beyond disgusted with what's happened to my club. Years of abject failure but at least under moyes we had a team I could be proud of. I have no love for any of this current crop but its the board that sanctioned these halfwit players and gave them ludicrous salaries. I really am morphing into a mere avid football fan as kenwright and moshiri have drained the love out of me. I will never forget the 'summer of 2017' for me the catalyst for where we are now! Tit up after tit up ever since.



24 Aug 2023 11:17:30
Back in for Beto if you believe anything in the press. Looks perfect for the Prem. Hope we have the funds to get this done. Then it's ship out Holgate, Gomes and Gray, loan Cannon, and fingers crossed get one or two more in before deadline.


1.) 24 Aug 2023 12:18:13
JB there’s 8 days till the window closes, unfortunately the speed we do things can’t see much of what you ask for to be achieved in that timeframe.

Sure it’s probably the same for other clubs, deals seem to take ages to get done.

However we do seem to spend ages chasing targets that we have no chance of getting rather than focussing on achievable ones.

2.) 24 Aug 2023 12:27:09
Better than Adams I would say.

3.) 24 Aug 2023 13:44:54
I suppose you have to factor in that selling teams are holding out for best terms and so deals will become more frequent towards the end of the window. Could be some bargains to be had if we can hold our nerve.



14 Jun 2023 20:53:30
FA have just announced new rules which mean that Premier League clubs can sign 4 players without needing a work permit. Should open up some reasonably priced options for us from South America, Asia etc. Hope we act quickly and sign up some hot prospects, open up some new markets too.


1.) 14 Jun 2023 22:28:07
It’s Everton… we don’t do things quickly.

2.) 14 Jun 2023 22:52:07
Meanwhile our recruitment team are scratching their heads whilst trying to find South America on a map.

3.) 15 Jun 2023 00:26:27
Well I hope that we have some representatives down there but I doubt it. Does anyone know how many scouts we have and what areas of the globe do they observe?

4.) 15 Jun 2023 07:50:58
Thelwell was set to have a meeting with our scouts but he's struggling to find them.

5.) 15 Jun 2023 08:21:57
First time Post, I always thought it was the Home office who authorised people to work here. You will need a work visa, nothing to do with what the FA say.

6.) 15 Jun 2023 11:28:59
The FA have been working with the Government to make these rules according to the reports, Buck. It's linked to an agreement that clearer pathways and more minutes are offered to young British players. The new rule would appear to support the opposite approach if anything.

7.) 15 Jun 2023 12:45:55
Smitty, I heard they had lost that map lol.

8.) 15 Jun 2023 22:16:21
Our entire recruitment strategy is one big game of "Where's Wally? ". Oh look, there he is, still sat in the boardroom.

9.) 16 Jun 2023 10:04:17
A owner who runs the club properly would be a start ?.



01 Feb 2023 11:34:21
Being suggested now that we were making bids for players without having the funds to complete them, and hindering the deals for other clubs. An attempt from the board to appease the fans with efforts to sign players they had no intention of signing. As others have said, if we had 45 million to sign Gordon, surely we could have signed someone less expensive. Shambles. So embarrassing.


1.) 01 Feb 2023 11:59:59
The whole situation is disgraceful and embarrassing

I wouldn't be surprised if dyche had walked out.

2.) 01 Feb 2023 12:49:32
There wasn't £45 mill there was £40 mill of which £38 mill was ringfenced (apparently - EPL - special measures) . Guessing but hence the offer of £2 mill up front for Sarr with £30 mill later if survival.

3.) 01 Feb 2023 12:59:00
So the Gallagher bid never happened then?

4.) 01 Feb 2023 13:28:20
Most likely it happened in the safe knowledge that the player was never going to come JBtoffee. Then get linked with all our rivals targets in hope scuppering their deals and finally regurgitate or so called targets of past Sarr, Beto. Thinking us fans are naive and will lap it all up. Was evident in Moshiri interview when talking about science dept and getting players back, then Dyches interview with not overseeing what we have in squad already that we weren't going to spend. Hindsight hey. having said all that expected at least 1 in and maybe 1 more out.

