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02 Jun 2019 23:58:54
do you know if Everton have approached PSG about Adrien Rabiot?

I can’t see it myself.

If true, I know that his future and Gueye’s future are completely independent but it could help strike a deal on both sides and help negotiation along the way if we’re both looking to obtain a player from each other. not that they would be directly linked.

I would rather keep Gueye and sign Gomes is £25m is the fee they’re looking for. He’s fit in well, seems like a genuinely nice guy for the other squad players to be around and loves life at Goodison.

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03 Jun 2019 06:21:26
It would not have anything to do with psg as he's a free agent.

03 Jun 2019 10:20:01
So he is! Thanks for that. just saw the headline and didn’t read it properly.

So have we approached him does anyone know?

He’s a great player for sure but seeing links to Liverpool today.

03 Jun 2019 16:02:18
Look at the thread directly below this haha.

03 Jun 2019 18:23:16
Brands is probably sat in his office busily working on transfers that will surprise us all laughing away at what the journalists out together to drum up interest with their click bait!
Of which I am often guilty of clicking on! Yes I am weak for any potential rumour! 🤦🏻‍♂️.

03 Jun 2019 20:16:12
JJ EFC - Spot on mate, why we waiting with Gomez we know the fee let's just offer the £25m shows Andre we want him. Why leave him in the window I just think the longer we leave it the less chance we are getting him, for me he’s a class act and 1-2 good seasons he worth 35-40m so no brainer for me.
Does anyone know if it’s the player waiting to see if Champions League team come in which I understand if so, if not sort it out EFC.

05 Jun 2019 17:35:14
We have used the ‘pay what they want’ approach before and look where it has got us. Hard as it is for us fans sat watching all the media reporting day by day and nothing happening, the reality is that it is a business and a major purchase. Why pay £30m if we can negotiate and get him for £25m. Barcelona will want the cash to make their own purchases - so both sides just playing hardball. Let’s just trust Brands and be patient.

02 Jun 2019 22:38:54
Ed please put this to bed, wer not getting rabiot r we.

{Ed002's Note - The demands he has are well beyond what most would pay, and he comes with baggage. I am not aware of interest and I would comfortable say I think it unlikely (at best).}

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02 Jun 2019 23:23:37
Thanks Ed sounds more trouble than he's worth.

04 Jun 2019 14:01:46
£170 k a week sounds ridiculous but a 4 yr deal plus £5 million signing bonus adds up to roughly £41 million. although it's a vast amount, is it too much for a player of his abilty in ythis market?

02 Jun 2019 21:42:27
Apparently rabiot from psg in talks with us and utd good player we would do well to get him👍.

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03 Jun 2019 08:48:58
Will probably use us as a way of getting a bigger deal from utd.

02 Jun 2019 18:31:34
Cengiz Under is the latest attacker to be named with Everton, apparently we had a £24-8 million bid rejected, this sort of name being linked with us really tells us where Marco and Marcel are aiming to take us, bring it on.

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02 Jun 2019 22:58:06
I'm happy just to sit back and let them sort out their transfer business GB, will still check 3/ 4 times a day but think we will see some interesting names when we finally get going, haven't even heard of Under but trust Brands to find us some gems.

03 Jun 2019 09:01:38
Exciting times ahead mate.

03 Jun 2019 11:39:19
If you read into some of the reports and if they can be trusted, they have not said no to selling him just that the offer was too low.
Could be one to keep watching.

{Ed002's Note - Cengiz Under is up for sale but Roma laughed off a derisory offer from Everton - interest exists from other sides who are far more attractive to the player.}

05 Jun 2019 23:01:42
Thanks for the extra insight Ed.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

01 Jun 2019 13:44:45
Rumors on Barcelona twitter saying gomes deal agree 30m and to be announced next week any truth Eds.

{Ed002's Note - If Barcelona Twitter says that then why would they announce it again next week?}

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01 Jun 2019 14:49:33
Hopefully he means Everton will announce it next week!

01 Jun 2019 16:32:53
It’s not even the official Barcelona twitter account, it’s a random account.

As Ed says why would it be announced next week if was officially on Twitter.

He’s said it before and I’m amazed at his restraint to your post but why does anyone listen to these Twitter rumours?

If we do sign him I doubt it’ll be announced on a random twitter account 😂.

01 Jun 2019 17:40:24
We won’t be paying £30m either. There’s some negotiating to be done so expect a different figure announced if the deal gets done. If other interested parties have dropped out then we are in a better position to negotiate.

This is very much like the Mina transfer last season where Brands made the offer and waited. I guess he has a good poker face in these negotiations.

01 Jun 2019 18:28:16
I thought they wanted £25 mill for him lol.

02 Jun 2019 23:33:23
GingerDan - is your nose wedged in Ed's backside?
This is a rumour site. Yes the account is not an official Barcelona site but just occasionally things on Twitter do actually become true - in fact if I remember rightly Twitter correctly had us signing Bernard last season when Ed said it wasn't happening.
Not every comment wants / needs / requires a comment from one of the Eds. Much of it is for us to share and comment on.
So until you are appointed site prefect then let's let people share rumours eh.

