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07 Jul 2017 23:31:56
According to Jim White, Man Utd have outbid Chelsea.

Blue Tommy



08 May 2017 10:20:06
It is interesting that we have been reported recently scouting Sandro Ramirez (£6.9m release clause) and Klaasen (£20m) . Are we looking for value for money because we don't have as much money to spend as we all think? Or is it that we are planning as if Rom is staying? Or possibly even that we are saving money for a marquee signing? Either way, exciting and/ or worrying times ahead for us Blues this Summer!

Blue Tommy

1.) 08 May 2017 11:36:09
I wouldn't get hung up on money. Walsh's strength is finding quality at a good price. Sandro us only that cheap because of his buy out clause. personally think 20m is a good amount for klaasen.

2.) 08 May 2017 11:45:29
Yea that's right let's not worry that there both good additions let's worry that they don't cost enough, c'mon ay lad sort ya priorities out, I don't care if we sign 6 out of contract players spend nothing but wages as long as them players improve the squad but am sure some of our fans just want to spend 200m on 3 players just to "make a statement" haha most pathetic line in football that, who are we making these statements to exactly, ad rather improve the team and make real statements on the pitch, sorry haha rant over.

3.) 08 May 2017 13:09:21
Couldnt agree more cropper and johny. Load of bollocks how people just want us to go out an spaff 50 + mill on a player.

What is the point of doing that, when you can go and get top value for money.

Sandro is a player, he was never going to get through at Barca, not many players do. You only have to look at his record for Malaga this season. The goals he is scoring are class as well. Look at his FK against Madrid - you can't teach that type of technique, its just pure talent.

Klaasen looks a buy as well. Reminds me of Tim Cahill but technically more astute.

Cant wait for this summer me, just hope we deliver on promises, its certainly time to.

4.) 08 May 2017 14:28:49
Marquee signings are not always a good thing. For every success there at least one failure. let's stick to properly scouted players that don't cost the earth.

5.) 08 May 2017 16:49:28
What is a marquee signing? I've never heard so much rubbish, how many big money signings have been successful in last 5 years even recently can't think of many.

6.) 08 May 2017 18:16:04
I don't take this as a sign that we don't have money to spend. Looking at the squad we definitely need a new number 1, at least one first 11 center back, a new number 10 regardless of wether Ross leaves, cover for our full backs, a new winger, and a new striker (2 if Rom leaves) . If we were to spend 35 mil on a couple of players then it will be difficult to make all of the squad upgrades Koeman will want. We have the right people leading the club and the future is bright. Onwards and upwards.

7.) 08 May 2017 18:18:39
I think many of you have misunderstood the post. I have never been all for spending loads of money, nor do I actually think we need a marquee signing, providing we improve the squad in the positions that need strengthening the most.

I was just asking a series of questions for my fellow blues to ponder, so I don't really see what there is to disagree with.

If we are talking about the two players I mentioned, I think that they would both be bargains, and I personally rate Davy Klaasen highly (not that my opinion counts for much! )



12 Apr 2017 21:35:15
Just a quick question for Ed002. I know you have discussed this at length so I'll keep it as brief as I can. Do you see any situation in which Lukaku stays at Everton this summer? e. g. no-one who he wants to go to wants him or we offer him a £200k per week contract. Just interested to see how far this situation has gone. Apologies if you have already answered this, I didn't see anything below except for Lukaku wanting CL football and Everton not offering the best terms to him.

Blue Tommy

{Ed002's Note - I think it unlikely but possible. The issue with the contract was not the wages but the value of a termination clause. His agent is figuring out what interest there is and trying to persuade Chelsea he is a viable option and there won't be any further issues. Manchester United are a little stuck until they can sort out the situation with ZI. PSG never really replaced ZI and are interested - but they might just change managers this summer if things don't turn around. Bayern could suddenly appear as an interested party if MM leaves. Atletico could be a player if they win their appeal. Milan has an issue to resolve but could alos stick their head above water. Wolfsburg and Arsenal cannot be discounted as options.}

1.) 13 Apr 2017 06:01:20
Ed2 who do you mean when you say MM from Bayern? Is it Muller? Or is it Mandzukic and you meant Juve. Just a bit confused.

