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07 Apr 2024 08:42:33
Any truth in the rumour this morning that two Everton fans want to buy our new stadium as part of a deal with 777.

{Ed025's Note - first I have heard of that GB..

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07 Apr 2024 11:40:56
Andy Bell and George Downing a Swiss based company owed millions by 777 apparently would strike a deal to buy the stadium, could be a load of hogwash Ed mate.

{Ed025's Note - sounds good to me mate..

07 Apr 2024 12:02:43
Could be right old ding dong mate.

08 Apr 2024 10:01:30
The problem with selling the stadium is we become tenants only, probably paying to use the stadium and getting a lot less revenue back so the new stadium does not help us financially. For me it would be better if we own it and use it for more than just football and increase revenue.

08 Apr 2024 14:20:06
I would take the deal, wipes out 777 loans from the two lads and they may turn it into a going concern that benefits all. Would rather the City took it over but they are brassic.

04 Apr 2024 21:15:04
So rumors have it some players are turning on SD, they won't name names but the rebellion is starting, apparently it's been over heard.

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04 Apr 2024 22:03:01
Probably by Doris the tea lady Skylark ?. However, I can imagine it as players start fighting for their EPL futures.

05 Apr 2024 00:48:01
I'm turning on him also Skylark.

05 Apr 2024 10:09:54
I think most of us are at the moment let’s hope a win against Burnley can start to change things.

05 Apr 2024 10:12:41
Everyone loves a rumour.
Mark my words, it will be the players with stiff necks.

31 Mar 2024 18:22:20
Ed who is in charge at the club at the moment?, who would have the final say on SD as this run he is on surly cannot carry on.

{Ed002's Note - Farhad Moshiri remains in charge until, hopefully he can get the takeover done with 777 Partners.

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31 Mar 2024 21:52:18
Thanks ed.

01 Apr 2024 00:46:13
Out of interest ed002. I doubt it would happen as there is always someone who will buy a football club. But, in the event 777 fell through, and FM could not get a buyer, he would be stuck with us. What would his options be and, where would it leave us?

{Ed002's Note - Moshiri would need to obtain funding to keep the club running - there are loans secured against Goodison Park, there is money owed to MSP, Metro Bank and of course the money loaned by 777 Partners to pay wages etc..}

01 Apr 2024 12:41:02
To put it bluntly we are in an absolute mess. Moshiri seems to have disappeared when it matters . Are 777 the answer? Not for me when you look at the other clubs they own . They are not happy. Are they hanging on in the hope that they get the club at a reduced cost?
Probably! Since Usmanov has gone it has turned into a s$%t show.

01 Apr 2024 12:53:18
They've already bought half of it.

25 Mar 2024 12:14:49
Ed can you explain to me something please. If we have no money and have to rely on loans to keep the business going, why are no other clubs in the same situation?

Presumably, it is because all of our working capital is being consumed by the costs of the stadium?

If this is the case why were we not allowed to capitalize interests on our loans for PSR purposes. If our cash is going on the stadium and as a result we need loans for day to day costs, surely it can be argued that the this volume of loans whilst not technically for, is only necessary because of the stadium?

{Ed002's Note - Everton do not have the cash to finish paying for the stadium. They have run out of money and are using loans from 777 Partners to get by. The loans were categorised as "working capital" and therefore the interest counts towards the losses.

The issue right now is that there is no cash - the club are relying on the sale going through, or at least being agreed, before the new Financial Year. The problem is that 777 Partners may still need additional time to raise the funds required to keep the club going for the rest of the season - and they are being asked to put those funds on the table now and in to ESCROW. There remains the responsibility for the outstanding loans from MSP and the charges registered against the assets of the club (effectively Goodison Park) and a further charge with Metro Bank. 777 need answers to the list of questions they have been asked to address - and they will need funds immediately to assure the Premier League that they and Everton are viable moving forward.}

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25 Mar 2024 14:22:11
So in other words Ed its a total rubbish show.

{Ed002's Note - It is very tough.}

25 Mar 2024 19:25:08
So it sounds like the club are really very close to going under? Does not appear to be a sustainable situation.

