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01 Jan 2022 07:58:38
Morning Eds,
It’s reported that Barcelona will need to offload a few players now they have signed Torres. Who do you think will leave and where do you think they will end up?


{Ed002's Note - A good question but you need to ask on the European pages.}

1.) 01 Jan 2022 23:17:38
C’mon Ed2 - this is an Everton fan you’re talking to… it could take decades before I get into the Europe pages or close to qualifying for it!

{Ed002's Note - It is a very good question and that is the place to ask sadly.}




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16 May 2022 06:47:59
Do we go all out against Palace or should we hold back and save something for the Arsenal game just in case?


1.) 16 May 2022 08:08:39
All out. Nothing but a win will do otherwise out fate will mostly be out of our hands.

2.) 16 May 2022 08:46:14
We go for the win . the AFC match is not yet in our cross hairs as it were so we cannot plan for it until the Palace match is concluded.
Defeats and draws are unthinkable .



15 May 2022 18:17:34
VAR again….


1.) 15 May 2022 19:00:08
It's a disgrace. It is as clear a shirt pull as you will ever see - we should go 2 up with 11 men still on the pitch and we would now be safe. Oliver and VAR should be asked to explain the reasoning that they did not consider that to be a foul. Oliver should also be asked how the foul for our actual penalty was not a second bookable offence.

2.) 16 May 2022 00:28:56
I agree toffee davey. We have had some awful decisions go against us this season. Reality though is that this team is atrocious and I'm afraid as the saying goes you cannot dress up a turd.
Done well to win a couple recently but think this was largely down to the 12th man. If we go down then drawing with watford away was probably the final nail. If we stay up and hopefully there is still a fair chance then I fear for next season because this lot are woeful. For the richarlison lovers on here pukki has more than him, I think that stat goes a long long long way to explain were his problem lies. Mykalenko looks a good signing however the recruitment has been so so poor over the last 5 years we are left with half a squad that we cannot punt on. Certain holgate scores recently and he's beaming post match, some of you want him to play midfield next season, so do I but for say someone like rochdale! He's just 1 of many absolutely shocking players.



25 Apr 2022 06:16:31
I’m starting to accept we are relegated. Not the best attitude but unless we can catch Leeds, I don’t see us staying up when looking at the run ins.

When/ if we go down Ed25, do you think we will bounce back like Villa, Newcastle etc or do you reckon we will do a Sunderland/ Portsmouth/ etc? Our money problem is worrying me as we will need to offload a significant number of players (not that it is a loss with some of them) but will we retain enough to compete in the Championship?


{Ed025's Note - I think we would compete BR but bouncing back first time is not a given at all. Some of the bigger names would want to leave and that could be the best thing for us mate. Rip it up and start again..

1.) 25 Apr 2022 07:47:46
We have some good young players in my opinion and being relegated may give them move of an opportunity. Players like Welch, Dobbin, Onayango, even Simms could play a role in the sqaud. I don't see Gordon going anywhere. Richy, DCL, Allan, Keane, Mina, Pickford, Delph would all go and maybe some others too. It's a very risky and extreme way if rebuilding but if we can bounce back to the premier league quickly, it could help the rebuild with a much cleaner slate.

{Ed025's Note - that’s the way I’m looking at it as well BT. As one door closes another one opens. I don’t want us relegated of course but it’s not the end of the world mate..

2.) 25 Apr 2022 08:05:25
And leaving should not start at the bottom. Sell by dates from the Board down stayed on the shelf that long that the packets became unsafe to open years ago. Who remembers 'What a Manager' and 'When other Clubs Boards wonder what to do they say, how would Everton do it'. We have a Chairman who lost the plot seasons ago, an owner who took/ takes advice from so-called friends whose sole aim is to line their own pockets. A culture at the Club that shows loyalty to ex-players by employing them irrespective of their coaching abilities. Rip it up and start again is admirable but I fear it will not happen.

{Ed025's Note - if I’d doesn’t though DFS then the future is looking bleak mate..

3.) 25 Apr 2022 08:54:09
With parachute payments we would need to get back up in the first or second season realistically!
The squad will of course change and I'm sure we will lose the best of the bunch, although I would hate to see Gordon go he has flourished since Lamps took over.
However it may provide a platform for more of our youngsters to take a step up.
Players like Rondon may just be ideal in the championship!

