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28 Oct 2020 13:14:10
I see Liverpool have another injured defender, and David Luiz is set to miss at least one game for Arsenal.

Apparently MOTD are starting a petition to have all the Everton squad banned for the entirety of their careers.


1.) 30 Oct 2020 14:39:17
its now allisons turn to have his say to the echo today. wish they would let it drop. at the end of the day last season the flag would have gone up, pickford would have seen it and stopped now they have to wait till the move finishes.

2.) 30 Oct 2020 17:50:05
The media have a lot to answer for they just won't let it go.

3.) 30 Oct 2020 21:49:32
Can you imagine if Liverpool had a proper injury like McCarthy, Coleman or Gomes!
Never hear the ****in end of it!

4.) 01 Nov 2020 12:50:57
Regarding Alison's comments can't take a 28 year old bloke who wears his wife's tights to play football too seriously!




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05 Feb 2020 17:54:01
Been looking at the accounts after all the discussion re the financial situation. Before I go further I will admit that I do this for a living (invest in companies) so come with this with a little bias in what I am looking for in accounts, so Eds please accept my apologies if this doesn't make sense from a purely footballing point of view.

For me there are a few aspects to the loss that are noteworthy. The first is the make up of the turnover. Gate receipts and other commercial activity income are actually down, so whilst income stayed roughly the same the club relied mainly on TV revenue and sponsorships to remain where they are. I may be wrong, but both of those things are reliant on on-field performance I think? We all know about that now don't we.

As far as costs are concerned. operating costs and salaries alone give the club an operating loss of more than £22m. Player cost is depreciated over a number of years (presumably the length of the contract? ) , which results in, and we have made big losses in the transfer market itself. The majority of the headline loss of £100+m is because of player amortisation (£95m) , so it's tempting to say it's the cost of buying players that is putting a bad light on things.

BUT, take a look at the operating costs. that is a massive loss right there - £29m on turnover of £188m. Bugger.

We all know that there are a lot of players on the books, and it's been said that around £5m will be saved from not having a few players on the books after the summer. I am sorry, that does not begin to cover the actual cost of running the club.

So here's my point - at long last I know - costs have to be trimmed and income has to be increased. Would you as fans accept an increase in admission price? Who or what would you accept cut from the running of the club?

Don't forget there is a LOT of cash to be found very shortly to pay for the new stadium. On current financial performance any loans are going to be viewed as very risky so will be very expensive - high interest payments.

Eds, do you know if the club are in a position to do a debt for equity swap? if not how on earth is the new stadium going to be financed?


{Ed002's Note - I am not sure what accounts you have been looking at but you as an investor in clubs need to look at the FFP accounts and not the annual return - which I assume you know but have chosen not to. I have explained the club is living beyong its means and I appreciate you have figured that out. There is no equity swap that is viable as you should also have noticed that the club has been used to guarantee borrowings from a third party - currently to the level of £150M.}

1.) 05 Feb 2020 23:24:35
Ed002, is that third party anything to do with Usmanov or is it other outside influences?

{Ed002's Note - It is a separate company.}

2.) 06 Feb 2020 13:10:27
What you have fallen into Sussexblue is looking at the released figures from the last financial year 2018/ 2019 (13 months)
Not taking into account this years dealings (which you or we don't know yet) and then factoring in a 5 million or so saving which will be in the next financial year.



30 Jul 2018 17:29:32
Been reading the various posts on here for years now. It's always interesting, sometimes gets a bit fractious, is def hard to understand sometimes, and quite often funny.

During that time we've had so many new beginnings it's hard to remember them all. So much so that yesterday my 12 year old asked me why I bother, why Everton and not Brighton (nearest club) , or Arsenal, or one of the other clubs that win things.

It made me think, and here's my two penneth on why I bother.

For me, it's much, much more than football. I know a lot of clubs do a lot of good work in the community. Everton, though, have a free school that changes people lives by making it cool to go to school when everyone else has failed. The pros in the club paid for housing for homeless people out of their own pockets.

If a request is made by anyone, the club bends over backwards to help. For example, I sponsor a charity that helps kids go to schools they would not otherwise be able to go to because they can't afford the uniform. A request went into EFC for some old/ used PE kit, and we received a response that simply blew us away. Generous is not the word to describe it.

I am sure there are many more examples that are simply not made public.