25 Mar 2024 20:46:40
If 666… sorry, 777, fall through, is there anyone waiting in the wings to save us or is the only other option administration?

23 Mar 2024 08:50:37
Any truth in the stories appearing this morning saying 777 have been given a conditional approval to a takeover at Everton.

{Ed002's Note - I am not sure what is meant by "conditional approval" but there are still matters to be addressed by 777 Partners - and it seems the well is now running dry as far as loans to the club with around £180M debt accrued. As of the new Financial Year, there is no funding available to complete the stadium and Everton will need to find the money to pay the wages each month. In two weeks the result of the second charge will become known and perhaps the takeover will be approved by then.}

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23 Mar 2024 11:09:53
Pretty bleak then Ed.

23 Mar 2024 12:12:53
Thanks Ed.

23 Mar 2024 18:29:48
A very general question in regards to a club being purchased: Can a contract to buy a club be voided upon relegation, or are there 2 prices based upon staying up or dropping?

24 Mar 2024 11:18:05
Premiere league have always given “conditional approval “ this is just a formal way of saying that they have now got a time limit on providing evidence and assurance, which could mean placing funds in an escrow account that would cover ongoing costs for stadium and operating costs.
This won’t happen as 777 clearly don’t have the funding.
Basically they are chances, hoping to pick up a broken down house with potential, and make a killing once done. Problem is they need the cash now.
We need desperate for this to fall through and an immediate new buyer in place.
I give us 4 to 8 weeks before administration is the only option.

24 Mar 2024 17:14:33
Immediate? Don’t think that’s a possibility unfortunately.

22 Mar 2024 07:26:06
Everton are likely to be hit with a new four-point deduction from their second hearing for profit and sustainability breaches. (Football Insider)

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22 Mar 2024 08:46:58
Just another pen pusher trying to make a story out of this. Nobody has any idea what we are going to get. Just depends on the "Independent" panel on the day.

22 Mar 2024 12:20:45
True Brass, never been so many finance experts, trusted journalists, inside information, I’ve been told experts, and La de da de da experts then we get huge, massive, enormous, catastrophic, seismic, La de da da again, footy gone mad mate.

22 Mar 2024 12:32:42
Very true GB. they are killing the game, VAR, PSR, No contact. European Super League, Saudi Money. Total meltdown

Long gone are the days of 11 V 11 on the pitch with a ref and linesman.

22 Mar 2024 13:50:07
Agree Mocker.

22 Mar 2024 18:06:19
Ditto. My 14 year-old son’s matches are far more exciting. He doe a cracking good impression of James Tarkowski or Jordan Pickford.

16 Mar 2024 23:01:40
Dyche knocks out Patterson and starts a massive brawl in lap dancing bar.
Boys on tour eh.

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17 Mar 2024 10:17:05
Apparently Dyche was annoyed because the lads were playing darts and none of them could hit the board.

17 Mar 2024 12:41:58
Dyche says sometimes it hurts to score and nobody was up to heading the dart when he threw it in.

16 Mar 2024 08:17:53
Rumour has it there’s been a bit of discontent in Portugals team building jolly.
Something between SD and Patterson

Not great if true.

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16 Mar 2024 08:42:07
Dyche gave Patterson a tap on the head and some of the players didn't like it. Good to see the players supporting each other, not so good for the manager.

16 Mar 2024 09:21:49
So they bonded well then. That was time well spent.

16 Mar 2024 09:53:45
I think SD has lost the players before they went to Portugal.

16 Mar 2024 12:22:21
I think he's lost the majority of the fans too.

16 Mar 2024 14:40:42
Storm in a teacup again media reporting over the top as usually i suspect.

16 Mar 2024 19:06:50
Or maybe it's not a storm in a tea cup 50/ 50 chance of either being true, it will all come out eventually.

16 Mar 2024 19:35:05
Let's see how we play next game.

14 Mar 2024 16:01:11
Ed is it true that mosri is will to let us go into administration.

{Ed002's Note - I doubt that is the case, if it were the case he would have done it before the first charge.}

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14 Mar 2024 17:59:26
Was reading that apparently we have £600 million of debt at the moment and growing and Everton would not be worth buying, above my head all this.

