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20 Oct 2020 21:53:57
Not sure if anyone else watched the PSG vs Man Utd game tonight? Moise Kean got 45mins and looked awful: off the pace and disinterested.


1.) 20 Oct 2020 21:57:04
Nothings changed then. Maybe he doesn't like football.

2.) 20 Oct 2020 22:23:07
Hahaha maybe he doesn't. I watched him on friday night for PSG and he missed a sitter.

3.) 20 Oct 2020 23:01:28
He was absolutely shocking wasn't he.

4.) 20 Oct 2020 23:14:57
I'm sure we've had our pants pulled down with him. I don't see anything we were promised in him, next big thing in football apperently.

5.) 21 Oct 2020 08:09:03
I agree Lancer he came on Marco's shift, I am not sure the present management would be as welcoming to what increasingly looks like 'faux potential' and a bunch of baloney mate.

6.) 21 Oct 2020 10:41:31
Has anyone seen moise and Niasse in the same room together?
Just asking.

7.) 21 Oct 2020 11:54:53
Smitty do you mean swapping notes on tactics and techniques or something else 🤔 🤭 🤨.



19 Oct 2020 07:42:17
Pickford's tackle was awful, I think everyone can agree that and the fact that he's a complete clown, but red fans calling for a season long ban is madness. It was clumsy, not malicious. I haven't seen or heard any Liverpool fan mention the tackle by VVD on James in the first minute which was terrible; it very high and clearly deliberate. I believe the phrase 'putting down a marker' was the phrase used by (the neutral) Steve McMananman. It could have seriously injured James, but because it's VVD he gets always with it not even a yellow card. Now they're all up in arms - oh the irony.


1.) 19 Oct 2020 09:24:53
Pretty sure James played the rest of the game? You attempt at deflecting is pretty pathetic but not surprising.

2.) 19 Oct 2020 09:35:41
Totally agree swinners.
Whilst it’s unfortunate Virgil suffered the injury it was no way intentional from Pickford.
There were numerous bad fouls committed by Liverpool players Virgil on James and DCL, mane on mina, Robertson on Allan - but none of those being discussed.

Unfortunately injuries are part and parcel of the game and think the Liverpool fans should move on as they’re just being embarrassing now.

We lost Gomes to a horror tackle from Son and he then had his red card rescinded - can’t remember any of our fans petitioning parliament or trying to organise a march.

It’s frustrating to lose a player through an injury caused by another player but no point whinging about it.

Hopefully they don’t try and seek some kind of retribution in the Derby at Anfield.

3.) 19 Oct 2020 09:54:11
Nobody is deflecting anything and the lad has apologised. Something you lot do not have in your vocabulary.

4.) 19 Oct 2020 10:09:33
Dan, whinging is in their dna mate.

Bobslad, LFC 'apologising' not on your nelly, from what we have experienced with them lot mate.

5.) 19 Oct 2020 10:32:14
Irish Rover, I'm pretty sure that, if VVD had caught him right, then he would have been out of the game too. Just because one has ended up with an injury is besides the point, the fact is that VVD could have caused damage. It's not deflecting attention, if anything it's bringing attention to the reds fans that your players aren't as innocent as you seem to think.

6.) 19 Oct 2020 12:22:44
Point is VVD didn't catch him like that and he isn't injured. Why keep trying to shift blame onto Liverpool players based on a bunch of if's and maybes? I saw the Robbo lash out and Mane trip on Mina (bad foul? you're having a laugh) . At the end of the day one of your players has got away with an absolutely woeful challenge, and a very dangerous one (no intent) . I am frustrated at Pickford but hold nothing against him, purely unfortunate.

Same can't be said for the Richarlison challenge. Also shows the type of person he is to apologize and then completely throw it out the window by posting a picture of him getting injured in the challenge and downplaying it.

Everton massively got away with one on Saturday so rather than making snide remarks why not just try and see it from the other perspective? The frustration probably wouldn't be as potent if the right action and result came from the match, but it didn't. Liverpool deserve to feel cheated and I don't think you can really deny that.

7.) 19 Oct 2020 12:22:25
Irish rover, your fans have been embarrassing sending threats to Pickford sending threats to Richarlison I have seen videos of Liverpool fan groups laughing when James is put down in the first 30 seconds and then when a Liverpool player gets injured during a game you act like its the first time it has ever happened.

its football these thing happen if you want me too I will list all the over the top tackles your players have been lucky to get away with which are a lot worse than Pickford's let me tell you as karate kicks and two footed lunges are meant to inflict the worst injuries pickfords was a stupid challenge but he didn't mean to injure the worlds greatest ever centre back should we also discuss Robertsons studs down the back of Alan's calf.

is that acceptable as he could continue people in glass houses should not throw stones so go sign the petition to have Pickford banned for life or beg parliament to debate overturning the 3rd goal to award you all 3 points but go spout crazy on another page bud as its boring now.

