28 Dec 2020 21:51:00
Tom Davies could leave due to fans criticism. Barkley went through a similar time . Davies hasn't performed as we would and I'm sure he'd have liked . His attitude is never questioned . At Sheffield on Boxing day he was one of if not our best player . Confidence plays a huge part in a players ability to perform at their best . To hear groans from the crowd when he receives the ball helps no one. Our home grown players suffer most from criticism, such a pity we turn on our own .

1.) 28 Dec 2020
28 Dec 2020 21:55:04
Yea been loads of groaning from the crowd this season hasn't there megsey.

2.) 29 Dec 2020
29 Dec 2020 08:22:43
Barkley had to leave because he cocked up his private life and needed to move out. Davies has got a very good game in him, but too many poor ones. Having an affinity for homegrown is understandable but it won’t bring success. If winning things requires having the best players who are from outside the city or didn’t come through the academy then fine by me. Not ideal, but I’ve waited too long for silverware.

3.) 29 Dec 2020
29 Dec 2020 09:50:09
Great post Ace, I have an affinity for it in fact.
Seriously though off pitch exploits and on pitch shortcomings are not comparable are they?!

4.) 29 Dec 2020
29 Dec 2020 11:10:09
Barkley had enough problems off the pitch, the cctv video of him brawling was one of many, so the crowd was the least of his problems! TD has been unlucky imo. He's never really nailed down one position that he can call his own which has seen him being used in a variety of roles, a jack of all trades but master of none. He's had more managers in his short career than most and none of them have got him to bed down in one position. There is talent there he just needs nurturing and, after our last game, why not have him in a more defensive role? Rather than showing him the door, let's see uf he can do a job there if and when required?

5.) 29 Dec 2020
29 Dec 2020 12:04:46
Moans an groans from the crown are due to him doing nothing for the last 5 seasons the lads nor good enough the quicker you wake up an see this the better soon as allan an gbamin and are fit he won't see a game for us.

6.) 29 Dec 2020
29 Dec 2020 15:44:08
Davies and a couple of others are not good enough, if we really want to progress it’s time these sort of players are moved out.

7.) 29 Dec 2020
29 Dec 2020 16:44:20
Totally disagree Tom has shown if played in the correct position he is a good enough squad player. His versatility has been his undoing. Given time and a consistent position I believe he will progress as a player. Also how do you know Gbamin is a better player than Tom as a defensive mid?

8.) 29 Dec 2020
29 Dec 2020 17:38:22
Cos the papers said he was sa😂.

9.) 29 Dec 2020
29 Dec 2020 20:12:22
The reason we purchased gbamin was because the likes of tom davies was not doing his job in midfield look at the stats the lads not good enough. People keep saying in the right position the lads seen how many mangers and all do the same thing he does not start unless needed. If you won't everton football club to challenge in Europe tom davies is not the name you won't on your team sheet. I have seen holgate play defensive mid and he was better that tom davies in the same game just my opinion some will agree some wont.

10.) 29 Dec 2020
29 Dec 2020 21:40:17
I agree mate Davies is just not good enough, have watched him so many times and so many mistakes, we do not need that sort of player if we wish to progress.

11.) 30 Dec 2020
29 Dec 2020 23:41:14
My view on RB is going to the World Cup ruined him. The pundits gutter press made him out to be this footballing god, when it didn't happen for him they all turned on him including the fans. Yes his personal life did him no favours but neither did we.