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29 Nov 2020 12:40:11
Most of the posts go to the Everton Banter page

Also more posts are being added to the Everton Discussion Posts page

28 Nov 2020 16:52:04
So despite having a decent young left back who has all the attributes to be a really good player he is overlooked in favour of playing Iwobi at lwb and Davies rwb.
Really concerned with some of Carlo's team selections.
Hope it works out as well as iwobi's switch last week but I have my doubts and feel for the youngster.

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28 Nov 2020 18:09:32
Square pegs round holes!
And I’m sure Delph has played right back for city!
Unbalanced and players not looking confident.

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28 Nov 2020 18:21:13
Not even on the bench, is he injured?

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28 Nov 2020 18:29:35
Bluemike he is on the bench.

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28 Nov 2020 19:25:29
CA starting to annoy me playing people out of position. Not sure why he he hasn't brought Bernard on earlier. Obvious we needed more creativity. I thought iwobi was poor on the left today.

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28 Nov 2020 20:16:21
That dross today is on Ancelotti. Playing 2 players as wing backs who shouldn’t be anywhere near the first 11 meant we were playing 5 at the back, at home! I know people say we shouldn’t criticise him because of his pedigree and experience but Leeds pulled our pants down good and proper today. If it wasn’t for short arms it could have been 4 or 5. We just don’t have enough players who can run hard and fast for a whole game to compete. Forget skill, we do have plenty of that. Training needs to be on fitness and closing down. We were lucky against Fulham last week. 4 loses out of 5 now, we’ll be bottom half of the table in the next 2 or 3 games.

{Ed025's Note - selections are baffling to say the least MJB, i dont hold much store by reputations its the now that matters, its early days yet but we do need to see progress mate..

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28 Nov 2020 20:20:49
This was the bench according to Sporting Life
Fabian Delph61'
10Gylfi Sigurdsson
13Yerry Mina
14Cenk Tosun
21André Gomes67'
49Jonas Lössl.

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28 Nov 2020 23:58:38
Not going to get on Ancelotti back but he baffles me at times. Iwobi deserved a shirt today at rwb seeing as he did a good job there last weekend. Why he is then switched to the left when we have nkonku (probably the wrong spelling! ) Is just weird. The lad has looked unbelievable when he has played and is good going forward down the left therefore surely compliments a back 3? Davies and sigurdsson should be training with marine or southport as far as I'm concerned. Where is gordon? He was our best performer end of last season. Can understand why posters are annoyed. what do I know lol.

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29 Nov 2020 12:38:08
Mjb. Leeds probably the fittest side in prem. No surprise that Guardian has City and his previous sides at a similar level (worships the ground Belsay walks) . Make Alan the Team Captain and we will see a difference. (Coleman Club Captain) .

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24 Nov 2020 11:48:05
Luis Alberto last ear player to be linked from Lazio, must be close to the window lol.

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24 Nov 2020 22:28:54
Silly season has begun GB, also reports we are eyeing Samuel Chukwueze rumoured to be an exciting young player so fits Brands criteria but can’t see it happening.

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19 Nov 2020 19:52:17
Brands linked with move to Roma?

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22 Nov 2020 09:07:15
now linked to Man Utd I think we need to move fast and tie him down.

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22 Nov 2020 10:39:44
I know this is a rumour page but not many replies to this rumour it looks like not many blues are bothered if he goes.

{Ed002's Note - Maybe they realise that Roma has appointed someone else?}

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22 Nov 2020 12:47:04
Thought you would have an answer ed 👍.

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23 Nov 2020 07:57:33
I would be disappointed if he left as ED02 has said many times he has never been allowed to do his job properly which looked to have changed this summer so we can scratch Roma off the list but if its true UTD want him and they definitely need him as Ed Woodwood is shocking then we really do need to tie him down.

