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30 Apr 2021 09:36:51
Ed02 is this coutinho rumour a goer or just paper talk? Apparently we are looking for a house for him? Any info would be hugely appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - My notes say:

Philippe Coutinho (AM/CM) available in the summer and actively being offered around to English and German sides - but the clubs approached like Arsenal, Spurs and Everton have preferred options and would only look to him if those options dried up and if a loan to buy option were available but Barcelona want cash.}

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30 Apr 2021 09:50:21
ed 002 you reckon moshiri advisors are back on the scene can't see this being a target from c. a or brands my opinion like.

{Ed002's Note - The approach is from the player's "advisor" - he doesn't have an agent. This is with the knowledge of Barcelona.}

30 Apr 2021 10:43:08
Cheers ed02.

30 Apr 2021 14:45:01
Great player but not sure if it what we need at this time, i think RW and RB must be the priorities this summer. if the price is right though I think we would be stupid not to take him.

30 Apr 2021 16:11:31
We don’t want to have to rely on Siggy or Gomes mate.

30 Apr 2021 17:14:58
He would be perfect for James. I can't believe wouldn't want him in our team! He's an attacking, goalscoring midfielder. skillful and can link up play and people don't want him? Unreal.

30 Apr 2021 17:16:51
He can play on the wing in a front 3.

01 May 2021 08:35:41
Hi Ed who are Everton looking at rather thAn coutinho if you don’t mind me asking.

{Ed002's Note - Adrien Rabiot (CM) Juventus are looking to sell AR to raise funds to complete the Aouar transfer. Manchester United my look to offload van der Beek in an exchange but Juventus want cash - or perhaps Pogba. Barcelona may offer an option but would want to include at least one player in any deal. May well be offered to Everton to try and tempt Kean back and his versatility might be useful.
Marcus Tavernier (LW/AM) versatile Middlesbrough youngster that Leicester and Everton have enquired after with other Premier League clubs perhaps interested in getting involved at the right price - having signed a new contract recently, Middlesbrough will look a premium.
Oussama Tannane (AM) Vitesse do not want to sell but Everton have had him watched and have spoken with his agent. Seems like a sideways move so unlikely.

01 May 2021 10:34:32
Let me think, keep Siggy and Gomes instead of Coutinho?
Mmmm going to have to mull over this one for a while.
Bye bye Siggy, bye bye Gomes.
Play 433

01 May 2021 15:53:20
Would be an amazing line up if we could pull those off, be a solid defence for quite a few years!

01 May 2021 22:37:14
Well after tonight ST I would change Richy for Zaha. Rest of the team is as you say solid.

02 May 2021 08:47:22
Do you have any information on who we will be looking at moving on this summer? .

{Ed002's Note - It will be something like this:
Everton have 10 players entering the last year of their contracts next summer in addition to these potential departures. The club needs to step up.
Robin Olsen (G) will become a Free Agent.
Jonas Lossl (G) Back to Midtjylland
Jonjoe Kenny (RB) Schalke wanted another loan but Everton have kept him and not used him - needs to move on with Burnley offering an option if they stay up as they have both RBs out of contract in the summer.
Yerri Mina (CB) May well be available at the right price. It will be difficult to find a buyer willing to pay a significant amount for him but Fiorentina may offer an option as they look for a Nikola Milenkovic replacement. If Inter were to lose Bastoni, and they are hoping they don't, they might look to him.
Jarrad Branthwaite (CB) Blackburn are keen on a loan
Mo Besic (DM) Wasting his time in the U23s at Everton.
Yannick Bolasie (LW) Sporting wanted to keep him but would prefer another loan if there is an end to the current crisis - this is the result of buying all the LWs in Europe - will be very tough to move on - except cheaply in January but a Free Agent in the summer. Joined Middlesbrough on loan after discussions over Everton interest in two Middlesbrough players.
Bernard (LW) Really needs to get to a side who can manage their squad well - Roma may offer to take him on a loan to buy deal of some type. Al Nasr will take him on a loan to buy deal.
Moise Kean (S) Needs to move on as soon as possible - PSG or Juventus will offer options. His agent will try to find a way to have him return to Turin.
Josh King (S) Out of contract in the summer and his agents are looking at options in Germany and Turkey. Galatasaray see him as their preferred option over Christian Benteke.
Cenk Tosun (S) has permission to talk to other clubs but fitness will be an issue. Besiktas and CSKA may be open to a loan to buy. Interest of Crystal Palace has gone.}

03 May 2021 12:32:43
It would be amazing if we could move them on, some have had their moments but the time is right for a change for those players, if we could move those listed on, plus 4 or 5 others, would be nice to have a streamlined squad for a change!

