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21 Jun 2017 10:29:47
Hi Ed, I'm seeing today that Chelsea have interest in Lewandowski after reports of him being unsettled at Munich. could this have an impact on the Lukaku deal? Surely they wouldn't want to be paying mega money for both of them?

{Ed025's Note - thats right deano and the way i look at it man utd and chelsea will get either lukaku or lewandoski, but i would imagine that aubameyang would also come in to that equation mate..

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21 Jun 2017 12:03:54
Nice one Ed, not too fussed where he goes as long as we get the right price!

21 Jun 2017 13:14:45
As long we as get rid will do me I never want to see him in a Everton jersey ever again the disrespect he has shown our club has been disgraceful and our fans just get rid of him every week he is still here is another week we are paying his wages couldn't care if we sold him for 50 mill just get rid.

21 Jun 2017 12:57:36
There have only ever been 2 options for Lukaku, Man Utd and B Munich. Who his Agent has been talking to I don't know but it seems Chelsea were never in the running. But, who will pay £100 Mn for him?

21 Jun 2017 18:26:45
No one will pay 100 million for him, so he may end up staying if the club are going to stick to their guns on it. If we don't need to sell then there's no panic. It does seem though that we are on the look out for replacements as a precaution of course.

21 Jun 2017 21:59:27
How about a straight swap for Lewandowski, one can only dream.

21 Jun 2017 22:32:35
Stef the blue I echo those comments. Close the door on the way out Rom and grab Ross' coat for him too as he will need it when he is frozen out of the Spurs side.

21 Jun 2017 10:19:06
Quick question for the eds, who are the current players that we are targeting? I have heard that we are looking at Will Hughes any truth in this at all, he looked amazing a few years ago but seems to have dropped off. Also seen an update that Dortmund have come in for Sandro, fairly certain he would go there as they can offer Champions league football even if the wages would be lower.

{Ed025's Note - hughes was a target a while back BT but there is no link to him at the moment, i still think we are in a good place with sandro mate but we are also looking at dolberg and dembele..

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21 Jun 2017 11:48:46
Hi ed, is Dolberg and Dembele backup options if we don't sign Sandro?

{Ed025's Note - not as i see it BT, losing kone as well as lukaku means we need at least 2 new strikers mate..

21 Jun 2017 11:53:50
We take all three please.

{Ed025's Note - amen to that dick..

21 Jun 2017 12:58:51
Personally, I would swerve Dolberg, he is too slow. Skilful yes, but we need pace up top and throughout the team.

21 Jun 2017 14:00:22
Clearly not watched him enough then. He has pace, especially given his size.

We need strikers to cover all aspects of play. So will need more than one.

There are limitations to the games of most of the strikers we will be linked with, as the strikers who tick all the boxes are out of our reach or at a champions league side.

Dolberg and Sandro are more than adequate signings and with a combined age of 40, lots of room for progressio.

21 Jun 2017 14:41:22
Don't remember Lineker being quick, or shearer being like a bullet out of a gun or even Sheringham managing to beat a tortoise in a sprint, but they scored goals because they knew where to be and when. Dolberg obviously knows where to be and remember he already has an understanding with Klaasen. If Sandro signs I'm sure he would be buzzing around the whole front line, opening up spaces, dragging defenders out of position, so Klassen and others would get in the box. Dolberg could greatly benefit from that.

21 Jun 2017 15:06:42
Been plenty of slow strikers who have been top class. If he has clever movement, can hold the ball up too bring the pacy players in and knows where the goal is, I'd be happy.

21 Jun 2017 16:18:02
Lineker was lightening quick but we won our two league titles without his pace, there is more to leading the line than pace.

21 Jun 2017 18:26:08
Dolberg, Sandro and Dembele? Effing dream team that like. Those three in with the big lump out. Christmas would have come VERY early! If only eh?

20 Jun 2017 22:38:18
Hello Ed/ s. Àside from Ramirez who are EFC looking at striker wise?
I assume Willian jose is no longer in the frame but who could be our No1 striker next season.