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24 Nov 2020 18:03:22
When I watched something on tv on Brands it was very clear he leaves some kind of legacy, all previous clubs speak highly of him, I just don’t see Brands leaving our project while he is just starting what he came to do and has stated that he wouldn’t be the right person if this was a quick turnaround always spoke about 5 year projects to achieve objectives.

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14 Nov 2020 17:53:25
Gleison Bremner being linked with a move to us in the January window, looks a good player.

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15 Nov 2020 08:23:25
I’d take Rory bremner at the mo - he’d probably do a better impersonation of a footballer than sigurdsson is at the mo.

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15 Nov 2020 15:34:07
Just can’t see the value in another cb unless we are moving someone on
A new rb is surely higher on the list.

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15 Nov 2020 19:37:25
Agree ST everyone can see we are struggling on the right. Think we have enough centre backs for two teams.

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10 Nov 2020 11:45:28
Ed 002 just quick question can you see the 5 subs being reintroduced again thanks for reply.

{Ed002's Note - It is possible but there remains a split between clubs and the vote has already failed twice - raising it again without knowing it will pass makes no sense. Some clubs remain hard over against it, but I think common sense needs to win out. So it remains a maybe - but the clubs will discuss it again this week.}

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10 Nov 2020 13:26:30
I just think and am speaking on everton we need it an only reason i say it is due to our last 3 games different approach if we are chasing games.

{Ed002's Note - It would require five teams to change their vote.}

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10 Nov 2020 15:03:55
We struggle to have three decent subs never mind five.
So we will reach a point we’re we can basically sub half the team. What next time outs and managers challenges?
Whatever happened to football?

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10 Nov 2020 15:19:16
I think common sense is sticking to the three sub rule, allowing 5 certainly helps the bigger teams who have a strong bench.

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10 Nov 2020 18:56:52
Agree bignev - clearly benefits the teams with big decent squads.
Can see what teams are saying regard fixture congestion but is it as bad as they’re making out? There’s always been midweek european fixtures.

Also if these supposed elite athletes are struggling to play 2 games a week or whatever then maybe they’re not in the right occupation?

They are paid handsomely to play a game we all love, have very little responsibility and have meals, training regimes etc all laid out for them - are the injuries because of conjested fixtures or the fitness regimes of clubs and players own lack of personal responsibility regarding their own fitness?

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11 Nov 2020 14:07:15
i am with Gingerdan i always get wound up by this its hard to play 2 games in a week and you have to take travel into account i know a 60 year old fella who used to work full time play 3 times during the week and sat and Sun and i want to add something else in what about the lads who travel to every home and away game while working full time and playing football at the weekend all travelling by the cheapest way poss while footballers all travel first class and all they have to do is a couple of hours a day at training turn up and play 2 games a week it doesn't stick with me i'm afraid they need to realise they have the greatest and easiest job in the world.

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09 Nov 2020 20:31:36
Ed002, any real chance of Isco winding up at Everton?

{Ed002's Note - common sense says no - it is not wghat Everton need - and there have been talks about another opportunity for him.}

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04 Nov 2020 09:58:17
Release clauses keep being raised as if triggering it is a given. Interested because I seem to remember one of the ED's indicating they mean nothing. Apologies if I got it wrong.

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps a reminder about transfer related clauses would be apt. This is a horribly complex area not least because they are written under individual national laws. They cause a great deal of misunderstanding with football supporters and the media alike.

