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17 Aug 2021 14:29:02
Could we swap Gomes for Nunes or would the Benfica/ Sporting rivalry be a big no-no!?


{Ed002's Note - I doubt Sporting would be open to any Everton cast off as they need funds.

Matheus Nunes (CM) Sporting are not looking to sell the player but his agent has offered him to Everton and Wolves and has said that he will be speaking with Spurs, but I don't know if that has all happened yet. Interest has been shown by both CA at Everton and NES at Wolves but both have since moved on. Whether or not Rafa Benitez sees him as a priority over other positions is not clear, and it is hard to see how he would fit in without a departure. Additionally, Everton would need to raise more funds than he costs to address an expenditure issue. Whether or not Bruno Lage would be interested would likely depend on the future of Ruben Neves. I doubt Spurs would be interested as they have far higher-profile targets in mind.}

1.) 17 Aug 2021 15:25:27
Cheers Ed! Gomes and a reach around?



30 Jun 2021 12:13:05
Matheus Nunes?


1.) 30 Jun 2021 22:15:25
Matheus Luiz Nunes (born 27 August 1998) is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Portuguese club Sporting CP.

2.) 30 Jun 2021 23:03:11
This is 1 i'd definitely like . he looks rubbish-hot . And at 17mill not to bad . but i think Rafa could go for Saint-Maximin.

3.) 01 Jul 2021 00:14:08
Nunes is a CM Mick. Would still love Saint Maximin aswell though haha. I’ve also heard Nunes will be announced in the next few days but dunno how true that is.

4.) 01 Jul 2021 10:58:42
At Maximin in and sell huffy Richarlison - St Maximum seems to pick up injuries only concern.

5.) 01 Jul 2021 12:53:38
Maximin to replace james.

6.) 02 Jul 2021 00:15:17
Yes Sir_Loin yes nunes is CM? i'm saying St-Max is rafa old player . Nunes was on Radar long bfre rafa was on our lips bro.



23 Jan 2014 18:09:39
Ola, just Traore this window and working on getting some of the loanees on permees.






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23 Jun 2022 20:50:22
Winks or Zinchenko?


1.) 23 Jun 2022 21:04:37
One we could get, the other wouldn't come near us.

2.) 23 Jun 2022 21:15:50
If Zinchenko was for left back then yes but can’t sign him for midfield he might do a job in midfield for a match here and there as cover but not week in week out he is a left back. Winks na your alright spurs find another ejit that will take your donkeys we have enough of them already have we got mug written across our forehead or something.

3.) 23 Jun 2022 21:54:38
Con yes we have.

4.) 23 Jun 2022 22:21:01
Con again you make no sense.

Why would we want to buy Zinchenko as a left back?

We’ve got mykolenko who was impressive towards end of season and we’ve also got Nkounkou for cover at left back so you complain about wasting £20m on winks but happy to spend money on a third left back ?‍♂️

The only reason to sign Zinchenko would be as a midfielder as it’s the position he plays for Ukraine.

5.) 23 Jun 2022 22:35:34
That’s exactly what I am saying if we signed him at left back then yes but we don’t need a left back so if we are signing him for midfield then no because he is a left back he isn’t a midfielder so it would be a bad buy. He only plays midfield for his country sometimes and that’s only because Ukraine haven’t much talent so he is better in midfield than a anyone else they have. He is a left back not a midfield it’s a bad idea.

6.) 23 Jun 2022 23:02:04
Haven’t we a history of buying players in positions we already have cover in? And playing players out of position?

Wouldn’t be surprised if we bought Winks and stuck him at left back….

7.) 23 Jun 2022 23:08:13
He also plays midfield for Ukraine to accommodate him and myko as they can’t play 2 left backs so he does midfield but he is a left back not what we need in midfield he would get found out.

8.) 23 Jun 2022 23:08:53
Hes a left back or wing back. He has played there for 6 years since he was 19. He plays 5 or 6 games a year as a midfielder and that is as an attacking midfielder for Ukraine?
We are not buying him.

9.) 23 Jun 2022 23:10:23
I thought he was a central midfielder who has been converted to a left bank out of necessity?

10.) 23 Jun 2022 23:58:21
Exactly swinners. The guy himself has said he is a midfielder and had to play left back, mainly due to the mendy business.

