17 Sep 2023 21:28:03
SD has a couple of games to get results. It was a disappointment to watch that performance today. But we can never go toe to toe with Arsenal at the moment. The thing that concerned me was that we looked lost and didn’t know whether to play out from the back or go direct. If we are to play direct which is probably the best against opponents like them we chase the 2nd balls and play into the channels with the crowd behind us and play high tempo.
If we start playing out from the back then we need creative midfielders who can make things happen. The striker becomes isolated on his own and too far from defenders or Pickford.
I am always supportive of our Managers and think SD deserves a chance we have been u fortunate in other games this season.
If things don’t go to plan my contingency would be to speak with Roberto Martinez as frustrated as I was with our defence under his time. We were exciting to watch and had a go with possession. And players played with confidence wanting the ball. I believe Pickford, Tarkowski, Branthwaite and Mykolenko can play out from the back. Garner and Onana or Doucoure as ball players in cm. We do need creativity from somewhere though. We do have strikers now at least. Let’s see what happens in the near future.

1.) 17 Sep 2023
17 Sep 2023 23:08:11
We didn't even try to go toe to toe with them. It was a pathetic effort from the team. On the rare occasion we got the ball we gave it away.
There is no excuse for a performance like that. Tactics were awful, substitutions were baffling (again) . But the most worrying thing is we looked and played like a relegation team.

2.) 18 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023 04:00:53
Would you have Bobby back STB? I must be honest and say I was sorry he went. Under another owner he would have not been fired. We will never know what we could have achieved with him.

3.) 18 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023 08:25:09
I would have him back. Yes.

4.) 18 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023 12:20:44
maybe go for big sam before united or chelsea get him.

5.) 18 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023 13:12:36
Everyone still pretending Martinez was sacked after the 2013-14 season it seems.

Failed with the best Belgium team of all time.

6.) 18 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023 13:21:35
If I was Martinez and the way he was shafted, I wouldn't come anywhere near. Moshri may have best intentions for the Club but he never listens/ ed to football people, that is obvious.

7.) 18 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023 16:40:48
RM was hardly shafted, he simply couldn't replicate the form of his first season in charge and he needed putting out of his misery. Most fans agreed at the time, surprising that some are advocating for him now tbh.

8.) 18 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023 17:21:54
It’s because a large portion of our fanbase have a REALLY weird obsession with ex players and managers. Never see it with any other club, but we are always desperate to bring back old managers. Moyes, Martinez, Silva, Ancelotti all in the space of 18 months. Barkley, Deulofeu, Rodwell, Lundstram, Vlasic, Niasse, James etc in the last 2 years. It’s very strange.

9.) 18 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023 18:24:26
Agreed, swan. I'm not opposed to having them in if they have anything to offer but the names being mentioned snack of desperation. That same d, can't really blame people for that, this board and owner have got us all demented with the way the club has gone.