03 Sep 2017 22:26:02
I was thinking over this Barkley situation and perhaps in Jan he decides to move or perhaps we keep him until the summer, he's playing with fire a bit if he has international aspirations as this is a World Cup year and he will need to be playing to break into that squad, like a lot have pointed out next summer he will be 24 so can leave on a free and no compensation due but if he's not played and doesn't go to the World Cup then he will be 28 when then next one comes round! And if he has to wait until then he may as well just hang up those international boots now which would be a shame.
The lad really needs someone to sit down and have a word with him, Pienaar would be good as he found out the hard way!
Personally I feel this was no longer a footballing decision and purely financial!

1.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 09:32:07
If its Financial Southern Toffee he is stupid going to Spurs as they have a salary cap there and players like Alderweireld have already stated unless they get new terms they will look to leave (his agents words) so will Ross get better terms than those Everton allegedly offered? I doubt he will as that will put him on par with Kane and Lloris and therefore open the floodgates for other players to demand similar. The question he needs to ask himself is 'were will I get game time? ' Everton? Probably not a starter, Spurs? Definitely not a starter, Chelsea? Definitely not a starter, that leaves what?
He needs to hope Arsenal come in for him because he would probably get a game there as Carzola is out injured, Sanchez and Ozil are probably both off and Jack Wheelchair is always injured.
My take is our physio rang him and told him with Gibson and Oviedo already gone he was bored so needed company haha.

2.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 14:35:18
It has been widely reported that Ross Barkley was offered a new contract by Everton, but declined to sign.
Whether the offer was a genuine attempt to keep a player that RK actually rates is a moot point in my opinion.
It might have just been a ploy to eventually get a bigger transfer fee because although he’d still leave he'd have longer remaining on his contract.
However, looking at the fees being paid for players in similar situations (e. g. Oxlade-Chamberlain and, indeed, Chelsea’s offer for Barkley) this is no longer such a problem in the current world of mind-boggling transfer fees.
I'm not “in the know”, but I wonder (not that it's really any of my business - even as a fan) about several aspects of this story;
Does the player have issues with RK (and vice versa! ) that mean the player wants/ needs to work under a different coach/ manager;
Does the player have personal issues living on Merseyside and needs to get away;
Does the player feel “down the pecking order” following the signing of other players and doesn't see the opportunity to play enough at Everton to get into England’s World Cup squad;
Does he (or more likely his agent! ) want more money than is being offered at Everton;
Does he simply feel at an age (he’ll be 24 in December) where he needs a fresh challenge elsewhere?
There are many opinions being bandied about, but surely only the player (I would hope! ) and his agent (more likely! ) know what's at the root of all this.

3.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 16:00:48
Get rid and get over it. The lad is a div but he clearly knows what he wants. He wants Spurs. Why the hell should he sign for another club? I actually respect him for walking from Chelsea and stating the club are trying to force that move on him. As a club we probably could have handled the "kidology" Koeman tried a little better? The club have dropped the ball on this one.

Ross wants a move, he is clearly prepared to stay in an uncomfortable situation as he knows what he wants. (The opposite of the impression the fans have) Fair play to him. He wants the right move regardless of "world cup year" not that he is anywhere near the England squad at the moment.
If he goes and sits on the bench, why should you care? The same "voices" that were going nuts about the Sigurdsson money, are the ones going mental that the Barkley fee is going to be tiny now. Moon on a stick.

4.) 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 17:16:28
I reckon he will be off to Chelsea in January. He is injured until then so imagine he was sent back and let us pay his wages until then.