1.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 12:37:05
I don't blame Lookman, he has not been given much of a chance at Everton. He obviously looked at the alternatives and chose the one that he considered to be the best for him. Good luck to the lad, I hope he comes back and becomes a star for us.

2.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 13:32:58
Yeah shows zero ambition from the lad to walk away on loan from a mid table Prem team that he can't get in, to the runners up in the german top flight and one of the most exciting projects in europe. I can't for the life of me see what's attracted him.

3.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 13:37:38
i no what u mean mike but surely a loan to an English team would have been better for the lad, his old manager at charlton said he's surprised lookman knew where RBL was and him trying to learn german would be a comedy show so he mustn't be the brightest button must he haha, just my opinion mate think england would have been better for him to prepare for the prem next year.

4.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 15:42:45
We don't know what the other options were do we Johny. Probably teams fighting relegation so maybe the German option would be the best for him, although not the best for Everton. Only time will tell.

5.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 15:48:59
Or he could have played him in more games, and he wouldn't have had to go out on loan.

{Ed025's Note - fair point mate..

6.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 18:21:38
Very British level of arrogance that we think 2nd tier in England is better to play in than top 6 in Germany!

I'm divided over this to be honest. I would love Lookman to stay and play a major role in the 1st team this season. But considering that isn't happening under Sam, then half a season on loan with one of the most exciting teams in Europe is surely the next best thing.

7.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 21:36:07
Well his ex manager isn't the sharpest tool in the box to make those comments and if he had any sense he'd know that most of the people at Liepzig will speak English just as well as he does himself.

8.) 02 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 23:40:22
So much for being home sick. don't believe what you read.

9.) 02 Feb 2018
02 Feb 2018 11:49:43
So it looks like young Mr Lookman sulks when not picked, causing inconsistency in training, resulting in him not being picked the following week. Accumulating in his sulking attitude having a negative impact on the team morale.
Ive said before that we don’t see what goes on beyond 90 minutes played on the pitch.
Maybe Mr Lookman has been mollycoddled at his other teams being such a standout talent at lower leagues. Unfortunately he doesn’t get that at Everton as we are more than one player and he’s still got a lot to learn, which he must find hard to accept.
Hopefully this loan at RBL will help him mature a bit as we’ll as give him game time, returning to is a better player and hungry to cement himself a place in the first 11.
He certainly is a talent and at only 20 we still got a lot to see of him.