14 Dec 2016 01:18:57
Have been one of Barkley bigest critics, but tonight he showed what he is capable of, so ten more performances like that on the spin, not only will we get a top six finish, but he will walk back into the england side.
It's all there for you, but now you have to go and grasp it, with both hands.

1.) 14 Dec 2016
14 Dec 2016 06:59:29
He looked nervous at times JCW, but I see what you mean. Needs to get away from listening to those wallies that still say he is a kid with potential. He is an experienced player, the time for potential has gone.

2.) 14 Dec 2016
14 Dec 2016 07:35:27
I think Barkley will get over the nerves and being dropped recently plus potential new signings in Jan will give him that extra edge that he will not be a guaranteed name on the team sheet just because he is Barkley, competition will be healthy for him.

3.) 14 Dec 2016
14 Dec 2016 08:11:21
It is not just about Barkley in my opinion. his game is effected by those around him. In previous games the formation meant that often he would be breaking out with the ball and our reluctance to press forwards meant he had maybe one or two options and really not a lot of choices. so while he was thinking, lost possession. Yesterday the Arsenal pressed forwards too and created big spaces on the pitch. with our more attacking line up that meant it was an end to end game. That suited Barkley. his confidence grew and it was the old Barkley that we have seen a couple of years ago. Hopefully Koeman will continue with the attacking line up and play 2 up front. It also allows our wingers and full backs to overlap. look at the first goal. full back to full back. In previous games with Lukaku up on his own. I don't think I saw a single cross from either full back.

4.) 14 Dec 2016
14 Dec 2016 15:05:01
See also Barry was not even on the bench and not injured either. Have full respect for Barry and his total professionalism but with that same respect under the system Koeman wants to employ Barry has and will slow the Team down. Doesn't matter how fit you are from your late twenties it has been proven your reactions slow down. McArthy (debatable he can keep the consistency) and Gueye worked well together and had/ have the reaction speed to meet on field problems.

5.) 14 Dec 2016
14 Dec 2016 17:58:32
Good point there BCT I never noticed until you said. But I watched us against Chelsea 2 years ago and Barry lost possession on the edge of their box. By the time Hazzard had reached our box, Barry had reached the half way line. I knew then why he gives away so many fouls. Now is the time to realise Tom Davies should be getting game time too.