{Ed002's Note - Sorry, Lewandowski.}

2.) 13 Apr 2017 10:01:44
Surely some of the above contradicts his 'alleged' need for CL.
Man Utd certainly not a shoe in to be playing in CL next year and at the moment there is as much chance of Everton being CL as there is Arsenal, ie very little.

I personally think he will go but will be on Evertons terms, at a price agreeable to us - not to him, his agent or Didier Drogba.
And if he does he is going to miss out on a very bright future at Goodison / Bramley Moore.

Good player, very good goalscorer - but in my opinion poor atitude.

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what you are talking about Dave - again this obsession with money and all of this nonsense "not to him, his agent or Didier Drogba".}

3.) 13 Apr 2017 12:30:17
Wolfsburg are just above the relegation zone.

What on earth would he go there for?

{Ed002's Note - They are simply having a bad season - they have the money, a desire for the player and a plan for the club going forward.}

4.) 13 Apr 2017 14:15:31
O my god Ed002. As far as I know Everton have no plan to go southwards in the premiership. Wolfsburg are in no better position than us. Load of codswallop where he's going to go. I'd imagine there is very few places he will go to but nonetheless he will leave.

Sadly Everton are viewed inferior to the likes of Wolfsburg no matter how bad a season they have. I see a lot of people say he won't go to Utd because we are in as good a position to get into champions league. This can be viewed as true but sadly people outside Everton view us as inferior and that Utd would be a step up for him.

Possibly it is but I'm very happy with developments at Everton. People seem to still view us as inferior club and won't give us a chance of improving. I believe we will improve. Again sadly imho that will come too late for Lukaku to stay.

Doesn't bother me. Sick of Lukaku talking about his ambition. We have plenty of other players who are willing to devote themselves to Everton and not continually be talking about their own ambitions. Rather achieve their ambitions with and through Everton.

The likes of Coleman who comes across as someone who is totally devoted. Nothing against Lukaku. At this stage imho its better for everyone if he goes. Then everyone can move on. Far too much unnecessary hype in relation to it.

{Ed002's Note - Nobody said he was going to Wolfsburg.}

5.) 13 Apr 2017 14:31:01
Appreciate those points Ed.

But to elaborate on "What on earth would he go there for? ".

Why would he go there as we have money, a desire to keep him and a plan for the club going forward as well e. g. stadium, personnel, sponsorship deals improving, not to mention Europe (nearly) next season. Surely the Bundesliga is seen as a step down as well?

Just doesn't make any sense to me that he would consider going to them.

{Ed002's Note - Nobody has said he is going there. The point is that they have the money to buy him. Everton had their chance at a contract and Everton blew it - not the player, Everton.}

6.) 13 Apr 2017 14:46:24
To be fair Ed 02 Everton also have the money, the desire and a plan for the club to go forward. I think it's highly unlikely a move to Wolfsburg will be taken, but that being said the list of suitors is still long enough to see him leaving in the summer. And as you say, if past issues can be resolved then for me it will be Chelsea should a deal materialise.

{Ed002's Note - Everton do not have the money Wolfburg has, and are not regulars in Europe. Everton have had their chance with the contract and really screwed it up. I think he wants to move on this summer and Everton will get a good fee.}

7.) 13 Apr 2017 17:57:46
He is still on a contract with 2 years remaining - so very much up to the club as to whether he leaves. If the club wanted to put a release clause in then that is their prerogative - particularly after the numerous times Lukaku or anyone else has spoken of his desire to move on.

He sees us as beneath him, just a stepping stone. Well that's fine but he will get off the stepping stone when we want him to - ie at the right price this summer or if not no doubt next summer.

But if not about money and all about his ambition to play CL - then Arsenal, Wolfsburg and even maybe Man Utd are hardly a step upwards at this time.

8.) 13 Apr 2017 20:19:56
I don't really understand the "he'll go on our terms" argument. It seems a little spiteful.