03 Jun 2019 00:41:43
Toffee negotiating for Gomes will be nothing like the Mina situation, and if Brands uses his ‘Poker face’ on this one I can really see us losing out on him.

03 Jun 2019 11:29:06
DaveW1878 - last time I checked it wasn’t.
I do however value the Ed’s input on here whereas it appears some don’t.
I have no idea why you think my comment in regards the situation is preventing anyone from sharing rumours.
As you said yourself the site is for us to share and comment on. I have commented on it, if you don’t like my comment that’s fair enough.

03 Jun 2019 12:54:12
Sure if that are you Bestyrne? I’ll leave it with Brands. He knows what he’s doing.

01 Jun 2019 08:52:08
Hi eds, hope you are all ok. I've seen rumours from France stating we have opened talks with Lyon about Bertrand Traore, I think he would be a good replacement for Lookman, do you have any info on this? Thanks in advance.

{Ed002's Note - Lyon have said they have had a number of approaches and have reminded one club that another side still has an option on the player. They are likely to be reluctant sellers as Maxwel Cornet is available.}

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01 Jun 2019 11:32:35
Cheers mate thank you. congratulations about Wednesday as well!

01 Jun 2019 14:50:49
Not convinced he is the striker we need. But. Who am I?

01 Jun 2019 21:41:48
I agree he’s not the striker but I think if and it’s a big IF we are in for him it’s the right wing position he would be considered for not the striker role although he could rotate there I guess
Similarly to what you said, what do I know 🤷🏻‍♂️.

31 May 2019 15:52:55
Kenny is interesting Schalke on a season long loan according to reports, could be a great move for game time to aid his development.

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01 Jun 2019 18:29:32
Rather he stayed here as he should get games if Cioleman injured, another young English lad getting pushed out if true.

31 May 2019 12:30:42
SSN transfer news reporting Hirving Lozano PSV has said its time to take the next step in his career, what do the Ed’s think the chances he could come to us with the Brands connection and if so how do you rate him and see him fitting in?
Cheers Ed’s
Big C.

{Ed001's Note - I can't tell chances, but Everton are interested.}

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31 May 2019 18:46:18
He's said pretty clearly that he wants Champion's League football, unfortunately. Barca, Napoli, and United are also interested and the first two have CL football to offer. The Brands connection is our best hope for changing his mind and landing the player, but it's a small one. If we're willing to wait, maybe we can get him via our tried and true strategy of waiting for him to flounder at Barcelona and then swooping. :) The more Barcelona rejects we can get the better, imho.

01 Jun 2019 13:50:29
Barcelona certainly a step up from Man U.

30 May 2019 19:30:55
What's the latest on Gomes really really hope he doesn't go to west ham.

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30 May 2019 23:07:42
If he does am really not bothered yano, good player but have total faith in brands to replace him.

30 May 2019 23:16:11
I can’t see West Ham having any chance of signing him imo. Why would he choose them over us. If anything it’s a backwards step (albeit debatable) .

After spending the season with us and creating a bond with the players/ coaches and fans of its down to us or them I can’t see any other winner.

31 May 2019 01:57:24
london, bright lights, wages, that's prob all tho lol.

31 May 2019 09:20:27
Sky reporting that Spurs have ended their interest.

31 May 2019 12:31:53
Spurs have lost interest apparently according to SSN
Big C.

29 May 2019 11:37:04
echo provide an update on potential transfer targets as follows;
- ryan fraser and rafael leao have admirers at goodsion and will stay on the blues radar this summer
-everton are in the market for a right back, and chelsea's reece james has been scouted numerous times
-Wan bissaka also liked by the blues, but 70M fee would put toffees off
-mitrovic has been linked with efc, but noise coming out of goodison is that he is not on the shopping list
-same applies for danny welbeck, low on list on potential strikers
-everton have no plans to firm up their interest in sosa this winodw


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29 May 2019 13:19:23
I don't think anyone but Brands and Silva actually know who we are going for, everything atm is pure speculation I'm sure every fan of every club is the same as us checking the internet maybe 3 times a day just incase ( including me ) .
I think we will see players move on before anyone comes in as soon as that starts happening expect a domino effect at the club plus around Europe, it's still only May still along way to go, I'm sure we won't be disappointed come the beginning of August.

29 May 2019 15:04:21
yeah i don't pay attention to any journos claiming they know our business except the likes of joyce and myers, have every bit of confidence in brands.

29 May 2019 18:03:05
As you say folks, All Pie In The Sky Marcel and Marco know what and who we want.

30 May 2019 07:11:46
It feels like I am checking 3 times an hour at times 🤣
I wonder how many football fans productivity drops during transfer windows 😬
Hopefully most of our business gets done early as this seems to be what Brands prefers from what has been written although that clearly wasn’t the case with the deadline day last summer.

31 May 2019 19:29:53
I don’t think much will get done early with the Nations League and U20 WC. Buying clubs will use them to look at players, particularly the U20 WC, and selling clubs will hope their players do well to drive up prices.


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