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27 Oct 2015 23:51:57
Just watched RM's post-match interview.
He said, "there's not even a doubt that Tim Howard is starting at the weekend. "
OK - on your head be it, Roberto. If Howard plays as poorly as he has of late and costs us the match, then expect a load of abuse from the supporters and universal condemnation for your blinkered approach to always selecting your favourites.

Is there anyone among ths website's posters who thinks that Howard deserves to come back into the side at the weekend? What does Joel have to do to be preferred at this moment in time? Is RM trying to prove that he's not swayed by the views of the supporters and that his stubborn devotion to his favourites is a sign of his managerial strength? Just see the wood for the trees, Roberto! :- (.

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28 Oct 2015 01:30:13
It is about time that Robles is given an extended run in the team. this must be Howards last season. We need to evaluate whether Roble is the long term replacement and we can only do that if he is playing.

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28 Oct 2015 03:03:40
whatching jags and distn play tit tap, till everyone was marked up, gave us "great posession stats, and martinez's refusal to change this, until we we on the brink of the religation zone, showed what a stubborn, arrogant little man he really is, and he looks to be takeing the same approch over the keeper situation. I just hope the rumours over ownership are true, and that their first act is to kick this bum out the door.

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28 Oct 2015 10:23:48
Wont be long before Robles wants to move . If he gets dropped again like when he covered for Howard last season and was dropped after 3 clean sheets he would be justified in wanting to go.
RM 's management skills stink, how can you encourage and motivate talent when treated the way Robles has been treated.

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28 Oct 2015 10:57:54
Think as ed says he is just trying to prove he's the man in charge. Martinez deserves any criticism he gets on sunday when Howard inevitably costs us the game.

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28 Oct 2015 13:18:33
Could end up costing him his job if he keeps it up long enough. Don't like writing negative comments. I'm against it actually but its a disgrace if he plays Howard the weekend.

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28 Oct 2015 14:37:22
I agree with your comment below Swan. Even Howard plays and let's in 10 goals I wouldn't boo him. That would be very disrespectful. Don't know why fans resort to it. Only makes things worse.

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28 Oct 2015 15:18:21
The sad reality is that fans in this country just aren't ready for cultured, controlled football. The best teams all around Europe both international and club like to play the ball around and pass (yeh that's right pass the ball) . English fans just want 100 mile an hour hoofball, crunching tackles etc. etc. that's why you get spanked on the world stage because technically you are way behind and the fans don't have the patience to allow that kind of football in this country!

When a foreign manager tries to instill a new mentality and style of playing. He is accused of being arrogant and blind. Yes it can be frustrating at times, but you can't expect the players to get it right immediately. Quality passing football takes time to develop. However, fans like you lot will hound RM out and then we can bring in an English style manager and go back to playing 1980's hoofball football just to keep you happy!

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28 Oct 2015 15:48:19
No it's not, it's because on the world stage your not allowed to tackle, and every bit of contact results in a player throwing himself to the floor. Boring, boring, boring. 1980 football mmm. Recall we were actually quite good the. Oh ye that's right, fast flowing football with players who knew how to tackle. Know which I prefer.

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28 Oct 2015 16:25:40
I agree aflm78. We are behind. All you have to do is see the winners of Champions League in the last 10 - 15 years. Not many English clubs there.

Although Arsenal are playing an attractive passing style game for a while now with no success. At the same time I really do admire how Arsenal is run. Very good shrewd manager who doesn't like spending massive amounts of money and actually makes the club proper money.

Arsenal are so consistent and I like to watch them. I'd love to see their patience in the way they play and Wenger pay off. They have everything apart from silverware in recent years. Beautiful stadium, lovely football and consistently getting into Champions League.

Injuries do at times let them down. I far rather there approach to running a club than other so called top teams spending £100's of millions on players.

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28 Oct 2015 17:11:27
Woburn the fact that we were actually quite good back then is completely irrelevant. And although we were good as a club the national team were awful. If we want to be really successful in this era controlled, passing football is the way forward, and will benefit the national team too (if more and more teams go in that direction) . We need to be patient and allow RM the time to change our philosophy!

NBTB you are right Arsenal are the best passing team in this country. Sure they have not won as many titles as boring, park the bus Chelsea have in recent years, but I know who I would rather support every week!

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{Ed025's Note - arsenal are a proper club aflm, not like the city,s and chelsea,s of this world who i regard as plastic..

28 Oct 2015 17:27:49
aflm is right, Martinez wants us to pass the ball around, yes it is overdone at times, but I put that down to the Midfielders not wanting to take risks. I hear fans at the match all the time screaming for us to launch the ball up as often as possible. These are the same fans who say they dislike teams like Stoke and West Brom for the football they play. Once RM goes the fans will want a Mark Hughes or Tony Pulis and then start moaning they want more attractive Football. Well, you had it and wanted to get rid of it. How many teams in the league play good Football. Arsenal as much as I dislike them, Swansea, Southampton and City. The rest are old fashioned negative teams run by dinosaur managers, Van Gaal at Utd, Mourinho at Chelsea (to a degree) . New managers that have come in will start playing attractive Football are Bilic and Klipperty. Too many horrible teams in the league, we need more dynamic Football.

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{Ed025's Note - im with you there swan..

28 Oct 2015 17:27:50
It's not irrelevant, it shows that fast flowing football is far more entertaining than this pass pass nothing. As for Arsenal, always the same pass pass nothing. That's why they will again win nothing this season. Would rather watch Leicester.

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{Ed025's Note - for me woburn arsenal are the most entertaining team in the prem, but i suppose it takes all sorts mate..

28 Oct 2015 18:15:44
I agree Ed as I was the first to point out Arsenal above. You could put Utd into the comment you made about Chelsea and City Ed. Seems like they are all going the one route of buying the league. Remember Ed about the Everton dream we mentioned only a couple of days ago?

For me Arsenal are doing that for years. Haven't won much but definitely the most consistent team in premiership for the most of 20 years now. When is the last time they didn't get into champions league?

Imo rules should be brought in to control the spending of those 3 clubs Utd, City and Chelsea. Rules for the whole league. To encourage clubs to be run like Arsenal.

Its far more realistic and prudent. Would do the league and everyone involved good. Apart from greedy agents that is. Would prob benefit the national team also. Which god knows needs to be done for a long time now.

Look at the home grown talent Everton are bringing through. Without spending big money. I was a big fan of Moyes. Not convinced of Martinez but its time to move on and his style of play is more up to date and the direction the clubs in England should be taken.

Don't like mentioning Barcelona and the likes but they are the ones winning the champions league. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and so on. We need to change to compete with these winners in Europe. That's what they are. The winners of Europe and the sooner the premiership find a way to consistently compete with them the better for the premiership and for the England team.

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{Ed025's Note - FFP was supposed to level that playing field NBTB, but nothing has changed and if anything the richer clubs are getting further away, Arsenal like ourselves are a proper club and had to cut back to afford their stadium yet still have managed to achieve CL football for 20 consecutive seasons, that for me is down to a good board and excellent manager, and that is the example I would like us to follow, now all we need is a good board and an excellent manager mate.. :)

28 Oct 2015 18:48:13
I agree Ed, we'll have to give Martinez a bit more time. See where we are at the end of the season, eh? A new stadium wouldn't go a miss either. Sadly, can't see anyone pulling that out of their back pocket at the moment.

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{Ed025's Note - nor can I mate..but the dream lives on..