30 Apr 2021 08:54:28
Courtinho being linked now in a supposed £35 million deal depending on his knee making a goal recovery, hmmm.

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29 Apr 2021 21:47:32
Hi Ed’s few rumours circulating that we are looking at moving for Merih Demiral as replacement for Mina if he moves on, have you heard any rumours?
Would make a great partnership with Godfrey.

{Ed002's Note - Merih Demiral (CB) His agent wants a foothold in the English market and has offered the player to Liverpool and Spurs - Juventus want €50M which seems too high. Atletico Madrid were surprised at the asking price and the player wants Champions League football which may end the interest of the likes of Everton and Spurs.}

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29 Apr 2021 22:38:46
Thanks for the insight Ed.

30 Apr 2021 17:18:14
You forgot liverpool no champion's league as it stands 😎.

29 Apr 2021 13:17:02
Ed02 seen few people metion Ridle Baku as good option for us at rb. Do you know much about him and how much he would cost.

{Ed002's Note - Aside from Everton having shown no interest in Ridle Baku, Wolfsburg won't have a price on a player they are not looking to sell and I can't see why a move would be attractive to him, particularly as he has been at the club for only 6 months and they are on the evrge of qualifying for the Cgampions League.}

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29 Apr 2021 16:33:17
Ah thanks for info who can you see Everton going for at rb.

{Ed002's Note - The options are as I have repeatedly said, Aarons, Spence or Trippier (which I see as a mistake).}

29 Apr 2021 19:42:53
Thanks ed agree on tripper don't see point with him only being few years younger then coleman.

27 Apr 2021 09:58:18
Linked with Pape Sarr from Metz don't know much about the kid 27 million pound being mooted by the press.

{Ed002's Note - Pape Matar Sarr (DM) Metz don't want to sell after only signing the youngster last summer but if a good offer were made they would consider it. Unlikely to qualify for a Work Permit in England and one who will be off to AFCON although Everton will seek an exemption if they can reach agreement over price.

I cannot imagine anyone would be looking for £27M.}

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27 Apr 2021 10:11:28
Cheers ED02 👍👍 appreciate the reply.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

26 Apr 2021 15:24:03
Sergio Romero being tipped to move to us in the summer on a free.

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26 Apr 2021 16:44:38
I would love it to happen and it would save him move house, but I can’t see it happening.

26 Apr 2021 20:37:52
Is he any better than Olsen?

26 Apr 2021 21:11:09
Olsen wants to go back to Italy mate.

27 Apr 2021 02:08:43
Romero is a decent keeper and reliable.

27 Apr 2021 08:59:53
He is 34 now. Surely we should be looking to develop a younger keeper for the future?

27 Apr 2021 09:11:40
If Romero comes in Vaginia can go out on a loan to get a season of playing under his belt. He is a very capable keeper at the moment just needs game time to prove he can perform consistently over a longer period.

{Ed001's Note - after the first 5 words, I was worried where this post was going. It certainly seemed like it was on the wrong site....}

27 Apr 2021 10:55:07
If he performs consistently, she’ll be happy 👍🏻.

{Ed001's Note - good one JB, made me laugh.}

27 Apr 2021 11:54:11
Crying with laughter at that response Ed001 😂😂😂.

{Ed001's Note - cheers ST but I don't believe you weren't thinking the same thing!!}

27 Apr 2021 20:16:07
😂😂😂😂 this post killed me off 😂😂😂 cheers for the laugh sa90 and ed001.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome bp.}

28 Apr 2021 08:08:59
I shall neither confirm or deny Ed001.

{Ed001's Note - that's what I thought....}

25 Apr 2021 15:10:20
Hi Ed’s. Now that the season is coming to an end-ish, are you aware of who/ which positions the club are targetting? i'd hope for an RB, RW and a back-up Striker!

{Ed002's Note - I think largely you have nailed it Hugi. From my perspectove I see Everton face work in the summer and need to decide on which contracts to extend and which to let run down or sell up. Before the start of next season they need to add a second pick G, a RB, possibly a DM, a RW and a S.}

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25 Apr 2021 22:01:54
Thanks for the reply, Ed. Imagine it will be a tough Summer for a few clubs, especially given our FFP issues. Another DM has surprised me as I thought our CM spaces were full, but quanity =/ = I suppose! I've seen Aarons’ name touted as an RB target but 30 million seems very expensive.

{Ed002's Note - I have explained about Aarons but you are right, he won’t be cheap.}

26 Apr 2021 09:05:51
I must have missed your explanation, apologies Ed. Ill have a look in the search bar. I think there are some cheaper alternatives out there, and I’d imagine Norwich’s promotion will complicate things even more.