8.) 19 Oct 2020 13:21:45
Monkeymad: jog on a get a life. You didn't win, you've am injured player as a result of a reckless challenge, no-one disgarees, even richy went for the ball, again bad challenge - no one disagrees, but the blatant double stds shown when your on the wrong end of a decision is telling. Take it in the chin and move on. All teams on the end of bad decisions some times but don't cry and whine about it.

9.) 19 Oct 2020 13:31:15
no defending pickford was and should of been a red card but the way the media is hanging him out to dry is bit harsh yes no doubt it was a red all day but I've seen comments and also heard comments by some media pundits saying he put one on vvd is not the case he ran off his line with his intention to clear the ball and some how bundled in to vvd but i have no doubt he didn't do it on purpose just a reaction but now am going to flip the coin an say this i'm made up we got that draw after the dogs abuse i got on saturday sunday an even today just tells me that some red fans are bitter an lambast us for being bitter rant over.

10.) 19 Oct 2020 14:50:10
Monkeymad, point is that Pickford made a rash challenge, caught your player, you lot think he should be given a longer prison sentence than a paedophile but, in fact, he will not face any punishment. So, the incident was over when the ref and VAR never gave a penalty or red card. Nobody is shifting blame, we are simply trying to explain that we agree that it was a terrible challenge yet your team are not entirely innocent when it comes to bad tackles, as happened in the derby.

But now you are on a blues page, giving stick out to Richarlison because of a picture he put up after his apology? Not really sure what reaction you were after to be honest, mate.

Nobody is denying that decisions went against you but, again, you are on the wrong page if you want some sympathy. You lot have had a couple of bad decisions in one derby game, not nice is it? Welcome to our world, we've been getting decisions that that against you for a decade or two. Suck it up buttercup and move on, the game was over days ago.

11.) 19 Oct 2020 14:49:34
andyefc123 i can honestly say i don't think their is a fanbase like them in world football they send their own players death threats Robertsons was so bad he closed his twitter account and now its the turn or Richarlison and Pickford to receive some if the worst abuse i have seen and as i said earlier no media broadcaster will even mention it because its Liverpool my hope is we carry on like we have started and upset the top 4/ 6 imagine sky then.

12.) 19 Oct 2020 16:30:11
bluepotato I fully respect everything you have said there.

With regards to Richarlison I'm saying how his media antics are a bit bizarre.

As for Pickford I said in my reply how I was frustrated but acknowledge it was obviously not on purpose and was just unfortunate. There is a small group of fans who take it to the extremes, you tend to find that on twitter.

I think it was a good game, it would have been even worse if LFC had lost. I also do acknowledge how our players kick out, Robbo is particularly infamous for it.

Jcl1878, calm down lad. Telling me to jog on and get a life is a bit far when I've come to express an opinion.

Best of luck for the season.

13.) 19 Oct 2020 16:52:10
yeah agree bmd look its happened now everyone has had the right to give there opinion but i know it was a daft challenge but was never on purpose roll on the saints sunday c. o. y. b.

14.) 19 Oct 2020 17:51:47
Monkey i an calm. always a vet calm. pwrson in fact my average heart rate is 46bpm. I just find the hooha hilarious. sometimes decions go for others against. JP would have been sent off only for offside and quite right. Richarlison is looking right at the ball. no malice and i enjoy watching lfc when they aren't playing efc BUT totally overblown. its a derby, its meant to be blood and guts but the worst challenge bi ever saw was gerrard on Gary naysmith - never a worse one, but you didn't see people planning protests. Its laughable.

15.) 19 Oct 2020 17:56:20
MonkeyMad, I can't comment on his social media as I haven't seen it but, if that's true, he's not helping the siuation at all. It was an awful challenge and I'm glad he kind of pulled his foot away at the last minute or I think it would have been even worse. But he should accept his punishment and keep his head down for a few days so as not to inflame the situation, definitely keep away from social media! Good luck to you too, mate.



23 Sep 2020 22:51:13
It’s a great shame that Pickford as fallen away so badly. Nowhere near the player we signed and a million miles from then player that starred in the summer of 2018. Why/ how has this happened?