4.) 25 Apr 2022 11:30:26
Agree wacka. If we go down which I think is a reality now I would definitely keep rondon, it's a very physical league and he is the sort of player that could find his feet. I would be gutted if we lost Gordon nut as other posters have said it would test the metal of our other youngsters. I know a lot won't agree but I would miss non of the following:


All of the above should be utterly ashamed of themselves. If we could keep townsend as well, he could be very useful in the championship, give us some much needed experience.

5.) 25 Apr 2022 16:51:35
Largely agree, although I’d miss Richy and can’t understand the negative posts about him on here.

6.) 25 Apr 2022 18:19:01
Parachute payments will be eaten up offsetting some of these stealers of a living.



20 Apr 2022 22:01:23
So where does that put us… we have 3 home games left and I’m struggling to think of where we will get points. 4 points above Burnley doesn’t feel like much of a cushion.




17 Apr 2022 06:33:09
Most clubs have had periods of problems/ underperforming. Utd have been in turmoil on and off since Ferguson retired, Arsenal since Wenger went, Spurs have had their patches, Liverpool during the Hodgson days, etc. However, they all continued performing near the top half of the league. Why do our troubles end up with us in relegation battles?

Since the 80s, what has gone wrong for us? It’s a big question, but how come everyone else seems to have better bad times? We were a damn good club with a top team 30-40 years ago. How have we slipped so much? Even during our last good patch (Mouse’s era) we were considered to be punching well above our weight.


1.) 17 Apr 2022 09:30:46
I could give my opinion on the root cause but don't wish to open that can. Irrespective of survival or not this Season, I reckon not long now before major change at board level.

{Ed025's Note - let’s hope so mate..

2.) 17 Apr 2022 11:14:03
OK, some mitigating factors before I stick the boot in and then I want to give a warning.

Firstly, some perspective, it could have been worse -Leeds, Blackburn, Forest, Villa etc. There's a bias in comparing ourselves with only the most successsful clubs which loses perspective. I can remember us being compared unfavourably to no end of teams - Sunderland, Bolton, Stoke, Wigan, Middlesborough, Sheffield United. Swansea etc. because they seemed to be going places with young managers with new ideas, new stadia etc. They all enjoyed their place in the sun for a bit only to drop down while we've held on and that is an achevement in itself.

Secondly because of the ban on English clubs in Europe when we were at our peak we were'nt able to hold onto Kendall or take advantage of our position to establish ourselvse as a European force. Bad timing in other words.

Thirdly there were 2 forces in English football that dominated everything for years - Ferguson and Wenger which corresponded to the new era of the Prem. Everyone else struggled to keep up with them.

Fourthly - the new money that came into Everton has corresponded with the introduction of Financial Fair Play rules which have effectively pulled up the darwbridge so the likes of Chelsea and City have befitted from new money in a way that is harder for others.

Saying all that, we have spent very badly and made some really bad decisions with respect to managers and players. (Although I would argue that getting Ancelotti was a real coup, it didn't work out in the end but I can't criticise getting him) . But Benitez? I still can't quite believe we appointed him. Why wren't we persung Ten Haag for example after Ancelotti?

A big problem was how we misused Brands. There's people on here that blame him for our poor signings but his have actually been pretty good (eg Grey was nailed on before Benitez came) and he did well moving on some of the more costly ones made before he came like Walcott. He wasn't listened to when it came to appointing managers - it's clear he didn't want agent Rafa and there have been poor signings that he had nothing to do with.

Then there was the era of 3 number 10s!

Then there's the fact that we've fallen fol of FFP. Whatever you think oof FFP, it's there so you have to take it into account and it seems we kind of didn't.

OK, so here's the warning.

Be careful with what you wish for with respect to a new owner if the rumours about Moshiri wanting to sell are true.

Look at Burnley and Man Utd where the new owners have bought the club with its own money, loading them down with debt. Instead of passionate owners like Leicester City you have investors looking for a financial return and that is hard baked into the ownership model. Man Utd fans are still protesting about it at games and blame it for their lack of direction since Ferguson left.

3.) 17 Apr 2022 11:36:26
I put it down to arrogance.
We were the Mersey Millionaires until the Moores dynasty moved to Anfield.
We did not recognise the dangers from this or other competition generally.
Commercially we have proved continually inept and have not seen the opportunities that our rivals have.
Scouting wise we missed a generation of Everton supporting talented youngsters because Liverpool had a better network.
From an insider I hear that promotions within departments are not, or have not been, based on professional ability but on how long you have been there.
Our CEO may be brilliant at working within the community but does not have a football or even commercial background. A successful football club can support community projects indefinitely but it does not work the other way around.
We build a club shop that you can only access on the ground floor.
Until recently, if you wanted your name on your shirt you had to queue for the “chip shop van” in all weathers outside.
Can you imagine the big clubs (which we used to be! )
Allowing that to happen?
Until we drop this “we are Everton” attitude with no commercial justification we will go nowhere.