21 Apr 2021 19:24:12
Hi Ed’s
What’s a week it’s been ok football! What punishment do you thinks going to be given to the 6 clubs? Surely they need to be dealt with accordingly. As other clubs have been for breaking ffp rules and having owners run clubs into the ground. Hopefully something gets done just to show future buyers you must stick to the rules.

{Ed002's Note - I am not so sure punishments can be given when they failed to actually leave. If they had left and become unaffilliated to FIFA or UEFA, they could have plaed in their own league but not in the PM or FA cup, or in any recognised european or international competition and the players would be excluded from World Cup and Euros etc., regardless of what Perez says. The players would no be playing for a club affiliated with FIFA or, as the are all European, UEFA. Simply punishing the ringleaders who are behind this - in reality the owners of Liverpool or Manchester United, it would be difficult. If there is even the smallest piece of honour left in these two clubs, given all respect and trust has gone, perhaps nobody would care any longer if they declined their next entry in to European competition that they qualify for - so apologise by saying saoory, but we won't enter the Champions League this season given we were trying to destroy it. If they did that, they would lose a bunch of money but regain the respect of others in the game. The question is: "Is chivalry dead? Or do the owners of Manchester United and Liverpool not understand what it means."}

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21 Apr 2021 20:40:41
Absolute fat chance of that happening Ed. No way would they volunteer their own punishment. There has long been a jealousy that these clubs seem to get their own way a lot but now there is a palpable hatred served up on a silver platter this week. Then the hatred turns to laughter because it was all undone so spectacularly in a space of 48 hours. All those exclusive meetings and zoom calls over the years to form their greedy clique. All gone in less time that they took to travel to some of these meetings.

I completely agree that finding a suitable punishment will be hard given the sheer emotion surrounding this but something connected with the champions league would be the right place to start as you rightly said that’s what they tried to destroy.

21 Apr 2021 21:17:04
Ed they couldn’t give two flying f’s about anyone. Henry’s apology was read of a screen and he keep saying “your” club and not “our” club which has probably pushed the liverpool fans further away from fsg. The last few days has tototalky wiped this season off along with var and the C.V. but hopefully so old values what make the game so good have been remember and clawed back into the game.

22 Apr 2021 10:58:31
My humble opinion is they should be given a hefty point to deduction, therefore restricting their qualifications for eufa competition next season, all 6 that signed up should be punished same, all these false apologies are to appease fans, if not for fan fury, they would not hesitate to do it all over again.

22 Apr 2021 14:21:36
They should be punished. But they won’t be - not in a way that has any real impact on them anyway. Prem bosses want them at the top of the table, want them in cup finals, want them playing in Europe. All about the brand.

{Ed002's Note - Youclearly don't understand the structure of the Premier League.}

22 Apr 2021 17:12:08
ED02 I get what JBtoffee is saying in that the FA need these clubs as they are massive and bring in the most viewers and sponsorship if they did break rule L9 could they then be deducted points ect I just don't see how losing a vote at the table is a big enough deterent for them to try again in the future.

{Ed002's Note - So you are talking about the FA and not the Premier League which is what JBtoffee was saying? You alll seem to be rather confused. and I am not sure what the point being made really is.}

22 Apr 2021 18:22:41
I understand it fine thanks. Just making the point that the big teams being involved in European competition and reaching the latter stages of the domestic cups increases exposure, revenue etc. and keeps the brand strong.

{Ed002's Note - What?}

23 Apr 2021 08:42:28
The only options I can think of that may happen is UEFA removing the coefficient from there newly proposed CL structure which I think was probably put in to placate the English/ Italian teams fearful of none qualification and possibly the ECA not letting them back into their membership for the clubs that resigned and hopefully if/ when they do get back none of their representatives get anywhere near the leadership team.

24 Apr 2021 22:58:13
I don’t think there will be any punishment for the teams as they didn’t leave as Ed pointed out. If anything is done, it’d probably be financial but that has no real effect on billionaire owners. I wouldn’t want points deducted or them being kicked out of European competitions as those places should be given on merit of the players/ coaches. If we benefited from that, I’d feel we would have cheated the system. It stinks but I can’t see anything happening; they won’t fall on their swords and opt out of Europe next year.

I think this whole debacle will lead to big changes in the next decade. I can see something like a champions league happening between the top teams in England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, and the Europa league fought out between the other European nations. Possibly, with top teams in the Europa League qualifying for the Champions league the next season. Something like that or something that creates a 2 tier system in Europe.

The thing that disgusts me the most is the attempted use of C.V. to justify the breakaway. Shameful.

25 Apr 2021 09:53:11
Still don’t understand why it’s called “Champions League” when runners up get to play in it. If it was a true “Champions League” competition then only the league winners from each country would qualify. Oh no wait they had that once, now wonder why that got scrapped?


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