1.) 23 Sep 2020 23:08:28
Believed his own hype possibly, teams started playing to his weaknesses

Or what’s most likely happened is this:

He’s great in a terrible team because he gets lots of shots to save and none of the blame when they concede, in a team that is actually good, he looks awful because he can’t maintain concentration and he’s now the weak link.

2.) 24 Sep 2020 00:03:19
Nail on the head, Swan. He looked more than decent at Sunderland for the exact reasons you mentioned, we were daft to splash so much cash on a keeper who was part of a relegated team. Needs to be benched asap, the lad's a liability.

3.) 24 Sep 2020 08:07:59
Time to cut our losses and offload Pickford I can't defend the guy anymore and it seems to have been since he came back from the world cup with a massive chip on his shoulder.

{Ed025's Note - he has become a liability BMD, chelsea have had a similar problem with kepa but they have done something about it, i think we will stick with this clown because we have other fish to fry, but somethings got to give mate..

4.) 24 Sep 2020 08:28:00
This is probably the reality Swan I agree, when he was with Sunderland it crossed my mind that he thrived on 'appearing' to be the only hero in a very poor outfit, and he can hardly wear that mantle in this Everton team!

5.) 24 Sep 2020 11:23:57
Yeah ED25 the only thing I will say is Carlos won't bad mouth his players in public he defended the midfielders last season then boom replaced them all, I'm praying he will do the same with Pickford as he isn't anywhere near as good as he thinks he is.

{Ed025's Note - i like that from a manager BMD but as you say this has to be addressed mate..

6.) 24 Sep 2020 12:08:34
yeah ED02 he just does not seem to be progressing and thinks he's untouchable I hope we have a card up our sleeve before the window shuts.

7.) 24 Sep 2020 12:33:06
Most perhaps all teams that are rich in confidence and ability such as those that win silverware, have keepers that have long intervals between being active, and have to be focussed at the same time throughout 100%, come what may they rarely fall asleep as it were, when called upon they deliver, Jordan Pickford is not that type of keeper!



16 Sep 2020 20:37:09
Nkounkou looks like an excellent signing.


{Ed025's Note - yep swinners

1.) 16 Sep 2020 21:01:41
What a prospect at 19 - Digne’s nailed on but he’ll learn a lot. Iwobi must be off. Such a shame for the lad Braithwaite - definitely need a CB on loan now.



25 Aug 2020 19:57:16
Everton are desperate for a right winger, which is great news as Messi wants to leave Barcelona. Could be a match made in heaven.


1.) 25 Aug 2020 23:05:39
Nah too old mate😂.




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12 Oct 2020 21:11:39
I guess Godfrey may well have to play at right back, if Coleman and Kenny are out.




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02 Oct 2020 23:58:05
Thanks for the info Ed, definitely sounds like a great signing, £50m as a partner for VVD clearly proves that and yes definitely better the Mina, but then so is my 70 year old mother!


{Ed025's Note - mina was very good todat actually swinners..



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03 Oct 2020 09:05:15
It is starting to look rather worrying, none of our unwanted players are being linked with moves away. Big few days coming up, desperately need to get some sales done.




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02 Oct 2020 22:45:02
Don’t know anything about him. Is he any good? Sounds like a CA signing, so I guess we should assume he is.


{Ed025's Note - he was courted by spurs and liverpool swinners but they baulked at the £50m asking price mate, a few good teams wanted him but we stepped up to the plate, so im looking forward to seeing him in a blue shirt myself, lets be honest he cant be worse than mina can he?..



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30 Aug 2020 12:34:27
But I thought Everton were collecting left wingers?





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21 Oct 2020 22:13:58
Iwobi has looked good so far this season, I think he’s earned his chance to start against Saints.




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19 Oct 2020 18:17:41
Pickford can’t be charged with assault - ‘Violenti non fit injuria’ - if someone willingly places themselves in a position where harm might result, knowing that some degree of harm might result, they are not able to bring a claim against the other party. In other words when you step into a football pitch you’re putting yourself in a position where you may get injured by another player attempting to win the ball, which Pickford was clearly attempting to do; however, I’m pretty sure sending someone a death threat is definitely a criminal offence and quite a serious one. Maybe these so called fans should think about that before acting in such an appalling manner.




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11 Oct 2020 08:25:34
It’s a disgrace, how can anyone think that charging that much, in the current climate, is reasonable? It’s exploitation and greed.


{Ed025's Note - im with you swinners..



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08 Oct 2020 21:35:30
Averaging a goal every 60mins (1.5 per game) for England.




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05 Oct 2020 21:11:56
Would be an awesome signing.