16 Aug 2020 16:14:04
Hi guys, regarding Newcastle bidding for Tom Davis, my personal opinion is that a loan move may benefit both the player and the club. Whether it be to Newcastle where he might get regular game time with unforgiving fans like ourselves, or even up to Scotland to either Celtic or Rangers. He'd be playing in a pressurised environment where ever not less than a win is acceptable.
As an Everton Ian that's the mentality that I'd like to see us have.
It could be the making of him but also help Carlo make up his mind about him.
Just my thoughts I could be way off the mark, just thought it'd be a win win for Everton.

1.) 16 Aug 2020
16 Aug 2020 18:34:15
I totally agree Kerry one of my biggest hates about our fans in the vile abuse our young local players get at the game I have 1 old fella behind me in the lower Gladys who can't wait for Tom to do 1 misplaced pass and he's up screaming at him I have had more than a few words with him my view is we should back our young players to the hilt and then we might see a different side to them imagine being Tom knowing fans can't wait for you to make a mistake so they can abuse you now that's pressure give him a loan move I would like to see him go to Bournemouth a nice family club.

{Ed0666's Note - I cant be a hypocrite every time I went to Anfield and Lalana was playing I was the same, I’m ashamed to admit it I couldn’t wait for him to fuc* up so I could abuse him. But then again I paid for a plane ticket, hotel accommodation, match ticket, expenses etc to watch my team I’ll say whatever the fu*k I want if a player ain’t performing.

2.) 16 Aug 2020
16 Aug 2020 20:35:41
Potty mouth :0)

{Ed0666's Note - you’re right mate I apologize for the expletives.

3.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 09:47:53
😂😂 ed0666 fair enough my issue is if it's not Tom Davies the same fans will then turn on Gordon or Braithwaite it's one of the things that truly pisses me off my feelings are they are kids doing what we can only dream off and if the manager has faith in them then as fans we should support them maybe if the fans support them they might play better as it can't be nice knowing that even the slightest mistake is jumped on by the stands.

4.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 10:00:09
I think we can forgive the odd mistake - Davies has underperformed for some time now. Perhaps he is just not as good as we all hoped he would be. Carlo doesn’t seem like he’ll press on with players who don’t make the grade.
He’s shown he’s willing to give Gordon and Braithwaite a go, let’s hope they kick on and improve. Either way, the squad is poor in quality and depth. Still need to shift some deadwood and land 3 or 4 players who can come in and make an immediate impact.

5.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 10:56:45
JBtoffee you say he's shown he is willing to give Gordon and Braithwaite a go he has also shown he is willing to give Davies a go I would like to see him go to a club like Bournemouth on loan I am not ready to give up on him just yet and think a move away from the toxic element of our fanbase might do him good.

6.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 11:42:16
These are professional footballers, earning an absolute fortune, and some of the displays consistently now have been horrendous, if they are not good enough which unfortunately a lot of our team are not, not just Tom they need to go if anyone else is daft enough to buy them.

7.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 11:45:14
He is 22 years old. He looked amazing when he first came in the team but has since been playing in a struggling team and off the bench mainly. I suspect his confidence is a bit shot! I agree about the negative fans. some have always done it to our guys. some choose the ref to get at . others choose our young home grown players. If we were winning games and his confidence grew. perhaps they would shut up?

8.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 11:58:19
Lets be honest, every fan in the country will have a go at a player if he is not good enough. Sigurdsson gets plenty and that is also because he is not good enough. If we want to be a better team next year i am sorry but Davies shouldn't be in it.

9.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 13:28:41
Branky - what choice did CA have but to play Davies?
He’s picking from the squad he has. For me, Davies is not up to scratch. CLewin was also playing in a struggling team and still showed his quality. We will definitely be investing, just need to be patient.

10.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 14:03:23
Patient? Season starts in 4 weeks. we were 12th last season. We have made 1 signing and let a few go. and talk of letting Davies go? How does that improve us? Please explain. Davies is maybe not showing the best form. but we have other players still on our books and wage bill who are nowhere near the first team squad. Likewise, I think we are still paying past managers? Whenever people talk about getting rid of players. that should be if they are disruptive, continually injured or you have a better player ready to sign. As far as I am aware, we have noone ready to replace Davies? He is not disruptive and is probably one of the fittest players we have. Look at it like going into battle. you don't just get rid of soldiers because they are not the best. you have to have replacements or fight with less men.

11.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 19:18:53
I'm Being serious if we don't sign a midfielder I woukd rather play besic over Davies.

12.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 20:49:46
I agree Degsy getting rid of Tom is the least of our worries. Low wages and works hard. There are currently at least 2 midfielders on our books that we pay more for every week and get less out of.

13.) 17 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 21:31:36
He’s been playing in an empty ground, so using the fans as an excuse just doesn’t stack up. To my mind he is no better than Dowell, and look where he is now.
Sadly the majority of young players who come through the system just don’t make that step up. Davies has had ample opportunity to stake his claim to a place in the team. I don’t feel he has done that, and can’t see him getting any better in the future.

14.) 18 Aug 2020
18 Aug 2020 00:39:38
Degsy - if it gets us 12M to complete the deal for Allan, it improves us a lot.

15.) 18 Aug 2020
17 Aug 2020 23:45:37
When it comes down to it his tackling is poor you feel like he could be sent off any game, his passing is poor and very limited in range, he doesn’t make driving runs forward, he hasn’t got much pace for tracking, He doesn’t make intelligent runs to give other players space on the ball. This isn’t to lack of game time he has had plenty he just hasn’t taken the next steps he isn’t good enough local lad or not.