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24 Feb 2018 21:46:08
I was taught that a manager (in any industry) should praise in public, but criticise in private AND that (as far as your subordintes' performances go) the buck stops with the manager. It seems that Allardyce doesn't believe in that approach to man-management.


1.) 24 Feb 2018 22:30:35
As an ex manager for many years I totally agree Bobby, but then Allardyce is not a manager. he is just a bully with no real vision of how to play attacking football. Maybe I am a bad loser but this season has been really hard to stomach.

2.) 25 Feb 2018 01:36:46
NickB57: Sadly, it seems that he is rigorously following the club’s stated philosophy of “expected” and “unexpected” losses, but he seems to be applying negative expectations to every away fixture and also to many home fixtures.
I appreciate that we need to be safe from relegation, but why not risk having a go if it’s an “expected loss” anyway AND, if it’s an “unexpected loss” type of fixture (i. e. an “expected win”) , then why not play with the confidence that our likely win should merit? Other sides - even lower-tier - have shown that it can be done against the big-six.
Trying to hold out for a draw - or hoping to snatch a 1-0 victory - might be pragmatic this season, but too often we’ve failed miserably even at that.
He may do a good job in getting the points to avoid relegation, but I see no signs that he can take us any further than that.

3.) 25 Feb 2018 21:11:31
Agree 34 points 10 games to go and the so-called senior pro's (majority of them) through loss of form and confidence unable to lead, it is about time the Academy/ U23's were let loose and/ or give players like Klaasen, Tosun full games. We seem to attract/ hire coaches/ Managers that are so stubborn in their ways they refuse to believe there are other options. The Klopps and Contes of this World look at a loss and take it as a personal affront, they do not lay the blame on others, they take it on the chin, change things around and make darned sure they win the next one.



05 Feb 2018 01:26:29
Much as we love playing in European football - and however unlikely we are to scrape into the Europa League - surely we can do without the burden of pre-season qualifiers and Thursday night football next season? It's clearly ruined us this season.
:- (.


1.) 05 Feb 2018 10:30:41
A decent break and a good pr-season without having to worry about qualifying for the Europa League would undoubtedly be beneficial for the lads BobbyC, but there are other reasons why they have been so poor this season. The main ones are some of the players simply haven't been good enough and the tactics have, for the most part, been awful. We as fans can see what/ where the problems are. The pundits on TV and in the press can see them too. But for some inexplicable reason the club/ management appear to be blinkered. Playing in Europe can be taxing, but that's no excuse for the dross we have to watch week in/ out.

{Ed025's Note - i have to agree BigH..

2.) 05 Feb 2018 12:31:15
Best post I have seen for a long time, agree completely.

3.) 05 Feb 2018 12:47:38
You can't blame playing in Europe for our poor season. If anything it should have helped us improve as a squad. Think about it. We looked poor in our preseason games, and even in the early rounds of the comp, struggling to beat teams I had never heard of.
The only way we will improve is to stay playing in Europe, being out of it just weakens us.

4.) 05 Feb 2018 15:55:45
I think you can blame Europe to a point. The early start meant our usual pre-season was condensed. Lots of new players didn't get a chance to play together / bed in etc as competitive action started very early.
That said - there is no excuse for the garbage which has been served up. There are far too many bad apples in the squad who are not working for Fat Sam and hardly pulled trees up for Martinez, Koeman or Unsie.
Seamus in his first game in 12 months showed the entire squad the level of guts and effort that should be a given. Likes of Scneiderlin, Williams, Keane haven't shown that much effort all season.

Seamus has been a huge loss for us. Make him captain and bring in a similar sort at LB and maybe we will start to progress.

But having thought we finally had a squad to be proud of it is scandalous that we need to start riupping it up and starting over.