So, whilst I would love them to win everything in sight, sign every galactico on the planet and be the world's biggest footballing brand, I am quite happy to follow a team and a club that contributes more than that.

So if they don't get into the top 6 this year I'll pull what is left of my hair out, grind my teeth, and then be happy to be blue.

I told that to my son, and the look he gave me made it clear he thought I was bonkers and very strange all at the same time.

What about you, why do you bother?


1.) 30 Jul 2018 18:26:24
Good post Sussex, you’ve summed up how many of us feel as blues.

2.) 30 Jul 2018 18:31:47
Well said! Need a few more like this. We aren’t going to win league or CL. Probably not a cup but if the players and fans show pride in the blue and play quality football I’m more than happy. We are losing the league to American, Arabic, Russian, billionaires. There clubs are no bigger than ours. We have to build and have to come together as one!

3.) 30 Jul 2018 18:46:45
Great post Sussex.
I, like you, don’t buy into this idea that it’s all about trophies. It can’t be. Many, many fans support teams far lower down the footballing ladder than Everton and moan far less. In my time as an Everton fan, over 30 years now, I’ve had pride in the way the fans and the community has conducted itself. Current expectations of some fans though are unrealistic and unhelpful.
True fans back the team through good and bad.
I’m feeling positive about the new season - at the very least we know Silva will go out to win games, press teams and excite the crowd. Bring it on!

4.) 30 Jul 2018 19:05:57
I bother because when I was a kid growing up on the most deprived estate in the country, only one pair of trousers one pair of shoes and a bike made up of stolen parts (sorry about that by the way) . I could go to school and compete in football bragging that made me forget that I had nothing.
I could hold my own and no one could argue.

We won stuff, we played the best football you’ve ever seen. And I was equal to those who had.

If they never play like that or win anything ever again in my lifetime I will still be grateful and loyal. Although I yearn for silverware right now.

My son is a red, but he knows not to ask why I’m a blue. And if he ever did he’ll just be told that I didn’t make the choice. I was chosen.

5.) 30 Jul 2018 21:51:18
That post really struck a chord with me Sussex.

My dad was a blue, his dad before him also, and I became a blue as a result. I was given a season ticket at 5 and went to near on every home game till I was 18 and moved away for Uni. For those 12/ 13 seasons, I mainly saw relegation battle after relegation battle (which was horrible and stressful) until I went away. That happened to coincide with our upturn in fortunes and we finished comfortably in the top half.

I’ve not had a season ticket since or managed to get to a game for 12 years or so as I live on the South Coast. 4 weeks ago my son was born and I have been thinking of whether I push him to become a blue or let him decide his own fate.

I can’t claim I was in it for the trophies (the year we won the FA Cup I was on a school residential and couldn’t go the game) but I remember some great games and players over the time I watched. I missed out on the golden 80’s squads but remember watching some great players who inspired me to kick a ball about in the park. Whether it be Hinchcliff whipping the ball in, last ditch defending by Ball, Watson leading from the back (what a cracking player he was) , Davy Weir, Richard Gough (old timer but great understanding of the game) ; the likes of Beardsley, Parkinson, Kanchelskis, Speed, Arteta or Cahill running the midfield; Cottee, Fergusson, Radzinski (loved his pace) up front; or two of the best players I saw pull on the shirt, Martyn and Southall. all these players brought me entertainment and hope at 3pm on a Saturday. That’s why I stuck with the blues. Sure for every one of those named there was a Barlow or Angel but they were my team.

Do I allow my lad to follow in these footsteps or carve out his own heroes? The big advantage I had was the affordability to go to games to see all these players. In this day and age I feel the games on TV are going to capture the imagination of youth - the more you are on TV, the bigger your support base will be. Where that will leave us. anyone’s guess is as good as mine.




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28 Oct 2020 13:19:27
I think Sunday showed that the current system needs pace, and without Richarlison even the quality of James is negated - just a little too slow. Put Siggs in there as part of a re-jig and we are in trouble.

Would Wilshere solve that? Not sure, even without his injuries.




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06 Nov 2018 08:37:07
Risks worth taking. I remember a midfielder who had a penchant for breaking his legs, considered much too risky by many to even thinking of signing. Peter Reid was his name. Whatever happened to him?


{Ed002's Note - Loanees can be signed on a permanent basis at anytime during the loan. Today or tomorrow even.}