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14 Feb 2018 01:53:13
It's interesting for everyone to speculate what will happen with our manager situation at the end of the season and in the future. As far as I can see he has only two scenarios which will be acceptable to Moshiri who will have to make the decision:
A globally recognized and first class coach becomes available at the end of this season and is willing to take Everton on as a long term project. This preferably will be in combination with the appointment of a DOF who will then help the appointment of the new Manager. I can't see Moshiri taking the risk of appointing a new manager who has not proven himself at a high level. It is just too soon to make another high risk appointment.
If the above does not happen at the end of this season then Allardyce will stay for the length of his contract providing he keeps us in the premier league which looks likely at the present time. I can't see Allardyce remaining further than his present contract unless he gets us into the top six and gets the team playing entertaining football.
As Ed002 has stated on many occasions Moshiri needs to have a football expert who can advise him on footballing matters, hopefully this will be a new DOF.


1.) 14 Feb 2018 09:02:07
Good post BlueMike. Imho the first will not happen. Simply because what world renowned manager will put his own reputation on the line to come and do a long term project with Everton? They would be risking everything. Far too risky.

That's why I agree with Grumpy. A manager that gets us in a good position. Like within the reaches of the top 4-6 teams in the premiership will have done his job. Once that is achieved it would become more tempting for a world renowned manager to come in.

That's only my opinion. I'm well aware few will agree.

2.) 14 Feb 2018 10:42:12
Agree completely mate, a lot of wise words spoken by Grumpy and yourself on here, you have at least two allies mate.

3.) 14 Feb 2018 10:53:46
The answer NBTB I agree is unfortunately none. I say unfortunately because none of them want to step out of their relative comfort zones of managing already established teams. Yes it's a huge gamble, but isn't everything in life? Sure it could all go Pete Tong, but imagine the kudos they would gain if they could show they have the skills to take a struggling yet half decent squad to the next level. I know the levels of expectation are greater at these already established teams where just one or two losses is considered a crisis and the various Galacticos have to have their egos constantly massaged but surely, imho, it must be easier than taking over a struggling team and turning them into possible title contenders? Fanciful? perhaps. Naive? maybe. It's just an opinion.

4.) 14 Feb 2018 15:46:10
Fully agree NBTB.

Interesting post Mike.



11 Feb 2018 23:17:49
Grumpytoffee, welcome back mate. I enjoy both your and GB's contributions to this site. As for my self I have always tried to be positive when it comes to supporting Allardyce and his stafff. However this is a banter site and we all have our opinions. What we should all remember is that we are Evertonians and should not be abusive to each other. I do believe that it is wrong to be either supper supportive or drastically negative of any particular manager. Allardyce has been pretty good at getting us off the bottom of the table and results at home in particular have been very good. On the other hand our away results have been poor and the team selection at Arsenal was atrocious to say the least. To continually pick a totally defensive team for away games is not going to help us win more away games. The old saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result applies here. Let's hope that he has leaned a lesson and picks the same side that won against CP at Watford (well maybe with Jags instead of Williams) .


1.) 12 Feb 2018 12:45:58
Very good post BlueMike and thanks for the welcome back.



04 Feb 2018 14:41:09
After the Leicester game I tried to give some insight into our style of play giving the number of times we booted the ball up field. I had one person telling me I was wasting my time and another giving me a lecture on statistics which is not what it was. What it was was a crude attempt at doing some analysis of our style of play. My question is do we employ a computer analyst at the club. If so he/ she should have identified the following trends and questions.
Using five at the back has not worked all year
Playing Williams and Keane together does not work
Playing Williams with anyone does not work
Playing Schneiderlin with Gueye does not work
Playing Schneiderlin with anyone this season does not work
Martina is not a left-back
We have two many #10's but yesterday we played with non!
Why is Klaassen being ignored?
Why did we let Lookman go out on loan?
Do the players know the game plan?
The work done on the practice field are obviously not working, do we have a plan to correct this problem?
Allardyce is as non-bending as Koeman, once a player is on his rubbish list you can forget about him. Why is he doing this to players who were presumably excellent before they came and were purchased at a high price?
What exactly does Walsh do?

You can add many more questions to this list. One thing that stood our for me at the Leicester game was the influence that Coleman had on the game. He is an inspiration and should be made Captain in my humble opinion. If any player is going to keep us up this year it will be Coleman.
I don't think that Allardyce will be here next season, let's hope that Moshiri uses Ed002's advice and get in some football expert to help him choose the next Manager. Maybe getting in an experienced and globally respected Director of Football is the way to start the changes that are needed at our Club.


1.) 04 Feb 2018 16:11:39
How about Joe Royle as DoF. He certainly knows his stuff.

{Ed025's Note - nice guy DFS but its a specialist job mate, we have one at the moment who is a chancer, the last thing we need is another one..

2.) 04 Feb 2018 17:06:11
take you to task on that one Ed025. Joe Royle a chancer. He has done well by this Club in the past and given the chance will shoot from the hip. Pussy footing about is not what we need. We will survive this season and where we are now is in my opinion where we will finish. My opinion, someone like Royle needs to be listening at the dressing room door and keep his powder dry.

{Ed025's Note - as a dof he would be DFS, great man and evertonian but no experience in what a DOF is all about mate..

3.) 04 Feb 2018 20:38:11
Love you Ed025 disagree though xxx.

{Ed025's Note - thats fine DFS, we all have opinions mate and even though we may not agree on everything we all want whats best for the club..



