21 Sep 2019 16:48:18
Ffs where do we go from here we are so lost it's embarrassing we've spent 100's of millions to be this rubbish so many new dawns followed by thunderstorms is it any wonder we are a laughing stock I'm so depressed as is the norm being a toffee.

1.) 21 Sep 2019
21 Sep 2019 16:58:27
I think i'm finally in the Silva out crew as much as I hate to say it. I always think we should give managers a chance but his lack of idea with formation, defending set pieces and player choices has me worried. A bad result mid week may be the end for him and his staff.

2.) 21 Sep 2019
21 Sep 2019 17:03:25
Couldn't agree more with your comments. Its sad being an Evertonian at the moment. Silva hasn't got a clue.
What's the answer? Man City next.

3.) 21 Sep 2019
21 Sep 2019 17:16:33
9-0 lol.

4.) 21 Sep 2019
21 Sep 2019 19:37:30
We are so predicable playing across the back left side to right then to pickford then the across the back again right to left back to pickford No midfielders looking for the ball In the meantime the opposition are yawning waiting for us to have a go in there half Silva has to go.

5.) 22 Sep 2019
22 Sep 2019 09:45:20
It’s so hard being an Evertonian. We have our expectations built up thinking we’re in for a great season and then 6 games in and it’s turning to custard very quickly. Something is very wrong on the training pitch or in our mental approach to games and i hope someone/ something has the answers very quickly! Does anyone know how ruthless Brands can be? I should think it’s him who has sway over the first team coach stay/ go decision. I’m not in favour of silva being fired right now, I’d like to see Moise kean and Tosun get on the scoresheet next couple of games and turn our possession game into a ruthless attacking game, if that doesn’t happen (and soon! ) then Silva will be for the high jump. Probably a win on Tuesday will give him a lot more time, a loss and. well I don’t know, we just all get even more depressed and have yet another few days post game ruined and curse the pain we seem to continually inflict on ourselves for being Everton fans.

{Ed025's Note - i know what you mean MJB its never been easy being a blue, but on the bright side we are 1 point behind spurs who are in 4th mate..

6.) 22 Sep 2019
22 Sep 2019 10:37:08
Well when you look at it like that Ed with that nugget of sunshine I’m full of the joys of spring and will thoroughly look forward to every game. Things aren’t going so well for Poch and Spurs either, must be football flu and we didn’t have a jab.

{Ed025's Note - you would think we would be used to it by now MJB..