The "buy out clause" is legally binding between a club and a player. The "buy out" is effectively what it says - a means for the player to buy himself out of the contract. As an example, if a player wishes to buy himself out of a contract, he pays the applicable FA (on behalf of the club) the amount of the "buy out" clause effectively becoming a free agent. The problem is that in most cases a player would need to obtain that money from the buying club - and this is fraught with issues regarding "tapping up" and, of course, taxation (as it can be seen as income for the player and would therefore be subject to income tax). There was a test case about the taxation issue in Spain several years ago which is why they have an exception. All players in Spain and Portugal have a clause that allows the player to buy himself out of his contract without any tax implications - the tax implications passing to the buying club - typically at 50% on top of the value of the clause for the higher profile players. This was to address a ruling from around 30 years ago allowing players a way out of their contracts. The other notable point about Spain and Portugal is that the clauses, if invoked by a non-Iberian club, need to be paid in full by the player (there are local rules that stop tax being due) but by needing to put up 100% of the money upfront would end many transfers then and there. It works differently in Iberia to elsewhere as the tax implications do not make such clauses viable in other countries, so when Arsenal purchased Thomas Party they had to provide the money to him and then he had to immediately transfer those funds to the Spanish FA – leaving Arsenal to subsequently pay the tax due on the transfer by due date. All players in Iberia must have a figure set and agreed with the club. So "buy out" clauses are very rare elsewhere. Related to this is the Webster Ruling that allows players under certain conditions to break contracts after a certain period of time (three years under 28 and two years after being 28) by paying the club the amount the club would pay the player over the remaining length of the contract. It is very rarely invoked and could easily result in a protracted legal case.

A "release clause" is far more common in that it gives a figure that the club would accept for the sale of a player to another club - but it is not legally binding except where both parties (clubs) are in the same country (for the sake of argument I should say that football Spain and Portugal count as the same country as do England and Wales) for legal purposes. These are normally unreasonably high figures (Messi at Barcelona has a €700M release clause for example) introduced to act as a deterrent for hostile bids - and even then the club could easily block a move. However, if a club in the same country does agree to match a release clause then the selling club would be obliged to ask the player if he is interested - there is no obligation on the player to make a move. For interested clubs outside of the country, the selling club may use it as a guide but are under obligation to accept a bid and may demand a higher figure – as was the case when Roberto Firmino moved from Hoffenheim to Liverpool for more than his “release clause”.

There is then the becoming popular "termination clause" which is binding between the player and the club and if met would see an offer from anywhere accepted and the player given the opportunity to make a call on a move. This overcomes the issues associated with "buy out" clauses as the money would be paid by one club to another and about the legal proximity of the buying side.

And finally, "buy back clauses". The most common way is that for a fixed period, typically two or three years, the selling club will have the opportunity to match any offer made (if the player is to be sold) by another club and buy back the player if he agrees. Rarely, clubs have the opportunity to buy a player back at a fixed price when a player is put up for sale of a two or three year period (this is what Chelsea used with a couple of players although they later negotiated a deal which gave them a percentage of the sale, as was the case with Bertrand Traoré moving from Lyon to Aston Villa). Finally there is a very uncommon variant of this where by the club have the opportunity to buy back the player at a fixed fee in year one, a different fixed fee in year two and another different fixed fee in year three if put up for sale. This was used by Barcelona when Oriol Romeu was sold to Chelsea.}

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04 Nov 2020 12:31:42
I tell you what ed002 you are one serious mush I take my hat off to you fella 👏👏👏.

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04 Nov 2020 13:31:14
ED02 regarding release clauses didn't Luis Saurez have one in the region of 40 million which Arsenal triggered but Liverpool refused to accept or did i dream that.

{Ed002's Note - It is correct that the Liverpool owners did not honour the contract.}

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05 Nov 2020 00:06:30
I doff my cap to you Ed002 for the full explanation you gave to Ducksy, good read that.

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05 Nov 2020 06:48:26
Brilliant Ed. Thank you very much. Bet dear old Jimmy H. Never thought the demons he was releasing those years ago. Gone are the days of 'I will buy the butties' wages.

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02 Nov 2020 23:37:49
Reports that Barcelona are looking to move Emerson Royal on next summer and we are linked although AC Milan are said to be favourites
Not sure if true but we are supposed to have bid £18m in the summer and may return with another bid.

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03 Nov 2020 23:43:47
Pretty sure he is a very complicated player with regards to ownership rights. Would be difficult to do a deal imo.

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04 Nov 2020 18:54:10
I believe the complication is that he was on loan at Betis for 2 years this being the second year.

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