I agree that him having 2 years left to run on his contract will probably put us in a better bargaining position, when it comes to selling him though the question should still be why would the club keep a player who doesn't want to be here. It seems completely counter productive from a squad harmony perspective and if he sulks then the club get no real benefit out of keeping him and his value depreciates.

Surely we are better off selling him when he wants to go, albeit for a good fee. The guy wants to play CL football. We cannot offer that at the moment and it seems like he is tired of waiting around. Fair enough.

9.) 13 Apr 2017 19:43:55
With respect ed. Wolfsburg are backed by Volkswagen? They had to fork out a huge fine over diesel emmisions I think so may not have the money you suggest.
I believe you are more knowledgable than us mere mortals but even you can't know the financial details of every club.
At the end of the day, que se ra, se ra. What will be, will be and we will all move on to moan and praise someone and something else, but it will all revolve around Everton fc and our players, whoever they be.
We coped without Dixie, young, Kendall, lineker, Rooney and we will survive without lukaku too.

{Ed002's Note - Wolfsburg as a club has a far higher value than Everton, and I have no idea why you are embarrassing yourself over this over and over. You can bleat about me all that you want - if you don't want any more input from me on this site until after the summer just say so.}

10.) 13 Apr 2017 21:38:32
I've never said that ed. And I'm not 'bleating' about you as you say. Just stating that Wolfsburg 'owners' lost a lot of money so maybe they wouldn't fancy backing their side with huge sums of money and maybe that's why they are struggling in the league?

Apart from our early exchanges, I've repeatedly said I value your insight and input. But, I can guarantee that a lot of our fans will be pushing your buttons quite tough over the summer, possibly myself included. Just hope you ready for it.

{Ed002's Note - Nobody is talking about backing clubs with owners money - the regulations limit that. I really don't think you understand finances at all. The Everton fans are naive regarding money - the expectation of £200M per window or whatever. Everton can spend what they earn and a little more injected by the owners - and that is it. It also seems that they have been invaded by some real trash who look like they wish to spoil the site for others. I will let it run for a while and then all threads being abused will be deleted.}

11.) 13 Apr 2017 21:42:40
Ed002, your .............

{Ed002's Note - Another piece of retromingent trash removed.}

12.) 14 Apr 2017 12:41:12
I understand some of the finances, but obviously Wolfsburg couldn't buy players if they were owned by Joe bloggs with a fiver in his pocket. I know there is ffp but would it be possible for clubs to get loans either from owners or using owners name (credit rating) as collateral, similar to us and the new stadium and the council and use this to buy players?

Everton always had loans we had to service until Mr moshiri took over. What were they taken out for?

P.s. don't think many of us expect £200 million per window but we hope for more than the £250 we used to see getting spent.

13.) 14 Apr 2017 20:10:15
If the bloke does not want to play for Everton or rather the current situation, Club prospects and contract are not right then he will simply move on and so will the Club. When I worked (my kids/ grown ups have a different viewpoint of my definition) , I was sufficiently endowed with the skills and knowledge in my particular discipline that I was able to pick and choose (up to a point and financial ceiling) . Players have a very short career and of course with the wages and incentives on offer those with the characteristics most in demand can also to some extent pick and choose. Who are we to blame them or demand loyalty.

{Ed025's Note - good point BCT..



02 Jan 2017 08:35:10
Probably tabloid rubbish but we've been linked to Dries Mertens for £12m today.

Blue Tommy

1.) 02 Jan 2017 08:43:59
Tommy it is rubbish every transfer window papers link us mertens.

2.) 02 Jan 2017 09:00:56
If it happens we will probably sign Riquelme as well!



13 Oct 2016 18:47:18
According to the daily rags we are looking to buy Neto from Juventus in January for £10m. Take it with a pinch of salt but it is a rumour site afterall!

Blue Tommy

{Ed025's Note - we have been shopping at neto for years tommy..lol




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28 Jul 2017 00:12:09
Not going to do ratings but just some thoughts on the players today:

Stekelenburg- suprised he got the nod but played well when he had anything to do.