4.) 17 Apr 2022 11:39:58
Its all down to Ken&Co all idiots, ? No idea how to run a club.

5.) 17 Apr 2022 14:47:39
Bunnyman I agree with all you say but why have Liverpool managed to come out of the European ban and the Wenger and Ferguson years unscathed and now look in a better position
As a club we have been miss managed for years considering the position we was in when we last won the league.

6.) 19 Apr 2022 17:02:42
I can answer that for you skylark, they are in a better position because they had plenty of money to buy the best and had no ffp to block them, f you look at the time the Premier league started, a couple of seasons later, our club changed hands to two different owners, neither with a huge wealth, for over 20 years we have been on a sell to buy basis, sell a star player, bring in a few elsewhere, repeat process.

When we finally found a wealthy owner, the others had already built big squads, guaranteed more revenue with Champions league sponsorship, tv and regular prize money for qualification, the draw bridge was raised and any team out of the elite had ffp to contend with with ties the also rans hands, they cannot go out and spend like the elite, the elite have more money to spend due to success in the Champs league.

The new rules they are bringing out in regards to revenue spending etc, will be the nail in the coffin, for clubs outside the top 6.

The extra huge revenue these top clubs get guarenteed, will allow them to spend more money than the also rans, football on a level footing as we know it is dead, we could have been in that elite, had bill not took over 20 years to find a wealthy investor, we missed the boat big time, and now the drawbridge has been pulled up, with Everton on the outside with no hope in hell of getting in.




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13 May 2022 06:13:01
For me, it depends on his injuries. If his niggles are in places that are more likely to reoccur and classify him as injury prone, I’d sell. £50m would be a decent amount - if it’s Newcastle, you could get more as we’ve been held ransom over players we want once the money arrived. If his injuries are genuine one-off injuries, I’d consider keeping him.

The question for me is who would you get in with the money? I’d look at CBs as our priority but then again, we’ll need someone up front if Richy goes as well.

It feels like a turbulent summer awaits….




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10 May 2022 22:16:33
Let’s hope for 3 points but not forget we have two more home games. If we can continue this form, we could get 6 points there though we’ll need more heroics from Pickford with the mistakes out defence keep making.




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08 May 2022 21:37:18
Think we’d be lucky to get £50m for DCL after this season. Did he do a Jelavic? One season wonder? I’d also prefer Richarlison to stay as he offers more.

What we need is a CB to marshal the back line and CMs. A back up CF better than Rondon is also a must.

Think we may have to dip into the Loan market to try and get some CM backup.

Before we do any of this though - we need to avoid the drop.




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08 May 2022 16:19:42
I hope so JB. I can still see a fair few going.




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22 Mar 2022 21:01:18
If it buys us a solid defence, I’d cash in…

Players like Richy can be replaced.





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16 May 2022 15:39:47
He won’t be playing for us again then Guernsey.

Let’s get a result on Thursday. Fans should push us over the line. We got thumped away in the cup but the premier league game was closer. It’s a different kettle of fish turning up to Goodison on a Thursday night under the lights!




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16 May 2022 06:42:13
Agree Sir Loin. We needed a CB in Jan and we got a winger who hasn’t played, a midfielder who hasn’t really featured and a midfielder who played a bit, got injured and hasn’t featured much. It’s crazy given our position in the league at the time and how dodgy our defence has been.




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15 May 2022 07:46:53
I’m with you there Reg. Let’s hope we can pick up 3 points and get ourselves away from this scrap at the bottom of the table.




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15 May 2022 07:44:42
Yeah Dan - those two Leeds Lads have been priced over £50m in the past and Richy is about the same age but with more experience.

The big one for me is if DCL goes we need to keep Richy and find a replacement. Given the injuries he’s had this season, you’d think he’d end up doing a Jeffers if he went to Arsenal or Newcastle. I’d rather cash in on him than Richy if it was possible.




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14 May 2022 20:59:34
Don’t know Dan - I think in the current market we could easily get £60m. That amount has been bounded about for the two Leeds lads and Richy has shown he has quality and is still young. I’d hope he stays but if he goes, we should look for top dollar for him.