5.) 01 Feb 2023 16:24:58
We can have the money to buy him, probably haven’t got the room in our wage bill to pay him. That’s why we needed to get rid of one of the big earners. Gordon wasn’t really on that much. Football wise that is.

6.) 01 Feb 2023 17:51:36
Gb dfs this is exactly what I was thinking yesterday. If we had money we shouldn't be a difficult sale. Most players will follow money - unfortunately we have none. Suspect it has something to do with any spending has to be sanctioned by EPL. Same will happen to Pickford in the summer.

7.) 01 Feb 2023 21:06:41
The money is there but FFP forbids it. Situation: I am a multi billionaire and I want to buy this Club, I don't give a toss about profit and loss, this is my toy. FFP no no no we know better.



01 Feb 2023 09:50:24
Isco out of contract, deal fell through last minute. Worth an 18 month deal surely?


1.) 01 Feb 2023 10:31:46
No, he’s fat, injury prone, would want big wages and doesn’t suit a Sean Dyche team at all.

Like recommending Andy Carroll for Man City.

2.) 01 Feb 2023 10:47:09
You’d have to ask why the deal fell through last minute.

That would be a big red flag for me not to go in for him.

{Ed001's Note - he was asking too much for Union Berlin to pay. They had previously agreed a deal, he took a medical and then asked for more money and they told him to take a hike.}

3.) 01 Feb 2023 11:02:24
I’m warming to Union Berlin. Appear to know how a club should be run.

4.) 01 Feb 2023 11:26:02
I wish we were like Man City, Swan. They're not desperate.




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07 Oct 2023 16:56:33
Dyche out yeah?


1.) 07 Oct 2023 17:05:56
Hold ya horse's jb.

2.) 07 Oct 2023 17:33:04
Lose and it’s manger out, win and it’s hold off on the praise. Lad can’t win can he?

3.) 07 Oct 2023 17:51:14
Yes he has won a couple.

4.) 07 Oct 2023 18:19:32
We played well today JB totally dominated Sean and the lads deserve our praise eh.

5.) 07 Oct 2023 18:27:57
I just don’t know why we didn’t turn up against Luton? Cup game midweek? If so, I’d have played a second string against Villa and target three points at home against Luton.

Next up Liverpool and then West Ham, both away. We’ll be lucky to get a point from those games.

6.) 07 Oct 2023 18:30:57
You’d have thought so GB, but we get a lot more traffic when things don’t go our way.

7.) 07 Oct 2023 19:06:19
Great game but to be pedantic. Team and formation was taken out of his fingers with Gana warm up injury. Will hope this is enforced on him even if he doesn't want to play this shape. All praise the injury to Gana for a great Saturday for once.

8.) 07 Oct 2023 19:12:43
GB Bournmouth were bloody awful, gave us a soft opener but still had a go back at us, the second did it and confudence returned. Plus was Dyche had players in proper positions but only by a stroke of Gueyes injury. Across Stanley, I bet he brings him back.

9.) 07 Oct 2023 19:14:35
Totally agree FBS. Changes were forced on him not planned. Will have to wait and see if he makes changes in the next game. Let’s see if he’s learnt from this one.
Good win, but not getting to excited just yet.

10.) 07 Oct 2023 22:19:54
I actually support Gana in a 3 as per normal for aways games against talented teams but home games against anyone not in the top 4 should be facing the setup we played today. Whatever happened last week is still a mystery. 9 points lost for me so far due to tactical ineptitude. If he can get this sort of performance on a more consistent basis then I'll happily give him the praise for changing his match day planning after a disastrous start to the season. Not seen anywhere near enough at this point. And I really don't have unrealistic expectations. Anything above 15th will be commended. As someone said, praise when praise is deserved.

11.) 07 Oct 2023 22:31:00
Could have won by 5 or 6 if Gana played.

12.) 08 Oct 2023 00:16:17
That’s funny JB :)



01 Oct 2023 14:44:09
As the inevitable calls for SD's head are back in force, I'd be interested to know who people would go for as a replacement?
Potter? Martinez? Bielsa? Löw? Galtier?