{Ed001's Note - surely the early start to competitive football should have helped new players bed in? The only effect it should have is tiredness later in the season.}

5.) 05 Feb 2018 16:20:36
I would give anything to see us back in Europe next year. It has some obvious drawbacks by having to start the season so much earlier but that is our own fault for only scraping in by the very last spot. We can consider the qualifiers to be our pre season games so don't necessarily need to play any more matches than we would in any other pre season.
By being in Europe, albeit Europa rather than Champions League, we should be more enticing to players considering joining us. And the opportunity to play against some high quality continental competition is what i want to see at the club.
Also, yes we had a disaster this year, but if we did not play our Europa qualifier, we would never have identified and signed Vlasic. It's always worth looking for the bright moments and that for me is one of them.

6.) 06 Feb 2018 08:41:23
Ed001 - my thoughts are that we weren't fit enough AND we hadnt sorted our team shape, best 11 etc etc. WE struggled from the off, confidence was hit and the likes of Sandro, Klaassen and later Vlasic have never had a proper chance.
I think with a settled side the early start may help. But we had so many new faces that they needed more 'pointless friendlies' to sort a shape and understanding.

{Ed001's Note - not being fit enough would have quickly been sorted by playing matches, that is just an excuse. Building an understanding comes in training and playing together, you don't need to play pointless friendlies to do that either. Again more excuses for crap recruitment and management.

The manager is responsible for managing what he has and was utterly incapable of even making the effort to be a part of things, that was the biggest issue. The second biggest issue was the woeful recruitment that saw you pick up the wrong players.

Starting the season early should have been an advantage early on but the mess the club made of the summer meant it was not. Making excuses for mistakes is the way to go about making sure they are not rectified in the future.

Everton deserve better than a manager who thought he was too big and important to be managing Everton. Koeman was wrong, he was not good enough for Everton, not the other way around. But that problem has been fixed, though the choice of replacement shows the club still has not learnt lessons from the mistakes made picking him. You might want to make excuses for those failings but I would like to see Everton learn from them and find the right manager next time out, rather than yet another arrogant arse who thinks he is bigger than the club.}

7.) 06 Feb 2018 14:56:04
I second everything you say Ed001, but fear that without a major overhaul from Boardroom to bench we will slowly sleepwalk to relegation.

8.) 06 Feb 2018 15:01:46
I agree re Everton deserving better and also re the poor recruitment - that said we all thought we had recruited well at the time. Hindsight eh! But 3 no.10's, no decent forward and no cover at LB was scandalous.
Disagree re the fitness side. It is no coincidence that each side that has entered EL at the group stages have had a poor season. The hard graft in pre-season is what builds you up for the season. It should have far more intensity than a friendly match. And as i said earlier, once you start losing games confidence quickly erodes.
All that said, the nucleus of that team have failed for 4 managers now. Total lack of bottle, character and ability.
I see another pre-season of much change.

{Ed001's Note - hindsight? I told you at the time you had recruited badly and got laughed at. I told you Mee was the defender at Burnley you should have got, not Keane. You didn't need hindsight to see that Rooney was finished years ago and should never have been brought back, plenty of others said the same thing. It also did not need hindsight to see you needed a genuine striker, which Sandro is not really.

I see what you are saying about the fitness but it is perfectly possible to get fit and play games, it is about managing it properly. It is also not true that each side that has entered the EL at the group stage has had a poor season. Though that is not related to early starts anyway, as the group stages are not that early in the season. I assume you mean the prelim rounds? In which case it is no different from Champs League sides having to pre-qualify and that doesn't present any real problems either.}

9.) 06 Feb 2018 17:25:14
I think Rooney was as much a commercial / profile raising signing as anything else. Totally agree re a CF as i said above and, whilst i didn't laugh at you, i certainly can't argue on the comments re Mee over Keane. Keane has been dire!

And yes i meant the prelims. My mistake.

PS - What you doing in the summer Ed 001. Hoping there is a vacancy going for a DoF!

{Ed001's Note - I doubt Walsh will be given his marching orders just yet. Moshiri handpicked him, I think he will want to back his judgement call on that for a while yet.}

10.) 06 Feb 2018 20:33:56
Agree with most of what you say there Ed. Although, on the whole, I think Rooney has been a decent signing really. He’s played some good games for us and scored some important goals.

