19 Jan 2021 18:05:03
Liverpool echo reporting we’re ready to make a concrete offer for mobido sagnan from socieadad defender 21 ish please excuse spellings.

{Ed002's Note - Everton would need to pay over the odds to have him qualify for a Work Permit.}

1.) 19 Jan 2021
19 Jan 2021 19:03:11
Cheers Ed, I’ll believe transfers when they’re in the kit shaking hands with Carlo, just desperate for a bit of news and presumed the other nutters on here like to be kept aware, what’s the big help is the realism you add so we can judge the value of what’s out there in the media, once again thank you and keep it coming 👍.

2.) 19 Jan 2021
19 Jan 2021 21:06:46
Really don't think we are short on centre backs for the foreseeable future. So don't see the point in this, unless he can play right back.

3.) 19 Jan 2021
19 Jan 2021 21:25:16
Also reporting it’s cover for branthwaite as he’s gone on loan - that makes absolutely no sense though as why would you loan a player out and then buy a player to replace him?

4.) 21 Jan 2021
21 Jan 2021 00:28:31
Any links to defenders surely must be nonsense a right back maybe although I'd be very surprised if we signed a RB this window whether loan or perm. I'm not sure we will sign a RB in the summer, offensively is were we need to concentrate on after we have got rid of the players surplus to requirements.

{Ed002's Note - Everton have been looking at RBs as I have explained.}