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10 Apr 2017 15:53:34
Looks like Barkley got a slap in a bar in Liverpool on Sunday as well. Wonder what that was all about.

{Ed025's Note - i dont know mate..

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10 Apr 2017 19:04:30
It was a sly punch by the looks of the cctv AB, the lad who hit him did it the cowardly way. Heard he got a good hiding outside for doing it but that could just be rumours. The story flying round social media is that Ross has been with the lads girlfriend but I'm not sure how true that is. If it was true, why does the lad continuously look at his own feet before catching him off guard with a punch? If RB had been with the lads girl then I'd have expected him to go for him immediately. not stand around chatting before hand. Truth will come out in the wash I suppose, just hope there is no damage to Ross.

10 Apr 2017 16:21:52
Video on social media🙄 showing Ross Barkley being sucker punched by what I can only describe as a jealous rubbish house! It's scumbags like this cretin that will drive him away from our club.

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10 Apr 2017 17:04:07
Totally agree, the scumbag needs to be caught, hopefully Ross knows a few heads and can sort it out after a cheap shot like that. Ross didn't stand a chance and I now feel that's the final nail in the coffen.
I'm gutted for Ross.

06 Apr 2017 13:21:37

I think there has been a subtle change in the relationship between blues and reds. i firmly believe most of it has come from the red half because there are shoots of recovery from us blues, only small but in reds eyes sadly, they like everyone to love them and the fact we were starting to get more positive media coverage and a new stadium and now Moshri purchased the Liver Buildings is really upsetting the reds.

We blues have had to endure years of the reds having support on this and that.

And blues have taken in good humour all the jokes they have thrown at us . Now that we could be a future possible threat, many of my red acquaintances have turned quite nasty and unable to take a joke.

I always said we stood by Liverpool shoulder to shoulder over certain issues but they seem to have forgotten that. I really think the fact that most blues are local is now showing why there are great differences between us and the culture is changing.

What do fellow blues think?

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06 Apr 2017 13:50:00

I agree. I usually gauge the mood from my facebook and twitter, and I\'ve found that in the past, it was always Blues talking about them (hence the \"bitter blues\" insult) . This season, I\'ve noticed all they have done is slag us off, and paid a lot more attention to us than we have to them.

08 Apr 2017 12:43:21
On BLUEHEARTBLUESOUL there is a video of a bunch of reds singing about Seamus' broken leg and rather joyously! I was absolutely disgusted after the way EFC stood side by side with LFC over the Hillsborough disaster. To sing about a player with a broken leg with myrth to me is just the pits. I suppose it is partly because of their demise and partly because we are talking of hope once again. and partly because they have some scumbag supporters.

{Ed001's Note - they were just scum singing about that, but EFC have their own problems, you had supporters singing about Hillsborough at Goodison. Neither side are in the right. Just put it down to all teams having a few supporters that are vile and should be kept away from the rest of us. Not sure what the answer is to stop it though, apparently euthanasia is not an option. Unfortunately.}

14 Apr 2017 03:18:18
Very true ed001 both sides have a few idiots. In my young days we were all scousers who supported either Everton or Liverpool, pocked fun at each other but stood together against outsiders. Now people who do not originate from Liverpool support the teams especially Liverpool. I can't imagine anyone born and bred in Liverpool singing about Hillsborough but sadly I may be out of date.

{Ed001's Note - I do hope you are right, but then you look back and see Rooney selling his story to the S*n purely to have a dig at Liverpool fans when he left Everton. There are some people who are pathetic enough on both sides. Sadly. It is a shame because I would love to be able to go back to the old days of the fans mingling together and the atmosphere was so much better then.}

05 Apr 2017 21:12:00
Go on Niasse!

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05 Apr 2017 19:57:02
What a disgusting video going round with Reds taunting Coleman after the derby in a pub, shame there is still a minority of cockwombles who find this amusing to sing these chants! 😡.

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08 Apr 2017 01:02:00
Liverpool fans singing in a pub because they can't go to the game, absolute jokes. if it weren't for sky, half of these clowns would never see there so called team play! I have no respect for them as a football club and as a true scouser, one that supports his local side, I pray for the day we reclaim our city and become the force we should have been 30 years ago.

05 Apr 2017 17:17:59
Overall yes it's disappointing when we play the big clubs but when people compare where we are to where we were at the end of the season, it's improved everywhere within the club, it was always going to take 3/ 4 transfer windows to be able to compete with clubs above us, koeman will start the summer with 3rd window and I am expecting us to have a right go, there is still a lot of dead wood to move on and I don't want this window to be a disastrous, and with lukaku and Barkley issue I am a little worried that this will hold us back with what we need to bring in.

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01 Apr 2017 16:28:57
I y jinks judging by proformance today we won't winning another game with the games that are left all we can do iso hope WBA lose all there's as well.

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03 Apr 2017 12:09:05
We will have a big win Tuesday mate, LOL.

01 Apr 2017 14:45:09
Why oh why Everton. Is their any chance, any chance of beating this mob. Lukaku you are nothing but a flat track bully. Not a shot. You want to show your wares against the best teams in the world in the champions league. Do yourself a favour and don't embarrass yourself! Lovren, not exactly world class smashed you. £15 million would be a steal!

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01 Apr 2017 14:42:12
Not even going to moan and go on about what went wrong and single players out etc as I expected nothing else but a defeat and an embarrassing performance.
Teams like Swansea have won at Anfield by setting up to exploit weaknesses in Liverpools side, Everton, we set up to make them look good.
I said I wouldn't moan but can't help it, a back 3 containing 2 ageing centre halfs and a youngster who hasn't featured at all is the first mistake.
A midfield missing a man to offer protection to the ageing back line isn't another mistake.
The forward 3 being far to compact and offering no movement wide to stretch the play is something that should have been addressed at half time not when we are 3-1 down. Rom shows once again that he is a big game player by putting them on the back foot with his movement and play with his back to goal, oh wait no he didn't, he didn't register a single shot all game. This fella talks about playing top level in Champions League, well how about proving it against teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool etc and not Sunderland and Hull as it's expected against these teams.
The gap between Jags and Williams for the 3rd goal was embarrassing for your supposedly experienced players.

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01 Apr 2017 14:25:14
Our whole back line needs changing barkley was terrible and lukaku is a country mile from the player he thinks he is and a derby isn't a place to blood a youngster.

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