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01 Nov 2017 22:32:36
The team look woeful.
Reminds me of aston villa when they went down.
I wasnt even this worried during our last 2 flirts with relegation.
If we are in the bottom 3 at xmas i really can't see us escaping.
Im not using that boring whos top and whos bottom at xmas blah blah blah line, i just feel that by then if we are still adrift the players will be absolutely finished mentally.

Leicester was our worst performance all season.
They are not responding to any change in personel or tactics.
I would recall dowell, play lookman and baningime more and put more of the u23s in and hopefully get rid of some in jan and then pay massively for a decent forward.
Clubs will sell for stupid money and before the moaning about inflated prices just picture a goal scorer coming in and saving the season or don't pay silly money and get yaself an A-Z for our 1st season in the championship.

I strongly believe we would struggle in the championship so a quick return would not be on the cards. l.


1.) 02 Nov 2017 07:23:21
A tad negative there mate.

2.) 02 Nov 2017 09:15:11
One word


3.) 02 Nov 2017 17:00:37
Lad if you want me to read about allardyce and dyche etc then forget prozac, ill start shooting up!
Ive watched us lift titles and cups in my lifetime and i am telling you all this team we have now is woeful.

4.) 03 Nov 2017 11:36:40
Normally I would agree about clubs around xmas being worried but not me, by then we should have Coleman, Bolasie and Funes Mori back, a new transfer window open and a chance to sort the defence and striker issue out.

Other clubs have had tough starts like Everton, but each of those have a recognised striker on their books and no long term injuries like the above three and McCarthy.

If we can get the above 4 back in and bring a couple of strikers in, possibly give Garbutt a run out and we should be fine.

Our downfall was playing too many new faces too soon and against the big boys.




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03 Feb 2018 18:10:03
Simply ****ing embarrassing.




23 Jan 2018 02:19:23
I see the negativity and derision towards SA, with the exception of the usuals, on here and i have to ask. did anyone really expect anything else?
Were you so blinded by his grand entrance that you forgot about his dismal brand of football?
Look at best he was here to fill a gap and up to now he is rapidly struggling. This is by far his biggest job. He is only here because we couldn't get our targets and one poster is right when he says he held us to near ransom and knows its his last big payday regardless of results.
Lets be honest we have failed to replace DM.
He at least gave us sound foundations to build on but we failed miserably. Now we have an investor who has ambition for this club but he is in the middle of the old boys network and his first choice ( RK ) didn't work.
I am sure he will be seeking advice and identifying his NO1 target and this time he will get the right man at the right price.
Our problem right now is hitting the 40 point mark.
Its unthinkable that we fail.
Will SA do it? Probably but itll be by the skin of his teeth. He will be hailed a hero etc etc but always remember he is now playing worse foorball than RM RK and DU.
We all need to get behind whoever is in charge or on the field and get us to the 40 point mark.
Please don't wish for M Silva as he is nowhere near big enough to take us forward.
Keep wishing for a certain Argentine over in Spain and keep ya chins up.


1.) 23 Jan 2018 07:45:28
Still bemused by the concept of getting behind the manager. Does it mean unquestioning approval of whatever he does? If not that what does it mean?

2.) 23 Jan 2018 09:41:31
I think it means not getting on his back. We can hardly sing his name from the stands and keep a straight face right now. So perhaps doing nothing is as good as getting behind him so to speak. What we can do and should do is get behind the players and make some noise. We’re so quiet sometimes it’s maddening. Should we be waiting for something to cheer about or should we start cheering to encourage some passion on the pitch? Goodison is the very epitome of the twelfth man, and currently we are not utilising it.

3.) 23 Jan 2018 10:16:11
I would have thought SA's biggest job was manager of England.

4.) 23 Jan 2018 11:10:03
The england job?
All the best players at his disposal for all those countless, meaningless friendlies and absolutely no pressure whatsoever in tournaments because they expect to go out at the knockout stages against any team bigger than Scotland?
Like i said WE are his biggest ever job.

