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06 Jan 2017 10:01:55

Hi Ed this deal with U S M looks to be the start of something really big for Our Club, over the last sixty years that I have supported the Blues there has never been anything like this, first an Iranian Billionaire buys us and now a Russian Billionaire is also investing in us, something us fans have dreamed about for decades, can you let us in on what really happens now in terms of new players stadium etc as I see it at last we might be able to compete with the Big Four, that for me would be all my Christmases in one I am not dreaming am I cheers GuernseyBlue

{Ed025's Note - it looks good doesn,t it GB, its not beyond the realms of possibility that usmanov could jump ship at arsenal and join the blues revolution, now that would put us in the big league mate, we seem to be moving forward at a great speed and i dont think as supporters we can ask for more...its very exciting..

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06 Jan 2017 10:46:18

At the moment it would seem to be wishful thinking, hasn\'t Usmanov already said he is not interested (I. E. cannot) besides if Moshri holds 49.1 percent how would their business partnership work. I think what we have already is very exciting, obviously Mr Moshri is very knowledgeable and his intentions serious. I think we should sit back and enjoy the ride.

{Ed025\'s Note - i do too M, but there is definitely a power struggle at arsenal where usmanov is not happy with his 30% stake, kronke holds all the aces there, and if usmanov decides he wanted to join us i for one would love to have him aboard mate..

04 Jan 2017 19:36:28

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01 Jan 2017 09:11:58
What's going on Ed, window has been open over 9 hours and we still have not signed anybody .
Happy New Year to all the hard working Eds and fellow blues.

{Ed025's Note - they are still hung over ginger, all the best mate..

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01 Jan 2017 01:32:39
Happy new year 1 and all thanks to the Eds for the great insight u provided here's to a great 2017.

{Ed025's Note - same to you james mate..

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30 Dec 2016 22:42:40
Well done everton for getting a draw against hull who are bottom of the league, absolutely pathetic, sick of my team, and before any one calls me one of them doom and gloom merchants, I don't care, I hate watching them play and please do not say we are a club in transition. I hate that saying, a lot of clubs are.

I just want this manager out now before he turns our club into a laughing stock. never wanted him he has no motivation no passion nothing.

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31 Dec 2016 00:05:02
how pathetic! Get a grip Skylark, your posts are crazy. You slate the team before a game regardless, if we win you say 'I'm glad they proved me wrong' hahaha. You need to realise that the prem is a mad league, anybody can beat anyone in any given game.

Whether you like it or not, we are in transition and we will be until RK gets the players in that will improve the squad. If you don't like the truth then go and do something else when EFC are playing! I respect the fact that we all have different opinions yet you just talk the same crap every game. Boring mate, absolutely boring.

31 Dec 2016 00:29:50
Look there's the top six then there's the rest. And we are currently top of the rest. It just happens that the rest are basically crap, and so they can all beat each other on any given day. But hey look on the plus side, we are top of the crap heap.

31 Dec 2016 10:21:58
spudv, I said good team line up and we should win 0-3. I will say something good when I see it and at the moment I can't see anything but tripe. if your happy with 2-2 that's up to you, I set my bar higher.

31 Dec 2016 13:34:23
Again, Skylark, who said anyone is happy with the result? But these things happen, it's a tough league. There has been no change in the last month or so, we know that RK needs a few windows to bring down the average age of the squad and to improve it with better quality. Yesterdays result has no bearing on the task in hand, we have been waiting for the window to open for a while.

I think you set your bar just so you can beat them with it, every defeat brings you calling for the manager to go! Can't you see how silly that is? I don't set a bar, I watch games and analyse them and try not to be childish in my assessment. Things are about to change with the squad but this was always a rebuilding job for whoever came in, if you believe we would be challenging for titles in his first year then you should really look at your own expectations. The word is support, you just look for any excuse to knock them.

31 Dec 2016 15:58:00
I don't believe we should be challenging for the league spudv but it's not childish to think we played terrible and only drew 2-2 with hull. Time will tell who is right and I will put my bottom dollar that RK wins nothing with everton and is eventually sacked.

31 Dec 2016 17:05:17
then what are your expectations Skylark? It seems that every lost point is the end of the world with you, every time we lose or draw you are calling for the managers head so you must be expecting more than this team, at this moment in time, is able to deliver.

I said childish because that is how you come across in your posts, if we drop points you throw your dummy out of the pram, if they win you begrudgingly congratulate them. Maybe that is not what you intend to portray but that is how I see it in your posts.

You've got to be realist mate. How many managers come and go from all clubs without winning things? There a few clubs who tend to clear up the trophies, with the odd exception, so any manager who doesn't win a cup/ league should be sacked? We are moving in the right direction and the window can't come quick enough. It's the same situation as we had before yesterdays game, we need to strengthen the squad and then RK can start to mould a team.

As for RK being sacked, yes that could happen somewhere down the line, most managers get the bullet at some point so no real revelation there. Or he will leave. It's football, that sort of thing happens week in week out so save that bottom dollar pal :)

31 Dec 2016 22:44:41
Think deep down you know he won't win anything with us.

01 Jan 2017 13:05:29
With decent signings and players who can play in the system he wants, there is no reason why we can't win anything. But I'm not expecting too much in the first 2 years of his tenure, this season is a transition and it will take at least 2 windows to bring down the average age of this squad. It's not as bad as you think Skylark.

30 Dec 2016 22:22:39
I get confused watching the game and then hearing the players/ RK's comments after. Every week we seem to be saying we need to start better and every week (or few days in this case) we just don't. The mind boggles.

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31 Dec 2016 00:31:09
My missus says I need to start slower. I try but never seems to work.

01 Jan 2017 17:32:52
Yeah but do you have a good second half Woburn.

30 Dec 2016 22:13:41
Pathetic tactics by Koeman. Why leave Holgate out. Why leave Tom Davies out. Gareth Barry is a dead set liability. He is so slow it's not funny. Cost us. the first goal, nearly cost us another one. Brought Davies on and then we seemed to spark up and Ross then picked up. Sell Barkley at your own peril. In a very good team Barkley would be world class. (Just remember when Everton were flying under Martinez Barkley was unstoppable) It's a flow on effect. Koeman is really testing my patience. He has a preference of playing the pensioners and not the youth. Don't care about the players coming in, get the personnel and tactics right first. 2 all against a very ordinary Hull team is unacceptable.

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01 Jan 2017 17:36:17
I said if we did not get at least 4 points from our last two games then we would be in trouble as imo we needed to be in at least 7th position in order for possible targets to see at least we had the potential and would be willing to come. Koeman must have been reading these pages because we have the 4 points and we are currently 7th.

30 Dec 2016 19:16:55
Like tonight's line up should win the game I'm going 0-3 with 3 youngsters coming off the bench to make an impact.

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29 Dec 2016 01:00:41
RK said at his press conference that a lot of the transfer speculation is bull.
I've heard him openly mention Lookman and Depay - and speak about Barkley - but very little else (if anything) about any other specifically named comings and goings.
Perhaps we should temper our speculation accordingly?

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29 Dec 2016 07:52:26
Agree Sid. Look at the summer and the fact we didn't end up with Mata, Strootman, Witsel, Janssen, Slimani or Koulibaly. I don't think we are even in for Schneider but maybe Depay, Lookman and Gabbiadini are the only serious targets that have been mentioned.

28 Dec 2016 20:01:39
Some quincy fella now grrrrrt.

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