{Ed001's Note - I don't see how he has been decent, he gets in the way in every move and is constantly anywhere but where you would want him to be. Yes he has scored some goals, but at what cost? I mean on the pitch cost, not wages etc. Would say Sigurdsson have scored and created more if he had played there? Would the team as a whole played better without a headless chicken running around brainlessly? If you are in midfield and looking to play a pass to him you have to search around to see where he is, because he could be anywhere. So you can't have an understanding built and just play a ball immediately, like you could with, for instance, Vardy up front. Which slows down your play and allows the opposition time to recover positions. That was especially a problem in the first part of the season when you had so little pace in the team to attack them with. You needed the ball to be moved around at pace but the players are unable to keep it moving one or two touch as they are spending 3 or 4 touches trying to figure out where he is.}



04 Feb 2018 23:15:52
Why is Schneiderlin playing so poorly this season - especially having shown good form when he first joined? He isn't a bad player, so something is clearly amiss.
Here's an opinion (out of left field) : when he joined, maybe he became the top earner, but the Summer signings have matched or bettered that and he's miffed about that. Anyone got a better explanation?


1.) 05 Feb 2018 06:38:48
Maybe he is angry about the sacking of Koeman.

2.) 05 Feb 2018 06:48:38
So reward him with pay rise?

3.) 05 Feb 2018 10:36:47
He is one of the laziest players I have ever seen play for us and the quicker he's gone the better. Have you noticed how different/ better Idrissa plays without him? We need a clearout in the Summer but the problem is who is going to take our rubbish off us and more importantly who is going to want to come here. The future is definitely not bright at the moment.

4.) 05 Feb 2018 12:52:30
Players move for money mate, most don't give a toss what the team is like as long as you pay plenty.
As for Morgan he's getting paid loads so he won't move unless he gets a similar deal.
Player power!

5.) 05 Feb 2018 15:58:20
without doubt he is the laziest and most gutless excuse for a footballer i have ever seen in a blue shirt. He jogs everywhere, gets 'near' to where he should be, but hardly ever actually makes a tackle and i have NEVER seen him throw his body on the line.
He is a central mid . That should be a given.

6.) 05 Feb 2018 20:21:51
To answer your question Big H. David Moyes, that's who.



21 Jan 2018 23:41:43
Who is running Everton football club? Who makes the decisions? Is it an individual or a collective? If the latter, are they all sticking to the party-line or are they briefing their media buddies with their own agendas?


1.) 22 Jan 2018 00:31:30
Its interesting that Sam publicly admits that Rooney and Sig can't play together because of lack of pace.
This has generally been accepted by the casual observer Q rotation in the coming months.

2.) 22 Jan 2018 08:31:41
We have all been saying this for months Siggy is a attacking player still young enough to play 45 million so play in his right position . Rooney is a sub now use him when we can! Play the best 11 not who has the bigger name.

3.) 22 Jan 2018 09:16:03
Omg. Or . play someone who scores most of our goals when he starts or play someone who was well overpriced, has a good free kick and half the time you don’t even realise is on the pitch. I don’t like to pick on players but everyone’s always getting on Wayne’s case, if you hadn’t realised (not for the first time) Sigurdsson was played through the centre again at the wkd at home against West Brom and guess what, he done nothing! Thank god we don't pick the starting eleven, although I think we could all do a better job than our management can at the minute. I know we’re not the easiest team to support at the minute but Rooney’s simply not the problem.

4.) 22 Jan 2018 12:06:47
I was not a fan of bringing Rooney back puke, but he’s here now so onwards we move. I don’t think he is the problem, although playing them together clearly was a problem, SA also sees it now, but I think playing them together higher up the pitch is where it goes wrong, surely Rooney is not slower than snids? For me he the 10 with fast wingers, or plays next to some one fast who breaks up play like Gana. Problem with Rooney for me is he tries too hard and seems to want to be everywhere, getting in other peoples space and unbalancing things.

5.) 22 Jan 2018 15:16:16
Couldn’t agree more BeStyrne, I also think Davy Klaassen has suffered for similar reasons. You don’t come a bad player over night. We have too many players who need to play in that role. I hate to say it as we obviously have more money at hand nowadays but I’m quite sure we were doing a hell of a lot better with one man calling the shots upstairs and one manager man managing the football team rather than 3 and 3. Isn’t working at the moment but I guess more time will tell.

