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08 Aug 2019 16:40:51
pennington gone out on loan.

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08 Aug 2019 14:06:39
News now reporting Zaha deal has collapsed hope we have another winger lined up can't be watching walcott all season again.

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08 Aug 2019 16:04:50
Think Palace have announced no more business today, Zaha is staying with them.

08 Aug 2019 16:30:48
30 mins to save the transfare window and stop us being a laughing stock again.

{Ed025's Note - dont overreact DC, its been a decent window i think, yes i would have liked another forward and a CB but it is what it is and we have a good team as far as im concerned mate..

08 Aug 2019 17:28:51
Weve lost zouma and gueye and bought a 23 year old to replace both brands an silva knew full well there was a big chamce zouma wouldn't come back due to the transfer done i'm affriad all thier hard work may be in vein as mina and jean even when fully fit don't fill me with confidence.

{Ed025's Note - i dont get all the negativity myself..

08 Aug 2019 17:47:48
Zaha deal collapsed last month when our 1st and last offer was rejected. Rest was all nonsense.

08 Aug 2019 18:54:59
Honest to god DC . stop throwin yourself on a mouse trap lad. laughing stock in this transfer window. wake up mate . jesus.

08 Aug 2019 18:13:08
I think Ed it was the fact that we (at this one stage) where more than interested in Zouma and Zaha. It’s the hope that kills you with Everton but some people go full our Armageddon with it!
barnsley, - you are effectively correct but I don’t think the lad handing in a transfer request should be considered as ‘the rest is all nonsense’ do you?

09 Aug 2019 13:16:58
maybe not that bit blu, that was just zaha desperate to move to the greatest club on earth. The nonsense was all the press and the reported bids that are still going on.

10 Aug 2019 23:40:47
Yeah, I echo that mate.

08 Aug 2019 13:08:52
Reports of bergwijn from psv as plan b to zaha.

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08 Aug 2019 13:29:12
As long as 1 of em come off i'll be happy. need more attackers.

08 Aug 2019 13:37:24
Don't think it's going to be zaha as it's been reported he was at training but was in the gym liverpool echo reporting this via mail live blog.

08 Aug 2019 13:52:40
Would love to see either. I just worry zaha is too expensive. We could but bergwijn and lozano for same money. Both having 4 years on him. Would love to see zaha though. I think he's quality.

08 Aug 2019 15:42:20
Announcement on biased sky sports zaha is staying palace have done there business no one else leaving or signing hour and twenty mins to go can’t see anything else happening looks like we going see lot of Walcott again unless plan b c d comes in to action well I’m praying.

08 Aug 2019 15:55:15
We will revert back to what we used back end of the season and that is Richarlison on the right with Bernard on the left.

08 Aug 2019 11:35:25
Rojo could be on his way, SSN.

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08 Aug 2019 11:51:06
If a loan that's cool with me.

08 Aug 2019 12:20:39
Its for a permanent Deal mate.

{Ed025's Note - i just seen that GB, hope im wrong about him mate..

08 Aug 2019 12:27:22
Rojo is absolute sh@t.

08 Aug 2019 12:30:08
Id take him as cover for mina as long as we have a plan for Zouma or a solid CB in January.

08 Aug 2019 12:37:32
From zouma to know rojo what a down grade the fella is never fit hot headed and couldn't get into utd first team last year when fit and there defence was garbage. Apart from this it's been a good positive transfer window but we should of had centre back sorted before the last day of the window.

08 Aug 2019 12:46:41
If it's a permanent transfer then sounds like a panic buy to me.

08 Aug 2019 12:47:02
It’s a RoNo from me.

08 Aug 2019 12:58:12
Unlikely to start, experienced and takes pressure off Holgate and Gibson.

08 Aug 2019 13:49:27
Would’ve been ok as a loan but a permanent signing? Not sure on that, probably be another to move on next summer 🤦🏻‍♂️.

08 Aug 2019 16:33:49
Am I the only one who thinks it's not too bad a signing "if" he passes a medical?
Thought we went for him last year and had to settle for some guy who had just flopped on loan at Stoke, Kurt somebody.

Would have rather we'd spent that Zaha money on Ake or Zouma but think he's better than people are saying.

08 Aug 2019 10:51:09
Every one seems to be in a panic over no cb coming in
I think we can wait until January.

We have:

Keane, Mina
Holgate, Gibson

And I’m sure Pennington even if does go will have a recall clause
Worst case Sidibe looks a solid enough defender he could fill in well

I agree we in the long term need kurt Zouma

But rather than buy rubbish I would rather wait 6/12 months and sign him than spend 30mlion on someone rubbish

Although I do think we try and test Bournemouth on Ake
Of those available (or at least their club naming a valuation) he is one I like
£75m is a massive amount of money

But it’s a sellers market and I reckon he oils help us get to next level
Certainly rate him higher than Maguire so if we can talk them down to £60m I’would consider that excellent business.

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08 Aug 2019 11:05:24
These rumours I’ve heard that Ashley Williams has returned are extremely worrying though.

