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29 Jan 2022 20:46:46
Eds, muller being mentioned, any chance?


{Ed025's Note - i would love to say yes pauly, but i feel its very unlikely mate..

1.) 29 Jan 2022 20:59:50
Pity though. I think he could a Klinsmann if he came to the prem.

2.) 29 Jan 2022 21:38:49
He could certainly give it rice!

3.) 29 Jan 2022 23:09:35
Dfs. funny.

4.) 30 Jan 2022 12:56:56
Too light for the Premier League.



05 Dec 2021 15:59:04
Ed02 I can't believe that brands has resigned. Was it really his fault? Is he the fall guy? What was he actually brought in to do and was he allowed to actually implement it? This club is an utter shambles.


{Ed002's Note - The problem was initially that the owners was being advided by two third parties. Then there are the severe financial issues, and then there is Benitez wanting control of all transfers.}

1.) 05 Dec 2021 16:17:11
Worrying Rafa and moshiri in control
Of transfers. We need a full clear out including Rafa. Start again clean slate with a PLAN.

2.) 05 Dec 2021 16:10:17
Ed02 do you think its a good move?

{Ed002's Note - no.}

3.) 05 Dec 2021 21:23:57
Great news, he should of been sacked long ago, responsible for the worst recruitment in the history of Everton.

4.) 05 Dec 2021 21:31:56
It's OK saying Benitez out next but who comes in? There's not a mass of quality managers out there, especially ones that would take a down step. Whether he stays or not, the fact is we have no money, will likely lose Richarlison, maybe more and we will have no choice but to get youth more involved. Gordon, Simms, Dobin and Branthwaite need a run of games.

5.) 05 Dec 2021 21:32:31
Defo Uran mate pleased to see the back of him, Mr Moshiri is to be applauded.

6.) 05 Dec 2021 21:47:54
Applaud Moshiri? Really? At the moment Moshiri is getting a lot of good faith probably based solely on the new stadium, which whilst a great achievement will mean nothing if the issues on the pitch aren't sorted.

I agree Brands had to go, but his failure is almost certainly not of his own making. Bought in to do a job, then by all accounts over ruled at almost every turn. Given managers to work with who just want to do their own thing and ignore him. Spent most of his summers trying to flog Steve Walsh's failures whilst Moshiri and his 'advisors' went over his head signing more useless dross that he would later have to sell.

Nothing that has happened on the pitch in the Moshiri era has progressed us as a club. Nothing in the youth set up, nothing in the u23s. No culture, no philosophy, no plan and no clue. Genuinelly believe we are now well and truly the laughing stock of English football, not an article is written about us that doesn't mock our transfer activity.

The only thing that changes that is results and I'd say Rafa has until the end of the Palace game to sort that out, or he will be the next in an increasingly long list of expensive failures.

Sad, sad times.

7.) 05 Dec 2021 21:58:56
Great post EFCONE. I’ve seen a few of GB’s posts and Rafa and Moshiri are off-limits for criticism it seems so tread wisely! Rafa needs gone: 4th worst manager in our history and our worst run in 22 years. How can anyone justify that?

8.) 05 Dec 2021 22:30:34
Spot on that efcone apart from I really feel benitez should be judged at the end of the season not now.

9.) 06 Dec 2021 00:01:19
Totally agree EFC

After 5-6 years and over £500 m wasted we are not appreciably any better than we were before Moshiri bought us

Disgusting - nothing to be applauded.

10.) 06 Dec 2021 11:08:41
I'm with ED002 on this, in my opinion sacking Brands is a mistake he could of, if given the power to do so made the necessary changes required to progress the footballing side of the club. I would love a statement from Brands just clarifying who he actually wanted to buy and who he had to agree to buying. can't see it happening unless he writes an auto biography.

11.) 06 Dec 2021 12:56:09
I’m sort of with you Sa90
I don’t why you bring in someone like Brands and then handcuff him so he can’t do his job
And take advice from these third parties over and over again!
It’s very sad times I just hope the players returning from injury make a difference.