6.) 22 Jan 2018 15:03:43
Wayne's great but he is too slow. I am chuffed with his goals and hope he has a bag full more to come over the next 2 seasons before he retires.

He is a brilliant utility player.
I believe the plan was always to use him sparingly. Last summers inept transfers meant he was used more than planned and thankfully so as he is our only bright light this season.

Anyone who jumps on Sigs back for having 1 game in his right position and it not being a good performance is being more than harsh. He has been poorly treated and needs a run until the end of season as the 10.

He is better than Rooney it's just a fact but wooney is still important as a squad player.

I think we were meant to have a smoother euro run and Wazza was meant to be the old pro who would play up top on his own in those tricky, cold eastern Europe games where we need a result. And of course just having a mega star like that is invaluable for the kids.

7.) 22 Jan 2018 20:27:52
they can play together it just comes down to man management and tactics its a poor excuse from SA because of a few bad results the hole transfer situation has become a joke koeman spends 150 mill gets sacked SA is apointed and only plays 2 of koemans signings reguarly pickford and siggy he spends close to 60 mill on 2 more players SA will eventually leave after he's spends more of evertons money we appoint a new manager who goes out and spends more money were does it end RANT OVER!



14 Jan 2018 00:13:33
Martinez inherited Moyes's sound defence, recruited some good players - but also a lot of dross - and thereby got 5th his first season. He then tried to get the players doing what they couldn't (in terms of playing style) and got found out.

Koeman inherited Lukaku, Barkley and Barry, each of whom contributed to his 7th-place first-season finish He then (or was it Walsh? ) splurged on players that left the squad unbalanced and lacking in key areas. Without Lukaku, Barkley and Barry - and with the side disorganised and demotivated - he also got found out.

Allardyce inherited a shambles (no offence to Unsworth, who was on a hiding to nothing, poor lad) and, despite some early hard-earned results, is seeing that the squad is just not good enough - neither to play the ultra-defensive style most fans expected of him nor the more offensive style we've dabbled in (unsuccessfully! ) recently.

This January's transfer window - plus the time he'll get on the training ground (now we've just one match a week) - will be crucial in determining not only our Premier League survival (most important) , but also his prospects of keeping his job beyond this Summer.


1.) 14 Jan 2018 01:05:20
It's been a difficult period undoubtedly BobbyC and one that's proving just as difficult to get out of. I may come across as a Big Sam and Martina apologist at times, Sam inheriting an unbalanced squad with little to no confidence and Martina tasked with doing a job he clearly isn't qualified to do, but even I have to admit I'm having serious doubts about how long both of them can carry on. A LB has to be a priority if Sam is going to survive until the end of the season. As for today/ yesterday, Spurs are a decent team who know how to attack and defend but we made them look better by being so poor in the same areas.

{Ed0333's Note - do you really believe Allardyce will be sacked before the end of the season BigH? I can only see that happening if he loses the next 7 or 8 games. Surely they’ll give him time for his signings to get into their groove. I would guess that unless you guys on a catostrophic run of bad results Allardyce is there till the end of the season.

2.) 14 Jan 2018 02:48:38
What signings? Only Tosun so far.

3.) 14 Jan 2018 01:21:55
I sincerely hope he doesn't and I pray we don't lose those games Ed0333 but you never know. One thing is certain, results and performances need to improve quickly.

{Ed0333's Note - I honestly think his appointment was knee jerk and it would have made sense to get someone to steady the ship till the end of the season and start again. Now you have an expensive stop gap who will stay longer than which is ideal or he will go at the end of the season and you have to pay him a kings ransom. I truly hope you don’t get relegated because the Merseyside Derby is something the whole world revels in.

4.) 14 Jan 2018 10:28:55
BigH78 - I find it extraordinary to defend Martina. Yes he is playing out of position and can't kick a ball with his left foot which contributes to his ineptitude going forward. But that is no excuse for consistently making dreadful mistakes defensively and such poor decision making. Chuck in the fact that he doesn't look remotely bothered and is just going through the motions. New left back absolutely imperative.

