07 Feb 2021 13:23:31
A point against Utd at there ground is always a good result. Would rather we had competed from the first minute mind you, than waiting till the second half to realise we could match them.
What I am hoping is that we get a real lift from this result, and hope that it carries us through the rest of the season.
Just one point on Richarlison. He has been getting stick recently for his performance. I believe this is a little unfair to the player. As was pointed out last night on several occasions, he is making the runs but our midfield are not playing it to him. This has got to be frustrating for him, and it's no surprise he looks moody. Think once Allan is back this will improve, and we will see the best of Richy again.

1.) 07 Feb 2021
07 Feb 2021 15:46:56
Good point mate, time after time yesterday Ricky was down the channels and as you say no service, Allan will rectify this on his comeback.

2.) 07 Feb 2021
07 Feb 2021 16:49:08
I do believe Richy is a talent, but he is lazy and can be a tart a lot.

3.) 07 Feb 2021
07 Feb 2021 20:16:24
Richy was playing well up to his red card when he came back he took a knock to the head, he may well still be suffering from concussion it can take a fair while to get over it completely.

4.) 08 Feb 2021
08 Feb 2021 10:12:35
U can understand the tart comment when I see him rolling around following a tackle but to say he is lazy is riduculous. He puts a shift in evey game.