{Ed002's Note - it has become totally pointless trying to explain anything to the Everton fans I am afraid.}

14 Mar 2024 19:56:02
With the greatest of respect ed002

1) . You have more knowledge and close contact than we do.
2) . We are genuinely concerned
3) . A little patience and understanding from your side would not go amiss.
4) . You are to many of us the most reliable source of information.

14 Mar 2024 21:04:02
I think 100 mil of that 600 is to finish the stadium.

{Ed025's Note - yes it is Shakey..

10 Mar 2024 20:44:18
Apparently a firm involved with the 777 partners has just pulled 1.57 billion pounds of there assets away from 777 because they don't trust them. This is very worrying.

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10 Mar 2024 21:08:59
Old news that mate, and may not be true.

14 Mar 2024 14:22:18
Now there is news that at the meeting with the Premier league it emerged that 777 have had investment from a Russian oligarch with ties to Putin in 2018. If it is true then it just seems to get worse. I just hope FM can find another buyer soon.

{Ed002's Note - Don't over play it. He is an existing investor.}

16 Mar 2024 22:42:58
To ed 2. Keith wyness said in a colum a few weeks ago, something alomg the lines of there is a rival bidder waiting to hijack the everton take over.
I can't remember if he said they waiting for 777 to fail or a period of time to lapse so they could legally bid. Any truth?

{Ed002's Note - There are certainly vultures awaiting to pick at the scraps should 777's bid fail but they are also already owed a huge amount of money by Everton.

07 Mar 2024 15:36:03
Newsnow fake? Aston Villa breached PSR £119 mill so £14mill over but will face no punishment?

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07 Mar 2024 18:27:40
News now just scrapes all the Everton related articles, which includes a lot of cluck-bait.

I'm not going to pretend to have any real understanding here, and I've not read about Villa, but I believe some costs don't get counted in the PSR calculations i. e. some infrastructure investment. So I suspect the overall figure quoted may be accurate, it depends on how those loses were made up.

I'm trying my best to ignore the whole thing, what will be will be.

{Ed002's Note - You are right - people on the Everton page don't understand. You are also right there are exclusings - including infrastructure costs. Everton's issues were elsewhere - as I have explain repeatedly over a number of years.}

07 Mar 2024 19:15:02
Yep totally agree Toffe-Jase, did read the article on BBC yesterday about Villa and their losses tho runs over a 3 year and did state they made a small profit the season prior, media just seem to want confuse us all who don't fully understand, read elsewhere Chelsea in a massive mess, sure they will be others, as you see what will be will be pointless worrying about it.

07 Mar 2024 19:53:49
I’m worried about it all, really worried. Borrowing money to pay wages? It’s too frightening to comprehend. Jumping into bed with 777 is really not the answer, but if they don’t take over the club then administration is a real worry.

07 Mar 2024 20:12:35
Mocker7712, a lot of these online articles are 'written' by kids who probably get their info online, cluck-bait in my opinion. But you're right, without a proper article with all the facts, it confuses fans.

Totally agree Ed002, Everton's problems do lie elsewhere which you have explained, and stresses me the F-Out, but is much appreciated all the same.

07 Mar 2024 21:23:06
To a certain degree am happy that all these clubs are showing massive losses including us. As ordinary Joe blogs in the street people we rightly so vent at the obscene money involved in wages, transfer fees etc etc, wanting something to give and break it, well this is the start, football like a lot of things in this world needs a reset, love Everton Football Club, but we ain't the club I grew up supporting and football isn't the sport of the people nowadays, sport in general is going to pot with money, it's all very unbalanced and massively out of sync with the common man. If it ain't a relegation battle it's FFP if it ain't that it's the Takeover All very draining so I've decided what happens, happens. Best way.

31 Mar 2024 09:45:08
777 are in debt to redbird for 47 million and have not paid a penny back and looks like a court case down the line . The more you look at it the more 777 are not the right buyers for your club but good luck blues.


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