5.) 14 Jan 2018 12:54:03
Toffee he hasn't even got a right foot, the bloke is clueless. Played both there players onside for the first two goals, when all he had to do was take a step forward. Shocking player.

6.) 14 Jan 2018 13:28:11
I really hope we get rid of Allardyce in the summer, he moans about us attacking Spurs and Man Utd.

But then goes and parks the bus against Bournemouth and West Brom, fun fact we lost 3 of those 4 games and drew the other, sports science football genius.

7.) 14 Jan 2018 14:45:20
Agree Aswan. I wouldn't give this guy anymore money to spend. Need to keep it for the next manager.

8.) 14 Jan 2018 14:52:31
Maybe I have defended him a bit in other posts Toffee, but maybe you should get your eyes tested before you pass comments. I wasn't defending him at all this time. Quite the opposite in fact.

9.) 14 Jan 2018 15:38:11
Martina sucks but 3 managers have all selected him. He is the only option but I'm sure B. S. (can't believe I'm defending BS) knows he's a changer waiting to happen.
You can't do better so stop saying that the u23s left back should be playing. if he was good enough he would be.

Lb a Cb and 2 fast midfielders please. Yesterday I was annoyed at our performance and irrate at B. S. interview on MOTD last night. Today I acknowledge the problems are bigger than coaching.

Let B. S. have 2 more signings (SW claims to have to agree and sign off so we shouldn't get stuck. with a couple of B. S. lumps)
PAY him off in the summer and get a progressive coach for next season.

B. s. is not the way forward. He should be getting the Stoke job.

10.) 14 Jan 2018 07:07:23
ED0333 was he not given a 18 month deal incase it didn't work out as that way if he is sacked in the summer he gets a thank you for keeping us up and we don't have to pay as much as we did to Koeman or Martinez I never wanted him but once appointed he had my support but that support is sliding we play the worst football in the league in our last 5 premiership gameswe have won 0 conceded 8 scored 1 and had 4 SHOTS on target now that is scary.

{Ed0333's Note - my point still stands mate he will prove to be an expensive mistake. You truly didn’t need to make this type of appointment evidence of this was your pursuit of Silva. If you couldn’t get the man you wanted just get in someone who would have done taken it on till the end of the season like Bayern did. Gus Hiddink May have been a good shout?

11.) 14 Jan 2018 23:03:43
I wanted Hiddink as a short term appointment people thought I was mad for saying it, glad I was not alone.




BobbyC1878's banter posts with other poster's replies to BobbyC1878's banter posts


26 Apr 2018 12:26:22
A thought about how the Everton fans' current dissatisfaction with the club and its hierarchy is being criticised by media pundits: loyalty is a consequence of leadership - and leadership is a touchstone of competence.




26 Apr 2018 10:32:08
What'd be the point of giving Allardyce another year?
I've seen no evidence (be it the team's performances under him, the proposed transfer ins and outs, his comments to the media and attitude to the fans) that make me think that it wouldn't be anything other than another wasted season - and that the next manager will have an even bigger mess to clear up.
I appreciate that this forum doesn't include every Evertonian, but is there anyone amongst the genuine fanbase that actually wants Allardyce to stay?
FM/ BK must give clarity and leadership regarding the future of the club - please!


1.) 26 Apr 2018 11:13:07
Agree totally with you BobbyC. It would be a complete and utter waste of a season.

It's long past due that FM and BK sort out this mess.

2.) 26 Apr 2018 11:44:06
The point of giving SA another year is that it sees out his contract which means no compensation pay off. Why would the club waste money when they don't have too. The only way I suspect the club will be forced to get rid of SA early is if season tickets sales take a big hit. You can whinge all you want but I suspect the club don't really take much notice of forums like these. However, a big chunk of lost revenue would be a completely different matter.

3.) 26 Apr 2018 12:16:01
I'm not the typical big Sam hater that is on here but I still don't want him to stay next season. Main reason being I think the long term prospects of the club will suffer.