08 Aug 2019 11:10:59
I agree Sh, we don't want to make any last minute panic buys ( that don't work out and then on wage bill for 4 years. A loan deal ok, we've made some great signings this window. Remember NSNO, on that point is Iwobi good enough for anything more than cover considering what we have. To me another Arsenal cast off re Theo.

08 Aug 2019 11:16:23
Sky just reporting we have held discussions with Utd over Rojo.

08 Aug 2019 11:19:25
I understand all everyone worry about defence but I have a funny feeling we have given up on a CB and I think we may use gbamin there as he can play that position and sort a CB another window I think there focusing more on zaha.

08 Aug 2019 11:40:44
Personally I don’t think Iwobi was ever a big target I think he was used to prompt Zaha requesting a move!
Today I would expect an attempt to get Zaha done, possibly one last try at Doucoure and then a loan move for Either Tomori or Rojo is also a possibility

{Ed025's Note - please not rojo SH..

08 Aug 2019 11:57:02
Ed025 if it’s just a loan as cover mate I could live with it
A permanent deal would be upsetting 😂
I mentioned on another post about Rojo a few days ago (heard it from a friend) and it just doesn’t seem to be going away
I would honestly go to Bournemouth with an offer for Ake
Maybe a deal seeing Gibson going on loan as well.

{Ed025's Note - im not a rojo fan scone head, but as you say maybe a loan deal would be ok but i would like a CB on a permanent deal really mate...ake would be good..

08 Aug 2019 12:22:41
Talk is that Rojo will be a permanent deal.

08 Aug 2019 12:46:18
Rojo at finch farm talk is it’s a permanent deal.

08 Aug 2019 10:33:35
A few reports saying we will move for Steven Bergwijn if Zaha does not materialise.

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08 Aug 2019 09:52:29
Cant believe we have known all summer we needed a CB and knowing the transfer ban for Chelsea and the unlikely event of them selling zouma we are now putting a loan bid in for smalling! don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the business so far and brands is great but feel as though are central defence is vulnerable fingers crossed for the next hours.

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08 Aug 2019 10:51:12
I agree if we do not put this right then we will struggle all season to finish in the top half.

08 Aug 2019 11:15:18
Don’t be silly DC. Look at last seasons final league standings and select one realistic team that will finish above Everton this season. Then another 2 for us to finish 11th. I agree we need another centre back, but if we go with Mina and Keane as the main paring then we are looking at injury cover to come in. So a loan deal will be fine. But we have also signed JP who can fill in. I think we need to give Keane and Mina some credit.

08 Aug 2019 12:24:03
I hope your right, I guess the question mark is Mina, is he fit? Can he play in the prem, we will find out.

08 Aug 2019 13:02:53
I agree with that DC.

08 Aug 2019 09:51:05
Cahill on a free? Very decent window but its getting ridiculous with the money for Zaha being touted. He doesn't even want to come to us, so surely we could find a better fit or keep the money. The Watford lad would be an improvement but I would definitely rather us spend that 40mil on a cb.

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08 Aug 2019 10:23:59
Cahill joined Palace a few days ago.

08 Aug 2019 10:27:26
Cahill has signed for Crystal Palace but yeah I would have taken him as a short term solution.

08 Aug 2019 10:50:26
CD market is not great time to buy and 40m will be a struggle to get anyone that will be decent, loan is our best option.

08 Aug 2019 08:05:40
So Morgan Sanson, i know naff all about him yet he is getting a lot of hype on here. Is he really that good?
I would have loved Doucoure, the kind of powerhouse midfielder that every successful team needs, plus proven in the EPL.
My question is, would Sanson or Doucoure be the better signing? I know Doucoure is not happening now but curious how Sanson fairs in comparison.

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07 Aug 2019 20:08:29
Im hearing morgan sanson is arriving to tomorrow for £25M, 4 years contract with a percentage sell on fee, subject to a medical.

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07 Aug 2019 20:24:22
great player. He would do well for us.

07 Aug 2019 21:23:00
Who is he? Defensive midfield?

07 Aug 2019 22:23:21
He’s a CM from what I have read but also can play DM and AM.

08 Aug 2019 01:58:12
ed 002 rates him highly i think.

{Ed0333's Note - I agree he’s a player. Scores goals as well.

08 Aug 2019 03:04:56
Is CM a priority? Delph, Gomes, Gbamin, Sig, Schneiderlin, Davies?

08 Aug 2019 05:43:26
Might mean one Morgan in, one Morgan out?

08 Aug 2019 08:06:13
Even if it is one Morgan in one Morgan out we would still have too many. In reality we need 4. It would mean benching 2 new players and Davies not getting a look in.

08 Aug 2019 09:03:43
cant see sanson joining myself, doesn't want to leave marseille especially if it feels panicked i don't think, (second option to doucoure)

08 Aug 2019 10:10:51
Staying in France apparently.

08 Aug 2019 10:31:02
If its one Morgan in one Morgan out let's hope the guy that did the Bent transfer is nowhere near this one.

08 Aug 2019 15:50:56
What’s happening to Morgan rumour as that one died as well lol.


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