13 Jan 2014 22:37:26
Right Lads

. I was the one who broke at the start of July Vic Anichebe would be a West Brom Player.

I have some interesting news about heintinga he has spoken to Martinez and has asked about his current role. Hence he had made a couple of appearences in the last few week's.

Heintinga may well be leaving but it is possible he may end up back in Spain other people are suggesting that he will move to Fulham to potentially play along side hanglland.

More on batshuyi (however you spell his name) Everton have not held talks with his reps but are seeking assurances regarding his knee problems he has had.

Martinez is looking at a few players under the radar. The one that seems most interesting is Ste Fletcher. Martinez likes the way he will graft for a team and isn't afraid to battle. Martinez has been disappointed at times with lukaku and is thought to want to Give him back. I think you may see him replaced with enough Belgium Benteke in a 16.5 mil move in the summer. Other targets

Fletcher 5 mil
N'yang -8 mil
But this is the best one

I have it on good authority that Everton will break their transfer record now or in the summer. Fact is lukaku scores 20 goals were sign him but Martinez knows he is beyond his targets. Lukaku himself would prefer to play in Italy but shhhhhhhhh

1.) 14 Jan 2014
So much of that makes absolutely no sense. I have said already that I think Lukaku gets a few too many plaudits and has gone missing for two or three games in a row before scoring and then goes missing again. However that has nothing to do with his talents and more to do with his age and the fact that he has nobody competing with him for a starting place. Your rumours however seem so illogical

2.) 14 Jan 2014
That last paragraph makes no sense sorry

3.) 14 Jan 2014
I think you havee combined research on rumour sites and paper talk, combined that with what you think is going on ir will go on and have come up with this while claiming you have it on 'good authority'. fletcher rumours have been paraded around with other clubs and I think you have picked up on that and attempted to create a plausable rumour. furthermore, fletcher would cost more than 5m as there is no need for sunderland to take approx. a 7m cut to what they had paid for him.he may not cost the wholefigure sunderland paid, but 5m is a dodgy guess. So, lukaku has not impressed martinez, whilst benteke has been winning his applauds this season? rubbish, why would we spend that much on someone who seems to be going down the jelavic road? bad post in my eyes mate.

4.) 14 Jan 2014
In face the second to last paragraph and the last paragraph totally contradict each other. I think :/ can anyone else make head nor tail of this please?

5.) 14 Jan 2014
14 Jan 2014 21:33:38
that was a joke post right? please tell me it was, if not, what absolute tosh, martinez wants to give him back? well why doesn't he do it then we will have no strikers whatsoever, fletcher is off to spurs and niyang well just no, if that post was a joke then apologies but if you were being serious that is up there with some of the worst I have read

Mike-Ox Long

6.) 14 Jan 2014
Fletcher from sunderland? Most overrated striker in the league and worst hair transplant

7.) 15 Jan 2014
Me thinks we're preparing for a big money move for Wayne Rooney.

8.) 15 Jan 2014
Fletcher is a boyhood red nose he won't play for Everton

9.) 15 Jan 2014
Our Hibbo is a boyhood rednose. doesn't mean anything to be honest

10.) 15 Jan 2014
15 Jan 2014 16:12:19
hibbert a kopite? ha I've heard it all now, what absolute rubbish, think you mean osman mate

Mike-Ox Long

11.) 17 Jan 2014
To all you guys that doubted me. We are now favorites to sign Fletcher and you all tried mugging me off. :) just saying . Nothing personal just start listening ye

{Ed025's Note - we will do from now on mikey..