07 Jan 2017 18:06:59
Seen a bit of RK's comments and he's does not sound happly to be honest
Who actually negotiates for Everton eds? . is it steve Walsh or is there a team that handles it

{Ed002's Note - Kenwright and Elstone have responsibility.}

1.) 07 Jan 2017
07 Jan 2017 18:51:11
They're not cutting the mustard eds. Ndidi dominaTed Barry. The deal was done in December and finalised so he could play today. I'm guessing walsh will have selected targets in good time. so why couldn't the deals be done in good time.

Schneiderlein deal is also annoying as if we'd not dithered then he could have concieveably played today

Also saw Ronnie after match comments. kick up the bottom for the board, but got to see if the board come through.

2.) 07 Jan 2017
07 Jan 2017 18:41:33
That's why we hesitate and hesitate in the Window, I thought that with Moshri in, Elstone in particular would be out of the picture.

{Ed002's Note - What are you talking about?}

3.) 07 Jan 2017
07 Jan 2017 19:09:18
Elston and bill. they seem to dither over everything.
I'll use Mane as an example, they reds wanted him, they where quoted a price, they paid it and got the player.
It seems that Everton have to haggle over everything