5.) 23 Jan 2018 13:42:40
"Not getting on his back" so it is unquestioning acceptance.

6.) 23 Jan 2018 15:08:51
No glennk what i mean is we need to get behind whoever is on the pitch doing whatever he has told them to do because these players need us to shout for them rather than at them becuase we are not safe and the way it lools to me is that they will find amy excuse not to bother.
If they all start to feel the crowd behind them then maybe we can help steer us to safety.
Lad i question every game he has taken charge of but to what end? To what avail? The more we moan the worse it gets. Yes we can question tactics on this site but at the games we need to remember we are not safe yet. If we all want a new start in the prem next year then we have to start coming together here.

7.) 23 Jan 2018 15:26:49
There’s a difference between approval and acceptance. Just because you accept something doesn’t mean you approve of it. Also you can accept and still question. For instance I accept he has to tighten up defensively but I question why he changed a back four that was fit to play and therefore started conceding again.



15 Jan 2018 14:37:22
Another awful performance
Now he says we should be more boring.
Just let that sink in.


1.) 15 Jan 2018 15:02:52
Pauly, it’s a terrible thought I agree. But we’re not out of the woods yet. Needs must unfortunately and we need to get points still. SA will continue to do what he does best and even though in the back of my mind I can’t help thinking this covers over the need to play attacking football which is a big question mark in SA’s tactics, it is what is needed right now.

I’ll just keep my suspicions until after the window closes to see if he can play the football we all want to see.

2.) 15 Jan 2018 15:14:01
Who ever thought he was a good appointment. Laughing stock.

3.) 15 Jan 2018 15:43:58
Sorry but he has never played the type of football we all wanna see.
We now look worse than before he took over and were back to conceding 4.
No shots on target is an absolute debacle and hard to swallow stat.
1 shot on target in 4 games is unheard of.
How can anyone even attempt to defend him after these stats?
Wait until the window closes before judging him?
He bought tosun and isolated him.
Gylfi is still being played out of position and lookman still doesn't get a sniff.
So tell me what has he actually changed?
Out the cup at the first hurdle and now we are seeing the teams below us having an upturn.
Now the fans who travel all over the country watching the blues are now saying they will not bother anymore (a large section of them) .
Awful decision and shows the lack of direction amd leadership at our great club.

4.) 15 Jan 2018 17:29:31
I cannot understand those that argue that the only two options are reckless attack or all out defence.

To survive we need 4 wins. How is that possible without at least a few shorts on target?

5.) 15 Jan 2018 19:59:28
Chill Pauly I actually agree with you. sheesh! I just would rather see if he can deliver good football after the window once he has balanced the side (his words) . Like you I rather suspect not. But being an optimistic blue I live in hope.



05 Jan 2018 03:27:31
I think Ross is being a very silly boy.
Whether he is ill advised or has a massive chip on his shoulder i don't know.
All i can say to him is London is the wrong move for you.
I think he has all the potential in the world but he seems to hit a wall just when he is progressing.
Maybe he shouldve left his mates to go out partying and knuckled down a bit more. I don't know but what i do know is London will ruin him.
He used to date a girl in my family and she left him because of his "ways".
Someone at our club shouldve put a big protective arm around him and made sure he realised what an opportunity he had been given but sadly it looks like we've lost him to the big lights and big promises of london.
Good luck because youll need it.


1.) 05 Jan 2018 08:03:13
I think that he may well be foing something that we are all guilty of from time to time: blaming others for our troubles.
He arrived on the scene to fanfares of praise. He was praised unstintingly by Martinez as he made his way oit of the England squad. Then he came under the "tough love" regime of Koeman where I suspect he recognised tough far more readily than he recognised the love.
It is very easy in those circumstances for any of us to minimise our role by blaming others : "I was badly managed"; "I was badly coached" "I was never played in the same position twice"
It isn't in his agent's interests to disabuse him of those thoughts. Soon he believes that if only he can get away then all will be well; a thought not discouraged by this season's mayhem.
Like the rest of us who are guilty of that thinking, unless he acceprs his responibilty for his situation then he may well be doomed to repeat it elsewhere.

