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Review Of The Day 19th May 2019

19 May 2019 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 19th May 2019

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18 May 2019 23:16:39
Is it safe to assume we don't have a hope of keeping Zouma, seeing as the Zapata rumours are gathering pace? (Free transfer from AC Milan)

I've lost track of the amount of names already being thrown around, although admit i'm pretty excited by one - Callum Wilson.

Finally, i was wondering if anybody has any info on where Yacine Brahimi may be heading? Excellent signing for whomever gets him.

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19 May 2019 00:15:23
Don’t get the zapata links. 32 years old, so may get a season or two out of him but that seems to go totally against what silva and brands have said about what they want to build towards with all the talk of bringing in younger hungrier players this link makes no sense to me.

19 May 2019 14:28:47
Could it be wer looking at zapata for one or 2 seasons in the hope we can get zouma after Chelsea ban is up. So a short term fix so to say.

19 May 2019 15:27:12
My point wasn't necessarily about us bringing in Zapata, more that if we're looking at other defenders then is it because Zouma is a no-go. I don't see the point in him either when younger with resale value is surely the aim but i guess, with a restricted budget, a 'free' signing would help with bringing in targets for other positions.

{Ed002's Note - Zouma is only 24.}

19 May 2019 17:54:13
Sorry Ed002, i phrased badly. I meant i don't see the point in Zapata either, like Gingerdan doesn't.

{Ed002's Note - Ah, ok.}

20 May 2019 09:58:09
Didn’t we sign Williams at a similar age to Zapata and thought we’d get a couple of good seasons out of him?

18 May 2019 21:01:00
Mitrovic was good in a not so good Fulham side, with what we have, would he not be better, question not a statement COYB.

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18 May 2019 22:13:07
I like him, will get stuck in, very good in the air for his height and can score. How many more would he of scored in a side that created more chances than Fulham did? .

{Ed025's Note - good point dentie..

18 May 2019 22:59:27
I really don’t see what he will offer us and as for he can score stats don’t agree.
Fulham a goal every 3.3 games
Newcastle a goal every 4.6 games

DCL played 38 games 16 of those as a sub and scored 8 which is 4.7 goals per game but take into account his sub appearances and he’s similar to Mitrovic. But is an Everton product, British and younger than Mitrovic and don’t understand why we need another squad player and ultimately hinder DCL development. I still think we need a striker but one who is clearly a better option than what we have or what’s the point. We have enough squad players in too much money already.
Just my opinion.

19 May 2019 03:09:10
Wow 4.7 goals a game. DLC it is then ;)

19 May 2019 08:11:28
That's some crazy maths Jaybo.
You may want to recalculate.

19 May 2019 13:20:55
Haha You know what I meant guys haha
A goal every 4.7 games.

19 May 2019 16:19:46
So your saying mitrovic has better strike ratio but you don't want him signed as others are better?

19 May 2019 17:07:53
Mitrovic has the ability to become a very good striker if he is playing in a good side, his strike rate isn't bad considering he played in a team that got relegated! He puts himself about and has good movement off the ball, I think he would be a good signing for us.

19 May 2019 17:20:00
Not convinced by Mitrovic.
Relegated twice now
Only Scored 9 of the 44 goals Newcastle scored when they went down.
Can’t see him being the 20+ goal striker we’re all craving.

19 May 2019 21:46:08
It's worth noting that most teams that get relegated have a defending issue more so than a scoring issue.
A striker in a relegated team can easily get 15 goals a season but it means nothing if the defense is leaky, just like Fulham.
There's no evidence to show he will score more in another team. He is probably scoring his optimum goals target.
Is he better than what we have?
Maybe, maybe not.

18 May 2019 19:55:37
It looks as if it going to be a very busy summer with some media saying we will try and offload 15 players, that is a huge amount in Marco and Marcel we must believe they must have some real gems lined up.

{Ed025's Note - lets hope so GB..

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18 May 2019 20:06:44
They have done well so far Ed mate, really glad they are being given time to build a new team.

{Ed025's Note - it will take a few more windows yet GB but the signs are very positive i feel mate..

18 May 2019 20:12:35
It certainly will mate, exactly what we have said since day 1,onwards and upwards.

{Ed025's Note - very much so mate..

18 May 2019 19:19:38
Can someone explain situation and future for Oneykuru? He plays he scores but he never seems to be close to getting to us?

{Ed025's Note - i wish i knew baldy, getting a work permit is not easy but im not really sure about the criteria even though ED002 has explained it many times, i would love to see him here next season though mate..

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20 May 2019 13:09:48
If I am right I think he has to play a substantial amount of games in the african cup to get a permit, I think he needs to have played 75% of game over the past two years and has missed out on previous games through injury. He won't get a work permit imo.

Obvioulsy there are other Criteria, ED02 replied to a post I put up about it but this was the only one he could achieve to get him the required points.

{Ed002's Note - None of that is correct. What I posted is correct.}

My Verdict on Maurizio Sarri's First Season at Chelsea

18 May 2019 18:02:23
{Ed's Note - AfroBlue has posted a new article entitled, My Verdict on Maurizio Sarri's First Season at Chelsea

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Review Of The Day 18th May 2019

18 May 2019 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 18th May 2019

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17 May 2019 18:37:20
I see Sky Sports claim we are interested in Fulham's Aleksandar Mitrovic. I know some fans would like him but I'm not convinced. He misses too many chances and I don't think he's that big an improvement on what we already have. A better quality striker I thought we'd be aiming for but it depends on who is available I suppose.

{Ed025's Note - mitrovic has an attitude problem howie very much like arnautovic, both very good players but come with a lot of baggage mate..

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17 May 2019 18:51:43
So far the linked names of Mitrovic and Lossl don't instill me with much hope. I am expecting better quality players. I can't see Gomes or Zouma coming on permanent deals either but I hope to be wrong there.
Also sorry Ed I didn't see this was posted previously and I was supposed to post it in the rumours section.

{Ed025's Note - no problem mate..

17 May 2019 19:42:40
Howie the windows been open 24 hours mate have some faith in brands, he's not let us down so far has he.

17 May 2019 21:41:57
I didn't say he had and I have more faith in him than I ever did with Steve Walsh. I'm just not exactly enthralled with who we've been linked with so far that's all.

17 May 2019 22:06:09
No reports of richarlison, Bernard or Digne last season until they were holding the shirt up.
I can't see anything the papers reporting as interest as being correct.

18 May 2019 08:33:32
I read in ssn that we looking at Bertrand Traore and
Jean Kevin Augustine
Just googled both strikers and they look ok on their videos but then again who doesn’t apart from me at the beach 🤣
Big C.

18 May 2019 10:23:15
I’m not his biggest fan but if you look at it the guy scored 11 goals and 3 assists in a side that were relegated months ago, his work rate is good, strong powerful in the air, I think it is a deal that has great value to it, we have wasted a lot of money over years on players who couldn’t perform in this league. He is 24 and could get more goals in a better side, it’s all well and good saying we need 20goal season striker but how many strikers get that in this league, sign him.

18 May 2019 12:42:32
It’s just as difficult keeping a 20 goal a season striker as it is getting one in the first place.

18 May 2019 14:36:21
There will be this rubbish over and over again from the papers believe in Marco and Marcel they will deliver.

Thoughts On Liverpool FC's Possible Summer Transfer Plans

17 May 2019 17:56:55
{Ed's Note - LFCSTE29 has posted a new article entitled, Thoughts On Liverpool FC's Possible Summer Transfer Plans

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David Brooks

17 May 2019 17:38:52
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new player profile about, David Brooks

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