1.) 01 Oct 2023 16:04:52
Potter did well at Brighton, but despite his failings at Chelsea, would want time to get his methods across and, could we allow it. Martinez I liked but needs a defensive coach. Bielsa wanted time with the U23s before taking on the job which, would suggest he would want time and, again could we allow it. Löw knows nothing of the EPL and a huge gamble. Don't know Galtier. I know he's not everyone's favourite, but for me Martinez. He knows the club and I liked his style. Just my thoughts so don't hang me.

2.) 01 Oct 2023 18:29:17
Don't think they should sack him! But if the time comes Stephen Schumacher is made for us. He's more than capable and a blue.

3.) 02 Oct 2023 08:35:32
Martinez, Koeman, Allardyce, Silva, Ancellotti, Benitez, Lampard, Dyche since 2013, never mind the interim managers

When are we going to realise that changing the manager hasn't been the solution.

4.) 02 Oct 2023 10:33:57
When we get a good manager. And don't say Ancellotti he was only here five minutes.

5.) 02 Oct 2023 11:49:25
On paper BB (and only on paper) Ancellotti and Benitez were trophy winners, Allardyce and Dyche proven premiership survivors, Koeman and Lampard ex players who had won everything and Martinez and Silva supposed to be the next great thing

It's not just down to the managers. They play a bloody big part in it but we're also, and still are, badly run

Seriously we could put Guardiola in charge and he probably could improve it a bit but he'd leave within a month with the way Moshiri and Ken run the club.

6.) 02 Oct 2023 11:58:10
Interestingly BB Ancellotti was the second longest serving manger on that list with 67 games compared to Martinez with 140 (most pre Moshiri) , Silva at 60 and Koeman at 58 (source Wikipedia)

7.) 02 Oct 2023 13:37:08
But we didn't sack Ancellotti did we. Benitez past his best. Dyche and Allardyce, well you said it yourself survivors.
Koeman and Lampard, ex players but not good managers.
Silva just couldn't get it going, and Martinez who knows, given money to spend perhaps he would have got it right, we will never know.

8.) 02 Oct 2023 16:22:25
Hard to argue with him going if we lose on Saturday. 5 home defeats in a row would be pretty damming.

9.) 03 Oct 2023 07:47:35
Fair points BB

As you said in previous posts though, Ancellotti was only here 5 minutes but it turns out that he has been the longest serving manager under Moshiri

Maybe it shows that we have been as bad picking managers as we have been buying players which again points to flaws at the top

Maybe it adds credence to the criticism from Moshiri that the fans have forced his hand in sacking managers too early. I don't think it does but it's true we have changed far too many times during Moshiri's reign.

Maybe Dyche isn't right for us, or is the best manager we have had since Moshiri came, but I have absolutely no faith in the people running our club to make the right decisions. Until Moshiri and Bill are gone we will not have solved anything - AGAIN.



30 Sep 2023 18:42:16
What a difference a day makes. Every fan on here singing Dyche's praises for the last week, now everyone wants him out. Sooner or later we have to get past this weekly swing from one view to another. I was disappointed with how we set up today, but we don't know we'd have done any better if we had. The fact is, if we'd taken our early chances, we'd have been out of sight. Dyche is not on the pitch to stick those chances away, the players have let him down.


1.) 30 Sep 2023 19:03:27
Well I wasn’t singing his praises JB. The facts if you want them is that he changed the team, he brought in a defensive midfielder who is clearly out of form, and moved a midfielder in form out wide.
This was Luton the worst team in the league, before today. And he plays a defensive midfielder why?
We haven’t won a game at home this season and we have played some pretty poor teams, so what does that say about us? About our ambition to actually want to attack teams?
All down to the manager, who he picks, his formation and his tactics.

2.) 30 Sep 2023 19:15:02
We’ve lost every home game we’ve played this season.

3.) 30 Sep 2023 19:32:04
C’mon now, the manager and players were lauded after the last two games and now we’re denying it? Don’t be daft. Just down to the tactics then, nothing to do with the players on the pitch? I know he changed the team, I referenced it. I’m not saying it’s ok, I’m saying it’s incredibly fickle, no one was calling for his head 3 days ago.