2.) 05 Jan 2018 08:06:06
I don’t see Barkley progression as a player, I remember a couple of years ago saying he won’t develop and he hasn’t. He hasn’t got the mentality to succeed at the highest level, if he’s terrified of fans putting pressure on him then he needs to retire now. Look at Raheem Sterling, tons of pressure on him to do well and hated by Liverpool fans and he’s thriving in it, that pressure has made him a better player. Ross won’t do that, he’s weak minded and I know people will say “well it’s not nice having your own fans booing you every week”, well that’s nonsense isn’t it, Ross isn’t being bullied by our fans, hell, some of our fans worship him to the extreme of saying he’s one of our greatest ever midfielders and he’s more talented than Rooney was and Sigurdsson can’t lace his boots etc. He’ll go to Chelsea and be exactly like Rodwell, he may have a good few games (as Ross does) and have people calling him the scouse Zidane or some nonsense. Think Ross should focus on getting better at football and not doing what Jose Baxter and George Green were doing and ruining their nostrils.

3.) 05 Jan 2018 09:00:05
Wow there is nothing like a home grown player to raise opinion levels is there? I think some of you are talking a bit emotionally. Yes footballers are a fortunate lot. Yes fans have different opinions. But also yes they are young men under lots of pressure for lots of reasons. I know from Sterling's point of view that he was also a bit of a bad lad, but has fortunately matured and done ok. That was after changing clubs. Perhaps a change of clubs is what Barkley needs? Perhaps he suffered one triple leg break that hampered his career? Perhaps he has been out injured for a long period due to a hamstring injury and post operation? Perhaps he is still only 24 with potentially another 10 years? Perhaps Chelsea and Spurs recognise he has some talent and hence wish to chase after him? Perhaps its not just Lukakus goals and presence we have missed? Time will tell. Yes he may do a Rodwell. I suspect there is talent there and he is more likely to do something in between Rodwell and Sterling. I still think there is a very good footballer who has suffered injury and confidence problems. Yes I also suspect he is not the brightest button. but maybe he will mature? I hope so but not at our expense.

4.) 05 Jan 2018 09:24:13
Ok. Two points I’d like to make on this and keep it simple.
Firstly, regardless of his age, he is an inconsistent performer. This was excused when he was very young. But now rheee is no excuse as he’s had ample time to get more consistent but still struggles.

Secondly, his personal life has developed to the point where he needs to get far away from the city, so he will.

Putting the two points together and you have issues that are entirely his responsibility. He’s not going to play for us again so it’s fair to say thanks for your services and all the best in your new club.

Now let’s go and find someone to do his job better.

5.) 05 Jan 2018 09:24:46
Footballers are under no more or no less pressure than us mere mortals Barkley is a good player that has had a great opportunity given to him by his hard work and no doubt a bit of luck. The fact that his career has stalled is down to choices he has made. I can't recall him once saying anything negative about the club as a whole so as far as I am concerned whether he stays or leaves good luck to the lad.

6.) 05 Jan 2018 09:39:49
The difference is this, Sterling, whilst he had inconsistent performances, there were things he could improve, his shooting and ball retention which he has improved. The stuff Ross needs to improve can’t be taught, I just don’t see the talent people go on about, talent is either having one big attribute (like Sterling with pace and trickery) or being good at a few things (Dele Alli) , Ross doesn’t have any one good attribute to name, I’m not saying he’s terrible, he’s not, I’m simply saying he’s never going to be good at everything but doesn’t have that one trick to do. It’s obvious what he’s going to do, go left then right then left then hit it at the defender, same thing every time since he was 17. I’m made up he’s going for many reasons but it’s going to be a laugh seeing people who labelled him the next Gerrard try and explain themselves. He’s nowhere near Gerrard, anyone who has read my posts on here knows I don’t rate Jack Wilshere in the slightest and still don’t (outperforming Xhaka in 2 games doesn’t make you good Arsenal fans) but even he is better than Barkley.

