03 Jan 2017 17:22:54
I've said this before and I think it is worth re-iterating players recruited in January need time to bed in so expecting a big impact this season is not rational. We have played 20 games so far and have two more games in January before the window closes. Assuming that most of the deals will be done late in the window then we have 16 games left after the window closes. The new players will take time to be integrated into the team so realistically they will impact about 12 games (March onwards) . Don't get me wrong, this could be important, but we also need the existing players (those not sold in January) to show a significant improvement if we have any chance of getting into Europe this year.
Having said that it also points out that the last thing we need at the present time is panic buying. If we can't get the players Koeman and Walsh have identified then we should wait until the summer and supporters need to be patient.

1.) 03 Jan 2017
03 Jan 2017 21:16:41
Not entirely true. Gana has been one of our best players from the 1st game without any transition period. Maybe defenders might need some time but forwards should not take as long.

2.) 03 Jan 2017
03 Jan 2017 21:57:04
Well Gana joined on the 2nd Aug. and had his first game on the 14th Aug. so he had almost two weeks training with the team so I rest my case.

3.) 03 Jan 2017
03 Jan 2017 23:28:57
OK but 2 weeks training is not 12 games and he has performed from the 1st minute. Arteta joined in january and helped us into the champions league and many others have helped their teams beat relegation or win the title. If your theory was correct then nobody would buy anybody in January and it would be pointless having the January window, why purchase a player who is only going to have an impact for the last 4 games.

4.) 04 Jan 2017
04 Jan 2017 01:19:17
Who said anything about four games. The point I was making is that it takes time for players to bed in especially those from overseas. The expectation that the new players coming in during the January transfer period will make a huge difference to the outcome of this season is just unrealistic. I hope that I am wrong but time will tell.