02 Feb 2018 14:47:16
I watched the Leicester game again last night and recorded the number of times we booted the ball upfield from our half. When we lost the ball to Leicester it is (L) and when we won the ball from the boot it is (E) .
During the entire match we had 42 boots up field 31 times we lost possession and 11 we gained possession.
During the first 20 minutes we had 16 (L) and 2 (E) .
During the period from 20 minutes to half time when we scored two we had 5 (L) and 4 (E) .
From half-time to 70 minutes we had 4 (L) and 4 (E) .
From 70 minutes we had 6 (L) and 1 (E) .
It is pretty obvious that when we boot the ball upfield we lose possession and when we are playing badly like in the first 20 minutes we boot the ball more. A lot of the time it starts with Pickford. If we have any ambition about becoming a top six club we better start retaining possession more especially playing the ball out from Pickford and the defenders.


1.) 02 Feb 2018 15:28:36
What a waste of time you spent there.

We won!

Ok we only had 44% possession at home but Leicester won the title with less.

We had 9 shots to ther 8 with 4 on target to there 2.

We didn’t just play booted balls up, and the ones we did were to Niasse or Walcott as that’s the direction Pickford mainly kicks towards. So personally I wouldn’t bet on either of them 2 winning a header against a 6ft plus defender, would you?

People only looking for negatives after a win is a joke, it was a better game for us than previous, so here is hoping we carry on with that trend.

2.) 02 Feb 2018 16:04:49
It was not either a waste of time or negative just an observation. We were crap for the first 20 minutes and the type of play reflected that. I hope that Big Sam is more open to us improving than you are.

3.) 02 Feb 2018 16:09:27
To add to my post above after we scored the first goal we improved the distribution significantly so that is a positive is it not?

4.) 02 Feb 2018 16:46:48
Although I admire your investigation, it does not make for one necessary allowance. The "boots upfield" you mention might have been a mixture of clearances or efforts by players to pickout a team mate or indeed a half hearted clearance with the hope of picking out a team mate. Unless you can identify why we booted the ball upfield, then it is irrelevant data. I am one who loves statistics and data. but as the saying goes, "there are lies, damn lies. and statistics". Did you know 87.345% of statistics are created in order to falsify a claim?

5.) 02 Feb 2018 17:35:13
Degsy, during the first 20 minutes the boots up field were panic clearances in my humble opinion and I though that we played badly. After the first goal we were more likely to try to hit a team mate. I still think that we play much better when we keep the ball on the ground. It is all a matter of opinion and I think that I am entitled to mine.

6.) 02 Feb 2018 17:59:17
The team started nervously, and rightly so after the run they've had. That should skew the stats. Let's get some confidence going and then look at how they play. If it's still the same then we don't need to worry about big Sam's tactics as he will be gone in the summer if all we can is play long ball.

7.) 02 Feb 2018 21:34:08
Not related to how we played but a related to statistics
Three statisticians Go for a job interview and get asked one simple question
What is 2+2?
The first one answers “4”
The second one answers “anywhere between 3.99999999 and 4.00000001”
The third one answers “what do you want it be. ”
Big C 😉.

8.) 03 Feb 2018 00:34:44
So did the third one get the job Big C?



20 Jan 2018 20:26:36
I don't agree that the problem is the players. The problem is that whatever manager we have we continue to play Schneiderlin and Martinez. It's then like playing with nine men and the others have to come back and support them. Don't tell me that we don't have any options. Davies is better than Schjneiderlin and we don't need to play two defensive midfielders at home against bottom three teams. Move Kenny to left-back and Holgate to right-back, can't be any worse.


1.) 20 Jan 2018 21:47:44
BM carry on with that type of talk and they will ban you from the ground mate.




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12 Feb 2018 17:34:33
Personally I think that Walsh is more vulnerable than Allardyce. We have paid a lot over the last few transfer windows for players who are not playing, not a good business model.


{Ed025's Note - walsh is a scout who thinks hes a DOF mike...its like a table tennis player thinking he can win wimbledon..



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09 Feb 2018 12:08:29
and Ed002 as DOF, what a combination.




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05 Feb 2018 12:31:15
Best post I have seen for a long time, agree completely.




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01 Feb 2018 15:42:45
We don't know what the other options were do we Johny. Probably teams fighting relegation so maybe the German option would be the best for him, although not the best for Everton. Only time will tell.




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01 Feb 2018 12:37:05
I don't blame Lookman, he has not been given much of a chance at Everton. He obviously looked at the alternatives and chose the one that he considered to be the best for him. Good luck to the lad, I hope he comes back and becomes a star for us.





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18 Feb 2018 19:18:18
I was at the game, anyone else?




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17 Feb 2018 01:51:50
I understand that delay, the people I am talking about are the glory hunters.




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16 Feb 2018 18:37:08
No I am not saying that you should be born in a city to support that team although I am a little old fashioned in that regards. The people I am talking about are those who are born in a place that has a team but offer no financial support to that team. They say however, that they support a big team like United but very really if ever go to watch United or have never lived in the Manchester area. I have more time for a supporter of a team like Huddersfield who go to the games and support that club regardless of the fact that they will probably not win anything.
I obviously realize that things have changed since my youth. Then you supported a team from your home town or one which you lived in. Now because of television and internet support is more global in nature. I am an old dinosaur and soon their will be non of us left.




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16 Feb 2018 08:37:14
I’ve been to two cup finals and we won both. The 1966 game had to be the most exciting, despair followed by joy. The 1995 game was very rewarding in that we beat United. I lived in Manchester for four years and can’t stand United nor their supporters most of whom were not born or ever lived in Manchester.




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15 Feb 2018 03:18:03
I would suspect Ed that in the cold of winter not much would be jiggling.


{Ed001's Note - it wouldn't matter if it was summer or winter, the only thing jiggling would be his gut.}