11.) 24 Jun 2022 04:27:37
You're right swinners, canme to city as a midfielder and they converted him to left back. Played majority of career as attacking midfielder, where he plays for Ukraine, but easily drops into a DM role too.

12.) 24 Jun 2022 07:46:23
I’d have Zinchenko, his natural position is midfield. He was absolute class against Scotland (can’t possibly comment on the quality of opponents ?) in the WC playoffs.

13.) 24 Jun 2022 09:03:41
He is a left back has played midfield a few times but he is a natural left back. DCL played midfield before he came to us are you saying he is a midfielder no he is a target man. Can’t buy Zinchenko for midfield not good enough in that position we are sticking square pegs in round holes. We just want to throw darts at a dart board and hopefully something sticks. He played well v Scotland I could play well v Scotland they are woeful.

{Ed001's Note - Zinchenko was always a midfielder, he played left-back because City didn't have one, but he is a natural midfielder. He has even publicly said he wants to return to the midfield on about 20 occasions.}

14.) 24 Jun 2022 09:39:35
Yes he was a midfielder but he is a natural defender like DCL he started off as a midfielder but he is a natural defender. There has been plenty of players over the years who have played in different positions then when a good coach gets them they are moved to their natural position. He is average in midfield but excellent at left back. He might prefer midfield or started off in midfield but that doesn’t make you a midfield player. as I said DCL played in midfield until he was 17 but he isn’t a midfielder he is a target man. Same with Zinchenko he might have started off as a midfielder but he is a left back. I hear what yous are saying he started off as a midfielder but come on we have seen him there he looks awkward and out of place in midfield. You will get away with that at a lower level against teams like Scotland but in the premier league you will get found out. For me he might think he is a midfielder but he is clearly not good enough in that position and he excels at left back.

{Ed001's Note - whatever. Pointless talking to you, bye.}

15.) 24 Jun 2022 09:44:35
Well if he wants to play midfield he would need to drop down a level he isn’t good enough for the premier league as a midfield player. He might think he is a midfield player but not at premier league level. If I coached him I would say son you want to play midfield then you need to drop down a level if you want to play in the top level then you need to play left back. Not good enough in midfield but definitely very good at left back. He could play midfield in a weaker league but not in the premier league.

{Ed001's Note - you couldn't even drive a coach, let alone coach at top level.}

16.) 24 Jun 2022 10:10:50
Lol easy tiger. I get what your saying he thinks he is a midfield player fair enough. Your right he played midfield before in Russia. Too many cheeky people on here think they know it all and can’t handle peoples different opinions. You run this site and you think you know it all calm down and dry your eyes. Your not always right you know. Not a nice way to deal with other peoples opinions. I actually do drive a coach for a living lol.

17.) 24 Jun 2022 11:02:18
God help the passengers. I hope you pull over to write this drivel.

18.) 24 Jun 2022 11:15:47
Lol not working today my academy team is playing in a tournament later on we are playing a year up but the boys are well coached so we should be ok. Hope we win should be a good day.

19.) 24 Jun 2022 12:57:40
Con81 he's a midfielder by trade, why won't you listen to people. Was turned into a left back because they didn't have one. He actually plays as a attacking midfielder but you will no doubt disagree and believe what you are saying is true.

20.) 24 Jun 2022 14:53:31
Think we’ve probably covered this one lads.

21.) 24 Jun 2022 18:07:14
Delph won the league playing left back. Doesn't change the fact he is/ was a midfielder.

22.) 24 Jun 2022 20:09:38
He joined City at 19 years old as a midfielder and started playing left back in 2017 and has done so pretty much since then apart from Ukraine.
6 years as a left back and 2 as a midfielder since signing a professional contract.
I'd say he's predominantly a left back.
It's like calling De Gea a striker.

23.) 24 Jun 2022 23:14:47
Mate no point even giving your opinion because these know it alls think they are right every time they speak and if you have a different opinion then they hurl abuse at you even the guy who helps run the site thinks he knows it all and if you have a different opinion they won’t like it. Everyone knows he is a left back but keep it to yourself or the know it alls will be out to get you. I am buzzing the team I coach finished top of their group 6 goals for and 1 conceded and won their sf 2 0.Big cup final next Friday. I hope Everton can get to the cup final next season day out at Wembley would do us good cheers us all up.