30 Aug 2021 15:59:08
Please let's not turn towards man utd again! Havent we learned from the past? This club needs to step away from cast offs and keep finding gems like gray. Lingard would be a massive mistake. Hopefully we move in a different direction. Before anyone says gray was a cast off, I'm not sure what happened at Leicester but there were clubs looking to pay big money for him before they shipped him out to Germany. I was personally ecstatic we got him for 1.5m. The likes of lingard will never improve. He is what he is and that's inconsistent at best. Look at shnids!? Fantasitic on loan and then awful when he secured a contract. Stop repeating the same mistakes and we'll, eventually, move forward.


1.) 30 Aug 2021 16:56:15
Kanchelskis Howard neville Saha were pretty good cast offs from Man Utd. I’m struggling to think of a bad player we have taken from Utd - then I remembered schniderlin.

2.) 30 Aug 2021 17:25:18
One word Pauly. Kanchelskis.

3.) 30 Aug 2021 17:34:22
I would like Lingard for Everton excellent player would excel with Rafa.

4.) 30 Aug 2021 19:28:57
Wasn’t Gray a cast off? A player not needed isn’t always a bad player. We’ve had many players who’ve done really well that were surplus from other teams. Forget about where they come from and look at whether they can actually do a job in improving us.

I remember Rangers wanting rid of a 21 year old Duncan Ferguson in the 90’s. That one turned out well for us. Then there was Peter Beardsley, Arteta was no longer needed in Spain and Nigel Martin was a fine acquisition too.

There are some bad examples too but it’s not something to outrightly dismiss in my opinion.

5.) 30 Aug 2021 21:18:49
Lingard was one of the best performers in league since he went to West Ham.

6.) 30 Aug 2021 22:02:50
Rangers didn't want rid of dunc. Beardsley? C'mon how old r you? He was no cast off. Arteta? I'm sure it was nothing to do with potential. Nigel Martyn? Wasn't he just past his best in the eyes of Leeds? As for kanchelskis? He had major, major debts that needed big money to pay off and in fact he was in trouble with the Russian mafia. He wanted to leave for those reasons. Lingard is crap. Always has been crap and always will be crap. Same as blomquist, neville, o kane, Whiteside, Hughes,

7.) 30 Aug 2021 22:20:51
Don’t forget Gibson and Cleverly whilst your at it Pauly!

8.) 30 Aug 2021 22:29:47
Learned what from the past? Kanchelskis/ Neville/ Howard/ Saha were fantastic signings. Gibson was decent at times. Only really Schneiderlin was a total bust that I recall.

Lingard wouldn't be my first choice, but he would be a very decent signing if the price was right.



29 Aug 2021 15:55:28
I've got to say this. what was the point in the moise kean signing? I remember ed02 saying, at the time, that it was a stepping stone move and that he would eventually go back to juve. What has this all been about then? Money? A favour? Development? How on earth can everton allow themselves to get involved in such shady behaviour? Is this just the way football works? Why have we lost money on a player who was never meant to stay or who never wanted the move or was allowed to move purely for financial reasons? Can ed02 please explain how he knew this deal was dodgy from the start?


{Ed002's Note - Not so much dodgy but always planned to work out this way as I explained.}

1.) 29 Aug 2021 23:25:11
His move to us as ed002 told us previously was a stepping stone Pauly. Unfortunately looks like he fell in the river!

Whilst the club were hoping for him to do well and improve which would have enabled us to profit from his purchase and future sale unfortunately it never worked out that way.

I think it was a fair risk to take by the club as he was touted as being the next big thing etc. Just a shame he never showed it for us and I don’t think the C.V. has helped regarding us being able to sell him.

Quite interesting that PSG with all their money didn’t want to purchase him after he did well with them - that in itself suggests there could be some potential issues with him and maybe he’s not as great as everyone originally thought he would be.



17 Aug 2021 09:14:08
Hi eds. Insigne is apparently interested in a switch to Everton? Is this paper talk or does it have some substance?


