02 Mar 2021 10:54:07
As a staunch evertonian of some 35 years living in Leeds i can't imagine me ever doing this again. I may get stick from some on here but here goes RIP Ian St John i grew up watching saint and greavsie when we could and would regularly give our red neighbours a good tonking great days in my early football supporting years.

1.) 02 Mar 2021
02 Mar 2021 11:44:51
No problem Toffbwoy, he was part of the fun of rivalry with my mates as kids mate, Reds and Blues playing on the park jumpers for goalposts and so on '

RIP Ian StJohn.

2.) 02 Mar 2021
02 Mar 2021 12:19:27
Good shout Toff. Might have played in red but was a proper player. Got to like him when he retired, he gave out medals to us at a local final I played in. I walked up with my Everton shirt on and he just laughed and called me a cheeky bugger.
Him and Greavsie put the Sky mob to shame. Loved that show.

3.) 02 Mar 2021
02 Mar 2021 14:50:18
I didn't see him play as only born in late 70's but loved Staint and Greavie growing up.

4.) 02 Mar 2021
02 Mar 2021 15:20:06
Nothing wrong with that mate he was a top man.

5.) 02 Mar 2021
02 Mar 2021 15:26:49
Very sad to see him passing so young, I have to say that since I am one year younger than him. Watched him often, didn't like him too much then but hope he RIP.

6.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 11:27:27
Cannot see why anyone would dislike Ian St, John, may have played for our neighbours, but was a very decent bloke, both on and off the field, agree with others, Saints and Greavie were a joy to watch, r. I. p.

7.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 14:54:40
Didn't like any of the Liverpool players when they played us, nothing personnel, just one of those things.

8.) 03 Mar 2021
03 Mar 2021 21:46:19
Saw St. John play in his prime and beyond. Met him once out walking his dogs. Best memory was when driving towards me on a very narrow road, one of those who dares wins situations. He blinked first and then called me a **** Priceless.