I'd be concerned about his treatment of the younger players. Since he has come in, Vlasic, Lookman, DCL, Klaassen, Sandro and Holgate have all been brushed aside.

These are all players in their early twenties. Coincidence? I think not. I can see why the board might want to keep him as he is good at steadying the ship and would have a good platform built for a new manager in terms of a team that is ready now.

Still I don't agree with it. I'm as angry as anyone with the style of football. It is atrocious. The fact remains it looks like we are going to finish 8th. That's what the board go on facts. In the survey here a few months back a very small minority voted us finishing 8th. Vast majority voted 12th to 15th.

Even with the atrocious football to achieve this does people not see this as a positive? After all at the time of the survey people thought we were guaranteed to finish bottom half. We all know the football is terrible to look at.

I have a feeling if big Sam even is here next season he won't last until the turn of the year. The backlash of the fans will be far too much for the club and they will be forced to act. Just my humble opinion on big Sam there.

4.) 26 Apr 2018 12:51:02
I can see SA being here next season as well, not sure if a back lash from the fans is the best way to go about getting rid of him though. We have already got rid of our last two managers by being vocal on match days. Not great reputation to build. The question is if we get a reputation of being a club that gets rid of managers regardless of contract length we may not get any decent managers wanting to join us. We made a rod for our own back with two poor decisions. The first getting rid of Koeman in panic. The second hiring SA and not giving Unsworth a decent amount of time to turn the results around. Having said that we don't actually know if the club are actually happy with SA or not so all the speculation may be pointless.

5.) 26 Apr 2018 13:18:33
Sa90, you say no compensation if he stays, what about a couple of managers who are available this Summer who will be available without paying another club compensation.

What we save by keeping Sam, we could end up paying another club Compensation next season if those managers get attached to another club.

We should be a lot wiser after tonight’s, meeting in London and should make for an interesting gossip on here Friday.

6.) 26 Apr 2018 14:19:54
League position should have nothing to do with it. The points total is more important and we are currently on 45 versus 61 last season.
If we win all our remaining games we will have 54, not a bad return for Sam but we have to win our last 3 yet.
Then you have to take into consideration, have the performances improved over big Sams tenure, we can't expect him to work miracles but the performances for me, are the same, if not worse.
Benitez last week played Slimani because he knew they were safe and said he wanted to know if he was worth keeping.
why Sam hasn't started doing that with Vlasic, Klassen and Baningime is beyond me. Is he going to watch them in pre season and get a better idea of what they can do than he will in these last few games? doubtful.
it smacks of a man who knows his neck is on the line and jsut wants to grab enough points to stay in a job.

7.) 26 Apr 2018 15:01:36
bignev you are presuming the managers management want are going to have jobs. If they have got any sense they could put the respective applicant on a retainer if necessary. Hopefully we will get an insight to what may happen tomorrow after the meeting. I also agree with you Smitt666 I think SA is well aware of what he needs to do to put the onus on the board regarding his future, in that respect he is a clever business man.

8.) 26 Apr 2018 15:28:38
get a new manager in and keep sam, someone will be daft enough, ie wba to buy him out of the contract.



26 Apr 2018 10:20:00
Everton - neither the club nor its fans - have any entitlement (whatever the history and traditions - and the financial involvement of Farhad Moshiri) to be successful or to be become a "big" club once again. It will take a massive effort - on and off the field - to challenge the current "big six" domestically let alone the European "super giants".
However, to listen to some media pundits, we should be happy to settle for mediocrity and be ever so humble and grateful that we have Allardyce. It's as though we - or any other club - should not have the ambition to aim for the stars and dream of glory. How patronising is that? We were patted on the head when Moyes supposedly had us "punching above our weight" and now we're being told, in effect, to "know your place".
If pundits' jobs were results-based (like football managers) , then how many pundits (with their incorrect predictions, poor analyses, inane comments, and general ineptness) would survive?


