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12 Dec 2017 07:29:57
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12 Dec 2017 07:14:21
I can't believe the noise STILL about the penalty. It was a penalty and it was a push, doesn't matter how hard, it was given and we scored, end of!
We all know every single team in the premier has had penalties go for them and against them, usually the top 5/ 6 get the decisions for them and the rest don't.
We know we are terrible at the moment and we have been all season but liverpool fans need to concentrate on their failings and ask why they are not doing better, instead of moaning about a decision that was awarded in the past, (I know they love the past) .
Onwards and upwards coyb.

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Premier League Match Preview Tuesday 12th December 2017

12 Dec 2017 06:56:17
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Preview Tuesday 12th December 2017

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11 Dec 2017 22:22:32
Great to see bolasie get some game time for the under 23s. Early days but I'm excited for his return.

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11 Dec 2017 21:57:53
Why aren't we playing Lookman. He's gunna get pissed off and if one attractive bid comes in he's going to want to go. Is Alledyce protecting him from the media like Moyse did for Rooney back then. The kid wants to play so let him. 100% he'll give it his all and goals come from when players enjoy their football. Or was it Alledyce couldn't play him in fear of Liverpool cutting us up on the counter attack.

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Liverpool v Everton - A Liverpool Perspective

11 Dec 2017 20:06:33
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Liverpool v Everton - A Liverpool Perspective

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11 Dec 2017 21:43:20
Very good read nice to get a view from the other side that isn't all screaming and shouting.

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11 Dec 2017 23:02:09
Yep apart from the penalty statement, i know two wrongs don't make a right, but come on lfc have made an art of diving and getting dodgy pens in past years, taught by past masters in the dark art, been saying this for years, now we play to the same tune and all of a sudden its headline news on lfc forums, what a joke, sterling is only just learning to stand up after the years of coaching he had, if it ws me i would be seeking compo, and stevie g,? don't even get me started.

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11 Dec 2017 22:37:18
So you believe in essence that Lovren was only protecting himself, Sorry Ed001 even Carragher said it was a pen and he is more biased than any red.

Protecting himself my Ar*e.

{Ed001's Note - nope, he was putting his hands on him to hold him in place. Carragher is irrelevant, like all in the media he has an agenda and is on the bandwagon that bitches about everything Lovren does. I guess it is nice for an ex-defender like him to feel like he was any better, but I have seen him make far worse mistakes. There was no push, so it is not a pen. Every time two players run together like that the one behind has his hands on the other and no decision is ever given unless the player in front dives to the floor like it was a push, as Calvert-Lewin clearly did. It is a contact sport and you are allowed to touch each other. Go back and watch everytime the Everton backline launch the ball up to Calvert-Lewin and he and the man with him put their hands out to touch each other, are you going to expect a foul to be given each time that happens too? It is just a natural thing to put your hands on them so you know exactly where they are.}

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12 Dec 2017 06:16:55
The way I see it Ed001 is the modern day footballer is coached to go down if and when he feels contact in order to gain an advantage for his side. Is this cheating? You may say it is, but you could also argue that it is clever centre forward play. You are right about contact and only recently, still not as much, we are seeing penalties given for pulls and deliberate pushes and blocks from corners. I do believe it was a penalty and if it was Williams on Solanke, I would still say the same, pundits, fans, managers, can all have an 'opinion' all that matters is the opinion of the man in the middle, the referee. Anyways must go, my mate who's a red is crying on the phone going on about spilt milk or something of the like.

{Ed001's Note - as I said, it is a penalty because the ref decided it was and that is really all that matters. My problem was with Lovren letting the ball reach Calvert-Lewin, everything after that is a problem caused by that mistake. I am not upset about it or anything, you had a game plan and you enacted it well, yes he went down easy but he should never have had the chance to and that is on Liverpool, not Everton. I did say I don't think it is that big a talking point and should be just sucked up and accepted by those that don't think it is a penalty as the decision is down to the ref. The point for me is to look at what went wrong to put the team in that position in the first place, rather than the actual moment itself.}

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11 Dec 2017 19:51:23
Crazy mistake to go into a season with only one left back, even if he did not rate him, Garbitt, should have been put in as backup.
However nothing can be done about that till January, but, in the mean time, there must be someone with a natural left foot in the group, who, even if we have to play someone out of position would make a better fist of it than that third rate righr back makeing a hash of it.?

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11 Dec 2017 19:15:14
Just listening to talk sport
i know sad,
, but they plugged an lfc tee shirt,
picture of the real talented fab four with there faces super imposed with lesser talent on sale now.
, but never mentioned the jumper with three members of the fab four? to cover the hole underneath.
its available in january, got to give it to them, they know how to squeeze every penny out of the poor deluded sheep, even the wool off thier backs.

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11 Dec 2017 20:01:03
Well tourists always look for souvenirs don't they.

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11 Dec 2017 17:48:38
Just want to say congratulations to Yannick for making his comeback from injury and playing for the U23’s. It’s been a long road back for the lad and I for one think we have missed his pace and physicality. Hopefully he can be 100%fit and play a part in the upcoming holiday fixtures.

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11 Dec 2017 19:44:28
I think Lookman, Bolasie and DCL's pace with Sig and Rooney pulling strings will cause defences a lot of problems. Big Sam's got us back in the fight and with players coming back and the Jan window (which I'm not expecting miracles from) I think we can get back into the Europa next year.

We've been dreadful pre-Christmas most of the last ten years but this year felt worse because of the optimism the money brought. We're known for our form in the second half of the season and hopefully we're building some momentum going into it.

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11 Dec 2017 17:07:31
Find it difficult to believe people are complaining about the way we played yesterday. We were basically playing with 10 men thanks to Martina.
Thought Sam got his tactics spot on. Think about it, five weeks ago that would have ended up five or six nil.
The best bit for me though was Klopps meltdown on telly, that was priceless. Look we know we have a lot to put right, but confidence is growing, and that can only be a good thing.

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11 Dec 2017 19:45:11
Must have been two reds that disagreed with that Woburn.

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11 Dec 2017 17:06:43
Luke Garbutt isn’t registered for Europe is that correct? Or is it all comps? Could he not play for first team or is it just that he hasn’t been chosen?

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11 Dec 2017 18:05:25
I believe that he is not in the first team squad and can only be registered in January,

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