24 Feb 2021 16:23:24
So we will know by the 17 March at the latest whether we get the nod to start building the new ground. This is the latest that the Secretary of State for housing etc can take to make his decision.
Given the year we have had, and the Government's statement to ensure it supports development and jobs moving forward. It would seem a no brainer that approval will be given.
If that happens then work can commence Spring/ Summer of this year.
Don't know about you lot but I just want to see contractors and machinery working on there, then I can start believing that this is really going to happen.

{Ed025's Note - i think that's what we are all looking forward to BB, I know it will be sad to leave the old lady but you have to move with the times and this could be a turning point in the clubs fortune I would hope mate..

1.) 24 Feb 2021
24 Feb 2021 16:43:18
I know what you mean Ed, I have a lot of DNA in Goodison, and some of the best memories of of my life there (luckily the missus won't see that bit) . But by the time the new ground is built I will be in my late sixties, so they need to get a bloody move on๐Ÿ˜‚.

{Ed025's Note - im in that same boat BB, I just hope im around to actually go to it mate..

2.) 24 Feb 2021
24 Feb 2021 18:30:58
Goodison is special to every Everton fan. But the new stadium will hopefully be special for us and the future generations of Toffees. It looks brilliant. Good article in the Echo breaking down the development process.

3.) 24 Feb 2021
24 Feb 2021 19:50:17
Goodson was the first for so many things. This is because the fans and the club are able to embrace change. Moving to our new stadium is just another step in our impressive history which we will all be ready to embrace.

4.) 24 Feb 2021
24 Feb 2021 20:07:25
Someone made a really good point on twitter he said tickets will be like gold dust now and if you can get one grab it with both hands as it could be the last time you get to go which really makes it hit home I'm very lucky that I'm a season ticket holder. I have to admit though I will definitely shed a few tears at the last game and I will cherish every game I get to goto between now and then.

5.) 25 Feb 2021
24 Feb 2021 23:42:32
Don't get too go to many games anymore, but was a season ticket holder throughout the 70's and 80's. I think it would be a nice touch by the club to allow current season ticket holders to purchase their seat as a memento to the memory of the Old Lady.

6.) 25 Feb 2021
25 Feb 2021 08:31:35
I was thinking the same Brassington. Another idea which I'm only too happy to do is when the final season comes I'm happy to let a fellow blue use my ticket to go one last time as the place holds so many memories for every single one of us.

7.) 25 Feb 2021
25 Feb 2021 20:30:49
It depends if the project has to be called in for higher scrutiny. 17th March is the latest for the SOS. I'm certain it will be given the go ahead by then.

On the stadium though I believe the stadium is great but you need everyone to be pulling in the same direction for it to be a success. If you look at what has happened to Arsenal and at Spurs. There seems to be many moving parts moving in different directions.

Spurs decided to stop investing in the team when they went to the stadium. Arsenal plumped for safe and status qou.

We need to go there with the same ambition as we do now and keep trying to move forward whilst learning lessons of the past but also from others.

I think with this director of football, manager and board including Moshiri AND Kenwright, we have the ambition to learn from others.

8.) 26 Feb 2021
25 Feb 2021 23:27:24
I am still on the season ticket waiting list, followed the Blues all over the uk in the seventies and Eighties, but never owned a season ticket, been on it three years now, so if not successful, think of me Brassington :-)