Martina- looked lively but for me is definitely not the answer. Still stand by what I said before the game that Kenny should play.

Keane- Good game tonight, very promising and showed some class.

Williams- Out of shape and out of sorts. I feel like we need a new CB.

Baines- Man of the match. Played well throughout the game.

Schneiderlin- Did his job.

Gana- Played well, looked good going forward also.

Klaassen- I really rate him and he showed touches of class, and was very hardworking tonight, a bit of a headless chicken for me despite the plaudits from others.

Calvert-Lewin- I still don't see what all the fuss is about him. Didn't see much from him tonight.

Rooney- Worked hard, like Klaassen he showed touches of class but didn't have much end product.

Mirallas- I thought he looked dangerous but again no end product. Corners as bad as Barkley's.

Davies- Should have started, looked far livelier than others despite a few poor touches in his brief stint.

Sandro- His touch is unreal, and he looked great tonight. I hope he can do this against better opposition over 90 mins.

Lookman- Decent cameo.

Feel free to disagree with me, I'm just saying what I saw from my seat in the Lower Gwladys. I haven't seen any TV footage or replays.

I would have preferred to win by a bigger margin but the Slovakians set up to stifle us and we played like it was a preseason friendly. I'm not too worried but we need to improve with only 2 weeks until the first match of the season.

Blue Tommy

1.) 28 Jul 2017 01:18:23
Blue Tommy--dont give up your day job as you will never make a match analyst--was your seat an obstructive view.

2.) 28 Jul 2017 07:12:32
What did you think of the match/ players then bluewirralboy? Quick to criticise someone's OPINION but not offering any genuine debate at all. I accept that people may disagree with me, as I think that each individual sees a different match when you go to the game. It would be interesting to know if you watched it on TV or actually went to Goodison.

Then again after this you have been
sending posts moaning doom and gloom when in reality we have a lot of new players to bed into the team and it's only our 4th game this summer. Think you need to lay off the ale lad.

{Ed025's Note - i happen to agree with every assessment you made there tommy, for me it was rusty and thats to be expected at this time and the fact that we have so many new players come in, we still need a couple of players and im sure koeman knows that but rome was not built in a day and you cant just expect players to gel automatically, its about patience and we dont need knee jerk reactions when we dont perform to high standards just yet mate..



23 Jul 2017 08:15:25
Can't believe some of the negativity on here. We have signed 6 first team squad players as well as bringing Dowell into the first team set up. That's 7 players who need to integrate and gel with the rest of the squad and so far have had 3 games to do so, 3 games where most of them have only had 30-60 mins on the pitch. We also have a big change of tactics due to Lukaku's departure and need to get used to that. And you are expecting us to look like world beaters? Get real.

Blue Tommy

1.) 23 Jul 2017 08:50:18
Hi Tommy good post mate, I totally agree this is the best window so far in years and we are not finished yet, Mr Moshiri had a great vision for our Great Club and with R K on board this can only get better especially with the New Stadium just around the corner, at last we have something that we lacked in years and a big thank you to Bill for finding this guy and getting some true investment and big finance into Everton, at last we can compete with the big boys good times ahead, ridiculous to have so many negatives on what's happening let's all enjoy the ride, (we have waited long enough) cheers mate, GuernseyBlue.

2.) 23 Jul 2017 09:08:40
I don't expect us to be world beaters as the players we signed aren't world beaters. Given that we had so much change perhaps we should have more than 4 pre seasons games with 2 qualifiers, not to mention the teams we are playing! Some teams are playing 8/ 9 games and against quality opposition! The teams above us are still better and most are signing quality players! We thought we were spending big! I think all we have done is solidify our position in 7th, just my opinion.

3.) 23 Jul 2017 10:51:21
Don't read anything into pre season games other than fitness levels, it's madness to look at the result
Spurs beat PSG last night but I bet you any money you want they do better than Spurs in champions league, all I'm interested in is that we get a win in the Europa qualifier as sometimes there are shocks when you play a competition early and that come the stoke game we're ready fitness wise.