{Ed002's Note - Interest in Dolberg remains.}

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20 Jun 2017 23:36:36
Think I'd need a new change of boxer shorts if we were to sign dolberg. Seen him a few times and think he's going to be a top player. Looks like I can hope (albeit I don't think it'll happen)

21 Jun 2017 08:31:08
The lad has potential for sure, but I'm not convinced he'd be the right man to spearhead our attack next season. We'd still need to sign a guaranteed 15-20 goal a season striker. Bacca, Lacazette, Dembele (although unproven at a high level) could be goers if the price is right.

21 Jun 2017 09:16:37
Dolberg for me. Looks sharp and works well with Klaasen.

21 Jun 2017 13:10:48
Completely agree tadpole. We need someone a bit more experienced and proven at this level at least in the squad.

Also think we should be having 3 strikers. Assuming 1 is Sandro, the other 2 should be 1 youth and 1 experience, offering different skillset (i. e. 1 pacey and 1 who can hold it up) .

Ideal would be Dembele and Giroud alongside Sandro!

20 Jun 2017 13:28:09
I have a friend who let's just say use to have his company on the shirts of a famous Spanish team and has some involvement with the Dock
He has said the Welsh supporters of whom we have many will in future travel from a coach park in Wallasey by boat to our new ground

{Ed025's Note - i want to move to wales now trebor..

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20 Jun 2017 14:14:45
Will it go via Cardiff Bay?

20 Jun 2017 14:32:49
Hope so browndawg. got to be better than travelling up by train!

20 Jun 2017 15:12:22
Sounds like the Last of the Mohicans !

20 Jun 2017 16:28:52
We don't want your kind around here, Ed! Haha.

{Ed025's Note - thanks hugo..the sons of glendower said the same thing mate.. :)

20 Jun 2017 16:33:24
Welsh Rareboat.

{Ed025's Note - love it lance..

20 Jun 2017 17:46:20
I wonder how many Welsh fans we have who come to Goodison. Going to look right idiots arriving in a rowing boat.

20 Jun 2017 18:28:50
Even better when we block the dock moorings for our Viking neighbours travelling on their long ships for their match Days.

20 Jun 2017 19:26:12
Plenty of us travel up from South Wales every other week.

20 Jun 2017 20:30:04
Browndaug I not sure of how many of you great fans travel from South Wales but that's a true fan but I know when I use to walk along Priory Rd as a youngster I would read were all the coaches were from and lots from Rhyl and Llandudno and Ruthin Colwyn Bay.
On a other pleasant subject I spent a lovely afternoon with Billy Bingham and he was a true gent even giving me a signed copy of his book .
For the younger members on here he was a winger and Manager at Everton as well as manager of NI and got them to the 1/ 4 finals of the World Cup ( what an achievement) Also played in a cup final.
Lovely meeting you Billy.

20 Jun 2017 22:46:35
There's a South Wales Supporters Club. We take a bus full every game.

21 Jun 2017 09:56:34
Well done Browndawg as I say true BLUES
Let's hope you arrive in style on a ferry shortly
Perhaps the boats could play Z CARS as they arrived.

20 Jun 2017 13:04:35
Just seen an update that Sandro knows nothing of a move to Everton. Be massively disappointed if we don't pull this one off as he looks to be a quality prospect going forward. Has he been told to keep hush about the move, or is it the Everton of last year striking again? Any ideas/ updates?

{Ed025's Note - see previous post mate..

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20 Jun 2017 13:52:23
I see that as a positive tbh. He clearly knows something about the move as he was in the Titanic meeting our people.

Its good that he doesn't want any distractions from his task with the U21 - sign of a good professional. Also shows respect towards Malaga.

{Ed025's Note - i agree mate..

20 Jun 2017 15:12:24
according to this radio station the Malaga striker was seen at finch farm I don't know how true it is but I hope so because he is a good player.

20 Jun 2017 15:35:55
Tbh, I ain't sweating this. didn't know who he was before the numerous reports plus every confidence that the club will replace Rom and Valencia. still more than 2 months to go. keep calm and carry on 😉.