7.) 05 Jan 2018 12:40:22
Black and white are words that spring to mind. Good and bad. a few others I could list too. But in reality, most things lie somewhere between. Barkley was 2nd highest scorer with 8 2 seasons ago. He had most assists for us if I remember right. That was his only full season without major injury too since he matured I think. Yes there is room for improvement. but at 23 and being a full international and knowing that Chelsea and Spurs (and probably a lot of others that we don't know about) wanted him. just tells me not to rule him out just yet. I understand what you say about his technique Swan. He is not the most mobile of players, but he could dribble and shoot. Quite a few of his goals were from outside the box and I don't see anyone other than Rooney who will score 8 this season. especially from midfield. I would rather him stay. But if he has to go. good luck Ross Barkley. but not against us!



04 Jan 2018 00:56:19
Tosun agreed.
Signed by 12pm tomorrow and in time for lpool game.





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12 Feb 2018 13:02:02
Fonseca would be ideal.
Please stop rating SA as someone who will still be manager.
As I've previously stated he will keep us by the skin of his undies but that's it.
He has basically given up and told the players if they can't play for him then play for the fans who turn up each week.
We are woeful and the whole set up needs ripping up and re-building and it will.




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29 Nov 2017 16:33:31
What money? Players sales and tv money kidda.
Whats the net spend?
Find that out first before singing his praises.




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02 Nov 2017 17:00:37
Lad if you want me to read about allardyce and dyche etc then forget prozac, ill start shooting up!
Ive watched us lift titles and cups in my lifetime and i am telling you all this team we have now is woeful.




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19 Jul 2017 05:26:55
Club size is usually based on honours.
Top 6 every season is hardly an achievement. Sorry but everton are a much bigger club.




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19 Jul 2017 00:17:31
The lad is misguided.
Top earner?
Also heard spurs fans saying he'll have to adjust his attitude going to a bigger club?
The football world has gone insane!





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16 Feb 2018 14:07:03
4-4 old trafford. moyes
0-1 old trafford. bobby
Koeman none.




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03 Feb 2018 18:14:00
Plan B?
He hasn't got a plan A!




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23 Jan 2018 16:29:35
Reliable journo from the echo.
Cant see him risking his reputation for a fake story.
Many people were talking about this at the time and saying he isn't one for repeating tabloid garbage.




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23 Jan 2018 15:08:51
No glennk what i mean is we need to get behind whoever is on the pitch doing whatever he has told them to do because these players need us to shout for them rather than at them becuase we are not safe and the way it lools to me is that they will find amy excuse not to bother.
If they all start to feel the crowd behind them then maybe we can help steer us to safety.
Lad i question every game he has taken charge of but to what end? To what avail? The more we moan the worse it gets. Yes we can question tactics on this site but at the games we need to remember we are not safe yet. If we all want a new start in the prem next year then we have to start coming together here.




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23 Jan 2018 15:02:44
He seems to have admitted he has taken them as far as he can.
I think he is hungry for another project.
His reps contacted us ya know.
You say he uses similar tactics?
Maybe but have you seen his midfield at work? His defence at work?
When they defend they do it with guille amd determination and the midfield is so hard working it can break anyone down and then hit you hard. Also he is at a club that sells their best assets regularly.
He is young, ambitious and prepared to die for the club.
He would be am instant hit at our club and his football will evolve naturally as will his reputation as a great manager.
La liga is similar to the scottish prem and no one is going to permanently remove Barcelona or real let's be honest.
He needs a new challenge and we need a new force amd he is perfect.