18 Feb 2021 03:18:23
Think we need to take a step back and put everything in perspective.

Carlo is 18 months into the project, which have been 18 months like no one has ever seen before.
Took a team flirting with relegation up to challenging for top 7.

We have improved personnel in certain areas of the pitch and he has got some.

1.) 18 Feb 2021
18 Feb 2021 07:39:31
Yes ou are correct, just can't understand why he continues to play Siggy who continues to do nothing in most matches, it's like playing with ten men. Not only does he play but players who are playing better on the night get substituted and Siggy plays the full match.

2.) 18 Feb 2021
18 Feb 2021 08:09:50
Whilst I agree with a lot of the above posts to an extent. I can't lie, it is frustrating that we always seem to fall short recently. I appreciate the fact we are better than last season, but watching West Ham and Villa improve ahead of us is very disappointing if I'm being really honest.

For me we need to finish above those 2 sides is how I will gauge Carlos performance.

3.) 18 Feb 2021
18 Feb 2021 12:16:19
Take many more steps back and we will be falling off the cliff.

4.) 18 Feb 2021
18 Feb 2021 13:17:59
Won’t finish above hammers or villa or Arsenal. Won’t even finish in top ten.