{Ed002's Note - Lorenzo Insigne (LW/F) Lazio were shocked to be told Insigne would cost €50M earlier in the summer - particularly given he is 30 and entering the last year of his contract so will not be making an offer. Napoli are open to selling or including him as part of a deal for players they are interested in and offered him to Chelsea in exchange for two players and to Spurs as part of a deal for another target. Neither club were interested in him, certainly not unless they halved their valuation. Napoli have now instructed his agent that an offer of €30M would be listened to. His agent has said he has spoken again with Chelsea and also with Liverpool - but it will go nowhere. Barcelona interest went when it was clear selling Griezmann would be an issue - and they were looking for a very cheap deal. There is a suggestion that Benitez would be interested in taking him to Everton to add to their Left Wing collection - it makes little sense although with the departure of Bernard and James Rodriguez perhaps Benitez sees something I don't - Lingard seems a better fit. Inter are interested in taking him but would want to include players in any deal or pay far less than the revised €30M asking price - and they have preferred targets. Atletico Madrid will offer a loan solution but that will not suit Napoli so Atletico will return to their Matheus Cunha solution.}

1.) 17 Aug 2021 10:28:37
Cheers Ed.

2.) 17 Aug 2021 11:34:43
Hi ed002 - you say with the departure of James Rodriguez- has a deal been agreed somewhere. I know the club has said he’s been made available but didn’t realise anyone had firmed up their interest in him? Cheers.

{Ed002's Note - His agent has agreement for him to move elsewhere.}

3.) 17 Aug 2021 11:58:12
Thanks for that Ed. Shame to see him go, but if it generates some income for the club and takes a large wage of the wage Bill can only be a positive with our current ffp issues.

4.) 17 Aug 2021 13:59:50
Great info as always ed002. I've heard a rumour that James has an agreement with Athletico Madrid, do you have any info on that or is that just a wild rumour?

{Ed002's Note - His agent has an agreement bbut there is a complication at the moment.}

5.) 17 Aug 2021 14:27:56
Hi ed002, great info as always. You mention Lingard seems a better fit than Insigne. Are we interested in Lingard?

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

6.) 17 Aug 2021 17:53:06
Thanks ed002.




Pauly's banter posts with other poster's replies to Pauly's banter posts


16 May 2022 22:26:30
I've got to say its very strange how decisions are going against us just when we need them to go for us. I'm not shouting "conspiracy" because its fact! VAR is corrupt. I will never change my mind on that. FFP is also corrupt. In fact the whole organisation of world football is corrupt (proven with the bungs) . If only we could return to the 70s/ 80s and see some real football. that's the era for me. I know a lot of you will go further back than that but I'm sure we can agree it was real football back then.




02 May 2022 18:02:16
For all you posters who say the championship is harder than the prem. mitrovic.42 games.41 goals.


1.) 02 May 2022 19:13:20
No idea how mitrovic having an amazing season means that it’s not a hard league?

More games over the period of the league and usually a harder schedule with less time between games.

2.) 02 May 2022 20:08:03
Pauly, shouldn't every championship striker have 30-40 goals then, judging by your reckoning.

3.) 02 May 2022 20:10:40
Your reply doesn't make sense to me.
Look at how many he scored in the prem. Richy and dcl would break dixies record if we drop.

4.) 02 May 2022 20:25:54
If my reply makes no sense then your original post clearly doesn’t as you’re basing it on his stats this season. However this season appears to be an anomaly for mitrovic though.

Previous seasons in championship
26 goals in 40 games
12 goals in 17 games
4 goals in 25 games

So not sure how you think just because a player is having an amazing season this one and has scored 40+ goals that the championship isn’t a hard league.
He’s clearly playing out of his skin at the moment.
However will he continue his scoring record in premier league?

5.) 02 May 2022 21:34:00
Dentielad he was crap in the prem. Most posters here say the championship is harder. It isn't. Let's see how he does in the prem. Same as solanke. Scoring for fun now but in the prem crap. I could go on but gingerdan has all the stats so ask him.

6.) 02 May 2022 23:31:26
So because mitrovic and solanke are scoring well in the championship it’s not a hard league?

There are 46 games in league, you then have to also compete in the FA cup and League Cup.

There is also the EFL Trophy against first teams of clubs from league 1 and 2 that the under 23s have to play.

The competition in the league is of a very high level and very rarely is there a massive difference between the top 8 teams in the league (all can beat each other) - unlike the premier league which is a 2 horse race.

The Premier league is a cracking league with the so called top teams in the country in it, however it’s so one sided with the top teams usually always finishing in top positions and hard to beat.

