13 Feb 2018 10:54:01
Sam Allardyce will only give £27m Turkish striker Cenk Tosun more game time when the club have secured their Premier League safety? Why did you get him idiot, SAM.

1.) 13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018 12:24:00
To be far Stig, as frustrating as it is, there’s no telling if a foreign based player can hit the ground running. By all accounts Tosun is great in training but struggling with the weather change. There’s no doubting the talent, it’s just a matter of time I hope.

2.) 13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018 12:26:05
It does make you think, why didn't we go for him in the summer and save some money.

3.) 13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018 13:22:31
So we pay 27m for a player who can’t play in the winter? You would have thought this might have come up in conversation during the transfer discussions.
Walsh- we want to sign you, and are really looking forward to see what you can do from January on.
Tosun- winter? Oh no no no, no no no.
Walsh- ok we will buy you anyway, I’m sure you will get used to it.
Tosun- no no no, no no no.

4.) 13 Feb 2018
13 Feb 2018 13:31:32
If this has in fact been said (? ) , then no matter how quickly the guy now adapts, he won't play until a predetermined time? Ridiculous.