03 Sep 2013 10:31:24
I assume Lukaku will not be eligible to play against Chelski. I also assume that Kone will now be fifth choice striker behind Lukaku, Jelavic, Velios and Hibbo.

1.) 03 Sep 2013
Pure class love it. I will be laughing all night

2.) 03 Sep 2013
You forgot the tea lady


3.) 03 Sep 2013
I can't bash kone anymore. Possibly in the top ten of poor buys behind claus thomsen. Believe it or not I'll still support him at goodison week in week out. But he does look poor for a player in his prime?

4.) 03 Sep 2013
No, jelavic last

5.) 04 Sep 2013
He didn't put them in order. Hibbo is obviously tied with Lukaku for 1st choice.