However the championship is a different beast altogether, with the majority of teams able to beat each other it makes it harder over the course of the season to maintain a position in the league. Also that coupled with the extra games you have to play and the more congested schedule it is in my opinion a much harder league than the premier league.

7.) 03 May 2022 11:48:28
Isn't the majority of cup defeats we suffer to championship teams? We better not go down the or we'll not get back up.

8.) 03 May 2022 22:30:14
No - the majority is to PL teams by far.



02 May 2022 17:49:45
I'm starting to think Frank and Everton were made for each other. I've been a critic of his and this squad and I never liked him really. Now I see a man who looks like he gets us. I see real emotions and the truth coming out from him. I see us galvanising as a unit again for the first time in a decade. Maybe, just maybe, we prove to be a perfect match. Tbf his record has come under severe scrutiny but if you delve into it, it really isn't that bad. I like listening to him. he's the first manager I can honestly say who's press conferences and pre/ post match interviews that I look forward to since david moyes. I really hope he does the impossible at Everton because he looks a genuine fella and I think he is already and always will be an Evertonian.


1.) 02 May 2022 19:48:30
Good post Pauly, what we do need is some stability in the manager role. Chopping and changing is not going to help. We need to give Frank a few years so he can revamp the whole squad, get rid of the under-performers and those who are being paid well over there value and get some good, young, and hungry players in to replace them. Hopefully Frank and Kevin Thelwell can form a good team and build us a squad that can win us a few trophies (with Moshiri and Kenwright taking a very back seat) . In the meantime we need to stay in the Premiership.

2.) 02 May 2022 20:08:15
Agree Mike.

3.) 02 May 2022 21:52:55
The back seat of the world's longest train ideally blue mike.

4.) 02 May 2022 21:55:58
Whatever happens, he should stay and be given the chance to build a team.

5.) 03 May 2022 13:27:37
Lampard and Everton are a great match. My fears where that it was the wrong time and circumstances and my fears have not lifted as of yet.



01 May 2022 16:00:58
Back in our hands! Absolutely best performance in years. I love you all! Get in! UTFT!




30 Apr 2022 18:05:12
I know that Chelsea ain't getting much sleep tonight. Whether that helps us in any way I don't know.





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14 May 2022 09:53:22
If they want to go then sell them. that's been our problem for years. Hanging on to mediocre players who underperform week in week out on massive wages. They are superstars without actually achieving anything. Rip it up and start again. Richarlison deserves to play at a higher level? Really? He disappeared for 3 quarters of the season! DCL an absolute 1 season wonder and now he wants to go to arsenal? Why? Better chance of mixing it with other prima donnas based in London? Get rid and start again. Invest in young hungry players who concentrate on football rather than fashion. Get players who do it on the pitch rather than say the right things off it. Sick and tired of our club buying these "big name" big salary players. Go back to basics. Get winners. Get players who are focused and committed. That 80s team was full of unheard of names. No superstars until they played together as a team and achieved success. BACK TO BASICS PLEASE!




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27 Apr 2022 21:54:02
He has cost us more than he has won for us. Modern day footballer. Famous before ability.




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29 Jan 2022 23:09:35
Dfs. funny.




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29 Jan 2022 20:59:50
Pity though. I think he could a Klinsmann if he came to the prem.




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15 Jan 2022 23:00:41
No. I'm not loyal to crap. I'm loyal to a man who will sort out this bunch of crap because I know he has our interests at heart. Its never about the players at Everton football club. It will only ever be about the heart of the man who is called the manager. He ticks every box for me. You should wake up a little bit.





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16 May 2022 08:53:02
Just 8? Rip it up and start again. I don't want to keep any of them. We need players who are comfortable on the ball. I don't see any in our team.




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15 May 2022 22:03:25
The point should be why didn't var ask the ref to look at the monitor in the city game with us.




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02 May 2022 21:34:00
Dentielad he was crap in the prem. Most posters here say the championship is harder. It isn't. Let's see how he does in the prem. Same as solanke. Scoring for fun now but in the prem crap. I could go on but gingerdan has all the stats so ask him.




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02 May 2022 20:10:40
Your reply doesn't make sense to me.
Look at how many he scored in the prem. Richy and dcl would break dixies record if we drop.




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02 May 2022 20:08:15
Agree Mike.