1.) 26 Apr 2018 12:07:16
I totally agree Bobby it makes my blood bubble that pundits say we should be happy with 8th and should be even happier with Sam as he saved us from Relegation which is so far from the truth it's unbelievable now me I want us to win the league I want us to win cups that's what our history demands of us and it's been too long coming but we also have to be realistic if a new manager comes in he needs time and us fans need to be patient because our club needs stability at the same time Moshiri and Bill need to have learnt from there mistakes and this time make the right appointment we as fans will be patient if 1 the team put in 110% and 2 we can see signs of improvement both of which have not happened since Sam came in.

2.) 26 Apr 2018 12:31:20
Pundits chase there own tails season after season, they are as fickle as fans most of them and they are all bias. Too many ex liverpool players as well.



23 Apr 2018 11:23:47
Many Evertonians warmed to David Moyes when he called us "the people's club".
Many Evertonians warmed to Roberto Martinez when he delivered a promising first season.
Many Evertonians warmed to Ronald Koeman when he spoke with such refreshing honesty about the team.
I don't know ANY Evertonians who have warmed to Sam Allardyce - be that due to his tactics, player selection, self-promotion, or media comments.


1.) 23 Apr 2018 13:12:19
he has made a rod for his own back that's for sure.

2.) 24 Apr 2018 10:02:09
BobbyC I have not watched one full press conference or interview with him. It boils my blood when people knock us for not liking him or when they defend him saying what do everton fans want? Answer: not this tit.

3.) 24 Apr 2018 10:03:35
BobbyC got side tracked there haha. That's very interesting comment. They all had something we could buy into and we need that. Very good post mate.



22 Apr 2018 08:05:23
The idea that Arsene Wenger should be offered a role at Everton is muddled thinking in my humble opinion.
He undoubtedly changed professional football in England and was very successful during his first ten years.
However, as many Arsenal fans have said (vociferously and ardently on Arsenal Fan TV and elsewhere) , he has not been as successful since that first decade.
His inability to genuinely challenge the "big" clubs for the Premier League or the Champions League has been noticeable for several years now.
His recruitment of players has been poor of late.
He appears to have "lost his mojo" and not moved with the times while other younger managers - Guardiola, Pochettino, Klopp, etc. - have embraced a newer approach.
Evertonians' wishful thinking about him being right for our club in 2018 should take note that he isn't the innovative manager he was in 1996-2006, but that he is the set-in-his-ways manager of 2007-2018.
We'd love to have won FA cups like he's done in recent years, but don't let that mask how Arsenal have slipped behind the rest of the "big six". The Arsenal fans know that and the vast majority know that he's been past his sell-by date for at least a couple of years.
We now need to replace Allardyce with a forward-thinking, dynamic, younger manager - someone who isn't afraid to be positive and go for wins rather than being defensive and afraid to lose ; we need someone to create an identity for our club's core footballing approach - giving us football we enjoy watching; someone who will recruit well and develop/ improve the players; someone with the ambition to aim for the stars even though it will take a massive effort, on and off the field, to become genuine challengers and a "big" club once again. Wenger might have been that manager twenty years ago, but he isn't now.
Farhad Moshiri, Bill Kenwright, and the board have a huge decision to make about the direction they want to take the club. I hope they are getting the best advice possible and I really do hope they don't let sentiment or wishful thinking obscure their focus on doing what's right for Everton Football Club. Time will tell of course.


1.) 22 Apr 2018 09:14:03
You make some good points but then Arsenal did sell a lot of their decent players over the years and for some good money, mainly to Man City
I just don’t see Wenger fitting what seems to be the plan of a DOF and Manager set up. Although if he would work with a DOF that could take the player recruitment issue from his his duties.
I feel the Arsene links are flattering and more driven by the Moshiri history coming from Arsenal.
Right now the club seems at a crossroads and unsure which direction to take, hopefully as one of the Ed’s suggested Moshiri is taking some advice on driving the club forward and this could be where the Raiola situation comes in to assist getting the player recruitment done even at a price
I just hope there is some positive moves by the club between now and next season and swift ones!