4.) 23 Jul 2017 11:14:12
The way I see it, we could still be a big surprise this season. I think Koeman has signed these players so that we can have a variety of options. Koeman can tailor the tactics to each team we play as we actually have options.

He can change the formation and the way we play with one substitution, and we will have a bench comprising mostly of game changers.

We have several players who can contribute goals across the field, which we didn't have last season.

Preseason games mean nothing except integrating the new players, developing tactics and getting fit. We were also hamstrung by having Europa league qualifiers. I think we will be fine next season.

5.) 23 Jul 2017 13:48:23
I would of liked to see us play the team he wants to play on Thursday for at least a half to see how it pans out, but I'm no manager and I'm sure he knows what he's doing, just hope the new players can handle the premiership or we could come unstuck, Rooney is doing the business at the moment but were else are we going to rely on, I'd like to see a proven striker come in just for back up.



05 Jul 2017 00:17:45
I don't want to be a downer, I am made up with all of the signings so far, and I genuinely believe that we will be a better team come the start of the season. However, my main worry is that some of the promising youngsters may be left behind. I understand the fact that to win things and make CL we need players ready now, but I would rather see Davies play than Rooney for an example.

I genuinely believe that we have a golden generation coming through, and while I don't want most of them to play every game I would at least like to see a few on the bench developing their play with the first team.

This is the way forward for us in the future, as for every Sandro we sign, the likes of Arsenal get a Lacazette.

Blue Tommy

1.) 05 Jul 2017 08:28:30
Depending on how far we go in the cups and Europa league we could have a lot of games, everybody will get there chance, I'm not overly impressed with Rooney coming back but I do feel he will give it is all, going to be a good season I think so let's just enjoy the ride and trust the manager to do his stuff 😀.

{Ed025's Note - im all for that smeg mate..

2.) 05 Jul 2017 08:46:21
To be honest and not greedy. With Coleman still out and Baines in my opinion not able to complete a full season, we need players at least on a par and perhaps even able to compete with them in those positions. Haven't seen or heard a word on this so far.

{Ed025's Note - im sure we will be looking to address those issues BCT and im expecting at least one more defender to come in mate..



15 Jun 2017 21:23:29
I've had a crap day. been passed uo for promotion at work, just got in and seen all of the transfer activity and now I'm grinning from ear to ear. No matter what's going on the Blues always have the capacity to cheer me up (or make my day 10 times worse! ) . 3 good signings. all I care about is that we are stringer come September. Onwards and uowards Blues!

Blue Tommy

1.) 15 Jun 2017 22:16:42
By, always look on the blue side of life, always look on the blue side of life, always.

2.) 15 Jun 2017 23:23:12
My typing was horrendous in that post. haven't even been drinking either! Looking forward to the new season, new signings, top quality youngsters developing. what a time to be a blue.

{Ed025's Note - amen to that tommy mate..



14 Jun 2017 10:41:54
I personally think our opening fixtures are okay. The start of the season is the best time to play the big teams as players are still settling in and more erroneous results crop up. Then we have a long period of winnable games. Things could look great come Christmas.

Blue Tommy




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12 Jul 2017 05:46:50
I would much prefer to see Jonjoe Kenny in the team than Cuco Martina.

Blue Tommy



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12 Jul 2017 01:31:46
Benteke scored 15 goals last season in a relatively poor Palace side. Hypothetically, if he can do the same for us, and we can get at least 5 goals apeice from Rooney and Sandro, then there's Lukaku's goals replaced. In my opinion Benteke could get 20 and Sandro and Rooney 10 apeice at a push so all in all would be a good signing.

He is also a far bigger threat in the air than Lukaku was so adds an extra dimension to our game. I get the feeling that Koeman wants several different attacking options, so that we can keep the opposition guessing and try something different that can change a game that isn't going our way.

Blue Tommy



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18 Jun 2017 07:55:08
Another thing to consider is the fee. Do you expect a world class player for £5.2m? If he scores 10 goals next season he is a bargain. Never mind the fact that due to his age, we will make a profit on him even if he flops. Great signing.

