03 Jan 2017 15:33:01
Hi Ed and all fellow posters, I eat humble pie I posted yesterday after the match that it was a poor game, I have now watched the match for the second time and I have to say it was far from a poor match in fact most of the lads put in a good shift so, sorry for saying it was poor in the heat of the moment yesterday I got carried away, a few recruits in the window and we will e fine, cheers all Blues, GuernseyBlue.

1.) 03 Jan 2017
03 Jan 2017 17:34:54
Fair enough GuernseyBlue. Only seen it the once and I also said it was a bad 80mins. It wasn't because of effort. It wasn't that pleasant to watch imho. That's not taking away from the players.

They did put the effort in. Fantastic to see them get their reward near the end. In the derby I thought they also deserved to get a point. Thankfully yesterday their effort was well rewarded.

2.) 03 Jan 2017
03 Jan 2017 17:49:19

. as I mentioned earlier, steps in the right direction, more energy, more cohesion. still a long way to go fair enough but hey. I remember not so long ago we were losing games on a regular basis in the last 15/ 20 minutes. COYB


3.) 03 Jan 2017
03 Jan 2017 18:40:54
I agree Smithm8. Things are definitely improving and I'm delighted with the way things are going. The last 5 games have been brilliant for the club. a.