08 Aug 2019 13:08:52
Reports of bergwijn from psv as plan b to zaha.

1.) 08 Aug 2019
08 Aug 2019 13:29:12
As long as 1 of em come off i'll be happy. need more attackers.

2.) 08 Aug 2019
08 Aug 2019 13:37:24
Don't think it's going to be zaha as it's been reported he was at training but was in the gym liverpool echo reporting this via mail live blog.

3.) 08 Aug 2019
08 Aug 2019 13:52:40
Would love to see either. I just worry zaha is too expensive. We could but bergwijn and lozano for same money. Both having 4 years on him. Would love to see zaha though. I think he's quality.

4.) 08 Aug 2019
08 Aug 2019 15:42:20
Announcement on biased sky sports zaha is staying palace have done there business no one else leaving or signing hour and twenty mins to go can’t see anything else happening looks like we going see lot of Walcott again unless plan b c d comes in to action well I’m praying.

5.) 08 Aug 2019
08 Aug 2019 15:55:15
We will revert back to what we used back end of the season and that is Richarlison on the right with Bernard on the left.