Blue Tommy



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08 May 2017 18:18:39
I think many of you have misunderstood the post. I have never been all for spending loads of money, nor do I actually think we need a marquee signing, providing we improve the squad in the positions that need strengthening the most.

I was just asking a series of questions for my fellow blues to ponder, so I don't really see what there is to disagree with.

If we are talking about the two players I mentioned, I think that they would both be bargains, and I personally rate Davy Klaasen highly (not that my opinion counts for much! )

Blue Tommy



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06 Apr 2017 13:50:00
I agree. I usually gauge the mood from my facebook and twitter, and I've found that in the past, it was always Blues talking about them (hence the "bitter blues" insult) . This season, I've noticed all they have done is slag us off, and paid a lot more attention to us than we have to them.

Blue Tommy




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16 Aug 2017 23:06:25
Just playing devil's advocate here Ed but do you not think Benteke just hasn't found "his" club yet? I mean he looked good for Villa, then signed for Liverpool where he simply didn't fit in, now plays for a club going absolutely nowhere and has been replaced by a better footballer (Lukaku) in the national team.

I agree with Ricky because I think he fits the mould of a target man and could get a lot of goals from set pieces, which has been a problem for us for a while, and he may just need the right manager, club and motivation (top 4) to prosper. I also think that he's pretty much the best proven Premier League striker that will actually come to us.

Who would you like to realistically see Ed?

Blue Tommy

{Ed025's Note - its all about opinions tommy, in my view we need someone with who is not only a target man but a good footballer as well and i dont think benteke fits that bill, i wanted giroud myself but also like the look of dolberg and i know hes not everyone,s cup of tea but welbeck could do a job for us if he can stay fit mate..



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02 Aug 2017 13:43:22
Give your head a wobble lad. Don't even know where to start here.

Firstly, half of the players have only played one full game (everyone gets a run out in friendlies) .

Secondly, you can't really comment on how good players are until they have settled in. Give them a chance! And as regards signings arguably our best player last season was signed from a relegated team.

As regards money, the eds are right, don't worry about it. At the end of the day Everton are a business. even to a rich football club £5m is a lot of money. If you were the chairman then we would go the way of Leeds Utd throwing the odd £5m away willy nilly. Put it this way, if you went to a market on holiday and you had £100, saw a watch in a market for £50, but you knew you could get it for £45 wouldn't you haggle a bit? The same principles apply here but on a far larger scale.

Blue Tommy



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31 Jul 2017 00:41:53
I know its only one game in for us, but based on what I know previously and what I saw the other night, I would rather Martina stayed on the bench. I'd prefer that Kenny deputised until Coleman comes back, but Holgate would suffice. I'd personally like to see Holgate at CB with Keane but I think Kenny at RB and Holgate at CB is a bit too much so Jags should partner Keane in the centre (I prefer Kenny to Holgate because he's a natural right back) . Pickford and Baines pick themselves.

We have the most competition in midfield but I like a middle 3 of Gana, Schneiderlin and Davies. Davies is good going forward and has lots of energy and I don't want to leave him out as he's going to be a star.

Up front is harder as there are so many new or inexperienced faces. Judging from what I've seen so far I would play Rooney in the middle with Sandro out wide cutting in, with one of Mirallas/ Lookman/ Dowell on the other side depending on form.

Luckily we have a lot of options to adapt our formation when necessary.

Blue Tommy



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30 Jul 2017 12:57:06
I think Davies is a good enough, and needs to be playing regular premier league football this season. He is going to be a great player and I don't want his progress to stagnate to accomodate new signings.

Fortunately I believe that Koeman has set up the squad so that he can rotate the midfield tactically depending on who we are playing. I also know Koeman gives the most in form players a run in the team so will give Davies a chance if he performs.

Blue Tommy



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28 Jul 2017 13:10:58
The difference is that we will have a weeks extra match fitness and we will know what to expect from them. We also have a far better team.

Blue Tommy