4.) 30 Sep 2023 19:32:57
Never been a hypocrite and never supported this rmanagement.

5.) 30 Sep 2023 21:35:48
The frustrations are all understandable. It’s a shocking result. Would you have sacked him this time last week FBS? Or on Thursday morning?

6.) 30 Sep 2023 21:47:43
It’s a results industry and he’s not getting them with the teams he picks dyche earns millions a year so the buck stops with him get him out now or we will be in serious trouble.

7.) 30 Sep 2023 22:27:42
And if we win on Saturday against Bournemouth is he a good manager again?

8.) 30 Sep 2023 23:47:27
No he will still lack what it takes. If you can’t see that then your blind.

9.) 01 Oct 2023 12:15:23
I haven’t made any calls to sack or keep him since yesterday. He had what it takes to manage us to wins away and Brentford and Villa. You’ve entirely missed the point of all of my posts in this thread Woburn, so I’ll give up.



01 Sep 2023 23:46:05
If only we'd spent as much time focusing on incomings. Very happy with the work to move players on, but we're desperately short unless we remain injury free for the rest of the season.


{Ed025's Note - or until january at least JB..

1.) 02 Sep 2023 00:42:35
Only thing happening in January is Gomes leaving. No signings.



30 Aug 2023 21:34:27
Things can only get Beto.


1.) 30 Aug 2023 21:38:26
Have a Beto that.

2.) 30 Aug 2023 21:38:54
It's a D-Ream debut!

3.) 30 Aug 2023 22:00:55
He beto start every game.

4.) 30 Aug 2023 22:01:46
Good one Mocker.




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13 Nov 2023 20:02:55
As always, I believe it when I see them holding the shirt at a press conference. Newcastle have a desperately thin squad for a club in Europe so they’ll be linked with every man and his dog. Michael Keane’s available.




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04 Sep 2023 23:00:18
If there’s a better free transfer out there, go and get him by all means. My view is that the squad is too small. With injuries, we’re in bother.




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04 Sep 2023 20:03:42
Fair enough. Don’t think a one year contract would hurt personally. Lingard has shown his quality on many occasions. He was outstanding in his first spell for West Ham.


{Ed025's Note - Dele Alli mark 2 for me JB and should be avoided mate..



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03 Sep 2023 17:24:08
We don’t know how Gray has acted in this scenario. He’s hardly likely to blame himself for the current situation. Either way, we should let him go to the highest bidder. Free agent wise, there’s a couple of interesting options. Lingard, Morelos, Marega, Jovetic are some of the better known options. Could do with a couple more on 1 year contracts.




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01 Sep 2023 22:05:38
Still in his kit from the Luton game.





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27 Nov 2023 21:45:47
As we’d picked up points, the squad had seemed more relaxed, more confident, and that’s not the case now.
The penalty: same thing happened in the Burnley game, not overturned, so again, we’re given the s***y end of the stick. McNeil and Harrison did have off days, but overall they’ve been decent this season.
I don’t think the performance was as bad as others are saying.




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27 Nov 2023 16:09:36
The frustrations are understandable. There doesn’t appear to be a plan B in terms of a formation change, under any circumstances. Not many teams in World football can press with that energy for 90 minutes. It’s difficult to say that we weren’t positive with the number of chances we created.


{Ed025's Note - things went against us JB, we conceded a worldie of a goal very early ans were chasing the game from that point, i believe if we had converted one of the many chances we had at that stage it would have been a completely different outcome mate, as it was we conceded a very soft penalty and there was no way back after that..



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27 Nov 2023 07:32:34
Pretty much exactly as I see it FBS.




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12 Nov 2023 14:39:52
Even the bench looks reasonably strong these days, 4 or 5 considered first team regulars at one point. Injuries will play a big part for us this season. No idea what our financial situation means for January, but if we can see off a couple more big earners in the summer (Gomes and Keane as a start) and get in 2/ 3 that improve on what we have, we can look forward to better league finishes.




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11 Nov 2023 12:21:31
2-1 to the super toffees. Dacoure and Dom to score.




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