06 Aug 2019 14:44:14
Watford observer claiming we have had a second bid of €40m knocked back for Dacoure, they also state that the player is not interested in the move as he wants a top 6 side. If true then we should move on from this transfer.

1.) 06 Aug 2019
06 Aug 2019 15:27:00
Funny the reports from the French media state dacoure is interested in joining us and it's not as if dacoure has had loads of interest from in him teams in Europe.

2.) 06 Aug 2019
06 Aug 2019 16:22:43
Don't believe all you read blue gray mate, Marcel is about to reveal some real magic, bring it on.

3.) 06 Aug 2019
06 Aug 2019 17:04:47
Report I read was Watford didn’t think we were a step up 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I had to check the article wasn’t something old from April Fools Day!
Someone at their club clearly needs counselling for early signs of insanity!

4.) 06 Aug 2019
06 Aug 2019 19:35:51
I think we all know the owners of Watford would sell if the money is right.
I mean who thought we would have got Richarlison so soon after upsetting them.

5.) 06 Aug 2019
06 Aug 2019 21:15:29
Still unhappy we got their manager, get over it, we said nothing when they nicked z cars.

6.) 06 Aug 2019
06 Aug 2019 22:34:08
Watford is just a small mentality football club.