20 Jun 2017 11:54:59
Ed any news on Sandro? Heard yesterday it was all done, but Sandro today has said he knows nothing (I know he would have to say that until it's completed) . Seems strange it's dragging on.

{Ed025's Note - its dragging on because he is with the spain U21,s and does not want anything to distract him tron..

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20 Jun 2017 13:56:34
Surely if its going on then it's all been agreed so why would an announcement distract him? Frustrates me this "distraction" stuff, these guys get paid a shed load of money, they play football in front of thousands of people, really don't see how this would make any difference.
But hey ho let's see what unfolds once he has finished international duties.

20 Jun 2017 16:37:17
Ssssh Smeghead I'm eating a white chocolate Magnum. amd you're distracting me. ;-)

20 Jun 2017 18:329:42
Expect an announcement tomorrow, Spain play a very important under 21 game tonight against Portugal, sure once this game is out of the way, it will become clearer in the coming Days.

21 Jun 2017 05:33:34
It's not just an announcement, its the whole media hovering over you for a transfer when you just want to get your head to focus for your country, not to mention needing to perform to meet the expectaitons for your new club.

19 Jun 2017 22:11:38
Do Everton still hold any interest in Koulibaly Ed?

{Ed002's Note - At the right price I am sure that Everton would still be interested.}

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19 Jun 2017 23:24:08
Cheers Ed,

Just out of interest, what do you think would be the 'right price' for Everton? If my memory serves me correctly we were apparently prepared to pay £50 mil for him last year.

{Ed002's Note - That might well be an acceptable price for Everton. However, Napoli are tough to deal with and without CL football it might be hard to persuade the player.}

19 Jun 2017 19:59:06
Eds, any more concrete news regarding defender recruitment for first team. I appreciate some good young lads in and around first team, but real strong, established centre half would be great. heard lots about Keane and McGuire ( not completely convinced by macguire) . any real movement for them or others that your aware of?

{Ed025's Note - we are very interested in keane jcl and reports are saying jimmy mac is wanted by burnley so maybe a deal can be done mate..

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19 Jun 2017 20:07:29
Do you think tentative talks ongoing then ed? Any rumblings as to whether Keane would be receptive to such a move?

{Ed025's Note - i would be guessing jcl but i can see the logic in it mate..

19 Jun 2017 22:03:31
Mcguire has gone to Leicester. I'd be really happy with Keane. Like the look of mawson (swansea) too but don't know the situation with him. Other than that, I think I'd be looking abroad.

20 Jun 2017 09:00:16
Whenever I've seen mawson (for Swansea and England 21s) he just seems to moan, whinge and have a go at his team mates. He seems like he could be a disruptive influence to me.

20 Jun 2017 22:31:37
Or a captain Kingo.

19 Jun 2017 16:15:50
I was just wondering if there has been any update on Sandro? As I have just seen something that Arsenal have come in late for him and is off there. Any update eds?

{Ed025's Note - as far as i know BT we are still in the box seat for sandro, i am not aware of any arsenal interest mate..

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19 Jun 2017 18:42:43
Richard Buxton claims the deal is done, just up to club to announce it.

19 Jun 2017 18:54:11
Dif Sandro i think.

19 Jun 2017 19:32:32
Think you'll find that's Alex Sandro. Our Sandro is Sandro Ramirez.

19 Jun 2017 20:31:07
As i said lol.

19 Jun 2017 21:31:36
I hear they are holding back announcing it so they can announce a double transfer with Riquelme.

{Ed025's Note - love it smit..

19 Jun 2017 22:00:52
I wouldn't worry about it, I can't see anything. I'd only worry if the mainstream media gets hold of it and I'm talking about the Sky's, Independent, Telegraph. All the daily stars etc is drivel, there are a lot of crap online sites that spout nonsense too as clickbait.

19 Jun 2017 17:23:50
ANy hold-ups with the Sandro deal or just because he's away?

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19 Jun 2017 17:40:55
Mail on line saying its a done deal?


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