07 Mar 2022 21:28:47
Well I genuinely think we are going down. No way there are 3 teams worse than us. Carragher was being polite saying our defence is a championship defence as not even that good.
Coleman has been a great servant but is so slow now and is constantly getting caught out. Keane might be one of the worst centre backs the premier league has ever seen. The less said about holgate the better and consideypickford is England number 1, you could spend £5m and get a goalie who was as good if not better.
I feel for lampard no idea why he took the role the club is a joke. Even the 2 full backs we signed clearly aren't good enough as can't get in this team!

1.) 07 Mar 2022
07 Mar 2022 21:42:28
If it wasn't for pickford, thisd be 8 or 9 by now.

2.) 07 Mar 2022
07 Mar 2022 22:20:38
If it wasn't for Pickford a fragile team with no confidence wouldn't have conceded a quickfire second.