2.) 22 Apr 2018 09:27:55
BobbyC, I agree. What we need is new thinking but primarily Mr Moshri needs to find a very knowledgeable and respected pure football man as an advisor. As to Managers, I do have a preference (Dyche, quite like the Wolves Manager to, got them playing great football) , we do not in my view require a Silva (why should we hire failed Managers, might as well go for Pardew or Hughes if that is the case) and we would be very lucky to get Fonseca (the guy will have offers from dare I say bigger Clubs than us) . We shall see the result of the touted Board Meeting this week.

3.) 22 Apr 2018 11:04:12
I wholeheartedly agree with above on Wenger. He is not right for our club as manager at the moment but his time at Arsenal I feel is being unfairly judged. Yes in the last ten years they have fallen slightly behind even though they were they most consistent team in England to qualify for the champions league.

The part I feel is being overlooked for Wenger is the contribution he made to the club as a whole. In that time they built a new stadium. One of the few the clubs to ever turn a profit. Wenger offered and delivered much more than bring just a manager. He offered a business sense that Arsenal benefitted greatly from. All managers get judged on trophies. If there was a trophy for managers based on their ability to generate a profit for the club Wenger would be unrivalled.

In today's market a manager who is quite similar but more modern is Sean Dyche imho. That is why I would love to see him here next season. One of the Ed's wrote a few interesting points on how he would fit in at Everton. He seems tailer made for our club. His clubs goals against tally is excellent this season. An area we need recruiting in badly with our regular defenders almost all over 30. Dyche it is for me.

He hasn't got a foreign name or comes across as a prima dona. Just what we need.

4.) 22 Apr 2018 11:24:25
Blimey, not successful in last 10yrs. What we'd give to be in Top 4 every Season the last 10yrs! Weve been there once since the Prem started! His first Season this out top 4, and he has won FA Cups aswell. Arsenal have had issues this Season with Sanchez, Ramsey and Wiltshire injuries, amongst other stuff. They say he doesn't spend money, he always goes big spends when he does to get quality. i'd be happy with his brand of footie and quality of players maybe with Unsy and or Arteta alongside .




BobbyC1878's rumour replies


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26 Apr 2018 10:34:54
Ed001: Oh, you are a card, sir, a veritable comic genius.


{Ed001's Note - I really can't argue with that, it has been said many times before, though only by myself.}



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21 Apr 2018 12:12:16
bluedanny82: good post, mate. SA’s comments to the media don’t endear him to the fans, but neither do the actions (or, indeed, lack of actions and lack of communication! ) by the club’s owners, board and other staff.




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21 Apr 2018 07:01:02
Swap him for Mirallas or Schneiderlin or Williams - I don’t know which club would end up, with the bigger headache!




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21 Apr 2018 06:59:13
If Fulham are promoted, I could imagine their best players staying. A season of these players proving themselves in the PL would benefit their future prospects - and increase their transfer value if Fulham eventually decided to sell.




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21 Apr 2018 06:53:56
Financially speaking, he’s on a winner whatever happens, so, what is motivating him?





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26 Apr 2018 10:38:02
Haven’t you realised - SA is the almighty. FM/ BK should beseech him, “Let my people go! ”.




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19 Apr 2018 22:51:56
Keen17: agree about Sir John Moores - he’d have “got the taxi” for Allardyce by now - in fact, I doubt he’d have let him near our club in the first place.




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19 Apr 2018 20:30:08
In my humble opinion, the European ban (which led to the departure of key players - and the manager) started our decline from being a “big” club, but this was worsened by us not taking advantage of being in the Premier League (despite being one of the prime instigators) , and then compounded by the ownership of Agent Johnson, and then our current “also-ran” status was cemented by Bill Kenwright’s chairmanship (who, despite being a “fan”, never had the wherewithal to re-establish our place at the top-table) . Mr Moshiri gives us hope, but you have to wonder about who’s advising him - especially on footballing (rather than business) matters.




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19 Apr 2018 20:19:48
Is Allardyce the most despised manager in Everton’s history?
Others (Walker, Smith, etc. ) haven’t been liked - as football managers - but with Allardyce it seems personal.




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19 Apr 2018 20:17:20
It’s good for the club to understand the fans’ opinions, but I expect the club (board and owner) to show leadership in making devious on what they believe rather than openly surveying the fans.