28 Jun 2023 19:30:36
So, with no real new news, where is everyone off to on holiday this year. I retire on Friday and hope, once I have moved in July, I can look at Turkey in September. Maybe Lanzarote in December too.

{Ed025's Note - im off to Bergerac in september nick and a few weekends away in blighty mate..

1.) 28 Jun 2023
28 Jun 2023 19:42:54
Crete in August - to avoid the first game of the season!

{Ed025's Note - too hot JB..

2.) 28 Jun 2023
28 Jun 2023 19:43:04
Ed - Maybe you can ask Bergerac to solve some of the Everton mysteries - who did the headlock? Where’s the arteta money? Are we going to sign anyone?

{Ed025's Note - there was no headlock, down the back of bills sofa, and yes lots..

3.) 28 Jun 2023
28 Jun 2023 20:01:25
Not if there’s a bar by the pool Ed.

{Ed025's Note - the sun does not like me JB, even with factor 50 on i would still be like a lobster after an hour mate..

4.) 28 Jun 2023
28 Jun 2023 20:34:25
So 7 days all inclusive in an igloo in the north pole for you ed ?.

{Ed025's Note - heaven that nick..

5.) 28 Jun 2023
28 Jun 2023 22:09:39
Off to Lord’s on Saturday, if England can survive that long….

{Ed025's Note - im dead jealous swinners, love my cricket but england should have went with a spinner mate..

6.) 28 Jun 2023
28 Jun 2023 22:29:12
Benidorm in August. 1st holiday since 16yr old. 45yr old now.

7.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 02:53:26
Mexico for Christmas again this year. an absolutely amazing place.

8.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 07:30:14
Did Crete last summer, hotel food was a bit meh but local restaurants was much better JB
Off to Lanzarote in August and cannot wait! But have to I guess ?.

9.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 08:16:36
Barbados for me. Got a little place out there and go over for a month twice a year. Trying to avoid rainy months.

10.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 08:22:30
I'm off to Northumberland doing the coastal path. 64 miles in 10 days. Cresswell to Berwick upon Tweed. Gorgeous part of the country and scenery is stunning.

11.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 08:22:37
Currently halfway through a 2 week break in Turkey. All inclusive so eating and drinking like there's no tomorrow. Hahaha.

Lovely place, people and food are lovely.

Love the new kit too. Just need some players in after weekend.

12.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 10:11:11
We’re off to Akumal in Mexico for a bit of all inclusive for a fortnight to avoid the mayhem of the golf open by ours, with our daughter and two granddaughters, so mayhem of a different type building sandcastles. Then back for two weeks and then me and the misses are off to Croatia cruising around the islands for a week of rest and relaxation . Happy jollibobs everyone.

13.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 10:33:37
Soon to spend 2 weeks in Mijas, checking my phone regularly in the hope we will have signed someone.

14.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 13:27:45
Majorca for 7 nights in August for me. Can’t bloody wait.

15.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 14:52:22
Currently in puerto rico drinking water as I'm nursing a birthday hangover from yesterday.

16.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 14:55:58
Just back from Ibiza and off to Palma in a couple of weeks, then Turkey in August. Trying to cram as much in as possible. Just love the sunshine.

17.) 29 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 23:10:22
Brassingtonblue got to agree, stayed at cresswell last year, and drove to bamburgh. Enjoy the walk its a great coastline.
Im off to church bay, anglesey, back for the opening game.
All have great holidays before the gloom starts all over again.

18.) 30 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 23:37:57
Just done two weeks Sandos Papagayo (Royal Elite) Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, NickB57. Great swimming etc! Open Bar and take a bottle of what you fancy back to the room. Thinking of Iberostar in November Lanzarote or Fuerteventura. Welcome to retirement.

19.) 30 Jun 2023
29 Jun 2023 23:45:11
Crete in August JBToffee, bloomin eck you must love the heat.

20.) 30 Jun 2023
30 Jun 2023 00:14:44
Hi Bob I used to live in mijas right on the beach at Rosa Dr Los vientos situated in-between max beach and the garden bar. Loved living there between 2001/ 2004 although mancs owned the garden bar they were sound as a pound! If you was around that time we may have met

As for holiday I have none planned but I'm moving to Saudi Arabia for work so that's a holiday for me.

21.) 30 Jun 2023
30 Jun 2023 08:36:50
Germany first week in September.