20 Feb 2021 23:01:37
Excellent result. Made up but also feel we should be going there and winning. With the amount of injuries they have why not? It's just 3 points and need to back it up and put some wins together.
Anyone notice how that fantastic broadcasting society 'the beeb' failed to highlight the disgusting cheating by salah and mane?! Ironic how he portrays his religion after goal celebrations yet he cheats every time he sets foot on the pitch! Not sure who is the biggest disgrace Salah or the BBC?!

{Ed0666's Note - can you please pinpoint where it says in the ‘Quran’ which is the central religious text of Islam where Mohammad Salah cannot fall to the ground when fouled? Just enjoy you’re three points and a well deserved win but please try and keep you’re ‘English Defense League’ rhetoric between you and you’re knuckle dragging friends.

1.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 00:50:43
Can you also point out to me were in the Quran, Hebrew bible, tripitaka, bible or any other text associated to religion were it encourages cheating and dishonesty? Bet you don't publish this?!
Deeply offended by your pathetic response. I have no association to the edl etc etc far from it. So why you came up with that link I have absolutely no idea. Guess you are just very bitter about the result. For the record most of my mates are lfc fans (oh and non edl supporters too) even they all agree Salah is a cheat irrespective of his religious beliefs. I was merely pointing out the irony whether he be christian, jew, Muslim or Buddhist.

{Ed0666's Note - I have no problem with losing to you're team. You deserved it as you were Trojans and brave.
While we’re on the subject of religion weren’t the crusades fought in the name of God and how many innocent lives were taken? Isn’t that a form of cheating? slaughtering on battlefields hundreds and thousands of blameless people on either side.
You’re so quick call Salah a cheat yet there’s no stonewall evidence to the contrary. Who says he’s a cheat? You? Well let’s all listen to a keyboard know it all and let you be the authority on simulation. Salah gets manhandled game after game and he goes down sometimes. I’m sorry his falling on the floor isn’t graceful enough for you but newsflash when you’re getting kicked from pillar to post by a big solid guy grace goes out of the window.

2.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 05:37:35
Leave it out lads. Let's not spoil the weekend with petty squabbles. The vast majority of footballers go down far too easily. We have a few in our team that have taken lessons at RADA

Just enjoy a great win. a deserved win.

{Ed0666's Note - there’s a difference between cheating and going down easily. Like you say fair play to you guys you came to Anfield and came away with the points. No complaints from me. Good luck to you boys for the rest of the season.

3.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 09:29:02
I read all this and thought two things:

1. Simulation is a form of cheating. Whether it be Salah, Richarlison or anyone who goes down to manipulate decisions from the officials. Sadly, it’s part of the everyday game nowadays. Didn’t Rashford or someone recently talk about being coached how to do it? It’s part and parcel or the game - not one I agree with but it’s there unfortunately.

2. Religion has nothing to do with it.

4.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 10:04:19
Good post BR. Sarah might want to get in touch with Rashford’s coach. I think we all accept that players will take advantage of contact these days, Richy does. In my opinion, Sarah and Mane did employ these tactics to an extent that should have been punished and wasn’t.

Anyway, forget that, we beat Liverpool at Anfield last night. Happy Sunday everyone.

5.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 14:01:43
Banter is banter and it’s always good to have a healthy rivalry between the two clubs but draw the line somewhere and win with dignity. It was a good day for you guys and Richarlison took his chance well but leave religion out of it.

6.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 16:43:23
Yeah fair play and good comment. Irrespective of my thoughts on Salah and or mane I'm not doubting there ability. Also I for 1 also think klopp is a class fella and manager. Good luck to lfc for the rest of the season. I'm sure you will pick up and this season was always going to be a difficult task with unprecedented injury levels (I know every team has injuries in a season but liverpool have been very unlucky in this area)
I won't say anymore on the matter and never wanted to set out to offend anyone so more than happy to draw a line under it and move on.

{Ed0666's Note - yes mate let’s just move on and draw a line. This is a conversation over a glass of something rather than text.
Talking about having a drink the amount of abuse and ridicule I’ve endured since yesterday should have me being a raging alcoholic. I truly hope you don’t beat us for another 22 years otherwise I’ll have to go into hibernation 😂

7.) 21 Feb 2021
21 Feb 2021 19:18:22
To be fair it's one win at anfield in 22 years. Like I've said majority of my mates are reds and they have battered me with abuse for sometime lol. Bigger picture is liverpudlians are class irrespective of whether red or blue and the city has 2 fantastic football teams (5 if you include tranmere southport and marine! ) . If i see you in a pub in liverpool post C.V. 1st drinks on me :-)