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25 Aug 2014 20:00:29
eto'o to sign 2 year deal and have his med tomorrow.

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Hope he fails his medical nothing but a greedy overrated mercenary should retire not short of a few bob 2 yr at god mows how much poor better spending 16 million on welbeck score as many goals and ten years younger any thoughts ed

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26 Aug 2014 08:55:17
I think he's a has been but he can still score goals if he comes on and as a sub and gets us 10 to 15 goals. The main thing for me is the fact we can sign big name players like eto if someone would have said to me a few years ago we will sign eto in a few years i'd of laughed in there face. Moyes could never of signed him sign of the times under Bobby COYB

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25 Aug 2014 18:32:29
Eto is said to be having a medical with us, an italian agent has tweeted that eto will be and everton player, looks legit.

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25 Aug 2014 18:36:01
God help us all

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reporting Eto'o having medical tomorrow and signing 2 year deal. Maybe Roberto knows best?

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Maybe he doesn't he has been very hit and miss with transfers for every McCarthy & Barry there's been a Kone, Alcaras & Robles

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S1878 - re Robles, please give me available cheaper back up keepers that would be happy knowing they will never be first choice. Kone, well the jury is still out, barely played so how everyone knows he isn't good enough on this site is amazing considering he has had no chances to show us. Alcaraz well you may have a pinky but I again would point to our budget last season plus availability of players in that price range and request better options from you. Are either of your 3 examples first team players? Are they not used incase of emergancy? Who would have thought after Moyes' last season that selling Fellaini would be so good? None of us as he was arguably our most influential player of the previous season. Martinez has worked wonders in the transfer market, none of us wanted Barry and JMac was overpriced so let's just all shut up with the negative stuff and back whoever we bring in.

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Got to give kone a chance. He hasn't had any luck with the injury. He will need backing not slating. Only made a couple of appearances. Not his fault

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Well he was Chelski second top scorer last season

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I would like to see a younger hungrier upcoming player like Ings or at least someone who would give 100% like Wellbeck or what's wrong with Long
He is a parasite only interested in money and in my opinion never been any good.

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Svenny if the best argument you have got is 'where will we get cheaper' then you haven't got an argument mate and not once have you said they are any good! So you know their not really
Buy the way this is just my opinion so either agree or disagree but never tell me to shut up like your opinion is the only one that counts and you are some how better than the rest of us because you blindly follow what ever the manager does good or bad

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Think we need to try to be a bit more positive about this one! First of all, ok the guy is 32/33 but he isn't Louis Saha with the injuries and such.secondly he is only back up.He is also a great finisher with some brilliant players around him and with big Rom still only very young, there won't be many better mentors out there. And realistically, who else is going to want to come to warm the bench

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Eto’o at Finch Farm. Hoping that this is a nightmare that I will wake up from shortly. A two year deal for a “33year old former international”-wwwhhhaaattt? I will be honest from the start, I cannot believe we are in for Eto’o unless it is on a “pay as you play” deal, which it clearly won’t be given his shop steward role at the World Cup. The Echo has an interesting take on it this morning, saying that “Eto’o closes in on Everton FC move”. Surely that would normally be the other way around? It sounds to me like, “someone is taking someone for a walk”. God knows what the weekly wage will be-I don’t know if we would ever find out- but it seems to me that if you added it up over two years, it would cover a small fee and wage deal for one, if not two, reasonably priced young prospects (as well as solving the issues in the Henen deal who, even though he is ear-marked for the U-21 squad, would still make more sense to me than Eto’o). And before I am told to keep quiet and trust the manager, may I take this opportunity to say that this is a forum site and I am entitled to voice my opinion. Ah… I feel much better now!

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We've recently signed Gareth Barry (who's 33) on a 3 yr deal, probably on high wages, and no one was complaining about that. let's give him a chance before we start writing him off as a has been.

He may have lost a yard of pace but he can certainly finish. Shane Long has just gone for £12M and will get about 8-10 goals max. I think Eto'o will get more than that.

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Are we all forgetting eto is a former barcalona first team striker? the amount of trophies the lad has won gives him tons of experience, and that is our backup striker, two seasons ago it was rubbish like vellios, were going places us.

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If he scores 10-15 goals this season it will b a good buy and hopefully his first will b against Chelsea I'm still hopeing to bring in diame and maybe another defender wishful thinking I know

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Er… Ronaldo of Brasil is a former Barcelona striker who has won plenty of trophies and I, personally, would not give him a two year deal at this moment in time… If memory serves me correct, Ronaldo was always happy to get on a plane to the World Cup and not be involved in a player revolt over wages, which led to a German coach having to receive his national flag on the tarmac in Cameroon? According to the BBC website, his national coach declared, when dropping him, “We also have to change the spirit of the team, we have to change the mentality of the players." Just the sort of bloke we need, then…

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25 Aug 2014 15:02:38
these welbeck rumours true?

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{Ed025's Note - not really mate..

Don't say that ed . I think he would be great for us! we need a forward and I don't fancy eto tbh mate are their any real targets that you have heard of then? cheers

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{Ed025's Note - to be honest daz a lot of names are being bandied about mate....if i was to be pushed on it my bet would be no one except henen coming in up front, but thats purely my opinion..

Id be raging angry if we don't bring another striker in ed its an absoloute priority. If the 28 million we spent on lukaku was all we had we shouldn't have bought him. Martinez said at the end of last season he wanted 4 strikers to compete this season.

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{Ed025's Note - as i said sheeds its just my opinion mate, lets hope im wrong..

Hi ed for you to say not really, leaves the point that there is something there, if there was to be any interest at all there wouldn't be any reports on sky as we know social media such as twitter is gash and you would've said no, I would still like to think that we will recruit another forward apart from henen

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I suppose better than nothing but the problem will be if we sign him is that he hasn't had pre-season or training that I've heard of so it will be touch and go if he's fit! maybe be better off with Henan and use long and wait and see if Kone shows up to the party!

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25 Aug 2014 11:01:32
Why have everton FC paid lots of Money for Walton motors if they r moving to Walton hall park?

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25 Aug 2014 20:04:16
Sorry been on a boat for a month, what's this about?

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25 Aug 2014 10:44:48
Morning all Everton fans and all you Ed's.

Rumours going around the press down here in the Midlands today are, that yes Roberto is looking at Welbeck and also Eto, but the surprise one for me is Solomon Kalou from Chelsea.

All, would be in my opinion, good additions to the squad to do a job for this European campaign season but as for long term, Welbeck only. Young, hungry for goal and wants to cement his England place. As for the other 2, yes, for the Europa league, great additions with excellent experience to take us through to the final and may be help us to get that coveted fourth place and that is it. Not long term. Just my opinion. What are your thoughts all and you Ed's?

Marc (Marky Marc)

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{Ed025's Note - we will be looking to strengthen marc, and them three have been mentioned mate, but so have a lot of others..

Kalou plays for Lille m8

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24 Aug 2014 22:11:44
Not that I'm to disapointed, but hear that eto's demands are such, everton intend to walk away, you hear anything ed?

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{Ed025's Note - for a player that will only play a bit part JCW he is asking too much, i would rather promote from within or buy or even loan someone who is hungry, not an over hyped fossil who is out for a big pay day mate..