19 Feb 2021 00:45:02
Changing the subject but anyone else think that the MK move to PSG was always on the cards? His agent is the most corrupt in football and can see through his sudden turn in form. PSG are probably the 2nd richest club in the world and find it hard to swallow his sudden turn in form! What I witnessed was a mardy teenager plodding around the pitch. Think we all know who's pocket is getting lined here 🤷‍♂️.

1.) 19 Feb 2021
19 Feb 2021 07:39:29
Wouldn’t say there was a sudden turn in form lancer. He clearly had talent and that’s why we bought him.
To go from playing in our mediocre set up who seem to be adverse to making forward passes to playing with the world class players at PSG who play attacking football he’s clearly going to get more chances to score.
Couple that with the belief that the french league is a less demanding league than the pre over league and no wonder he looks a different player.

Will be interesting to see what happens with him - can’t see him wanting to play for us again, didn’t seem to want to when he was with us. However surely him doing well at PSG will be to our benefit as potentially pushes up transfer fee.

2.) 19 Feb 2021
19 Feb 2021 11:37:49
Thats how I see it too Dan .

3.) 19 Feb 2021
19 Feb 2021 15:43:16
An lfc fan / mate of mine scoffed at us asking 70 million. thing is why not. Not saying we will get 70 million but surely a significant profit on what we paid for him. Maybe he's not suited to the prem but certainly on current form one of the best strikers in europe so maybe not unreasonable to expect upwards of 50 million?!