24.) 24 Jun 2022 23:15:35
"Too many cheeky people on here think they know it all and can’t handle peoples different opinions"

If you were directing this at yourself then I agree with your opinion.

25.) 25 Jun 2022 09:57:01
Np blue John if that’s your opinion then fair enough I respect it. I am not going to start hurling abuse at you because you don’t agree with me. It’s called Everton Banter page not Everton serious page. We are all different if we were all the same the world would be boring. We can’t be right every time we comment on something and we can't put people down when they don’t agree with something that’s been said. Some people need to get their facts right before they comment on something especially the guys who help run the banter page. Enjoy your weekend everyone I hope it’s a good one.

26.) 25 Jun 2022 10:14:39
He's always been a midfielder but City got him playing as a left back.

27.) 25 Jun 2022 15:33:54
This is the worst version of Groundhog Day I've ever seen. Like a game of tennis but played with bollocks.



17 Jun 2022 23:25:31
Newcastle got Gaymorales or whatever he's called and that changed their season. We need that! Their back 4 wasn't any better than ours tbh.


1.) 18 Jun 2022 01:03:31
? I'm guessing you mean Guimarães mate.

2.) 18 Jun 2022 07:05:04
Well we haven't had a midfield all season so even players like Newcastle Bruno would of made difference to us too.

3.) 19 Jun 2022 15:37:29
We don’t talk about Bruno.



05 Apr 2022 22:23:32
"Have you asked uncle Harry how to avoid relegation? " Christ the bbc journo needs a slap!




18 Feb 2022 23:02:08
Have you watched the Joe Edwards interview? I like the look of this guy. Got his head screwed on and comes across really well and passionate. Exciting times.


1.) 19 Feb 2022 00:36:32
Yeah I agree Bobby. Came across well but for me the most important thing is that we’ve finally brought external people in.

Having young fit coaches can’t do any harm. And when you’ve got Ashley Cole who can still get involved in training and advise the younger players it bodes well imo.



13 Feb 2022 18:11:29
Anthony Gordon is killing it at the mo but the best thing he did, for me, was when he walked back on after the whistle and was singing 'Grand old team' along with fans! How can you not love that lad?


1.) 13 Feb 2022 21:23:54
Player of the season so far for me. I'm in no doubt he will get better and better. He's so creative and will develop a more clinical edge with time. It looks like we have a real top prospect on our hands.

2.) 14 Feb 2022 04:42:46
I'm super impressed with him this season. He could have gone into his shell after getting games and then being farmed out on loan.

He came back in the summer and looks like he's put a couple of pounds on, and one of the good things rafa did is make Gordon more aggressive and angry.

He fights for the ball and is not afraid to get stuck in and then run at defenders.

He will only get better now. he has the support of the fans and the manager.

3.) 14 Feb 2022 08:07:11
Me too Geoff, and bearing in mind his age. . . yes impressive.




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01 Jul 2022 20:01:58
WB you referring to Lingard right? :)




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19 Jun 2022 23:44:03
No no no no!




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31 Jan 2022 18:37:46
Iwobi 2.0? Hope not!




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29 Jan 2022 10:03:38
He’s got to start every week >-D.




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28 Jan 2022 22:45:35
He’s a clever guy, not just any ex footballer. I think he nailed all school qualifications too. Where as Wazzer, probably didn’t. I would have stuck with BD for now but hey ho.





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18 Feb 2022 23:23:33
DCL is a 6 yard tap inheader player. Never going to score a worldy but his hold up play is the key for us.




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18 Feb 2022 23:20:13
Like Mina’s fight and he’s well chopsy to the strikers but he’s average on the ball and can’t pass but great asset for corners.




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12 Feb 2022 21:34:41
He started to look a bit tired and I thought he was going off instead of Gordon but hats off he found a bit more.




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12 Feb 2022 21:19:14
Can’t believe I’m saying it but take a bow Iwobi! You owe us a few more mind!


{Ed025's Note - he was great today Bobby, could be just a flash in the pan of course but his workrate was second to none today mate..



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09 Feb 2022 14:57:49
Branthwaite looked well out of depth last night sadly : (.